Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 42: A Chilling Prophecy



For awhile, nothing was going on that required the Questers to be able to do anything. So, the Stadium was left to chill--literally.

Five kilometers of ice chose to come to the Stadium at that time, and while it didn't severely affect travel to the Stadium or the occasional fights the Melee Fighters had, it was a whole lot cooler in general. The fans didn't mind, for they were always complaining about the AC not working. However, Mewtwo didn't like the sound of it, and so he researched it.

It ended up that this ice wasn't natural ice...but a part of a prophecy. In short: the guild will chill, its members ill, a battle for all, but heroes will fall. The prophecy also mentioned that a new technique will be required to win future battles--what, though, it wouldn't say.

Parts of the prophecy were coming true as the ice was melting. The main one, of course, was of the Questers being infected. Oak and G&W were among the first to be affected, but eventually the entire Stadium got infected, no thanks to a botched attempt by Mewtwo. The infection, which called itself Slytock (according to Bowler, anyway), made enough copies to infect all future newcomers to the Stadium that was a potential Quester. Gibby immediately went to look up a possible cure.

It ended up that there was no time for a cure...a huge war army was coming. Even though everyone was infected, they chose to fight anyway. The Melee Fighters went to go after all of the underlings, leaving the Questers with Bowser, Gannondorf, and Dracula...along with another new face.

But it wasn't new by all...those that joined up with the Maverick Hunters immediately recognized him--Wily!

Everyone tried to unleash their special moves on him, but they wouldn't even come out! Wily laughed the entire time and explained that the Slytock virus--that he made, of course--made the Questers forget their specials! Now a majority were very nervous, but they wouldn't give up. The other three transformed into Giga Bowser, Gannon, and a floating mass of body parts (do not ask) for this fight.

Needless to say, the whole fight was very one-sided...with the enemies winning. Everyone had suffered from each enemies main attacks and were near the brink of death...their lives being taken away by the infection as well. Alys attempted to land one of her boomerangs onto Wily's saucer, and it landed. However, the saucer was starting to glow...a bright yellow, then white. Everyone knew what that meant, and so they ducked for cover.

The machine exploded, knocking out every single hero to the ground.