Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 49: The Dark Blade



Count Dracula sat on his dark throne, sipping a goblet of some red liquid.. blood, no doubt. He wiped his mouth as his dark servant stepped forward and knelt before him.

"It is good to have you back, Zio, my servant... have you destroyed the QVHesters yet?"

"I'm afraid not, my lord. I had no choice but to escape... Simon Belmont was accompanying them, and just as I was about to obliterate them, the security system in that blasted tomb activated... I am sorry, master, for I have failed... and I have lost the sword of darkness." Dracula merely laughed at Zio's depression.

"Hahaha, do not be so upset, my servant! You are strong, and they are VHeak. You VHill destroy them eventually. As for the sword, you can recover it VHith no trouble. Once they know the nature of that VHeapon, they will probably GIVE it back to us! After all, it is evil, and thus, they cannot use it..." Zio looked up at his master.

"Do not be so sure of that, my lord. You don't know these Questers as I do. They fight for the side of good, but their hearts are as dark and hate-filled as any demon's. They care not about destroying us, but for what they can get doing it... and if they can prove themselves better than each other in the process. I predict that they CAN use the sword effectively, and will."

"Hmm... if what you say is true, they VHill kill each other before they destroy us... nevertheless, VHe shouldn't take that chance; I order you to annihilate them as quickly as possible. Travel by any means necessary, use any VHeapon at your disposal, and bring a few troops VHith you."

"Yes, my master."

With that, Zio exited the room... little did he know that a certain Zubat was watching from above.

Mario was just sitting down to lunch in the cafeteria of the Melee Stadium when Max ran in. "GUYS! THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT!" Mario ran over quickly.

"What-a is it, Max?" His younger brother, Luigi, quickly joined them. Soon, Link was over there too.

"All right, listen to THIS!" Max flipped open a Pokeball and a Zubat popped out. It started squeaking like mad.


"ISN'T THAT NUTS!?" Everyone stared at each other in confusion. Marley rolled is eyes, obviously annoyed with his trainer. He slapped Max on the back of the head and growled. "AH!! ..Oh, right.. Forgot.. These guys don't understand Pokemon... Eheh..."

Captain Falcon quickly fetched the Questers, who were just getting back from their rather disappointing mission. With their smash dex translators, they were able to learn everything that had been said between Dracula and Zio... with this in mind, Sky quickly broke into Gibby's room and stole the sword, which might have been the biggest mistake he ever made.

Though the sword tried to corrupt every Quester who got their hands on it, it was only successful with five (one of which didn't even touch it): Coop, Tempest, Gibby, Aribar, and Demon. The five fought over the sword quite a bit, until Alys finally locked it in three safes, which she hid in her room... hopefully, Mewtwo would be able to examine it soon.