Super Smash Quest - Story - Season 11 Plot Summary

(I ignore the little scenes before sessions like the one in the Eggman's Dimensional Cannon chapter; they make absolutely no sense and have no bearing on anything. Read them for yourself if you wish to be further confused.)

We start out on the Seeker, the Quester ship. King Demon has rejoined the Questers and the group is going from Genetia to a new planet they have been invited to--Ferran. Glyph variously offers to help and harm the Questers. Meanwhile, Julian gives a loan to a shadowy figure named 'Armon.' Armon pledges to start a robotics business with this. Julian also stiffs Ivo Robotnik of a loan; the Eggman threatens him and leaves, assured that his quantum robots are 'the future.' Then Douglas, aka Aetos, shows up, and they warp onto the ship as it finally reaches this place, called Ferran.

They land on the planet and meet the president of Ferran, Douglas Fredericks. Repeatedly, the planet is alluded to being related to Earth, and mentions of many wars and skeletons in closets are made. Fredericks then briefs the Questers--they are to destroy some sniper who tried to assassinate him.

Then to make life arbitrarily worse, Leviathan, one of Glyph's many personalities, tries to kill the president with a bombed book. He was taken away by magically appearing guards. Or was he? A weird man who is revealed to be linked to the mysterious 'Archivists' takes him away and leaves some money. Fredericks warns the Questers of the power of the Archivists. Then...

The Questers are sent to the wrecked bumtown of Halton heights to find this sniper. They find the sniper, but almost side with him instead, after seeing an image of wanton destruction perpetuated by the Ferran government. They turn on the invisi-agents who pop out of thin air and help the man get away, but are quickly turned back to the side of Ferran after horrifying threats of destruction and the Seeker is heavily damaged by Ferran fire.

After being shocked by the revelation that, for no reason whatsoever, Shadow, Rathos Lell, and Tridus landed on Ferran and attacked people, the Questers hear from an irate Metal that the Archivists are the 'ally' and they plan to make Glyph less traitorous. The Questers soon meet the Archivists--an entire courtroom filled with weird people in mono-colored robes. The Archivists contract the Questers to steal some weird digital object from a black market museum--the Questers go to do so.

The Questers encounter trouble as the museum owner is apparently the most heavily armed person ever seen so far. As it turns out, he's willing to sell the object, but 3.5 million coins is beyond the Questers. So he arbitrarily gives them a warp to some bizarre area filled with 'dark guards' and Kuja stuff. Why? Because he wants a new museum piece to replace the 'code' with. The rabbit hole becomes increasingly confusing as down here they find a 'Sir Kuka' who warns them, inexplicably, the world is going to end in a little over a year from the time they meet. To make things more confusing, Sir Kuka arbitrarily pronounces Dragoshi the newest, and last, Kuja fortune teller and gives him a shiny purple crystal which is, improbably, a piece of Kuja's soul.

The Questers eventually obtain the new museum piece--some bizarro journal of Sardis Mongul's. The Questers return to the museum owner, trade their idiocy book for the scroll, then warp back to the Archivists and regain a now-tattooed Glyph.

Continuing the Kuja trend, the Questers next go to a hidden, presumably underground, community of Kuja's... bankers. Apparently this is all that remains of Kuja's empire. The Questers, defying all sane choices, decide to go drink at the Kuja bar. There they improbably meet 'Kuja's last Commander', Slade. Just like all the other 'last of' things with Kuja. Apparently he had a very long-winded going out of business sale--ahem. Anyway, the Questers get a bunch of information about 'Aran' and the end of the world and how the Bankers are insane. They then wander into the bank proper (because even bankers need banks in their own communities, right?) and threaten the teller.

The teller does his best Street Fighter impression, and then fights a lot. But in the end, the Banker loses, as he uses Ark--a summon so powerful, it inexplicably destroyed the entire Kuja Banker settlement. But not before Slade and the Questers warp back to the Seeker, where Slade tells them the improbably indestructible Kuja Bankers will 'just rebuild like nothing happened.'

After that, they go to this 'Dimensional Cannon' copy they've been hearing about. Eggman's cannon, specifically. After futilely fighting the Doc's 'Quantum' robots, the Questers finally spoke with him over the dexes. Here, they heard that Eggman built the cannon to save the world, and that in an alternate timeline, Kuja used his cannon (the original) to save the world. The Questers tell Eggman of the remaining Kuja commander--Eggman comments on how bad that is, then turns off his cannon so as to not prematurely fire it. (Since he fears for its safety.)

