Super Smash Quest - Story - Season 1 Plot Summary

We start off with a vague introduction. Mario has it all; but now Master Hand is taunting him with a new tournament, where Bowser of all people is a star. Mario sets off to begin his battle with this dinosaur, thusly.

The plumber eventually found his way to the Stadium by following a map. Along the way he passed up a 'reformed Koopa' (most likely Klumsy) and then signed up for the Stadium, which was run by Wolfman. He beat the people of the Adventures tournament, and became champion; but Ganondorf signed up and beat Mario in turn. Things continued with more fighters joining in, including Mewtwo (a founder of this Stadium) and so, for a while, everyone was entertained by these people fighting in the Stadium.

Then, in the month of "April 2002", the moves of these fighters were put onto various machines. Not all the fighters liked it. Some in particular chose to leave the Stadium, and instead attack it. For some reason, even having some of the fighters fight the bad guys displeased Wolfman. He felt the fans would be bored by this; but Professor Oak came to the rescue, for after the 'move upload incident' he had put the moves onto a special device--the fighter remote.

Wolfman then instantly agreed to find some fans to upload moves onto, so these fans could defend the Stadium. So they found some volunteers: Klumsy Koopa, Canadian Yosheh, Panzer, Demon, and Coop/Lemmy. The "Good Koopa", a weird Yoshi, a tiger-reploid, a gargoyle-like being, and yet more Koopas respectively. These guys all agreed to "clear the Stadium of its foes" and were given their moves--copies of those uploaded moves. Wolfman then said that the Super Smash Quest had begun.

A new quester, Swordblade, joined in the "25th of May 2002", but his training was interrupted. The Questers went on their first mission there, where they cleared a Mushroom Kingdom Transport road, SMB1 style. Later that night, a training session involving flying Goombas occurred, and then Klumsy beat DK in a match, while after that, a new Quester, Positron, joined.

After that Bowser and Ganondorf showed up--and revealed that THEY had been behind the attacks! The Questers then went to Giant Land to fight them--and they beat up a Super Giant Ganondorf in the process.

Memorial day came upon the Stadium, and Wolfman spoke all about the holiday. Mewtwo suggested he get revenge, and then forced him to stay at the Stadium so he could do just that. Kiddy Kong, a person from the Smash Stadium (Wolfman's previous occupation he had fled in favor of managing this "Melee" Stadium) came and made a ruckus, though Wolfman managed to make him see the meaning of unity. Panzer, on the other hand, did not believe in this and was sent on a punishment mission. To the Zelda world Panzer went, killing evil Stalfos. Swordblade and Klumsy aided her and the warring factions of Stalfos and Octoroks were settled in the town of Saria.

Bahamut, the leader of the Maverick Hunters in another dimension, then joined the Quest, while Positron and Klumsy defeated the Mario Bros. in a team match.

Then, a bizarre crisis occurred--without a thing called a "website", on "May 27th 2002", the Stadium would be doomed and unable to get new Questers. To solve this... they needed to make pasta. So a bunch of Questers made pasta and it was taken to "Mario's Pasta Place." Yoshi then demanded yet more food, and the Questers (including the elusive Canadian Yosheh) went to Dry Dry Desert, as the "website" returned on "May 29th 2002". The Questers found some citrus fruit and saved travelers from Poison Pokeys, but then encountered Bowser.

Bowser had a fancy necklace that gave him the moves of other fighters. The Questers beat him anyway, breaking his necklace, which the Questers brought to HQ. There, Game Guru was initiated as a Quester, then Wolfman and the Stadium staff stared as Mario panicked after seeing the necklace.

The next day came, and a new scandal erupted--Mewtwo had initiated a Quester, Xath, without Wolfman's permission. A stadium match involving him flopped due to his amatuerish showing, and so Klumsy whipped him and Game Guru into shape with a training session. Cooper, one of the original Questers, also brought in "Big Kev" and Lord Reid to join the Questers. Though Lord Reid left immediately after a period of "muting."

The new Questers and some old then split into two groups, beat up enemies to get keys (in this "Eagle Dungeon" as Link called it), and then freed a Mew from being imprisoned by Aquamentus. A new Quester named Shauvat also joined.

Another day, Dr. Mario was talking to Mario about the scary necklace sighting. Mario refused to say why it was scary. Then some more Melee Matches occurred, where Mario's fear led him to lose more often than usual. Eventually, a meeting was called. It was about this 'scary necklace' Mario had seen. Wolfman explained that the necklace allowed Bowser to learn Melee Moves... and, shockingly, Mario was afraid because he had faced it before!

