Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 31: Mount Moon Madness



Wolfman and Panzer were showing Klumsy how to work with the Big Room controls. All three knew that Oak still needed a thing or two to learn, and that most of the fighters were NOT in the mood to handle such a responsibility. Thankfully, Klumsy learned the system quickly. Wolfman then left to Oak's item lab; he was helping to make some special attachment for the Pokedex.

Outside of the Stadium gates, two pokemon were fighting a tall shadowed figure. The figure captured the smaller pokemon and flew towards the Stadium roof.

A variety of Questers--some new, some old--were in R&R, a common hang-out spot for many. Even Link was chilling out. However, Pikachu came in and told them of its own language.

None of them were Ash Ketchum, so they were guessing pretty horribly. Thankfully, Oak had just perfected a translator attachment on the Smash Dex, which Wolfman promptly used after coming in himself.

It was revealed that Gannondorf was on the roof, holding Pichu hostage. The Questers ran to the roof and saw Gannondorf in Bowser's Clown Copter and told them that they had to go to Mount Moon to rescue him. He flew away before any attacks could faze him, and the Questers went into the Big Room to see who would go. Not a lot really wanted to, since they didn't like Pichu, but since their paychecks were on the line, they gladly volunteered. However, Sky wasn't happy that he wasn't chosen. He had just gotten back on his feet with two new lives, and he wanted to be of use. Wolfman gave him a job--that of sprucing up the Stadium!

Mount Moon looked georgious on the outside, but the Questers knew that trouble was within. After talking to some local tourists and workers in the area, they entered. Aribar wondered where to go and thought of asking the three Re-deads in front of him. Needless to say, they only thought of taking out their prey. The situation ended up being reversed, with the stalkers being taken out. However, evil Nidorans were blocking the next passage.

Sky was still sweeping, and Wolfman was still supervising. "I still see spots on the floor!"

"Sorry Wolf-"

"No talking! Now continue!"

Sky continued, but mumbled something that couldn't be heard.

The Nidorans were defeated after a hard battle. Everyone saw a ladder and wanted to go up, but Wolfman contacted the group via smash dexes and sent the translator data to them. It ended up being useful right away, for a Clefable was there. Wolfman also asked for a picture of a Clefairy, but never got it. After an argument over their ability to destroy Knightfos took place, the Clefable led the Questers to the center of Mount Moon, when the Clefable left. Gannondorf waited with both Pichu and a Nidorino. The Pichu was tossed back, but the Nidorino was still held and became exposed to a Moon Stone...which caused him to become an evil Nidoking. Gannondorf promptly left the scene.

A voice at Melee Stadium's intercom said for all Questers to enter the warp room for a big battle. Sky left he sweeping duties to go into the warp pipe, but Wolfman followed behind to try to stop him. The pipe was programmed to not send Sky, but Wolfman ended up colliding with a thrown-up Sky, sending both down into Mount Moon...and the battle.

The "Evil"King was certainly large and powerful. Not even Wolfman could make much of a dent in him. However, it was soon noted that he was on a support platform. Sally tried to Rumble Tumble herself to the proper spot, but ended up falling over the cliff and losing a life. Sky's smash dex also broke during the battle while trying to scan got fixed afterwards.

The Nidoking ended up losing due to the platform collapsing; he fainted. Everyone ended up at the base of Mount Moon when a boy, who was revealed to be Max the trainer, came and took Marley to a Pokemon center. Max thanked the Questers for getting Marley, the Nidoking, back. Everyone ended up back at base, where the usual rewards were gotten. Sky also got the broom back...along with other tools.