Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 3: The New Generation



It was around the month of April when the fighters were asked to have their moves "uploaded" onto various machines. After learning that it was supposed to be for any fans who wanted a grand tour (for a lot of money) so they could see them without you guys demonstrating, all of them agreed. Some didn't like it, but they wanted to keep their jobs.

In late April/early May, it was noted that Bowser and Ganondorf weren't...there. Many thought that they were being beaten too much--that part was true, in a sense.

On the 24th of May, Marth and Roy came to Wolfman's office in a panicked state. "Wolfman, Sir," Marth said in a panick. "The roads aren't safe! Various creatures from the various realms are preventing the fans from entering! Game & Watch and Donkey Kong are currently taking them out, but I think they are still coming!"

"He is right, Wolfman," Roy said. "Even though Marth and I are 'friendly rivals', he wouldn't lie about pleasing the fans."

"This is just great," Wolfman said. "That means that some of the fighters have to go out there! While I care about the enemies being stopped, I don't know how the fans will be able to handle the news."

Mewtwo teleported into the room at that moment. "I guess you don't know everything that I've done since the Move Upload Incident," Mewtwo said. "I backed up those files and put them on a special device Prof. Oak and I have made--the Fighter Remote. With this, anyone that wants to volunteer to fight will get this zapped on them a few times and they will gain the stats of the Melee fighters."

"Won't it hurt?" Wolfman asked.

"You won't even know you've been zapped until the final one. It doesn't hurt at all, though; you will feel just a tingle. And my remote is concealed, so no one will know that I have one."

"That's great and all, but where do we FIND a volunteer?" Marth wondered. The Fighter Remote would be pointless without a volunteer.

At that moment, DK and Game & Watch returned...with five others. Wolfman looked at them with a keen eye. One was a Koopa, but could tell that it's a good one. One looked like a wierd Yoshi. One looked like a tiger. One had the features of a wing-less gargoyle. The final one...was one he recognized.

Wolfman spoke to the final one: "Well...I'm a little surprised you are here, Mr. Cooper. I thought you were still working at the Super Smash Stadium still."

Coop gives one of his Koopa-like nods, which Wolfman recognized as one of unsure-ity. Wolf knew that he would like to change to his alter-ego Lemmy Koopa, but he knew that he couldn't yet.

"I think I need to introduce the others to you Wolfman," Coop said. "The Koopa is Klumsy, so called because he often trips and falls. The Yoshi you should remember...he's Canadian Yosheh from the Stadium. The tiger, which looks more like--"

The tiger gives a stern look into Coop's eyes and prepares her claws.

"...Anyway, the tiger is called Panzer," Coop continued. "The other one calls himself Demon."

"It's a pleasure to meet you all," Wolfman said. He got up out of his chair and went in front of his desk. He looked like he was wearing a bunch of armor all over his body. He resembled a walking, talking wolf. They weren't as scared as Mario was when they first saw him--face or otherwise.

Mewtwo then steps forward. "Do you guys wish to help clear the Stadium of its foes?" They all nod yes. "Then come with me; we will get you 'initiated'."

At the Big Room, which is basically a better name for the Command Center, everyone got initiated. Both Yosheh and Panzer went through the Emulation Initiation; they started emulating Pichu and Kirby, respectively. The others received a Custom Initiation. Coop was glad to receive the Transformer item; he could change to Lemmy any time basically. All of them immediately went to training where they got a feel of their attacks. They all managed to pass.

Wolfman noted what was going on in his office. "It's official," he spoke. "These guys can do the job. The Super Smash Quest has officially begun!"