While they discuss concerns about how fragile the cannon is, a strange, dark presence appears and begins blowing it up, and coats large portions of the cannon in dark matter. The Questers then must do the obvious: leap into the goo, thus being transported into another dimension, where they do battle with strange beings of darkness named Shadar while walking through a simulation of Charles' past behavior and retrieving a golden hand. ...Did I mention the place is orange and is called 'The orange X-zone'? *HEADSLAM* The Questers then make a bargain with Shadow Aribar: they give him a ring found off of the being of darkness in exchange for the safety of the Dimensional Cannon.

Then they wander further into the Orange X-zone, finding themselves in the ancient 13 Gentleman satellite, where they meet Zio. Zio (falsely) claims he is done 'meddling' and the Questers find a portal back. ...which takes them to Toad Town, so they unnecessarily must fly all the way back to Ferran. Somehow after all of this, the Dimensional Cannon is safe, which is all we care about for now.

Just after that, the Questers return to their ship, the Seeker, only to find out... Eggman fired the cannon shortly after they had left, and apparently made a mess. The Questers push their way inside the now damaged cannon, only to be nearly decapitated by an energy blast from Shadow the Hedgehog. The angry hedgehog crushes a strange stone in his hand and threatens the Questers, only... to just walk up the stairs. Apparently even he had no clue why he was asking the Questers to let him through... when they had no means to stop him with anyway.

The Questers then head up the stairs after he's a safe distance away. There, they are warped through time and see their future selves being obliterated by a malfunctioning console, just like a similar console which zapped Dragoshi earlier. Then they see a behind-the-scenes look of how Kuja's commander, Maxamillian, was destroyed--Garrick fiddling with his control console. They warp to another time disturbance, back when there were several Charleses dancing and Eggman used the Time Stones. It appears to be a clip show of all the old time-breaking moments of the past... the Questers see another time where some 'Demon Stone' goes off due to Quester foolery, as they keep going up the stairs of this confusing allegory, I mean tower, I mean cannon.

At the top, they find Ivo Robotnik inexplicably fighting an energy being. The being disrupts reality hideously. It drives Julian mad and chops Dragoshi in two. Then it is killed. Ivo Robotnik somehow has a clue--he believes this being was caused by hitting whatever was going to disrupt reality. Whatever the heck that means. Then Eggman randomly took out an image of Gerald Robotnik. Then things made sense again.

The thing which attacked was the same chaotic entity which had driven Gerald Robotnik insane. It had attacked Eggman right after he had refused Shadow's request for Gerald's last words. Therefore, Gerald's words were used to activate a powerful robot which fought anti-reality beings and some guy named Kairah was why the Questers had time to come to Eggman's office???

Then the Questers mentioned prismatic crystals, and it was revealed the cannon was made to misfire by whoever sabotoged it so it wouldn't set off the crystals and destroy everything. (Although, this is questionable--the series of non-sequitors we have witnessed so far suggest that it already unhinged the logic of the universe.) Eggman then allowed the Questers to go and get some of these crystals, which the Archivists had asked for at the beginning of the session. Long story short, Demon kicked some of the crystals, the Questers fought a dimension abberation related to Missingno., and the Questers found some bizarre macguffin named a 'reality controller' which had been set to 'corrupt.' The Questers fixed this, then fled before anything else inexplicable and dumb could warp their already tortured sanities.

The Questers, having acquired a taste for the insane, went on for another mission like the past two: The Egg Cannon again! ...Just kidding. I just wanted to hear your horrified screams again. ...They go to 'Triton Manufacturing', a factory which has 'gone dark' like the Egg Cannon. So in other words, prepare for insanity!

The Questers enter the factory--the manager appears and warns them of strange glitch demons. The Questers nod and go into the lower portion of the factory, and fight through varying layers of security. And staticy-water which disintegrates stuff. Because that totally makes sense! They finally warp across and find out what the glitch demon was: ...Rathos Lell. The blue Solarian man made of phazon. He trades with the Questers. He gets the knowledge of where Charles Magellean and Sardis Mongul last were, so he could (ostensibly) kill them. The Questers got in return a vague warning of an unspecified foe and a fetch quest to retrieve a staff in order to stop this foe.

