Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 56: Worm War



When Captain Falcon ended up in China to check on Bowser's rising army, he found a cave with strange writing. He chose to ignore it for now, but then wondered too much about what it said. He asked the Questers to help out.

A few agreed to help out as they took the Convert-a-Cars to the Chinese Mountains. It was very cold up there, and no one wanted to be there. Falcon lead one group, while Trek and Alys went their own way. It ended up that Alys and Trek found the message in a cave first.

The message was in a form of a sonnet, written in Chinese. The Smash Dex translated it and found that it was written by a friend of Boggy B. who needed help. Everyone was thinking Boggy Bear, who has homes in Freezezy Peak and Hailfire Peaks. However, when they went to see VG about it, he knew it wasn't the polar bear. Boggy B......was a worm.

"Boggy B. was one of the greatest Worm fighters that ever lived. He was a true hero to all Light Siders. It is a shame he lost his life somehow......but I'm digressing. I have visited the Wormland before only once, and even I had trouble surviving it. I'm not going to require this, but those that want to will join me to make sure the Wormland is alright...for I doubt it is."

The Questers agreed to join VG in this quest to find this...worm. However, it would take place the next day...specifically, January 14th.

The next day arrived, and the Questers moved out. The immediately got used to the larger-than-life world that surrounded them...and same-size worms that wanted their heads off. The specialized Ninja Worms and Artillery Worms proved to be mildly challenging...what surprised the Questers were the random strike attacks and homing missile barrages.

Eventually, a friendly worm was run into named Ammonster. All he wanted was to get back to his "home away from napalm"...the problem was that it was blocked by something. Star and John recognized it as the same device from the Under other words, you put items in, and a monster comes out for fighting. The Questers had gathered a Baseball Bat, a Battle Axe, a Homing Missile, a Jetpack, a Mad Cow, and an Indian Nuclear Test. They chose to put in the bat, cow, and jetpack in to create...a flying cow with newly gained arms for the baseball bats. While the Questers knocked it out, it knocked out VG. Immediately after the battle, they retreated into Ammonster's now-accessible home to rest for the night.

The next day had VG sleeping in for the day and the others journeying out. After another worm battle and strike, they reached their destination...another monster contraption. This time, the Homing Missile, Battle Axe, and Indian Nuclear Test are placed in. The specialized nuke with two weapons in hands managed to kill Alys, but got defeated by the Questers. The machine disappeared, leading to an entrance to the Concrete Donkey's sanctuary. Ammonster asked the Donkey what needed to be done, and the Questers listened in via Smash Dexes. The Donkey said that the Questers needed to be able to use their weaponry in order to win this battle.

Clueless as to what to do, they teleported back home, when VG awoke. After hearing of what happened, VG knew what needed to be done. They took one of the Strike Planes to a remote part of Wormland. Ammonster died after having to crash land the plane, and he exploded like the other worms, turning into a tombstone. VG took the tombstone as the Questers entered another sort of altar.

Inside this altar was a similar machine to the monster generators, only this one was green and it had one slot. VG then explained that he made the green machines...put something in, and you gain the powers that were inside of what was put in. How the enemies managed to make the monster machines is beyond even the author...but back to the story, VG put the tombstone into the slot. The machine glowed and shot a beam to VG, who redirected it to the other Questers. VG fainted from the power transfer, while the other Questers...became Worms.

After getting used to their new accomidations, the Questers went outside to investigate a sudden roar. That roar came from a creature called the Buffalo of Lies, the other worm god in the land. This one, however, is all evil, and used his powers to bring the old Super Smash Stadium Superpowers, wormified of course, to face them. However, instead of VG leading them, the leader was...Boggy B.?!?

Apparently, being brought from the dead causes the recently-arisen to follow the recently-arisers. It was an 8 worm vs 8 worm, all out wormage-filled showdown...with the Questers squeaking by with victory. The Buffalo chose to call upon Armageddon to destroy them, but VG woke up in time and managed to get them to use their Teleport items to get them out. They teleported [in time] back to base, but they lost their worm powers. At least it's known that those machines are for temporary boosts.