Mario had fought against Bowser, but Bowser had used it to have all of Luigi and Mario's moves. Without Toad's Star, Mario would have lost! So it was decided the Questers would have to find and destroy any of these necklaces that weren't broken already; after all, Ludwig Von Koopa had to be behind them, so there'd be more. Professor Oak, on the other hand, would try to adapt them for Quester use.

Everyone was nervous about this necklace. They swapped moves with Professor Oak's help on "June 1st 2002", while another item made by Oak, was raffled off to Swordblade after an 'irritating' contest by Wolfman. Then the Questers went on a mission and cleaned out Pipes in Pipe land. A person named Sky High tried to join, but Mewtwo was busy. Then a bigger move swap occurred using a Raichu to shock people's moves across.

Sky High was initiated the next day, as a new match was going on: DK vs. Samus. There, a bunch of para-goombas flew in, and the Questers had to fight them. Alpha Metroids also attacked. Mewtwo then, after the fight, announced that he'd figured out why monsters kept appearing in the wrong worlds/out of place areas: blue-purplish warps that only Captain N knew about. Apparently, "This mission is bigger than any one of us alone can deal with."

Aribar (a Quester I either missed being initted, or who didn't do much until now) was bored in R&R with Swordblade and Demon. On this "June 3rd 2002", the Questers decided to spar one another; Wolfman added a new twist, allowing them to wager items against one another. Swordblade ultimately won, allowing him to gain more moves. "June 4th 2002" came by and a new item shop opened, which Klumsy wanted to buy items from but couldn't. Aribar fought Sky High so as to gain more coins, but lost miserably to Sky's critical hits.

Then Klumsy and Panzer were bored, and argued so much Klumsy was ejected from the Stadium for foul language. He returned, wondering why he was ejected; Mewtwo told him he had ignored his warning and now he had to fight SkyHigh and Panzer.

On "June 5th 2002", some Smashers went looking for Captain N, while Mewtwo once again told Wolfman to get revenge; this time, against the Super Powers of the Smash Stadium. Wolfman argued with Mewtwo over the Smash Stadium's... problems... but was interrupted by the appearance of Jay Resop.

Jay, the ruler of "Neglected Characters", another dimension about those neglected in favor of Mario (although now outdated due to the lack of such neglect these days) joined the Questers in time to help them with some trouble with Onnett. Jay mocked the problems of Onnett, but Mewtwo set him straight. A Starman Jr. appeared on the scene and was soon convinced the Questers were the true threat--and Jay then dealt the final blow to said Starman. Meanwhile, Mewtwo used his "Mute" spell on more annoying people back at HQ.

The punishment match occurred, and Klumsy was beaten up by repeated abuse of the same move by SkyHigh. Klumsy lost his moves, but Panzer and SkyHigh were booed for being lame fighters, and thus lost coins, while Klumsy gained two new moves. During this, Soursurfer, a new Quester, was initiated. He was the 19th Quester. Aribar then tried to break into people's rooms... and was banished from the Stadium by Mewtwo for being annoying.

G&W hawked his wares, Panzer refused a Smash Dex, and a Quester called Dr. Mario a 'quack' before vanishing from the Stadium. Then right on time, Link called back, saying Simon Belmont of the "N-team" had been kidnapped in Dracula's castle. The Questers broke into this castle and destroyed a massive "600 HP" Cerebus, freeing Simon. And in the process, the person who insulted Dr. Mario decided to get their pay this time.

Simon revealed to the others that Ganondorf had kidnapped him earlier. Then he and the Stadium staff argued over time standards. Simon then spoke of seeing someone else with cards in the castle; Wolfman identified him as Nathan Graves. It was also determined that Ganondorf had awakened Dracula to aid in his evil plans.

Another day, somewhere away, Bowser captured a Kevin using a powerful start-button remote controller. At the Stadium, Simon learned how to attack without using items. Professor Oak made it possible, using a modified Ray gun, the "Move Giver", which he shot Simon with--now Simon had four Melee Moves, that did not use items, and they were all his own. Now also, the Questers could potentially learn these four Castlevania-styled moves.

But then, the lights went out, and Oak had to restore them. When they came up--the Max Ups were gone! ...But a new Quester joined, Devo that is. Then Simon and the new Quester and others fought Ganondorf and Bowser... who had also brainwashed the Hands (Master and Crazy) and also no longer needed necklaces to use other fighters' powers. Positron came in and took out an Onnett Cop controlling the mind-control, and the Hands took out Bowser and Ganondorf.

Then Nodal joined on "June the 11th, 2004." And it was announced that, yes, Simon's moves may become learnable.

