Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 35: Zio's Last Stand



"Alright BoVHser--"

"That's BOW-ser!"

" any case, VHe need to do something about those QVHesters."

"We?!? I've done plenty so far, and I haven't seen YOU do much as of late!"

"Don't backup plan should be VHorking about this time."

"...what backup plan?"

"Some of the locals VHithin Transylvania has actually tricked one of the current QVHesters into a bargain deal......hmm...I must depart; my plan must take action."

"Wait you Fang Head!"

It was too late...Dracula had left.

That bargain deal was a couch that currently sits at Melee Stadium's lobby...all barricaded and taped. Sky High, the purchaser of the couch, was asking Wolfman to find a way to get his money dollars. While coins are the official currency in Melee Stadium and the surrounding worlds, Wolf agreed to help.

However, trouble came an electric mouse. Pikachu entered R&R and was trying to tell the Questers something. One flick of the Smash Dex's translating device, and it was revealed that Dracula took up the capturing business...this time with Zio!

By the time they got to the roof, the Questers were too late. Not even Simon's crosses could go that far. At that time, though, a flash surrounded the Stadium. Everyone went to the Big Room to investigate.

Mewtwo and Wolfman were waiting, and they explained that a virus has entered the move skill database. It is used to prevent certain attacks from being used during missions. Apparently, the couch helped transmit the virus. Wolfman destroyed it, but it was too late now. The virus was able to block out the moves used by Jigglypuff, those by the Ice Climbers, and those at the alpha level. Mewtwo offered free upgrades as needed, and then sent them--along with Simon--to Dracula's castle...after they took care of some Cockatrice that ended up waiting for them.

The group managed to find their way through the castle without too big of a problem. At a particular split, the Questers split up. Simon's group went upstairs where the enemies were waiting, while the other group went down into the basement to hopefully find some weapons.

Meanwhile, Wolfman chose to reconfigure the Warp Room coordinates for a different destination...25341 Count Road. That was where Sky said he bought the couch, and so Wolf wanted to investigate.

The upstairs group eventually reached a dead end after all of the warping around...and saw Zio! However, he proved to be much harder--and stronger--than anyone anticipated. He even caused Coop to change into Iggy, leaving Lemmy alone during the transforming deal.

The downstairs group ran into Alys Brangwin, who felt Zio's presence in the castle. She explained that a big goat creature captured her, and wanted some sort of revenge. The Questers released her and joined the battle soon enough.

Zio was keeping the Koopalings and Sky busy with a Hewn spell...the force of the spell caused their patented "pinball" effect to no longer be permament. However, Alys came into the scene and provided the needed backup. Zio evetually became defeated, and outright killed by Alys.

Klumsy, who was in the transformer box, tried to ask Alys to NOT become his new partner, but had to concede once he realized that Zio was basically gone.

Wolfman had entered the address that Sky had mentioned, only to be ambushed. Apparently, the gypsies were evil Gerudos that took advantage of those they felt would be a threat to them at the time. And sure enough, becoming a Quester was a threat enough. Wolfman had a big fight to battle to survive.

While the Questers were able to rest up after bringing Klumsy/Alys back (sans one life due to the fight), Adremelech brought them back in via psychic energy that even Mewtwo had trouble countering. After Dracula cast a spell on the "reflectable" Questers to basically stop their "Pinball Plan," it ended up with the Questers--including Alys and Simon--fighting the big goat head.

During the onslaught, Wolfman had managed to appear and help cause damage. With the extra help, Adremelech was about to be beaten when Simon sprained his arm from Smashing too much. Wolfman pulled him out of the fight. Thankfully, the goat was defeated without extra help.

After the boss fight, Mewtwo felt his psychic powers returning to normal. Then he chose to make sure that Alys and Sky chose the RIGHT couch the next time......but ended up getting the couch himself!