Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 53: The Christmas that almost wasn't, but then was.



'Twas the night before christmas, and all through the stadium, a corny old book ripped off a crusty old opening.

But seriously, all was well in the Melee Stadium. Alys, who had been visited by three ghosts during the night, even gave StarSteel and Aribar an early Christmas present: 1-up mushrooms, to help them with their little predicament from that Pokemon battle with Max! The two Questers hopped out of their beds in the sick bay and leapt back into action immediately-much to Dr. Mario's dismay.

StarSteel had just finished decorating the Christmas Tree (and putting gifts under it too!) when who should arrive but Santa Claus himself! Jolly old St. Nick couldn't help but bring the Questers a little gift, a program for the Big Room computer, to help them battle the forces of evil... but Tempest knew something that everyone else didn't... his keen elven ears picked up Santa whispering to the computer "Virus, activate now..."


Tempest pounced on Santa IMMEDIATELY, only to be dragged away from him kicking and screaming.

"TEMPEST! What's wrong with you! That's Santa for goodness sake!"


"Heheheh--I mean Ho ho ho! What makes you think I'm that brillia-I mean, er... naughty evil scientist, hmm??? Well, I'd best be off... I have a lot of work to do! Give my regards to that stupid Mushroo--I mean VG Warrior!" And with that, Santa sped off.

"Hey, he dropped his beard!" Gibby said, picking up the fake beard with his stubby little arms. Everyone stared at each other for a moment.

"...That wasn't Santa."

"...Oh crap..."

Seconds later, THE SECURITY SYSTEM WENT COMPLETELY NUTS AND ALL COMMUNICATIONS WENT OUT... but not before they recieved a transmission from the North Pole... from the REAL Santa, who was apparently in trouble-trouble at the hands of Bowser!

After the Questers dealt with some deadly turrets mounted in the ceiling, Tempest couldn't help but say sarcastically, "Oh no, Tempest, don't pounce on HIM. That's SANTA CLAUS. I TOLD YOU IT WAS DR. WILY!!!"

"Come on, we have to go shut off the--ACK!!" Alys was just about to lead the Questers to shut off the security system when a massive spear lodged itself in her shoulder. She limped off to the sick bay, being careful not to step on any panels that might contain poison darts and the like, and meanwhile the Questers split into two groups: One that would go down into the depths of the Stadium to shut off the security system, and one that would go to the North Pole to deal with the "Christmas Hobgoblins" as the transmission put it so... elfishly.

Aribar, Tempest, and Gibby had a heck of a time getting to the security system. Among the things they had to deal with was a chamber filled with noxious fumes, an invincible monster, a funny little man with two bridges, and a number of other deadly traps that were soon easily bypassed with the help of Falco and Fox.

Meanwhile, the other group (which is too miscellaneous to define with names) had its hands full battling their way through an onslaught of Goombas and Para Koopas in Santa's Workshop... or at least it WAS Goombas and Para Koopas until who should arrive but...

"Prepare for trouble!"

"Make it double!"

"To protect the world from devastation!"

"To unite all peoples within our nation!"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!"

"...To shove a sock in both your mouths."



"Team rocket, blast off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

...As expected, Meowth dropped in... but most UN-expectedly, he was in a 7 foot tall Santa robot!

"MEOWTH! That's right!" he shouted as the cockpit closed. And so, the Questers faced the fury of Team Rocket's Santa Shafta, a device so diabolical that it could take a mere children's toy and make it into a weapon of mass destruction. One of its favorite techniques was to take choo-choo trains and simply launch them at the Questers. The trains would explode on contact, severely damaging whoever took the hit. Luckily, Star Steel was able to turn this ability against him with the Inhale technique, and soon, with a great "TRAINDOKEN!!!" Team Rocket was blasting off... yet again.

Meanwhile, Aribar, Gibby, and Tempest had their hands full trying to get the password to the central security computer right...




"Umm... Password!"


"Aribar, stop saying that!"


"Oh for the love of..."

"...Hmm... Love. Love is the password."

"Password verified. Security system now shutting down!"

"We did it!"

"Hahahahahahaha, or so you think, Questers."

From out of the shadows stepped none other than Meier Link, the Vampire Quester Hunter that even Mewtwo had trouble defeating. They were forced to stall him until Mewtwo could get the lights on. While they all survived, Aribar came close to being bitten again. It was lucky for him that Falco had him covered.

In two minutes, Mewtwo had the lights on, and Meier was forced to retreat, vowing that the next time they met, the Questers wouldn't be so lucky... It is unfortunate that he was right.

After a quick teleport, a short meeting with Santa and a dozen flame-thrower carrying elfs, and another quick teleport, the Questers were safe and sound at the Stadium. On Christmas day, they were well rewarded by a very grateful Santa Claus, receiving a number of 3S and 3P jars, several moves, and even experience points! ...And that's basically the story of the Christmas that almost wasn't, but then was. There's really nothing else to tell.