The Questers, improbably pleased at this raw deal, march out as Rathos Lell is once again free. Luckily for us all, we don't see him again. Much.

Next up, the Questers go to Hell. No, I'm not joking. It's a red moon orbiting Turion, though, rather than that one you hear about in DOOM. King Demon likes this location, for obvious reasons. Then the Questers go wandering to find their mission objective: find a device for the Archivists. Because the Archivists may be able to destroy entire planets and threaten horrible destruction, but they can't take the heat of Hell. *rimshot*

The Questers beat up some 899-year-sleeping demon guy, then find their device in another cave, submerged in magma. They finally figure out to use Blade's draconian touch to grab it, only for....

...An inexplicable Team Rocket exec to snatch it out of her fiery, flesh-meltingly hot hands. With no gloves! He then bribes the Questers, and runs away with the device. ...But, as it turns out, it's the wrong device he stole--the Questers find the real one, inexplicably inside a boulder the Exec blew up with his gun before running from Jesse and James. Yeah.

The Questers go back to their ship. Then they realize their next mission: Just as much as the sun rises every day, the Egg Cannon is in trouble again! Now with portals!


...Anyway, the Questers run up the stairs, encounter more trippy portals of Kuja-land, a Kuja guy leaps out and nearly blows them up, blah blah... they find Ivo Robotnik, staring dumbfoundedly at some white portal. He then mutters incoherently that Kuja's ghost warned him not to bring artifacts to the X-zone. WTF? The Questers leap in, then become trapped on neverending, looping stairs. Hm. This seems familiar. Why, it's just like we keep seeing these Egg Cannon missions! ...They exit the portal, and enter another one, the Kuja one. After having a flashback to the time Kuja ruled the world, they run out of it as the Archelago threatens to blow them up with its space ship death rays.

Then they enter one which they have seen before--some weird thing showing how the Fighter Remote was actually partially made by Kuja. Then they see themselves from the past entering it as well, and once again, sanity vanishes as the portal-world meaninglessly destabilizes. After leaving that portal, Ivo makes a comment which is, sadly, too late: that the portals were mostly nonsensical. Except for the one left over.

The Questers enter that one, and get hit by a scythe. They then encounter... ...An evil Cream the Rabbit. Who goes Hyper. Doing what they do best, the Questers spout a bunch of dialogue and get past her. They bust in to what is apparently 'Maester Magellean' or 'Charles' land--a land filled with decapitated children and dead people. Wait, what was that? You said you thought there wasn't anything worse than hell? TOO LATE!

They eventually encounter Maester, who righteously curses out the Questers for entering his realm--apparently, killing people is a lower order of violence than disturbing his need to slaughter young children in his mind. Maester and the Questers and Ivo Robotnik (who inexplicably appears) fight it out for a moment, then Charles cheats them out of the realm, apparently not interested in being potentially defeated.

The Questers return to their ship, where Metal Man uselessly threatens Charles with death. Then as if the past mission never really made an impact on their psyches, the Questers... go shopping. As Professor Oak cooks popcorn with a gun. The Questers enter the shopping district, and are immediately attacked by Salesbots wanting them to buy stuff. Sadly, they do not actually attack these holograms. The group then boringly buys guns, books, 9-balls, processors, grated parmesan, rings, and italian soda equipment.

Then after Glyph, Douglas, and Alexia do some confusing things, the Questers are sent to a lab... to find something so important to the Archivists, they don't even know what it is and don't bother describing it! The Questers, fond of these goose chase missions, appear deep underground, in some ruins. The Questers wander through, and notice all kinds of poisonous chemicals and dangerous lab stuff. They break their way into a vault and find a computer which shows a lot of information about... some failed genetic research project the lab was used for. For no good reason, the Archivists must have wanted this.

The Questers, figuring they're done with the easy mission, go to leave, but some holographic scientist blocks the way, saying they have been contaminated. One botched shatter song by Darkdata later and the lab is simply blown to bits, stopping the hologram (and killing him), and thus the Questers go back to their ship.