On this same day, a warp appeared in the Stadium, sending Swordblade and Nodal to the Dark World. They recovered a pearl and a mirror and fought a spider; then when they got back, Mr. T and a guy named Smasher joined the Questers. The group then investigated a disturbance near the S.S. Anne, only to again wind up in the Dark World and turned into more animals/objects. They then had to fight Ganondorf, Bowser, and Dracula, but somehow won anyway. Panzer, having disliked being turned into a cat during the Dark World portion, was then told she'd be sent to Dr. Mario, and Mewtwo took away everybody's coins earned in the mission.

Simon now joined the Melee Stadium for real, making his moves accessible, while Professor Oak finally figured out the pearl and mirror; they were the Moon Pearl and Magic Mirror, as Link called them. Next up was a fight in Hyrule Temple, with more wagers. Positron, Sky, Sour and Sword vs Samus, Luigi, Yoshi, & a life-like Bowser robot. The Questers won, and two new Questers, Trek & Zenno, joined. Coop on the other hand lost 500 coins and was forced to use a Self Hurter due to breaking rules.

Fox, Falco and Captain Falcon created a new set of 'Convert-a-cars' for the Questers the next day. Three groups of Questers (each being 3 Questers per car) went to Corneria and fought Star Wolf and his team, then next fought Ridley. Devo, Zenno, and Bowler failed miserably and lost many coins, while Panzer and Coop spoke with Dr. Mario. Apparently, "Dr. Right" could supposedly help.

Captain Falcon showed some Questers how to wall jump on the next day. On this day, Digifanatic joined the Questers, while they had to think a while before letting Darken in. (It was a good question as to whether a vampire could be a Quester.)

The Dark World struck yet again, this time in Dream Land. Or at least, someone was trying to use it there. 9 more Questers went in to deal with it, and after causing an avalanche, found King Dedede. Unfortunately King Dedede was too tough for them, and used a controller to freeze the Questers in place. So, 8 of the Questers prayed for help, while Jay made silly jokes. A weird figure in a cape then saved the Questers...

Coop saved the cape, while Mewtwo refused to reward either SkyHigh or Jay for their goofiness. During the post-Dream Land mission night, G&W hawked items at the Questers. Jay also explained to Mewtwo how he had not been a team player, causing Mewtwo to reward him for his honesty. Mr. T and Soursurfer then traded moves, and Swordblade beat up Mr. T in the weird Poke Floats stage.

Darken was finally initiated as a Quester, as was some person named Shane. Then an emergency mission was spoken of... but the Questers were not ready yet. So instead, Mewtwo and Wolfman were to visit this area near enemy territory. Mewtwo left, taking the fighter remote with him for a while, while Wolf prepared and then left, leaving Prof. Oak and Mario to manage the Stadium.

This visit to enemy territory went over badly. Mewtwo was kidnapped, and Wolfman was barely able to tell the Stadium of it over a bad radio.

The next day, Wolfman called in again, and Panzer had to help get the buttons right on the Stadium's radio. Wolf finally explained how he had left to find Dr. Light and how there was going to be a 'Move Stealer' device. Wolfman eventually called back to HQ, and heard there was a new Quester to boot.

Wolfman spoke of how Dr. Light's lab had been deserted. He figured that Light and Megaman had taken shelter, but the others' locations were not known. Worse yet, Mewtwo showed up... speaking strangely. Mewtwo fought Wolfman, and then blocked off part of the place Wolfman was in with one of his fields. Despite being defeated, Mewtwo had managed to divide up the Stadium anyway.

Chaos reigned as Alpha Metroids appeared inside the Stadium's hallways, and two mysterious figures appeared outside the field to jam it. One was Meta Knight. The other was... Wolfman???

Wolfman had managed to escape the field, and the Questers subdued the fake Mewtwo. All was explained, but the Fighter Remote had been damaged by the real Mewtwo dropping it. Meta Knight had also apparently saved the Questers from Dedede earlier.

Jay and Bowler bought Zora breathers the next day. Professor Oak also used the Move Stealer, so that Meta Knight's moves could be used without him being an official fighter. On this July the 2nd, the Melee Fighters and Questers determined Aribar could return to the Stadium.

They also went out on an urgent mission--to battle another appearance of the Dark World in Sky Land. They helped a witch named Maple retrieve Lon Lon eggs, and then fought Dracula and Bowser in the Dark World that had appeared in Sky Land.

The Remote remained damage. Much to Oak's anger, it could only be fixed by a person named Mr. Patch, who was... lost in the Ice Climber's home mountain. Jay helped find a switch in some healing water and soon, with the help of a delicate trap--er, ceremony involving carts--the questers repaired the Fighter Remote. And Panzer punched Mr. Patch.

