Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 30: Rhyme Time



Many have joined the Questers since the beginning. What started as five became fourty. Even though the oldest ones are the ones that have known a lot, sometimes they are still a little on the crazy side...

Bowler and Cooper were arguing over a trade. It was Smash Dex and 500 coins for a Doubler that Bowler had. Cooper wanted the trade due to some talk with Wolfman yesterday. It is now the 8th of August, and Wolfman passed down the message that the trades were good to go. However, what happened next surprised everyone...

When Cooper got the doubler, he immediately started transforming. Bowler fired a charge shot at one of the clones. The clone stayed the same, but the real one became Lemmy! Needless to say, this caused hilarity and confusion amongst even the staff, but Wolfman chose to allow it at least this once.

Wolfman entered R&R at that time and told the Questers of a seemingly empty town called Rap Land in the Mushroom World. Normally full with people and parties, it somehow turned into a little ghost town. Klumsy, Aribar, Game Guru, Locos, Bowler, Sally, Sky, & the Coop/Lemmy duo (with Ely coming in later) went off to find out what the trouble was.

They arrived in Rap Land and went northwest towards the town. Two citizens spotted them and introduced themselves as Big Joe and Little Jim. After learning that the citizens here generally rhyme their statements in a rap type format, they were able to communicate well enough to learn that Club Zap, a local hangout, is most likely where the enemies are. The Questers, Big Joe, & Little Jim make their way there.

Immediately, Jim started feeling wierd...he was able to hear a tune that is not his sounded evil. the Questers went behind the stage and found...some microphones? Guru picked one up, thinking they were harmless...until he got blasted by a bad tune.

Everyone got ready for battle, even though there was nothing Guru could do with that tune stuck in his head. He even received another tune blast from the little that Bowler also got stunned by.

Immediately after that, the Questers retaliated. Coop and Lemmy used thier unique position to combine different moves together. Sky kept on pouring the Judgement. And Bowler swallowed him and copies the Mike Sing, a triple use move.

Immediately after Bowler sung his way to victory (no kidding), Dracula chose to show up and personally battle the Questers. Coop, Lemmy, and Klumsy were pouring the team attacks on, while Bowler made Drac's ears ring like crazy with his final two Mike Sing uses. Sally finished the fight with a PK Thunder tackle. Dracula had enough at that point, and flew away. The people then emerged from wherever they were hiding, glad that the evil is gone.

After some work on the Doubler, Lemmy managed to get Adam to change into...Iggy! After seeing his "twin" again, Lemmy transformed both parts into Adam and doubler, threw a rock into the wall, started to transform again, had the rock HIT an Adam, and had the other change back into Lemmy. Wolfman was aghast, but couldn't do much to help.