But then, something shocking happens! Metal Man bravely announces what we've been seeing all along: "Well, so far as I've seen, this whole Ferran secret stuff seems to have been a bunch of claptrap. We've picked up items, and found some weirdoes obsessed with Kuja. N' thats it." So, with the Ferran mess being safely ignored, the Questers move on to more important things: proving themselves to Master Hand. They go on over to Master Hand's weird octogonal temple...

Master Hand then tells them the truth--all this irrelevant nonsense is so bad that it's not just there. It's actually the work of something hideously strong plotting to kill them all and destroy reality called "The Destroyer". Master Hand then speaks some quasi-useless plot explanations (which were made obsolete by later sessions) but hits on another key thing--that the 'Terrible Trio' of Shadow, Rathos Lell, and Tridus makes no sense. (Not that we've actually seen them in a mission together at this point!)

After this mind-refreshing, sanity-preserving monologue, the Questers go into high gear and fight in a bunch of random challenges. Ironically, the only one to win is Traon, who was a brand new Quester and vanished only a little while after. So much for the Questers actually being capable of... proving their Questerlyness! Although to be honest, it is seen that Master Hand's challenges are no more than cheap, arcade-like attacks made to drain the Questers of cash and lives--winning them is no more a matter of luck as opposed to skill.

They then hear of how Master Hand put a field around his 'realm' to protect it, but it backfired, preventing him from futher helping the Questers. And the device to go around it? ...In the Archivist's hands. *Headslam* The Questers go to diplomatically wrench it out of the filthy book-holding hands of the Archivists. But the Archivists don't believe anything they hear. So the Questers got the help of Skyhigh and E. Gadd instead. They then went back to their HQ, only to be ambushed by a shadow monster--apparently the monster WANTED them to go back to their HQ, and had used Sky High to trick them into coming there. But thankfully, Professor Oak saves the day and defeats the creature. And as if that wasn't good enough, mere images of the creature blowing stuff up frightening the Archivists into giving the Questers the device.

Metal Man, Dr. Light and Professor Oak improve the device to better break the 'barrier' into this secret world of Master Hand's. Once inside, the Questers fight a bunch of traps and 'Corrupted Men' (who are, apparently, related to The Void) as well as build a massive bridge out of furniture to get to the final objective: some man who is in control of the area. His name is Leyron, and along with never being seen again, he is fought, then he turns around and actually gets helped by the Questers--because, apparently, on the other side of the gate he controls is something WORSE than the Destroyer. The Questers naturally help him, then warp back home, where Oak lectured them about how the Mobians and Lizardmen were plagued by this super-being in the ancient past.

Next, Metal continued the theme of this 'unstoppable corruption' chasing the Questers and then asks them to fetch remnants of 'Wolfman's legacy' to combat the taint which threatens to destroy them all. The Questers went to HQ on Nintendus, thusly, and then after persuading a holographic Wolfman to let them in, they fought an array of holographic Smashers and some other glitch being. They eventually earned some strange, never-again used gloves and an offer to use Toad Town Taxi from Wolfman. Max the pokemon trainer showed up to challenge the Questers too, but the Questers turned it down.

The Questers seemingly transitioned to Nintendus from this point on; they now went to Atlantis to find out the source of a disturbance. Only to then run out of the magic space-ship city when something strange took pot shots at them. Then they were told to go back inside, for their foe was in there--the Questers did so, but not before the city launched into space. The Questers got to the heart of the city, where their old foe, Zio, who had lied about not fighting them, was. Now Zio wanted the quickest route out of the dimension, but instead he got a fight. Zio eventually lost patience, and then Atlantis exploded. The Questers fled and...

Meanwhile, Garrick wandered to the temple of time and stuck his sword into the pedestal. After a strange encounter with The Void, he wound up in the time before time--when the Quester Hunter invasion had finished, long ago. After seeing some wacky old characters and talking to a young Dahl, he bought a transformer, thus unhinging the timeline. Julian's bank was gone, and Mack had taken Wario's bank instead. The next day, the man-eating couch ate Dragoshi, and then The Void confused Dragoshi with meaningless gibberish. Some plan by The Void, apparently...

