Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 47: Zio's Return; Klumsy's Will Part II



"I commend you, miss Brangwin... most would not be so quick as to ask such a question. Bravo. But I am afraid your efforts are in vain, for you see, I have become more powerful than any of you... indeed, all of you."

Alys glared at the dark wizard. "Zio, I don't know how you came back, or why... but rest assured, I WILL kill you." Simon rushed to her side.

"I see you still have bad fashion sense, eh, Zio?" Zio laughed at this attempted insult.

"Harsh words coming from someone with such RIDICULOUS hair!"

...This was Zio's first mistake during the battle. NOBODY has EVER insulted Simon's hair and lived. The second concerns the events of Chapter 45, when Dracula mentioned Alys's... um... err... figure... it seems that Zio was the one who told him about that... and she was not too pleased with him. With two rage-boosted enemies, Zio had a rather difficult time, but still managed to hold off the Questers with frightening power, such as demonstrated when he aimed his sword at Metal and nearly destroyed him with a single blast from the blade. Needless to say, everyone agreed that this sword had to go. The Questers' worst fear was confirmed when Demon decided to use his Smash Dex on Zio... and found his max HP to be at 1000, with a presumably limitless SP value, and an Armor Class of 15. With nowhere to run, the Questers had no option but to fight it out to the end.

Finally, with Alys holding Zio in place, Simon was able to strike the now vampiric dark wizard with an Omega Cross attack, dealing critical damage and removing the sword from his grasp, allowing it to be picked up by Gibby. Zio became fed up, and was ready to unleash his most devastating attack--when Klumsy's security system kicked in. Zio was immobilized as he was attacked by bolts of lightning, coming from a seemingly invisible source. He vowed that he would return to annihilate the Questers later, and disappeared.

With the group that housed Zio disqualified, Klumsy decided a tie-breaker was in order... he appeared on the shoulder of a great hulking robot (which was more than enough to give everyone the willies), and said to the Questers...

"These challenges, you must admit, are as tough as rocks and rubble... what simple thing could you have done.. to save you all this trouble?"



The Questers continued to guess like this for several minutes until...

"TIME'S UP! Have you an answer?"

Everyone looked around and shrugged... when Simon finally blurted out "WE SHOULD'VE JUST STAYED HOME!" Klumsy looked disappointed...

"How... did you know?"


"..We should've just stayed home--three weeks, nobody gets it, then some lunatic just shows up and--we should've just stayed home? Argh! ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT, you can have the treasure! ...If you can beat THIS GUY!"

And who did the Questers face but the very same radioactive Rick Moranis that bit Klumsy those many years ago, turning him into a COMPLETE DORK. The particular Rick Moranis that was fought was in the form of lord Dark Helmet, and proved to be quite a tough little freak, being able to take quite a bit of damage for someone his size.

A few rounds of taunting and laughing, and an excruciatingly painful injury incurred by Positron later, and Demon finally struck the finishing blow on Dark Helmet. A door opened in the giant robot's chest, and everyone went through to find a vault filled with enough coins to split 100 among the few who had made it this far, except for Simon, who had to go back to the Stadium to do Mewtwo's laundry (how a Pokemon can have laundry to do in the first place, we may never know)... however, this was not the end of Klumsy's inheritance. To his old friends he gave an extra 50 coins, except for Setzer, Alys, and SkyHigh. Setzer instead received Fox's Blaster, and as for Sky and Alys...

"Ah, SkyHigh... I know just what to do with YOU..." Sky gulped... he did NOT like the sound of that. Klumsy never really did seem to like him much. The ghost of the former Quester turned then to Alys. "Alys, you've always been the coolest Hunter ever. Sky, on the other hand, is a complete dork. He is in need of instruction in the ways of coolness (not to mention fighting). I want you to teach him. If you both manage to do it, there's a bonus in it for both of ya."

With that matter finished, there was only one more thing in need of addressing. "Now that that's all settled, I'm lettin' ya into the inner chambers of the holo tomb. You can get some real skippy rewards down there, but it's REAL tough!" The Questers all wanted to try their luck with the inner chambers, but Mewtwo insisted that they return to the stadium.