Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 58: Weapons in Action



"Man, what a workout!" was what many Questers were saying after trying out some weapons that Mewtwo and Alys were developing. Ranging from swords to hammers, the two developers wanted the Questers to have some sort of an edge on the stronger foes that have been appearing.

What wasn't expected, however, was Tempest reading from some sort of book he found at the library. He said a few words, and out popped some friends of his from another realm. A tall creature named Minsc and a gnome named Pinach emerged from the sudden warp hole, and they were delighted to see Tempest. Once Pinach confirmed that a "Werewolf Myncoid" was the head of Melee Stadium, he quickly set up a weapons shop for the Questers to buy some new gear. Everyone was happy...well, everyone save Game & Watch.

"There is no way I'll let these strangers run me out of business!" G&W went to the Item Lab to try to develop some new items, all the while [gulp] reducing the prices of some others.

It was January 23th when there was trouble. Mushroom Town, which is by Mushroom Way, was having some problems of sorts, and it was up to the Questers to find out what. It ended up being a 5-Quester team of Metal, Locos, Aribar, Tempest, and John who were Mushroom Way.

With something not working right in the Warp Room, the Questers had to finish the journey on foot. They encountered some weak enemies to test their weapons on, but John was having trouble getting that hammer of his working; if he failed to smash with it, it gets stuck.

Eventually, the Questers made it to the end of the Way, when a damsel was in distress. The Hammer Bros. were watching over her, and they meant business. After a quick taunting session, the battle began. The Questers proved victorious, with Locos killing off both of them. He found the Hammer Bros. Hammer and took it with him, hoping it would be of some use.

In Mushroom Town, something wasn't right in the air...the atmosphere was gloomy. Apparently, Shysters have chosen to invade and cause trouble. After defeating the main guards, the Questers split up in going upstairs and downstairs to get rid of those Shysters. All that was left, was a showdown with the leader, Mack.

Mack and the Shysters used fire based attacks, which would've made Aribar nervous. However, their accuracy was terrible. The Questers had no trouble defeating the big brute. The Chancellor came out to congradulate them, but Aribar was about to go after them. Grandma Toadstool chose to enter at that time, and released a creature that she said helped her sleep. The creature... a Jigglypuff.

Nevermind how a Jigglypuff got in her possession, but that it calmed Aribar down. Everyone went back to base, a job well done.