The Questers would soon discover the couch to be broken just a bit later. Alexia's shirt was also damaged. Thus they had to go to Kakariko town--for some fraudster was in possession of Stadium money that wasn't his. The Questers found the man--Dr. Archellago, creator of the Archelago ship seen in the past. Meanwhile, another group of Questers hurled the old Man-eating couch into Mt. Doom--I mean Death Mountain. The Questers and Archellago had a back-and-forth battle of wits, in which the Questers got sold a bunch of cursed shirts, and Archellago fled. After a battle with a hypno-couch (also one of Dr. Archellago's tricks) the Questers bought an affordable one and went back to HQ.

Of course, the ghosts in Alexia's shirt remained a problem--they escaped and began haunting Toad Town, complete with explosions. The Questers venture into the haunted house at the center and... instead of a boss battle, the ghost tells them to destroy some weird gem. By going to the fiery depths of Death Mountain. Metal Man shook his head at this and offered a more sane mission--findign materials to power some miraculous 'Atomsmasher' Ivan Robotnik was making. The Questers chose that instead and went to the icy south pole, where a smashed up magitek factory and other useful ruins lay.

The Questers first smoothly wandered into a broken Space Pirate facility and got some uranium rods. Then they went to the Kuja one--uh-oh. They encountered some guy in magitek armor--Dr. Archellago! He demanded they leave 'his' Magitek alone. After being frustrated by a long fight, though, Archellago hurled some Magitek to the Questers and then fled. Finally, the Questers went to 'Heaven', the much cooler, nicer moon of Turion. The blue moon had plenty of materials, and so the Questers got the rest of the ore they wanted.

The evil crystal--actually a phylactery--was destroyed as a result, freeing the ghost mentioned earlier. Then the Questers got word of some 'contact' who would help them--so they went to check it out. A warp to the Magnetic wastes at night later, they heard from a mystery man how Charles had broken a computer and that this 'Destroyer' fellow had corrupted reality, such that reality and fiction had blurred. Thus the confusing missions mentioned earlier. He then mentioned how Charles had been acting 'in concert' with The Destroyer and helping to mess up reality. (Which, as we saw earlier with the dead children mission... isn't far from the truth.)

The Questers finally flew out there. As it turned out, the power of a 'Portal Cannon' overpowered the barrier to Charles' realm. The vast army Charles had inside was none too pleased, with his Ganondorf clone appearing to intercept. Garrick's ship blew the army behind the Ganondorf to bits, and... The Void appeared to destroy the fake Ganondorf. It appeared Phantom was incorrect--Charles' actions did create chaos, but The Void... much preferred him dead. The void and the Questers flew to the site of the hideous massacre; The Void pronounced this mind-rendingly insane scene 'fake' and then undid the death, healing the planet as well.

Cream from earlier wasn't too pleased about this; she went Hyper and Trance, and tried to destroy The Void. The Void took all her attacks with aplomb, then violently destroyed her and the fake city of Solarians with orbital Armageddon. The Questers flew on and then encountered the main man--Maester Magellean. The Lunarian summoned pyreflies and fought with powerful magic spells, but in the end, was blown up by so many things at once (including one of his own failed spells) that to this day, no one knows what killed him.

With that, Charles' world was destroyed and the Questers returned to base; Phantom vanished, after revealing his last punishment was to destroy Charles before he could 'move on.' Then the Questers moved on to their next mission: Dr. Archellago had finally been found... hiding out in Charles' old bases in the so-called 'light side' of Nintendus. After some problematic exploration of a trapped airport terminal, the Questers found a 13 gentleman android in a rectangular building. The android parroted the whole 'world going to end, everything is a lie' theme.

The Questers continued exploring and found Charles' old tower; at the top was Archellago, who resisted offers of combat by showing them how his patented reality stabilizer (TM) was the only thing keeping the world from going insane. Worse yet, it was slowly failing, so the Questers gave Archellago most of their money and went off to see other things.

The machine had other strange effects--it broke up the 'Terrible Trio', and their strange breakup in turn revealed they had been hanging out around some Solarian base on AMrs. The Questers went in to clean up the mess, and... inside the base, they found Rathos Lell! *BLAMBLAMBLAMBLAM* He was killed mid-sentence by a flurry of chaos spears. Not that he had anything worthwhile to say--he planned to kill the Questers anyway. Then Shadow fought the Questers, claiming they were as chaotic and evil as Lell.

