Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 36: In Sync



"You will never get this doll back!"

"That's what you think!"

Ridley and the Questers were having an arena fight at Termina Bay, with the doll Geno as the prize. Panzer and Mewtwo were at the control room trying to get the arena to deactivate to hopefully have a fair advantage. However, they pressed the buttons at the wrong time, sending everyone to Yoshi's old island from his first Smash Bros. tournament. The fight was pretty even until Mack, the repairman that was out of it last week, came into the arena and used his power drill as a nail machine gun to help get the win. He also got the Geno doll...Ridley left in disgust for failing to get it.

Alys, Klumsy's newest alter-ego partner since Zio died, had her hands--and her room--full of Questers. She had volunteered to sign various Questers up for matches. Mack chose to barge his way in and demand a two on two match with two stipulations: Lynk, the Quester that knocked him out, was one of his opponents, and that Mack's partner stayed a secret until the fight itself. Alys agreed, and Wolfman gave the okay.

Before that could happen, though, Luigi came in with trouble. Apparently, he and Mario had tried to reteach the Cave People of Dome City how to drive. This time, they were successful. However, there was a big accident of sorts that required investigation. Before anyone could advance, a flash engulfed the Stadium...the flash of a virus.

No one liked this virus. Implanted by Dracula's couch, made by who-knows, the virus can disable usable abilities--moves, in this case. While Mewtwo, Wolfman, and Oak managed to disable a part of the virus, it still isn't fully neutralized.

The Questers went reguardless to check out the scene. Wolfman contacted them immediately, saying that the Dark World of Dome City required investigation. Sword Blade and Sally, who had moon pearls, went with Alys and Gorath, who didn't, into the dark world. Alys and Gorath didn't like their changes into a witch and a rat, respectively...though the others got a laugh. She prompty changed into the Dodo Bird form that he had from the Viridian City mission.

Both groups ran into guides who told them where to go...Mario's house. Both groups arrived at around the same time, and three Dry Bones ran towards them. Klumsy was the first one hit, and lost his Dodo transformation; he was stuck as a she for the moment. Metal was the next to suffer eating them! Apparently, eating Dry Bones's bones isn't good for your health. Gorath had his teeth hurt after trying to bite a Dry good. And Alys lost control of a spell in her witch form...she turned into a chicken! Thankfully, none of those slightly embarrasing moments didn't stop the Questers from destroying them.

Both dark and light worlders then traveled to the "same" area...the house of Mario. Well...former. Apparently, the house was destroyed a few moments ago...and the dark world reflects what happened in the light. Wolfman told them to hold on while he would get four latecomer Questers to get the "house maker."

Those four--Linkshot, Lynk, Ely, and Munich (Sour's transformer alter ego)--took off to the third floor and found five closets. They went to the fifth one and found what they were looking pieces. Apparently, the instructions said to answer various trivia questions on a variety of subject matter in order to fix it. They did so, and the machine got fixed.

Wolfman sent the machine down to the other Questers, who were now together again. However, Ganondorf entered and revealed that he caused the traffic pileup. Ely, from inside the Stadium, said something about him being a pig...which traveled through to one of the Quester's smash dexes. Ganondorf heard it and chose to unleash the Triforce of Power in anger...becoming Gannon.

The fight was on. The House Maker had to be protected for a few rounds of combat in order for it to work. However, the Questers were able to hold Gannon off long enough for the new Dome house to be made.

Back at the Stadium, Lynk was still needed to fight Mack and a mystery opponent. At first, Lynk's partner was going to be Sword Blade, but once he saw the mystery opponent--Geno--he fainted, and so Aribar stepped in. In what was a back and forth match, the Questers won by around 10%.

Apparently, everyone's magic skill...if there was any...was NOT at a good level. Nathan Graves was visiting Melee Stadium after he freed himself from Dracula's dungeon... apparently, he was a few cells BEYOND Alys. After giving a demonstration of his magic source, the Duel Setup System cards, he allowed the Questers to try to heal using two of his cards. It took a little while, but they healed their wounds. Cooper and Lemmy tried to use the Unicorn card given to them for the demonstration to summon other cards that are NOT DSS combination ended up giving them too much water, and the other took away a life outright. Nathan let Trihan keep his only spare Unicorn card as he took the others with him. He chose to rest in Melee Stadium that night, much to Aribar's dismay...he considers those cards to be Pokemon cards in disguise.