Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 39: Changing of the Guard



Everyone was able to calm down a little bit ever since the mortal enemies of the Questers--Bowser, Dracula, and Ganondorf--were sent away for some time.

However, not all was peaceful...there were still problem areas around the multi-universe.

One of those problems...was within Melee Stadium.

Phantom, also known as Ely in some fighting circles, was starting to lose his mind. With only two lives left, he felt a little insecure. So, he tried to sneak some guns within the Stadium.

"I don't think so," Mewtwo told him. With a flick of his head, the weapons disappeared, and a warning was issued that all guns and similar weapons must be registered first.

That didn't stop Phantom from trying to sneak some more in. Each time, he got caught. It eventually started to drive him insane.

"Are you ready to join the Questers?"

"I am sir."

Wolfman was initiating the latest member to the Super Smash Questers, and all went smoothly. However, when that was done, Mushroom Madness, the newest TV news station, kicked in...about a story in Hyrule. Apparently, someone was trying to kill the innocent women and children.

To make matters wasn't an enemy.

The new Quester started to shake in anger... "That Phantom is going to get it!"

"Calm down Setzer; he'll be taken in."

Of course, he couldn't be taken in by the Royal Guard. The Questers were asked to intervene.

The chase eventually led to Lon Lon Ranch a few minutes before sunset. With orders to stop Phantom, the Questers managed to...or so they thought. Phantom rose up again right as the sun went down and started to undergo a transformation. Such a transformation was known to some of the Questers as...

"What the heck is this Trance thing doing?!? I pity 'da foo' who allowed it to stay within this realm!" Mr. T, and others, were confused.

"I'll try to explain," Mewtwo told them telepathically. "Apparently, not all of the warps that lead to totally different realms was sealed off. So for the next few days, what you call Trancing might still be possible. But for now, stop Phantom; if he loses this fight, he'll be out cold."

The fight resumed into the night. Setzer enjoyed the fight moreso than the others, for he and Phantom were both Maverick Hunters. However, being a human hunter allowed him to have more will than his reploidic friend, and so he and the others won. Phantom's parts were buried underneath the ground, and his weapons confiscated.