A few moments of arguing later, however, the Questers stopped fighting Shadow. They then thought of who was to blame for destroying the original Dimensional Cannon--Garrick accepted blame, calling himself 'the tool.' Thus, ironically, that little flashback about Garrick overloading the circuits WAS useful. Shadow shook his head, realizing the Questers had been manipulated and ran off to destroy Tridus, the 'other' Solarian.

The Questers went to leave, only to encounter... Tridus. But as Tridus threatened them with doom, Shadow appeared again, further tying up some loose ends. Charles, the man who had been corrupted to madness, had been fated to bring balance to this universe--his failure is part of what caused the madness. Shadow now had the white emerald though, and using it he saw that Solarians were fake. So, with him and the Questers concentrating together.... Tridus and the Solarian base vanished altogether, neatly finishing the mission.

Next mission, the Questers were told of a disturbance in the desert via Archellago on a TV. After some minor insanity with Alexia trying to break into rooms to get some Wolfos pelt, the group went out to the disturbance and found out after some prodding it was an old Smithy base. Not only that, but it was in a time warp, as the Questers saw Sardis Mongul, Gerald Robotnik, and Dr. Wily. These three had, in the past, found the X-zone. They found a recording, which indicated Sardis Mongul's world died much like the Questers could potentially die from--interdimensional chaos. Next, they saw how it all ended--Smithy decided to take out the scientists with the new X-zone device, so they wouldn't get in his way. Dr. Wily laughed and warped to another time, while the other two's fates were more mysterious...

The Questers reached the top, where an unknown being of chaos summoned the power of the X-zone device again. The Questers just as quickly ran over and turned it off. Then the mysterious chaos threatened the Questers some more, only for E Li Three to land! E Li Three confused the Questers with hints about The Destroyer, then vanished.

Back at HQ, Alexia continued to go mad with trying to get into Julian's room. Then Wolfman called the Questers to do a mission--apparently, the water had stopped flowing in Water Land's main fortress, and so the Questers were sent to investigate. They investigated it all right, pulling switches, dodging Cheep-Cheeps, and being eaten by Boss Bass inside the fortress. They eventually encountered a vast horde of foes: 3 Boom-booms and Bowser Jr. The Questers, outnumbered, fought to the death, grabbing the ? when one of the Boom-booms died and just barely causing the triumphant music and explosion to fix the piping problem. Then they all died and were sent back to HQ.

Then... ....The Dimensional cannon again? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO--oh wait. Now it's finally falling apart. The Questers go over to check it out, and fight those jerkoff policemen from earlier. Only they're all nega-policemen now. The Questers blow up the policeman, then go through traps such as a washing machine-style spinning room, and a giant boulder. The Questers made it up to the top, where Eggman was busy fighting Nega-Koopas. Another big beatdown went on, and after the battle, it was revealed one of the Koopas was Fred, the evil Hammer Brother who had haunted Charles with the Overkill 3000.

The Questers finally pierced the inner sanctum of this cursed heck-tower, only to find more of the same; Eggman's plans to save the world ala Kuja, robot plans, an evil face... wait, what? The evil face morphed into the Destroyer and blew up Eggman, revealing Eggman was nothing more than a bunch of bolts and nuts. The Questers ran away then, as the blasted Dimensional Cannon which has been annoying us all finally died a grisly, explosive death.

After that, Alexia acted insane some more as the Questers were sent to a recently appearing Green Hill Zone to check out an energy disturbance. The Questers went in after the disturbance, as Alexia demanded the hide or else she was going to quit the Questers and ostensibly die. Julian rejected this insane offer as the Questers smashed up stuff in Green Hill Zone. They eventually found the source of the disturbance--a super-powered, nega-Eggrobo who had more weapons than Dr. Wily, and a laser gun powerful enough to blow up the moon. Meanwhile, Alexia was captured and stuck inside one of Dr. Mario's containment devices.

Continuing their adventure, the Questers wandered into a little temple underneath the zone. There, an allegorical adventure took the Questers into a horrific future world--one where Julian owned the moon, Alexia made her own empire over the whole hide incident, and Aetos revived Charles' empire ambitions. Eventually the Questers found the controller of this place--some weirdo who told the Questers how the temple was tied to the appearance of The Destroyer and the same stuff about how the Destroyer was tied to the nonsensical scenes earlier. (As if we hadn't had that hammered into our heads enough.) After a quiz he gave the Questers a key to a huge room, which showed the prophecy surrounding the Destroyer.