They brought the Fighter Remote back, and used it to initiate Lynk, showing it worked. On "July 10th 2002" three more Questers joined--Ely, Spikey, and Ark. They and some of the old guys repelled a minor enemy attack by the gates of the Stadium.

Captain Falcon, meanwhile, was trying to just have a decent race, when suddenly, his friends Dr. Steward, Pico, and Samurai Goroh were kidnapped. Wolfman returned to the Stadium on the 21st of July, just in time to hear about Devo leaving. Devo donated his moves to multiple other Questers, then left.

Falcon then came up and told Wolfman about the kidnapping. A redundant message from Bowser to the Stadium confirmed it. Wolfman sent the Questers (with new arrivals Bowler, Green, and Pat) to race in F-zero style with the Convert-a-cars. Bowser screamed when the Questers mercilessly beat his 'huggie' thugs, and then fled through a warp. His day got worse as Kevin the Game Master escaped from his prison.

On "22nd July 2002" more people joined--Sally, Roybert, and Markus. Locos Docos also joined. The Hands were concerned that all these new Questers were somehow making the group as a whole weak, so they challenged the Questers to a battle. To their surprise, the Questers were not weak and easily beat them, Digi leading the charge against them. Sky High failing miserably as usual.

Digi celebrated his victory while Arcalis joined. On the 26th, Metal Man (the person writing this) also joined, leading the Hands to wonder if the Questers would EVER stop increasing in number.

On yet another day, Wolfman sent the Questers to exterminate 'opposition' in the Molesville Mines. There, the Questers found Croco, a heartless crocodile which ate Pat's Michael Jackson CD collection in order to prove that he, Croco, had been evil since 'FIFTY YEARS AGO.' The Questers decided to beat Croco up for that, and soon he was dealt with.

Nightwing then joined the Questers. (Tired of hearing that phrase yet? Prepare for more.) SkyHigh then decided to trade with Metal Man. But he took an aspirin, so the trade fell through on his side. Sky also became sick, forcing him to go with the Questers to Saturn Valley... and get beaten up en route. Dr. Saturn cured Sky after Metal fought some mini-barf with the Questers, and then Sky got his coins taken away by acting dumb... again.

The Move Swappers remained broken due to Sky's aspirin stunt, but in the meantime, Oak created the Melee Backpack to hold extra items for Questers. Klumsy, in the mood for scaring people, bought a Transformer, then turned into ZIO, the dark wizard for his alter-ego.

Phantom popped in again, speaking about "Grim." Then Wolfman announced it was time for Mr. Patch to 'fix' the Move Swappers. The Questers fixed it with another weird ceremony, then SkyHigh got himself killed by trying to destroy Mr. Patch. Dr. Mario revived SkyHigh... but at the cost of his Moon Pearl. So ended July 29th 2002. (Tired of dates yet? :p)

SkyHigh sat in the Sick Bay as the other questers went with an odd Old Man to Master Poo's palace. There, the newly inited Kola got the Hawk Eye. Then the Questers went to a swamp and fought Bowser and Master Barf, with the help of Poo. Poo still doubted the Questers' power, but his match against Klumsy and Zio went bad for him. Zio won, and Poo gave Zio the ability to use Psi Starstorm.

In another Earthbound-themed mission, the Questers gained another member--Kazerb. They also explored an ice land and used a salvaged piece of junk to aid Orange Kid after beating up thugs...

Next up, Coop gained Lemmy via Doubler, and there were now a total of 40 Questers. The Questers then went to save Rap Land--there, they beat Dracula by Rapping at him. After that, Lemmy/Coop managed to summon Iggy--thus, he had thwarted Wolfman's attempt to prevent Coop from summoning Iggy and Lemmy.

The next day, Ganondorf struck yet again, this time taking Pichu hostage. He flew away via Clown Car to Mount Moon. The Questers followed, and fought the evolutionary family of Nidoran, Nidorino, and even an evil Nidoking. They thwarted Ganondorf's evil plan and also apparently restored Max the Pokemon trainer's Nidoking to proper health. All the while, Skyhigh broke his smash dex by stupidly trying to scan Wolfman.

Next, even the annoying Mega Boy joined the Questers, making things even more busy at the Stadium. Soemthing was causing trouble in 'Rose town', or so said Meta Knight, so the Questers went to investigate. They found Bowyer to be the problem, and beat him up in the nearby Forest Maze. Then Geno showed up with Meta Knight, and suggested he'd see the Questers again.

