Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 59: Monstro Town Melee



"We need some flying beetles," was what Mewtwo and Luigi told the Questers. While the order was simple, it was strange at the same time.

"But...why?" Aribar asked.

"I'm thinking that it might be a better mode of transportation for some of you guys...I know not all of you are fans of the Convert-a-Cars."

The mission seemed simple...but Mewtwo threw in a monkey wrench. He made Locos Docos, one of the crazier Questers, the leader of the mission. After the usual complaints, they went to Giant Land, with the intention of heading to Sky Land.

Once they arrived, they found a house that contained a lady. However, they couldn't open the the door smashed Locos! The others had to fight the lady, who revealed herself to be a Cranky Lady. After a quick battle, she became normal again and healed Locos back to health. After hearing of their plight, Locos was given a map for the Lands End area.

One problem, however, was that there were two pipes nearby. The group split into two; Star, Alys, and Tempest took one pipe, and Locos went with the others.

Alys's group ended up in Kakariko Village, where they had to fight some Tektikes without Star, who fell under a trap door. After the battle, Star got back to the others and Alys messed with a musical instrument that somehow warped them all out of there.

Locos's group, though, ended up in Land's End. They navigated the sand whirlpools without a hitch and found a bonus area worth of items. They then jumped in the nearby pipe.

Both groups met in Belome's Temple, hidden underground the sand. They explored the place and found some Swoopers. They ran past them, only to fall through a false floor...with the Swoopers deciding to follow them. The battle proved victorious for the Questers, who fell into a trap room. However, it was easy to navigate.

The next room was familiar to some...the fortune teller room. A secluded shaman asked for money before their fortune could be told. He was paid, and the fortune was said something about a sucky enemy. The enemy was a ghost-like metroid. However, Aribar devoured it for lunch. So, it wasn't the most defensive-based creature, but at least it posed some, maybe not.

Another shaman awaited them. He merely said to find their fortune in the gargoyle head. The fortune said something about someone wanting something to eat. The Questers knew it was they went down the elevator and prepared for battle.

Belome was one tough cookie. He enjoyed eating, scaring, and eating again. He devoured Tempest and Locos during the battle, and made clones of the real deal for his side! The big surprise, though, was that the clones were using moves that the real ones didn't have...but rather, did. However, the four-eyed freak lost his strength quickly and retreated eventually. Monstro Town awaited via the far pipe...but somehow, Locos was sent back to the Stadium. It was eventually learned that he lead enough, and would be rewarded for his efforts.

The others, though, had to go on their own, with Alys taking charge. They found Monstermama, the mayor of Monstro Town, and told her of their situation. She summoned some special koopa troopas, who flew there and flapped their wings for an hour, apparently to help someone win a bet. The militaristic-like troopas helped carry the Questers to Sky Land, except for Star, who used his Star Board.

There were no troubles heading towards Sky Land, but at the top was...Sky High...or was he? He was actually a clone created by Bowser, Gannondorf, and Dracula...but he retained the exact characteristics of the original.

That proved to be his downfall, however. He was easily Charmed into utter stupidity, and "destroyed" later. However, he didn't die until he was six feet in a cloud, legs sticking up, and breathing very fast to suffocate himself to death.

Zio was waiting for them, however. After getting beaten up brutally, Tempest unleashed a fury of sorts, turning into a sort of super demon. However, not even that form could last against Zio. After a sort of...strange demonstration between him and Alys, Kraegan showed up and took Zio away, who was obviously too weak to continue fighting.

The flying beetles were found right by where Zio was. Mewtwo teleported them back to base, but accidentally shrunk the Questers inside the cage along the way! That was quickly remedied, and at this point the beetles are being designed for flight. They aren't ready yet, however.