Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 8: The Necklace



Author's Note: If you guys are reading this and expect another mission, this time you are wrong. If you want mission chapters, wait for the next one to be complete.
Editor's Note: The author's note is over 6 years old (!) and thus does not apply to current affairs.

Dr. Mario was talking to Mario inside the Melee Stadium's counseler office. "Look-a here, Mario," the doctor was saying. "Either you-a mention what's-a going on-a in there, or-a I'll have to-a call Mewtwo and-a Wolfman for this."

"But-a Doctor," Mario said, "I'm-a fine. Really! Why can't you-a just leave-a me alone?"

"Because Professor Oak-a said you-a panicked at-a something."

"I didn't-a panick at-a nothing!"

"Double-a negatives...that's a bad-a sign."

"I can't-a take this-a anymore!" Mario stormed out of the counseler office in a huff. Unbeknownst to him, Peach was watching the whole thing.

The fans saw some exciting matches from the vets of the Smash Bros arena, though Mario wasn't fully up to spunk. He got knocked out by many people, including his own brother Luigi. Luigi was as surprised as many of the fans when he Flaming Jump Punched his bro out of the arena.

After the match, Luigi ran into Peach and asked if something is wrong. Peach whispered something into his ear, and together they noticed Wolfman. They told him, and then he told Mewtwo. Mewtwo decided to hold a meeting with Professor Oak, Wolfman, and various Melee Fighters.

On the way to the meeting, Mewtwo and Wolfman were stopped by the latest recruit, Aribar. Klumsy took care of the training for Aribar as Mewtwo and Wolf entered the meeting in the Conference Hall.

"Excellent timing," Prof Oak said as the two entered. "We were just about to start. Sit down."

Wolfman took a seat right at the head of the table. Mewtwo also sat down, next to Wolfman. Professor Oak was to the left of Wolfman, and the majority of fighters were also there. The one that everyone was concerned about, though, was Mario.

"So what's this meeting about?" Game and Watch asked.

"Allow-a me to-a start," Dr. Mario said. "Mario came-a to me earlier in-a the day, and asked-a to talk-a to me. I did-a my part, but he-a wouldn't-a give me the info-a I asked-a for. He-a mentioned something about-a jewlery, but that-a was all I could-a get from-a him."

"Jewlery? Since-a when was my-a brother into-a jewlery?" Luigi asked.

"Since he saw us looking at something Klumsy got in the Dry Dry Desert mission," Professor Oak said.

"What is it?" Peach asked.

"It's a necklace," Mewtwo said.

The group laughed. They never thought Mario would be scared of something as simple as a necklace.

"Normally, I would permit this laughter," Wolfman spoke. "However, I do not think you have seen its power. You know the various special moves you can do?"

All nodded yes.

"Well, somehow this necklace is able to let the user perform ANY of those moves--maybe even more!"

This time, no one laughed. They could tell that Wolfman meant business. Luigi and Peach started to get a little nervous.

"But...something doesn't fit," Mewtwo said. "How could he know of it if he wasn't on the mission?"

"Because he faced it before!"

Everyone looked at Peach. It's not every day she gets something out with

"Sorry about that," Peach blushed. "Way before we even saw Yoshi, we had a very tough battle against Bowser, who had a necklace on him. That necklace could use any power Mario & Luigi ever got on their journies. Toad came into the battle and gave them an invincibility star, which allowed them to take off the necklace and make him powerless."

"She's-a right."

Mario chose to enter. Everyone looked at him as he took his seat. "That-a was one battle I-a was afraid I would-a lose," Mario said. "I was-a thankful Toad brought-a us that star."

"Well, the Questers managed to force Bowser to 'break' the necklace on a previous fight," Wolfman noted. "Everything should be ok."

"If I-a know Bowser, he-a made Ludwig von Koopa--Cookie von Koopa for others--make-a more necklaces so he-a and Ganondorf could-a attempt to be-a invincible."

"So we have to stop him," Young Link said.

"Hold it Hylian," Link said. "It's not that easy you know. This one will be a VERY long battle."

"So, we basically have to strike when we can, and defend when we must?" Popo asked.

"Perhaps so," Mewtwo said. "Let's end this meeting now; I think we managed to get the information we need. Professor Oak, you continue to look at that necklace and see if we can get it to work for the Questers without side effects."

"Will do, Mewtwo," Oak replied.

"Everyone else, I suggest you rest up."