Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 33: Hunting Questers



And to think that Wolfman was ignoring his own words......

Previously, Wolfman had accidentally foreshadowed a visit to the Maverick Hunter headquarters by the Questers while talking to Ely, who also goes by Phantom by some.

Just recently, on August 17th, Poo had mentioned that Mewtwo was possibly with them. But Wolfman disregarded it.

Needless to say, he was wrong.

Something was going on between various realms at this time. Be it the alignment of planets, a new entity being born, or some being up above that is sick, it is unknown. However, the disturbance was felt first by five creatures in Twoson.

"Doctor, look at this!"

He comes. "Oh my..."

"Isn't that the place where--"


"Personally, I don't want to visit that place."

"You guys might have to."

"They WILL...I have modified your teleports to get you to your destination."

"Thank you; I'm out of here!"

"Wait up......he's a little ambitious I guess."

At Mav HQ, someone has stumbled in and needed help. Megaman X, Alia, and Dragoon brought him to Lifesaver, who attempted to contact the owner.

At Melee Stadium, various Questers engaged in the usual trading and poking fun at others.

Both bases were suddenly sucked into a warp hole......and merged.

"This isn't good..." Wolfman was the first to speak.

"I know what you mean," Zio said.

"What are we supposed to do?" LinkX said.

In what was a meeting of the heroes, those that represented the Questers were on one side of the combined R&R room. Those more loyal to Mav HQ were on the other side. Needless to say, they were outnumbered...and yet, Wolfman and Zio were on opposite sides.

Everyone eventually crossed borders and got used to each other. Everyone acknowledged that there was a reason why there were all together, and that no alcohol was on the premises, which disturbed Demon and Setzer, another of the Mav Hunter reploids.

Suddenly, Alia, the communications/scouter for the Hunters, came to the big group and asked if anyone ordered a moving van. Setzer claimed he did, but he didn't recognize any robed figures that were taking something away in a big bag. Megaman and Breakman arrived at the scene slightly before that, complicating matters. However, all realized that the robed guys had to be stopped, so Alia allowed the use of the hover bikes for all.

Everything was going smoothly until four Goomba-metool hybrids caused the bikes to collapse. A fifth one joined the fray, and a battle quickly started. The heroes won, and then were teleported towards an air field, where the robed guys were preparing to take off. Flash Man and Centaur Man ended up blinding and freezing everyone in their tracks so that the plan could take off.

Back at base, it was revealed that Mewtwo had found his way to the base and was being repaired. While Wolfman was at first glad that Mewtwo had escaped the enemies, he was disappointed to learn that he just got captured again...obviously Mewtwo's psychic ability hasn't fully kicked in. Alia then located a strange Death Mountain!

"I'm heading over genius brainpower will be needed."

"Then I'm coming as well...I could use some action!"

"Then don't be careless you two."

Everyone arrived at the mouth of the death mountain caves, where they saw symbols representing their enemies. Wolfman also found what looked like a Hawk Eye replica and took it with him. Inside the caves, everyone found a bunch of metal covering the area, and a map that lead to one of the biggest labs in the mountain.

"Almost done with that?"

"Just a few more screws...that should do it."

"Are you sure this will work?"

"It will; trust me. Come on you so called Game Master."

"I'm coming..."

After some quick navigating, they ran into Bowser, Dr. Wily, and Sigma. After a chit-chat session with the Koopalings, they revealed their newest ally...Repli-Mewtwo?!?

Repli-Mewtwo was basically the same Mewtwo that was missing all of this time, but sported new armor and an X buster. The first thing that he did was put up a dark barrier around him. It ended up deflecting physical attacks, energy attacks, pancakes, and even Wolfman's Wolf Crush attack.

Thankfully, help was just around the corner. A bright flash came that destroyed Mewtwo's shield...that flash came from a box...that Game Master Kevin was holding!

Oak used Alia's communications system to explain what happened. Dr. Light, Megaman, Breakman, Captain N, and Apple Kid knew of the merging bases and were sent here to help both sides out. Apple Kid and Captain N just came for the finishing touches on the Shield Killer that Alia and Oak were trying to perfect. They were thanked and communications were cut off just as Bowser started complaining.

The fight officially begun at that point. Both Questers and Hunters were pouring their power on Mewtwo, who was able to actually dodge quite a bit of the attacks. He even gave X, Bahamut, and Wolf a hard time. However, an aiming laser from X caused Mewtwo to accept defeat.

Mewtwo didn't end up dying, but he did get rocked by the usual death explosion. A chip flew out of him that made Wily was the control chip. He started to beg, but then laughed as the three were now in a robot suit that looked like it came from a Voltron nightmare. However, it was poorly constructed, for all it took was two buster cannon shots, a superb Double Edge Dance, and some fire attacks for the machine to self destruct.

After more begging and cursing towards the Questers and Hunters, Wily pressed a button on his watch that caused them to teleport off. Everyone recovered, and Mewtwo even thanked everyone for saving his life...highly uncharacteristic of him. He didn't like HOW his life was saved (he isn't too fond of his upgrades), but was thankful nonetheless.

Everyone was able to teleport back to their respective bases; they were no longer merged. Mewtwo was finally back home at Melee Stadium, and he intends on staying now.