Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 54: Metroid Mayhem!



The Questers had waited longer than usual, thirty minutes to be exact. But the mission started and, as usual, Mewtwo was awaiting them in the Big Room. Alys, Aribar, Gibby, Metal Man, Linkbot, and LinkX answered the call. After a slight mix up of what room to GO to, they got the briefing: "It is your assignment to check out the Space Pirates research facility on POP-97 and destroy their studies of chemical infusion once and for all."

Since POP-97 was a research facility the Space Pirates had created, AND since it was in space, the Questers needed a new transporter. The Convert-A-Cars couldn't make it, but Slippy Toad was around to help. "I have made a 'Wormhole Warp' device. With these, you can travel through one wormhole and end up at another I set up across the galaxies. Just step inside while thinking of where you want to go."

Well, the Questers weren't thinking of POP-97 when they landed aboard a Pirate Frigate. Unless, of course, they stole it. Anyways, the Questers came upon a large hallway. Alys stepped on a panel and was almost crushed by a pair of spikes slamming into eachother. Alys saw some breaks in the spikes and decided to run for it. She made it, along with a few others, but everyone but Linkbot, Aribar, LinkX, and Metal Man ended up getting squished and impaled a few times.

Finally getting through that room, the Questers came upon the bridge of the ship. Gibby tripped an alarm, which caused two Elite Pirates to attack the Questers. One was defeated while the other was sent flying into a self destruct button by Linkbot. It launced itself and all the other space pods out of the ship. With less than a minute until the ship exploded, Samus made a smashing entrance in her ship, literally. The Questers boarded and flew to POP-97, barely missing an explosive end.

A half hour later, the Questers arrived on POP-97, only to see forests, a sun, and a giant metal building. The Questers walked in and saw they had to go one of two ways. After a little dispute, Metal and Gibby opened a door, only to be crushed by a giant iron block. Backing away, looking like pancakes, a projectile was shot at the door, causing the iron block to fall and crumble. After fighting two Space Pirates in the room ahead of them, they moved on down another hallway.

Everyone couldn't beleive their eyes. Before them, in a glass case, was a prototype laser helmet. Metal broke it open and popped the helmet on. Soon after, he felt a great pain in his head. Ripping the helmet off, he and the others saw parasites burrowing into his head. After finally destroying them, they moved on more causiously into a health room, they recovered all of their stamina and power.

When leaving the health room, the Questers contniued into another hallway, where Aribar stepped on a panel and penetrating his foot was a large spike. He tried to pull himself out, but a metal cuff latched onto his ankle. A laser shot by, a few inches from his head, and hit a panel on the wall, which unleashed some parasites in a cage. They ran down a shaft and chowed down on Ari's foot. After killing THOSE parasites, Ari pulled his 'foot' out and continued down the hall.

Entering the room, the door locked behind them. Gibby saw a huge object fall from the ceiling and hit the ground with a large boom. The thing stood up, about 6 feet tall, and roared at them. It was an Omega Pirate, one of the strongest Pirates out there. After a large fight, the thing roared and hit the ground. A door on the other end opened.

This door opened up without anybody touching it. Gibby ran over to it and almost fell into a large pit. The Questers jumped across and fought three more Space Pirates. Down this hallway to another health room was a piece of armor. Afraid it may do something to them, they passed it by. They recovered their health in this health room and moved on to fight the Space Pirate's most fearful creation...the Omega Metroid.

However, this Omega had something was about the same size as an Omega, but uglier and with a nastier breath. Somehow, this Omega had the X virus inside of it. That X allowed the Omega to pack extra power on its attacks. One of its favorites, the Draining Beam, allowed it to "feed" off its prey without having to physcially touch them. The Questers eventually knocked the Omega into some machinery, shocking its health right out. The Core X that came out wanted to escape, but Roybert destroyed the Core. He tried to hold onto the Missile move he earned, but eventually lost it.

Samus then came by to pick them up and take them back, for they weren't trusting of the Wormhole Warps. However, unlike most of the spaceships and planets Samus has been to, this one did NOT attempt to blow up the Questers at the end. Could POP-97 be needed again?