Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 37: A Hunter's Fall



Before Nathan left the Stadium after his rest, he ran into Aribar near the training hall. He gave him the DSS card of Mercury after talking with him, and Aribar accepted. He and Trihan, who has a Unicorn card, went to the holo room to test it out. While the card combination worked after a little syncing up lesson, they were blown out by the holo bob-omb.

They immediately went to the Arena to wait for an opponent; Game and Watch was the one who accepted. Testing out both the cards and a new way of battling, G&W ended up defeated by the two, even with two lives.

That fight somehow sparked a bunch of little spars from all over Melee Stadium. However, a crisis came of Hyrule's transport roads was blocked by a boulder. Various Questers, along with Zelda--a resident of Hyrule--investigated.

They ended up in a forest of sorts. With Zelda's knowledge of the area, they managed to head towards Death Mountain, which looked...different. Spectacle Rock, a famous landmark, wasn't distinguishable unlike the last visit. They chose to ignore that and move on.

A variety of enemies hoped to stop them from reaching Goron City, where a Powder Keg could be secured. One particular group, that composed of Knightfos, had only one member remaining when he retreated.

The top was reached, and Goron City could be entered. However, the city itself was having problems...many Gorons were either curled up sleeping or knocked out. Zelda immediately jumped down to the bottom, unharmed at impact. After the others joined her, she played a tune on her Ocarina and opened a door, which the Questers went in.

The path led to a room made for two, but only one was in...a goron named Link. Apparently, after talking with him, it was learned that Darunia had left for the Death Mountain Crater to handle this evil, but forgot the Megaton Hammer, which was returned to him after Link took care of Gannon...or so Link thought. In any case, after everyone was suited up in Goron Tunics and pushed a statue towards the left, they were ready to go.

Darunia was within sight almost immediately. He was hurt and told the Questers to use the hammer to stop the "machine". When Zelda put her hammer down to ask about this machine, spotlights appeared.

After a quick round of "Who's there?", the enemy revealed themselves--Team Rocket! While they weren't wearing any sort of goron tunics, they had on SOME sort of flame-retardant clothing/fur. Meowth summoned a robot form the lava...controlled by the Knightfos that left earlier! Meowth then took on the offense along with Arbok and Weezing, while James and Jessie were using "power down" rays that apparently worked rather well on the gorons.

Alys and Aribar went after the main Team Rocket team while the others handled the robot. Everyone was getting beat up, but Aribar and Trihan couldn't DSS everyone to allow for "healing attacks" due to their position. At least the robot wasn't properly constructed...its legs went out pretty soon with Ely's and Sheik's whips helping to hold him down.

Link (the Hyrulian) teleported into the battle via the Bolero of Fire near the end so he could use the Megaton Hammer on the robot. Nightwing managed to remove the power source of the robot--a DSS card--before Link swung the critical blow that made it "look like Team Rocket's Blasting off AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.................. (bing)."

Darunia and the others quickly returned to normal after that attack. The Powder Keg was gotten by Link, who changed to Goron form using Young Link's mask. They went to the boulder site and lit the Powder Keg, and ran for their lives as the keg exploded, opening the path.

Again, the fighting spirit returned to everyone. However, a grudge needed to be settled between six combatants--Nodal, Sky, Alys, Ness, Falcon, and Sheik. With the fight at Big Blue and lives on the line (for the Questers), this was a very important least for Alys. If she loses this fight, she'd be in sick bay for a week.

All six fought fiercely, but one by one, everyone was being knocked out. Alys and Shiek were the final opponents, and they lasted a long time. Sheik chose to change into Zelda later on the bout, surrendering speed for power. She managed to fight back after launching a Nayru's Love counterattack and smashing Alys upwards while they were over the pit. With Alys being pulled to the left, she struggled to make it back on a car, but failed to. She ended up under the track...and lost.