Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 4: The Betrayal



Early on the 25th of May, another new fan wanted to join. His name was Sword Blade; he was an adept fighter who could access many skills, thanks to the Move Expander he earned. He and Klumsy were going through training when the training stopped.

"What the?" Klumsy asked. He remembered having to do dodge training on his previous trip, but Sword Blade didn't even get that chance.

Blade was just as clueless. They both exited the training area, where Luigi told them to head to the Big Room.

Panz, Mewtwo, & Wolfman were waiting for them. "A transport road in the Mushroom Kingdom has been blocked by enemies," Mewtwo explained. "We need you guys to go after them."

They all agreed to go. They went into the Pipe Room where a pipe was waiting for them. They jumped in, and landed in the Mushroom Kingdom. Everyone earned some coins during the trip, and Klumsy also found a Smash Dex. How one got there was beyond even Mewtwo, but put that thought aside. Blade left during the mission, most likely due to beginner's fright. However, the others managed to stop the final enemies with Yosheh attacking from behind.

They reached the end and pulled the enemy flag down. A mushroom guard, who Panz called "Fritz", thanked them. Mewtwo helped get them out of there, and gave them their awards--health increasement, a new move, and other miscellanious stuff.

That night, Klumsy and Sword Blade attempted a "King of the Cloud" training session; the Para Goombas and what Klumsy thinks are Para Power-Goombas took them out. Prof Oak managed to perfect his "Move Swapper" device on Klumsy and Sword Blade. After that, Klumsy was challenged by DK to a match. He won, and then caught up to everyone else--Panzer, Yosheh, Sword Blade, Mewtwo, Wolfman, and a new figure--in the big room. Mewtwo and Wolfman were talking to him. "Are you ready, Positron?" Mewtwo and Wolfman asked in the Big Room.

"Yes," he replied. Klumsy and Sword Blade were relived; another one was joining. After getting initiated, an alarm sounded. Bowser and Ganondorf showed up, and hinted that they were the head of all of the attacks so far! Panzer and Yosheh also came in at the sound of the alarm; they found out of the trouble as well.

The five of them went to Giant land, and managed to take out 2 Giant Goombas. Panz found a fire flower soon after the fight. After the Giant Goombas were Bowser and Ganondorf, who ate what Mewtwo calls a "Souped Up Super Mushroom." Basically, they stayed big like the fight was against a Giant Donkey Kong. While Klumsy and CY were practically evenly matched with Bowser, Panzer, Sword Blade, and Positron managed to hurt Ganondorf so much that he had to retreat. Bowser reluctantly followed.

After the awards were given out, Luigi noted that Panz still had the fire flower with him, which was supposed to be impossible to bring here--at least that's what he thought. He took care of the item.