Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 32: Forest! NYAH!



Oak, known for making the original Pokedexes, is debating the use of the current Smash Dexes. Only so few have them, but they are so useful. Some of the Questers were asking that he make Smash Dexes standard issue so that they would have an extra item to carry with them. Oak decided to think about it.

Meanwhile, many more Questers were getting in. The one that Klumsy was the most surprised of was Mega Boy, known for annoyance. However, he showed that even he can be nice, and so got initiated with excellent stats.

Eventually, everyone ended up at the Big Room, for Wolfman had a mission. Meta Knight contacted him because he was in the Forest Maze outside of Rose Town; he said something about someone causing trouble in there. The Questers went off to Rose Town.

A citizen of Rose Town was talking to the Questers at arrival, giving them directions to the Forest Maze. He was about to say something else when an arrow landed on his head. Some of the questers recognized it as Bowyer's arrow, for it froze the guy in place. Immediately, they went to the forest.

At a split path, Coop, Lemmy, and Zio agreed to form teams and split up. After much debating, the groups went off, with Nodal gaining a Zora Breather, Neo taking his leftover Magic Mirror, and Sky beating the Koopas to the punch for a Power Jumper.

Both groups then went down a pipe and emerged in a dark cavern underneath the forest. There were STILL no enemies...which startled everyone. However, the captains saw a single mushroom on their respective parts. Sky from Cooper's team ran ahead and grabbed one...and shrunk. Zio also took one himself after getting the others away and suffered the shrinking as well. However, they weren't too bogged down about it and everyone continued along their way.

They ran into Meta Knight at a joint path. He led them to the source of the trouble, Bowyer, while he went off to do something else.

Bowyer, the walking talking bow that has a speach impairment, presented the Questers with three buttons; one representing normal attacks, one showing special attacks, and one displaying defense. Bowyer kept on hitting different buttons with his arrows, causing those functions to be impossible to perform on the Questers. However, they ended up winning, reguardless of the handicapp.

Meta came to the Questers after the battle with Geno, who was somehow captured by opposing forces. Geno said that they would all meet again, and then disappeared into the stars.