Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 45: Trouble at Home



The only thing that has been known about VG, the mushroom whose alter ego is Wolfman, is that he was born in a place called Wilmington, North Carolina, within the United States, on the planet Earth. Now, not many have been able to even visit Earth from the Mushroom Kingdom--or any other realm for that matter--but as of late, that planet has been able to accept transport with the usual transport methods each realm has to offer.

Kevin Keene, the Game Master, went through one of those warps to enter the multi-verse of Video Land. The Mario Bros. (along with another plumber sometime before them) stumbled their way to the Mushroom Kingdom. And VG snuck into a warp he had discovered to enter the Kingdom.

VG wanted to head back home, but so far, not even his legendary powers could take him there. Ironically, it would take his enemies to allow a possible way back.

"Darnit!" Alys muttered as the alarm went off. She wanted to get rid of the Judgement hammer in favor of a move that was more of her style. However, that deal would have to wait.

"Questers, there is more trouble...this time, it's on the planet most of you call Earth."

When Mewtwo finished, some of the other Questers started thinking about Earth. Aribar thought that he had destroyed it. Others longed to return home. And the rest...well, this book can't cover EVERYTHING, can it?

"I am able to send you guys to where a signal was sent, but that's as best as I can pinpoint right now," Mewtwo told them. "I also suggest that you take the new Convert-a-Cars with you...I don't trust you guys walking in traffic yet."

Some were excited to hear about the Convert-a-Cars; others not so. The CACs, as they are called by the Questers, were capable of transforming into an F-Zero style racer into an Arwing-style fighter plane. The main weapon was a variation of the Super Scope weapon, with rapid firing and charging capabilities. Safety was of the upmost concern, so seat belts were a requirement; they also can not be taken off while the car is on... and Mewtwo was able to turn them on remotely should anyone try to risk their safety.

"There is NO WAY I'm heading in that 'deathtrap' again," Ruvyn shouted.

"Alright; you will team with Alys and Aribar on ground patrol," Mewtwo replied. Ruvyn preferred that, but Alys didn't.

No one realized where they were, except for the fact that they were on a school lawn with an overpass across the main street. The groundlings went onto it, only to find it rigged. While they had to fight a few enemies inside, the guys in the Convert-a-Cars had to destroy a bunch of wild enemy cars heading towards the overpass. While those inside the overpass took out their foes, the CAC pilots missed one car...that one car ended up blowing up the overpass, causing those inside to lose a life.

Mewtwo had ordered that pilots and groundlings switch positions. Everyone was willing...except Ruvyn. While Mewtwo wanted everyone to have a fair share at each part (and after reading some of the 2-live-questers' minds, he went on with this plan), Ruvyn had problems with it. So, Mewtwo teleported him and remotely turned on his car, thereby preventing unneeded escape...for in reality, no escape was needed; he and the others inside were safe. However, he kept on trying to get out of the CAC, but his attempts were futile. So, Mewtwo cut him off.

Gibby somehow ended up in that area, and had trouble telling the new grounders something, so Mewtwo helped with that: a Dodge Viper was by the church next door, and they could use that to reach the Battleship Memorial, the destination that Dracula had said on a note recently found.

On the way, Ruvyn ended up wasting his health and energy to get out, but it was impossible. He ended up falling unconcious...on the eject button. He landed flat on the road by the river... his life count was unknown.

Those in the viper were crossing the Memorial Bridge when the bridge's entrances were sealed. Again, the CAC pilots had a job to do...this time, they were successful. Everyone made it to the Battleship when Mewtwo came in with an update on their location...they were in Wilmington, North Carolina. Mewtwo believed that Dracula was trying to destroy important parts of history and have the Questers blamed.

They entered the battleship and received a surprise attack from Gannondorf, disguised as an employee there. Fox and Falco flew in from somewhere to attack Gannondorf and give the Questers a quick boost, then told them to head into the engine room, where Dracula is located.

Alys led the group into the engine room, and chose to fight Dracula solo at first. Dracula's main mistake was that he mentioned something about Alys', um, figure, which gave Alys some extra rage power to help take out Dracula. Starsteel managed to knock Dracula's cape off of him, and stole it for his own use. While he couldn't work the cape, Dracula couldn't seem to work his most powerful moves--the cape is apparently required for it. Even when he transformed into one of his more demonic forms, he was easily beaten.

Dracula fled the area...Ganondorf as well. The Questers agreed that it was time to go home, so they took the Viper with them into a portal (the CAC cars were teleported back to base already). Of course, no one could really agree on the shotgun position...but that's digressing.