Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 7: Basic Training



Wolfman, Klumsy, and Game Guru were checking things out in the big room when a strange new person came in. Calling himself Xath, he said he had a mission from the "boss" and that this place would help him. Mewtwo then came in and told Wolfman--with much difficulty--that Xath already got initiated.

"WHAT?!?" Wolfman was a little furious. "Even you should know the policy Mewtwo!"

"I initiating without you present." Mewtwo wasn't too happy, but he did the initiation out of choice. Xath had reasons for it.

Game Guru and Klumsy were wondering what was going on. Then Wolfman popped the question: "Is there a way you can prove to me that you can fight here?"

Klumsy stepped forward. Mewtwo knew what he wanted, so he told GG to step forward instead. "There is going to be an Arena fight until one cries uncle."

The stage was set for Peach's Castle. Unfortunately...the new Questers (if you could call Xath one) showed amateurish at best. Mewtwo had to personally cut in and stop the match by bringing the Questers back to base. Lakitu announced that Wario--the special guest ticket master of the day--would refund their money. Marth & Roy made sure of it.

GG, Xath, and Klumsy were sent to training--with Klumsy being the dojo teacher! He managed to whip them into shape.

While that was going on, Cooper brought a few extra faces. One called himself "Big Kev", but Mewtwo prefers Kevin. The other one was a more familiar face; Lord Reid from the old Super Smash Stadium. Everyone outside of training was causing a commotion that Mewtwo had to silence them. Kevin got initiatied properly during the mute period; Reid left during that period out of disgust.

Of course, no chapter is complete without a mission. This time it was a basic search-and-rescue type inside a dungeon in Hyrule. A group of eight (including extra latecomers) took to the Warp Room.

At the entrance, Mewtwo contacted them and split them into two groups. Panzer would lead with Game Guru, Kevin, and Canadian Yosheh. Klumsy would lead with Coop, Xath, and Sword Blade.

They went into different directions, defeated various enemies for keys, and returned to the entrance. CY & Xath had to leave for some reason; Mewtwo brought them back. Both groups advanced onward, defeated more Stalfos, and still went up. The doors all locked, which surprised a startled Link, who happened to have wandered into the Big Room. Four Stalfos and a Knightfos (lighter shade of Super Stalfos with a shield) were waiting for them; the group stopped them successfully.

Link used Mewtwo to get through to them; Link said that this was the Eagle Dungeon he went through. He told the group to get past the north wall; the combined attacks of all did the job. Beyond that were about four regular gels and what the Smash Dex called a "Gel Tribble". Coop got it to change into a Zol, which didn't help much. However, Kevin somehow destroyed all of them in a standard 3 hit Smash combo. A treasure chest called to him: he gained the Max Up, which would greatly enhance his offensive skills (he emulated Samus).

The next room to the east had three Goriyas; they were taken down. A picture of Link's Boomerang was hovering; Sword Blade managed to earn it and gain a new move, which is currently at his vault. The next room was empty, but the final key had to be used. Klumsy used it, and the door opened. The Smash Dex already started acting up...up ahead was Aquamentus.

The group managed to cause some damage to Aquamentus; no major harm was done. He got defeated without too much hassle, and found the captive, who was in a strange cloak. Mewtwo got them out, and revealed that inside...was a MEW! Mew teleported away after being released from the cloak: apparently it was used to keep her powers at bay.

While Mewtwo was giving out awards, Wolfman and newcomer Shauvat were talking about the Questers. Shauvat decided to join; he gained a nice set of starting stats during custom initiation. Kevin wanted to know when he had to train; Wolf told him that that mission gave him the needed training. Of course, he'll enter training sooner or later--like everyone else.