Next, a weird Mavhunt/SSQ combo mission went down, involving metool-Goomba hybrids and Mewtwo being captured. Dr. Wily and Sigma fought the teamed up group alongside our favorite overused villain Bowser. And they turned Mewtwo into some sort of psycho-robot too! Repli-Mewtwo nearly beat everyone down, until of all things, Captain N and Orange Kid used some weird shield breaking device to destroy Mewtwo's unstoppable shield.

Even with Mewtwo down, Dr. Wily, Bowser, and Sigma merged into a huge robot suit and fought the Questers. Then promptly lost, yet again. Mewtwo was recovered and everyone went back home... although Mewtwo did NOT like that experience one bit.

The next day, Zio fought his rival, Alys, via holo rooms. Alys somehow escaped. Mack the Repairman appeared for the first time to fix it, but Lynk, feeling like a jerk, KO'd the poor repairman over an argument.

Then for no reason, Sky's cheap Corinthian leather couch began eating him. Apparently he'd bought it from a gypsy near Dracula's castle. Meanwhile, Mewtwo was upgraded with new armor, for he was somehow still robotized. The Questers then received a new, upgradable move system... which they promptly practiced in a holo-circus, and then against a holographic Giga bowser.

Meanwhile, the dastardly Dracula's evil plan went into effect; using the evil man-eating couch, he transmitted some sort of virus that damaged the move database. Then he also kidnapped Zio. The Questers then went to attack Dracula--but instead of rescuing Zio, Zio attacked them! Klumsy had no choice but to pick Alys as his transformer partner, as Zio was soon killed... seemingly for good. Meanwhile, Wolfman fought evil Gerudo Gypsies, who had apparently been the source of the evil couch. Dracula summoned Adrelemech, but the summoned monster was foiled, and so was his plan.

The next day, the Questers fought Ridley to get Geno back from him. Mack the Repairman aided them by shooting up Ridley with nails. Geno was saved without much trouble. The couch virus was still active, however, and disabled some more abilities. The Questers had to then deal with some weird problem involving the people of Dome City driving. So they went through the Dark World and Light World (one group on each path) and found... a "House Maker" machine. The real problem was discovered--Ganondorf causing pileups. Someone insulted Ganondorf, and so then the Questers had to fight Ganon.

New dome houses were made, however, causing Ganon to inexplicably leave. The Questers then went to HQ and practiced weird DSS card syncing with Nathan Graves. Aribar got a card, then Aribar and Trihan worked together to fight G&W in a spar, and they won. Hyrule's transport roads were then blocked, and the Questers had to investigate... again. This time, however, it was Team Rocket using a machine--the Questers blew it up like everything else.

A big multi-Quester melee match then occurred at the Stadium--and Alys lost her last life, sending her to the Sickbay.

This had caused Alys to doubt her strength; she then, in a show of strength, somehow left the Sick Bay and flew straight up. Straight up... into a UFO of some kind. The Questers slowly chased behind, and ultimately fought through the UFOs hallways of Sligs and Slogs. Along the way, the Questers encountered Abe and Munch, two faces which, thankfully, have not appeared over and over and over again like those other ones I keep having to mention.

After an encounter with lying and truth-telling scottish gargoyles, the Questers fought an entranced Zio... who actually was Dracula in costume. Aribar and Iggy/Lemmy then got revenge on Ganondorf and Bowser, respectively, and then somehow caused the Ed Glukkon-powered UFO to explode. They also found Alys, who had... coincidentally been the reason the UFO exploded, thus showing she was not weak.

The next day, it was peaceful... or not. While initiating the new quester, Setzer, Wolfman was shocked to discover Phantom/Ely, an older Quester, had gone nuts and began shooting innocents in Hyrule. The Questers went to Lon Lon Ranch and blew up Phantom, then confiscated his weapons and buried what remained of him.

Mario then went missing, and all that is known is that the Questers found him after fighting Wendy o'Koopa and Ganondorf.

Next, the Questers aided Roy and Marth in fighting a Wyrm. In the process, Sally decided she would not have a dragon as a pet... to Wolfman's relief.

Finally, things froze solid, as the Questers did nothing. It got worse, as everyone in the Stadium got a cold called the Slytock. Ganondorf, Dracula, Bowser, and... Dr. Wily of all people then attacked. They had apparently destroyed the Questers' ability to use moves with Slytock... and so, despite the Questers' valiant work, these villains were winning!

Alys, in her desperation, hurled a Slasher at Dr. Wily's saucer...

...But all that did was cause it to explode, destroying the entire Stadium!!!