The mural showed us more of what we've seen. Of course, the Questers didn't have the nice wide perspective we have here, so... basically it said beings emerged which created various artifacts of power. Then The Destroyer and those who hated order rose against them. Images of many Questers and all who aided The Destroyer... no! The Void! Appeared on the wall. Then an elderly Echidna appeared to further explain.

This chaos had ripped apart Sonic's world, causing the creation of characters like Cream and co. The Questers were but one of many other people who had been effected--and no realm prior to this one had survived The Void's wrath. Then, an actual, new revelation--the thought that all the problems were interdimensional was, itself, revealed to be wrong! (So much for the Dimensional Cannon.)

Alas, the last part of the mural was missing; the Questers were then tasked with finding the great Sealer, known as Master Hand. Since nobody knew where he was, the Echidna recommended they find Knuckles, who was most likely on the Floating Island. Glyph tried to confuse the issue, but, the Questers had had enough of his confusion. Using Wolfman's super chocolate milk, they destroyed Glyph's alternate personalities and bizarre stupor powers.

Although the alternate personalities returned next log, much to our dismay. Not to be bothered by that, the Questers instead fought to make Alexia stop being crazy. All they got was Mewtwo prodding her into mentioning she thought the cursed fur had a person trapped inside it... they went out to find where the Floating Island was. The last person in the computer records to know was the old Trevor hologram, so the Questers quickly went over to ask Trevor where it was.

Trevor vaguely mentioned the Floating Island, while imitating a drunken Elizabethan poet. It was bad enough he lived in an old tower like Charles' in the 'Light Side', but then his computers said Genetia suddenly exploded. The Void wasn't playing around anymore, apparently, as he had also blown up a massive cave linked to other nonsense alluded to in the cutscenes I ignored from this season. The Questers now obtained a disk with the exact coordinates of Angel Island, and none too soon: as the Questers left, The Void blew up Trevor AND the tower.

The Questers then got into the REDITS, an ancient ship from eons ago which Yurie had pronounced useless. They then flew onto Angel Island, ran through a bunch of zones, found Knuckles, and then were attacked by a giant The Void, who was only defeated by crashing the Ice Cap zone into its face. Knuckles eventually recognized Master Hand as 'The Sealer' and said he was in a tower somewhere. The Questers then asked about the missing Mural part--and Knuckles revealed it had been destroyed by The Void.

The Questers then left back to the REDITS, where Metal Man revealed what we all have been wishing for all this time: The sucktactular planet of Ferran had exploded. By the Archivists threatening The Void with their unstoppable power, no less. Apparently a giant black hole ate their planet for that idiocy.

As if we needed to know it any more, Metal Man then brought up to the Questers that 'Genetia had exploded.' Apparently it took a while to actually disintegrate. With that harbinger of the apocalypse, Dave, a normally extremely pricey shop salesman, decided to have a sales with prices so low, even the incredibly wealthy Questers could afford his items! Upon reaching Dave, they heard the news that Mack had left, ostensibly trying to escape the destruction. The Questers then upgraded all their weaponry, and Glyph was annoying. Again.

Then the Questers heard yet again that Genetia had exploded, and that reality was reeaaallly starting to die. Desperate for help, thusly, the Questers went to that same tower they had visited before, where Dr. Archellago was waiting. They hoped the Sealer, Master Hand, would be there. Instead, Dr. Archellago was there, and he was feeling doomed. His impression seemed to be overkill, until a patch of Nintendus which had been indirectly hidden by The Void's machinations underneath the tower exploded out... taking out the control device with it. Archellago then rushed to... a runway and a ship, for he said it was time for his backup plan.

Wolfman bit Archel in the leg--Archel shook his head, explaining how he would need to see many Void attacks before he could beat The Void. Then when that logic failed, he threatened Wolfman with his nigh-indestructible space ship. Glyph aided Dr. Archellago by mimicking Alexia and knocking Wolf free; Archel leaped onto his ship. Glyph babbled, as the Questers turned against Archellago. Archellago realized Glyph had been behind it... and potentially behind many other things... as well as having been a traitor to the Questers. To show he was really on the Questers' side, he...

