Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 5: Unity



Wolfman was starting to head out the door of the Melee Stadium early on the 26th when Yoshi stopped him. "Where are you going?" Yoshi asked.

"It's Memorial Day, an official holiday," Wolfman replied. "It's the day when you honor those that have died."

"Well, do something about it; get revenge."

"It doesn't work that way...I'll be back later."

Wolfman was going off to some area...but he didn't get far. Mewtwo contacted him telepathically to return to Melee Stadium.

"But Mewtwo," Wolfman said to the air, "Haven't you heard of a vacation?"

"A vacation is too quiet for me," Mewtwo told Wolfman. "Either come back willingly or unwillingly."

"You aren't the boss of me Mewtwo; you wouldn't--"

Wolfman found himself transported to R&R. "--dare..."

Mewtwo just chuckled. Wolfman wasn't going to win this one. In a way, it was a good thing he was brought back, for later that evening, Mewtwo thought he sensed someone coming in. He did.

Kiddy Kong was a face Wolfman recognized from the Super Smash Stadium. Unfortunately, he and Panzer started to have arguments. Mewtwo and Wolfman tried to get everyone to appreciate each other. Kiddy Kong understood properly, and chose to return after he understood full. Panzer, though, still had problems with the idea of unity.

Mewtwo send Panzer out of her chair and said: "Learn to repsect each other Panzer. For your actions, you must go on a punishment assignment."

While the others wanted to join Panzer, Mewtwo forbade it--and so did Wolfman. The mission took Panzer to the northern part of Hyrule; the part where Death Mountain is in the south. Two towns were feuding...even though the armies were both common enemies. The captains of each army, though, was anything BUT normal. They were souped-up versions of the common Octorock and Stalfos.

Panzer managed to outwit the Stalfos army and enter Saria. After finding a peace-loving stalfos, they got to Rudo by the help of a duck. Panzer killed the head Stalfos in that area to rescue the peace-loving Octorock. They all went in the center of the conflict that just started, and the 2 lovers died. Everyone died except the 2 captains.

Mewtwo told Sword Blade and Klumsy to enter the warp, which was a good thing. The captains had powerful attacks, but the projectiles were reflected by the latecomers. The Octorock died by the reflections, but Panzer had to do the finishing attack on the Stalfos.

After the usual awards (& Panzer's bonus item award), Mewtwo sensed someone else coming in. Positron came in, but that wasn't who Mewtwo was talking about. The one Mewtwo sensed was Bahamut, a famous hunter from another realm. Klumsy seemed a bit shocked at his appearance, but gained his compusure...slightly.

Link came rushing in with a message from the Mario Bros. A team match was requested. Positron and Klumsy accepted. It was a tough match, with Positron losing his first life on the battlefield. Due to the rules on that fight, only one life is used. Klumsy ended up winning the fight with a hammer on Mario.

Bahamut chose to get initiated, but mentioned that he can't always be around. He won't be missing too much, since he gained a high HP. However, he didn't earn a comeback move, so Klumsy took him to Prof Oak. After the Move Swapper worked, Klumsy caused Pikachu to fall asleep, which caused Prof Oak to kick us out. Needless to say, we did so. However, we left together.