Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 34: Clowning Questers



Many strange things have happened as of late. Not even Mewtwo, who has since returned to the Questers, has a good idea.

Zio, Klumsy's alter-ego, always seemed to fight his "rival" of sorts, Alys Brangwin, in the holo training rooms. However, during one fight against a variety of Questers (with Sky coming the closest to winning), Alys escaped!

Marth attempted to close down the holo room, but Klumsy managed to fix it. However, Lynk had called a repairman to help out. All that was known was that he was called Mack; he was NOT Mack the Knife, which caused some relief. Unfortunately, a dispute about payment caused Lynk to knock Mack unconcious. He was immediately sent to the sick bay area to recover.

Sky always seemed to be sitting on a particular corinthian leather couch that he bought--he bragged that it only cost seven dollars. Well, for a couch, it sure had an appetite. Sky didn't know what was going on, but he was being eaten until Wolfman and others pulled him out.

Sky managed to find the receipt for that couch, which had an address of 25341 Count Road. Apparently, a gypsy that lives right by the road leading to Dracula's castle sold the couch cheaply. Wolf said he'd investigate later.

Mewtwo kept on having "problems" with what was given to him. He had managed to find his way to the Maverick Hunter base and was given new armor to hopefully prevent another attack and ambush from before. He had also received a "giga attack" of sorts, but he probably got that from our enemies. The Psychic Crush, his personal name for the attack, is the only thing he actually finds useful.

Somehow, during the entire fiasco, a new system was implemented for the Questers--upgradable moves. Oak, Mewtwo, Wolfman, and Klumsy helped devise the system to hopefully provide some balance and power at the same time.

The day to practice the upgrades was a Thursday if the author remembers correctly. Around six Questers, with Demon, Ely (AKA Phantom), and Sky as three of the six, stepped into a holo room that actually resembled a circus. Some managed to put their new upgrades on useful things like diving into a pool and playing Whack-a-Bowser. Others, though, used their new power to attack each other.

Thankfully, no one died during that attempt. Everyone was called into the big tent for the grand finale...Giga Bowser?!?

Rest assured, it was only a holographic Giga Bowser, for it was a training session. The pain felt, though, was real. It took skill, speed, and a little bit of luck to defeat him, and defeated he became.

Mewtwo was pleased with the way the upgrades worked, so he gave an extra free one to the six.