Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 44: Supermarket Showdown



"You are learning, face me!"

"You're on!"

Everyone was watching Sky High face off against the holographic Dojo Master through various TV screens. Sky wasn't accurate, but he sure knew how to hit with power. He defeated the Dojo Master and received congrats from him.

When he left the holo room, others wanted to face him, except for Alys. She wanted to get rid of the Judgement that she earned during initiation via a trade.

None of those activities happened; trouble was afoot. Mewtwo informed the Questers that one of the mushroom kingdom supermarkets was under attack, and the shoppers had already left.

Sky, Ruvyn, and Alys went to take out the Goomba Gang; Alys took out some of the gang from inside the store, while the others wall-jumped their way to the roof. However, the roof guys had some trouble, so Alys called down a Baby Bolt to finish them off after some debree nearly hurt her.

Mewtwo chose to send backup to them at that time; Roy was with Sky and Ruvyn, while Soril, Tempest, and Sour joined Alys. The roof guys managed to lift up a grating on the supermarket roof and went down it, but it was too slippery. The four inside the store found a radio being played and went to it; however, it was a trap, and they fell through the now-disappeared floor.

All met up in some dark area beneath the store, where they heard a voice. The voice asked whose side they were on, and Ruvyn said the side of the Questers. Sky chose to elaborate further, so the voice threw a shell at his face. Ruvyn knocked it down. A fight ensued between the Questers and three Koopa Troopas, though one of them was spiked all around. After one of the troopas was defeated, Ruvyn took its shell and bowled the Questers to victory. Sky and Tempest took the other shells, with Tempest's being the spiked one...he also noted that that shell had blue all over it.

The group went further down their path, and they realized that they were inside of some sewers of sorts--not as big as the one in Toad Town, but thankfully, not as stinky either. However, once they reached a common room, Bowser was there, waiting.

Bowser didn't have much of a chance to begin with: he got hit by one green shell, tagged by the blue spiked shell (which proved to be homing), and when he tried to get up, fell to the ricocheting green shell. After that, the Questers used their SP to the limit with special move after special move--not all hitting of course, but a good deal found their target. Sour in particular managed to level up his Ice Shot just before Bowser was defeated; Bowser left with a flame wall to stop them, but Sour used the beta version of Ice Shot to quench the ice's thirst.

The Questers tried to chase after Bowser, but they failed to reach a portal in time. However, Mewtwo deemed the mission a success, for Bowser and company had left. The Questers returned back to base, only to be glowing a little bit later...they were leveling up. Sure, they still need to work on getting their old potential back, but now they are well on their way.