Super Smash Quest - Story - Chapter 9: Clogged Pipes



With the necklace known to all, everyone feels a little nervous. Rightfully so; it has the power of everyone. Everyone was afraid to go on a mission.

However, duty called on June 1st.

After Prof Oak helped swap some moves, Mewtwo held a new item--a Zora Breather--in his hand. "This item, made by Oak, will let someone breathe in water. Who wants it?"

All wanted it. Wolfman chose to head a contest of a sort that Mewtwo found irritating...but it solved the problem. Sword Blade received the item.

Sword Blade and the rest of the crew--Panzer, Aribar, Canadian Yosheh, Game Guru, Klumsy, Positron, Kevin, & Coop (who joined in late) into Pipe Land. The mission was to release the water from clogged pipes...and SB had to do it from within the pipe system. While both groups had their own battles to fight, they eventually reached pipes with stuff clogged in the openings. The land lubber group faced Bowser, who somehow gained a Max Up item. SB went against a huge octopus that could generate electricity around itself. Both groups won, though Kevin was knocked out (no life was lost, though) and SB nearly lost a life. The water started moving into the clogged pipe underwater, and SB was pulled into it...he appeared at the top area with the others.

While that was going on, a new person, Sky High, wanted to join, but Mewtwo was too busy to initiate.

Everyone got their awards, which was followed by SIX Questers who wanted to swap moves. Prof Oak had to use a Raichu to power up the Move Swappers...and the Questers didn't like that one bit.

The next day, Sky High managed to get initiated...just in time. A group of ten flying foes were coming into a Melee match in progress: DK vs Samus. The group consisted of Para Power-Goombas, Para-Troopas, and creatures the Smash Dex called Alpha Metroids. Only one life was lost during the debacle (Klumsy with stone attack into the lava), but they were held off. Lakitu chose to announce the six as the winners of the impromtu fight.

After everyone got their reward, Mewtwo started to piece some miscellaneous information together about how Pokeys appeared in Hyrule and how Metroids and Koopa Troops got to work together. Apparently, the enemies have found a way to use blue-purplish warps to travel groups across realms. Link, who came in at that time, recognized them, and confirmed for Positron that the one who fought against various enemies in various realms was Captain N, or Kevin for short. Mewtwo said at that point that he was currently organizing teams of Melee Fighters to scout the areas, with some groups possibly allowing the Questers.

To quote Link, "This mission is probably bigger for any one of us alone."