Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 48: Troubles with Tiff



It started out as a normal day...then again, there is no such thing as a "normal" day. It can be said, though, that nothing out of the ordinary happened to the Questers at the start of their day.

"Well, when are the missions?" many Questers asked. They were desperate for a mission...most of them not having had a chance to fight yet.

As luck (or fate) would have it, trouble sounded quickly. Everyone ran into the Big Room as Mewtwo briefed them.

"Dreamland is having some difficlties; most of the food is missing, and I sense someone is missing. I suspect that the events are related...and that there could be more trouble I don't sense right now. I want you Questers to go to Dreamland to scout out the area."

Many were overjoyed to have an assignment...but not all could go. Mewtwo only allowed five to go--five that either haven't had their first taste of combat ever since the Prophecy, or haven't leveled up at all if they did taste combat.

Link X, Aribar, Kopaka, and two other Questers were sent to go. They accepted the mission and stepped on the warp tile...and immediately ran into a young girl in a ponytail. She was recognized as Tiff. Kirby, who the Questers did recognize, was with her.

Tiff told the Questers (that she didn't recognize or understand...much) that Tuff, her brother, was taken to Dedede's castle. Everyone agreed to head to Cappy Town to try to gain some more information.

Cappy Town was deserted...well, almost. There was a huge green bug with pincers on his mouth. While some thought he was Fred the Spanyard, Tiff recognized him as Buggzy, a wrestling-type monster that loves to grapple and toss. During battle, the Questers realized that he also loved using Questers as shields to protect himself. He was defeated without too much trouble.

The group traveled towards the forest, for Tiff knew that it was getting dark and that they needed a place to rest for the night; Dedede's castle wouldn't be reached tonight. One of the questers spotted a sun and a moon and thought that he was seeing some creature named Slice 'N Splice. Tiff shook her head and said that they were Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright, two celestial bodies who often don't get along, but are quite powerful if they work together. The problem is that no one ever saw them truly working together.

The battle proved fierce, with Kopaka taking a majority of the hits. He ended up losing two lives; the second one was lost by a new attack that the Sun-Moon duo managed to perfect: The Celestial Body Slam. Kopaka lost consciousness at that point, but still had a life left, so he could fight again in the future. Mewtwo teleported him out just before the Questers won their fight by taking out Mr. Shine.

The ruins that Tiff mentioned were found, and so they made camp. The next morning, however, most of the Questers ended up being replaced by other Questers, causing confusion amongst Tiff. Digi, one of those Questers, saw an item within a small hole, but ended up burying it, causing it to be lost forever. Tiff, very angry, started heading towards Dedede's castle.

Tiff told everyone to follow her, but Digi chose to jump ahead, causing an ambush. The Waddle Dees that Digi faced weren't much of a problem at least. Once defeated, Tiff found her secret costume stash, which they used to disguise themselves so they can enter the castle and move through it without opposition.

Of course, someone stopped them in the middle. Someone directed them to a storage room...that someone revealed himself to be Meta Knight. After selling some Beam Swords to some Questers, Meta took them to the throne room, where a huge banquet was being held. At least the Questers knew where the food ended up, but they had to rescue Tuff now.

King Dedede suspected something was amiss, for he saw some Chillies at the banquet. He had recently had a snow day of sorts where he learned that Chillies survived only in cold weather. It's warm this time of year for Dreamlanders, however. So, naturally, the Quester's cover was blown.

Ten enemies of a variety of realms came to stop the Questers and Meta Knight. Somehow, many misses came from both sides, but the Questers won. That left King Dedede to be fought, and the setting was his personal boxing ring. Dedede loved using his hammer and body slam attacks; the latter ended up doing the most killing due to his massive weight.

Tiff and Kirby managed to rescue Tuff during the fight. Once he was found, Tiff called for the Warp Star to take them out of there, and the Questers escaped.

Back at base, Mewtwo watched that whole mission, and shook his head in disgust. In his eyes, the Questers didn't deserve anything that time...and in truth, no one did get anything.