...Blasted Glyph off the tower into parts unknown, causing him to never be seen again (presumed dead.) He then snapped out of his want to kill the Questers--but it was too late. He vanished, and his ship became another generic Glitch Enemy. The voices of past enemies taunted the Questers as the ship loomed, indestructible. But then... Sonic's Uncle Chuck appeared and warned them that that ship, too, was imaginary. With a little disinterest shown to it, The Void's ship lost all power and vanished. Uncle Chuck then told the Questers of the Smash Emblems and how, with them and the Sealer's advice, they would destroy The Void, potentially. Uncle Chuck also confirmed the Sealer was the Master Hand--somehow, he had seen the mural before it was broken.

Uncle Chuck led the Questers to the tower of the Sealer--which was in their HQ all along. Master Hand was reminded of the emblems and then gave the location of the first one: Tin Tower in Johto. They quickly shuffled over there, encountering a Name Rater and going up the wrong tower for a moment, before they wandered through the burnt out basement of the proper tower. There, they passed by Red and then fought a super-powered Doopliss who was using Aribar's form and the Smash Emblem. After a long battle, they eventually got Doopliss to part with the emblem.

The next one was in Dreamland, kept under guard by Meta Knight. After some minecart antics, the Questers found Meta Knight, whom then challenged one of them to a duel of honor. Dragoshi succeeded at showing his honor, and so, he earned the emblem, while Meta Knight grumbled about how he had been tricked by Charles. He then revealed the Halberd and flew away.

Next, the Questers went to the Kakariko graveyard, and with Dampe's help, found a temple deep beneath which held the Smash Emblem. After going past various Zelda 2 elements and fighting Dark Link.

Next, Turion finally exploded, as the sky became orange. The group wandered through Mario's old stomping grounds and into Bowser's first real castle. There they found Bowser... GIGA Bowser. Bowser was eventually fought to completion--he chucked his emblem at them and left.

Next, the Questers were treated to some high theatrics, as Mewtwo said good bye and the Questers left to see Master Hand with a giant space elevator--the other Smashers waved goodbye as well. Then, as Master Hand congratulated them on finding the Smash Emblems...

...The Void appeared to crash the party. Master Hand spoke of Nintendus' infinite possibilities being hidden by The Void then. Then before the Questers could fight The Void... ...he summoned Zio, and took the Smash Emblems! Zio gained the power of all four of the Emblems... and blew away Julian with a single attack. The battle commenced, and then things took a turn for the worst as Zio brutally tortured Garrick with dark energy. Garrick eventually turned it around though, and in the end, a crazy 'Final Smash' combo lasered Zio into oblivion.

After some congratulations from Master and Crazy Hand, and the emblems being regathered, the Questers began to ascend. At the top, then, suddenly the world went dark, and an enormous, hideous The Void lowered into view. He told the Questers of how they had betrayed infinite victory by following his lies for infinite death, and then, furious at Aetos, he sent Aetos' keyblade flying into his heart and... ...unmade Aetos from existence with his sheer power.

Then the final battle began, as the Questers and The Void struggled over who would rule the universe. The battle was long, with a short pause where The Void played dead, only to get up, KO Master Hand as he was congratulating the Questers, blow up the credits, and, as a final screwball, annihilated Nintendus. He then summoned the ghostly images of his past allies and got down for another battle.

The phantoms used their respective attacks, before eventually being beaten into submission. They all exploded, except for the one of Dark Aribar, which fled to safety. The battle continued, as The Void ripped up the classic SSB Final Destination they had been fighting on and summoned the Glitch Stadium. He then partially merged with the portal of death he was continually trying to suck everything into and used the original hatred of Bowser, Ganondorf, and co. to continue going. The Questers brutally beat him up once again. He fell, ripped from the portal.

...Then he went to stand up yet again. But the Smash Emblems disintegrated yet again when he tried to use them... ..and so did he. The image of Kuja appeared, and then informed the Questers of the destruction of all the people mentioned early to have been destroyed, and how their infinite world had been annihilated, leaving the original one. Then, a portal back to 'home' appeared... and Darkdata and Alexia entered them, vanishing to their home worlds forever.

Aribar returned then, as Julian n' co. prepared to start up some sort of Band thing in Fourside. The Questers went back to HQ, and the world was at peace.

But sadly, that would not last.