Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 55: Power Possessed Changes



"Never mess with a Jentanian Wizard!" Aribar shouted as he attempted to defeat an armadillo...inside of a very tall mobile suit. The 'dillo ended up winning, sending Aribar out of the Bronze Challenge.

The holographic Klumsy laughed and said that the real Aribar would have whooped those enemies in no time flat. That caused some trouble for the Questers, who asked for proof on what he meant.

Meanwhile, back at base, Oak had Pichu deliver something to VG. Wrapped in a box, he took it with him and headed towards the Dry Dry Desert, where the Holo Tomb is located.

The Holo Tomb was a special type of pyramid that Klumsy--in some way or another--built. He enjoyed the holo room so much that he made a tomb that uses similar technologies. He was the one that opened up the Bronze Challenge for the Questers, for he supposedly had more gifts for them.

However, Klumsy wouldn't give any gifts to what he called the fake Questers. He showed them a tape that had...themselves defeating the challenges inside with moves they don't have. The Questers knew something was amiss, but couldn't pinpoint it. But someone behind them did.

"Klumsy, these are the real Questers!" It was the voice of Wolfman. The box contained a fixed transformer for VG, so that he could transform again. After a quick conversation with Klumsy, he realized that he was CLONES!

Only one person could have such an ability...that person was Zio, a former Quester himself. Once a dangerous wizard on Motavia, he now has the powers of a vampire to cause extra trouble. After taunting that Bowser is preparing an army of evil, he left before Wolfman could strike.

A few days later, Mewtwo was receiving some trouble from the Gorons and Zoras, and later the Kokiris. Apparently, their three sacred jewels--the Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire--were stolen, and all three were blaming each other. The Questers took the case, and started off practically inside the entrance of Zora's Domain. When they got there, though, they battled a few Peahats outside to prevent them from entering.

The Peahats were defeated, and a Zora by the name of Tuna allowed them inside the actual domain. The Questers met the King Zora, who took a look at Aribar with shock. According to the King, Aribar was the thief! Complaining in vain, the Questers were taken to the dungeon, where they spent the night.

The next morning was trial day, which was held at the Zora's Fountain Area. That area was chosen because Jabu Jabu was around during this season, and even King Zora's leadership was second to Jabu Jabu.

The trial proved only one thing--the King was a fake. He instead changed form...into Aribar?!? It was actually the clone of Aribar that Klumsy mentioned. A quick fight ensued, but no side was winning until Aribar chose to teleport away. Tuna was bewildered, but somehow knew the next area to go to in order to find the real King. But first, they went to the shop to pick up what was left at the shop; a bottle of blue fire, a bottle of a Poe, or ghost, and a bunch of deku sticks. Tuna paid for the three items, and with the Questers, they swam into the portal leading to the Lower Domain.

The Lower Domain was an area not even Link knew about. Hidden beneath the main Domain was a network of caves, water, and danger. The first trap they encountered were three tektikes guarding a door at the other end of a hallway. In front of them, however, was a hidden pit. All of the Questers fell in except for Star, who jumped in at Tuna's command.

At the bottom of the pit was some blue contraption that looked like it could hold onto three sets of items. Tuna had a feeling that if he put the three items he had in there, the way out would be revealed. The deku sticks, blue fire, and Poe were put in...and nothing happened. At least, not for a few minutes. After those few minutes were up, the blue machine lit up...and started growing.

Facing the Questers was a very tall tree with flaming branches. Whenever the Questers tried to attack, the tree used the Poe's transparent ability to avoid least, most of the time. A missed body slam attempt broke the one tree into TWO trees, and both proved very tough. The second tree ended up posessing new Quester John, who promptly killed Aribar with a Stone Drop. Eventually, the second tree lost its limbs, and John was back to normal.

The Questers and Tuna were then transported to another part of the lower domain, where King Zora was actually located! He used some of his magic to heal the Questers...but Tuna reacted funny to it. He ended up changing...into Meier Link!

After even more taunting, the Questers were sent below their area and landed on a tiled arena. Something popped threw the cracks of the tiles...a creature similar to Morpha, but wasn't. It was Morpha II, who was somehow related to Morpha. It got beaten easily, but then Meier Link chose to challenge them! His first goal...was Aribar! Aribar tried to fight it out, but ended up losing his last life being bitten by the vampiric fangs. However, he ended up rising from the dead, thanks to a 1-up mushroom Meier had. Aribar was back up...but twisted with evil. This battle proved challenging, until the Questers used him for a dunking contest in the water. Alys had the third--and fatal--dunk, which turned Meier into a bunch of bones. The sacred jewels were also found in Meier's possession--they ended up teleporting to new owners. King Zora teleported back to his own throne, feeling much better. And Aribar...was still a vampire.

Back at base, Aribar was called to the Item Lab. His vampiric form would not allow him to safely go on missions for the Questers at this time. He was given two choices for fixing this problem. He could either wait until a vampire curing item was found, or he could enter a special capsule which would cure the weaknesses of his choice, with each weakness taking about a week's worth of time to heal. Aribar chose the capsule, and wanted to rid himself of the vampire's weaknesses of bright light and water. After everything was set up and the Questers gave their goodbyes, Aribar went into the capsule and immediately went to sleep. His estimated time of reawakening is January 18th.