Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 6: The Food



Notice: Somehow, my PC crashed while typing this, so I lost all of the work on the chapter (even though I saved...go figure). Not all of the dialouge on this recration is present, though.

"We are in danger! The website is gone! How can we get new recruits?!?"

"Calm down Mewtwo; it will get back up soon."

"Wolfman, we are vulnerable without a way to get new Questers! If one day passes this day, May 27th 2002 mind you, we are in trouble!"

Mewtwo and Wolfman were having a discussion--actually, more of a dispute-- about the safety of Melee Stadium without a website. Mewtwo is more panicky than he usually is, which definitely isn't a good thing.

"So what am I supposed to do?"

"Kirby, you and Jigglypuff need to bring back the ingredients for a Lon Lon Linguini at Hyrule's castle town."

"Yoshi, the place will close down soon!"

"Jiggly jig jig-puff!"

"Then hurry up! A warp tile near here is still open."

Kirby & Jigglypuff left in a hurry to get what was needed for Yoshi, the master Chef of the Stadium. Kirby is almost at Yoshi's level with his versatility, but needs more experience. Some say Kirby eats more than Yoshi--in a way, that is true, since Kirby got many abilities by swallowing a foe.

"So what am I supposed to do?"

"Wolfman, you just do your job at the desk. I'm calling guard duty."

"Fine...but who is available?"

"Klumsy, Panzer, and Sword Blade are available. Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for security to beef up." Mewtwo left Wolfman's office at that time.

"We made it...Yoshi will be happy to hear we got what we need."

Kirby & Jigglypuff were happy that they got their food before 6:00. At that time, the place practically changed in an instant, with the drawbridge all the way up, various new hot spots open, and the Castle on even MORE security.

The two floaters took to the skies and floated out of the castle. When they landed, they were surprised to see two cactus-like creatures right there...creatures from a different realm.

"Jigglypuff jiggly!"

"You said it! And don't drop the food!"

Needless to say, on the way back, they did.

Panzer was checking out the forest area in the back. Nothing was there.

Sword Blade checked the Arena side of the Stadium. Nothing was there.

Klumsy checked out the rooftop. Someone was flying there.

"Excuse me, but could you please move away from the mail chute?"

It was Parakarry. Klumsy felt embarrassed and moved out of the way. After the mail was delivered, the two saw a mob of sorts coming down towards the Melee Stadium entrance.

Sword Blade was at the entrance when two pinkish forms came to them--Kirby & Jigglypuff.

Parakarry helped Klumsy down as he scanned the creatures chasing them--they were Pokeys, enemies Klumsy disliked. However, he managed to defeat one while Parakarry took out the other one.

Mewtwo and Yoshi came out after the fight; Mewtwo took away the earned money to order in food for Mario's Pasta Place, and Yoshi berated Kirby & Jigglypuff.

On the 29th of May, Yoshi asked CY, Klumsy, and Demon to get more food for a meal; this time it was lemons and limes from the Dry Dry Desert. Klumsy didn't want to make Yoshi mad, so he said yes. The others went with him.

Mewtwo noticed the three Questers go in the warp pipe, along with Positron, who came in late. After noticing them head in the pipe, he found out that the Melee Stadium's website was back up. He was relieved. Unfortunately, he had to forget that thought as he needed to correct information about the Pokeys from the other day. Klumsy got the updated stats just as CY couldn't stay out in the heat anymore.

Everyone was in their own separate battles when a cry for help was heard. A traveler was being attacked by Poison Pokeys, and the Questers took the blow. The poison effect was lost after the Poison Pokeys were beaten. The traveler thanked them by giving out information about where the fruits are.

All went in the direction that was given to them. Klumsy couldn't follow for a bit, though, since a Sand Storm caught him and sent him far away.

The others found the lemons and limes, but after grabbing them, the trees grew in size and cut them off--just as Klumsy was about to get there. Bowser appeared with a new necklace, and didn't hesistate to use it. The necklace seemed to allow him to perform moves he normally can't do, like Toad Counter.

Klumsy managed to get to the top and land behind Bowser. Demon put him to sleep; Klumsy used the opportunity to Meteor Smash the necklace and Bowser. Bowser used the last of the necklace's power to teleport away, but then the necklace broke apart. Klumsy celebrated, but fell (as usual)...this time on a surviving necklace piece.

While everyone was getting their awards, Mewtwo helped initiate Game Guru to the Questers. Demon and Positron decided to head to the kitchen to check up on Yoshi & Kirby, and they threw the Questers out.

Wolfman, Mewtwo, Prof Oak, and Ness were looking at the necklace and wondering where it came from. Mario chose to see what they were looking at, but when he saw the necklace, he ran away as if in panic.