Super Smash Quest - Story - Season 2 Plot Summary

Following the aftermath of the previous Season, the Stadium (and the Questers) (and the staff) are all thoroughly destroyed. Wolfman was also gone, his incompetence having caused him to de-transform and become VG again. VG... the Toad. The talking mushroom man helped dig out the basement, while Mewtwo helped set up a 'magical' move system. The Questers were then given new powers, for their old ones had been utterly destroyed.

Sky trained against a Dojo Master while some other Questers saved a Mushroom Kingdom supermarket from the 'Goomba Gang', then they found a radio, which led them towards Bowser. They beat up Bowser with their new 'magical' Melee Moves, and leveled up. Whatever that means.

VG pined for home, then trouble occurred in Wilmington, North Carolina. The Questers went there and stopped Dracula from tampering with history by attacking him with Convert-A-Cars. They then stole a Dodge Viper and drove into the portal back home.

During the reconstruction of the Stadium, Metal Man had found Klumsy's will on a disc, and used the disc to find out where Klumsy's tomb was. He also got a key... then, on the fateful day it was needed, he was asleep in his room, so Star Steel broke into the room and stole the key, and then the others went with him to Klumsy's tomb, where they found a hologram of Klumsy. They were given challenges by Klumsy, and a man named Xan Belmont helped them--at least until it was unveiled that Xan Belmon... was Zio, back from the dead! DUN DUN DUNNN.

Simon (with his hideous hair) and Alys and some Questers fought Zio, but found him too powerful; Klumsy's security system dealt with him instead. After a confusing exchange over a trick question, the Questers beat an evil hologram Rick Moranis in order to get Klumsy's inheritance.

Another abnormal day began, and in this day, inexperienced or dusty Questers wound up failing to help Tiff much in her quest to rescue her brother, Tuff, from the clutches of King Dedede. Instead, Questers repeatedly bumbled about, causing Mewtwo to give no rewards out for that mission.

Zio returned to his 'Master', Dracula, and informed him of the failue at the Holo Tomb. Dracula in turn told him that they had an ace in the hole--the Questers had foolishly kept the Sword of Darkness, and it would soon return to the hands of Zio and Dracula, for the Questers would refuse to use the evil, soul-corrupting blade. And just by happenstance, Max the pokemon trainer's Zubat had been spying on them, so the Zubat returned and told Max of it. Max then told Skyhigh, who then idiotically grabbed the Sword of Darkness. Cue people tossing the mind-controlling sword around like a hot potato until Alys ended the madness by locking it inside three safes.

Mewtwo and Zelda and Young Link concluded the Dark Sword had to be destroyed by hurling it into Death Mountain. Mewtwo decided to get his vengeance on those who had bungled the mission with Tiff by sending those Questers to their fiery deaths inside the mountain. To his surprise, Skyhigh and Metal volunteered for this mission as well. In any case, the questers killed spiders, then entered the volcano, where Skyhigh killed himself three times by senselessly leaping into magma after a useless dropped stone block. Shortly after that, the Questers got delivered some tunics courtesy of Star Steel, then shopped at a shop owned by gorons who spoke like the moles from Redwall.

Sky got himself ejected AGAIN for trying to kill Metal Man over being poked in the visor, then the Questers rolled the safes deep inside the mountain. There, they saw... Dagon, who was Zio's underling, and part of the newly formed Quester Hunters. Dagon taunted them, then dropped them into a pit with Abe and Munch; there they found Octoroks on Crack and other evil things in a mysterious subterranean sewer ('d that get beneath the mountain???).

Metal Man found the Sword of Light, Aribar caused a Mukodon's head to explode by telling it to locate itself, and the group then eventually found and fought Dagon. Dagon fought with draconic transformation powers, the Sword of Darkness (he stole it somehow), and finally, taunting the Questers so much, even Zio turned on and killed him. Magma was insufficient to destroy the Sword of Darkness, too, and Zio wound up getting a hold of it instead. Still, the Questers had... 'succeeded'... and were rewarded.

Then the Questers helped find Candy Kong; they fought Kremlings and K.Rool and eventually rescued her, after a bunch of Dark World shenanigans.

Next, Aribar had to fight Mewtwo, er, Marley (Max's pokemon) for misbehaving. He lost, horribly, but then a vampire appeared and beat up Marley for 'ruining his plan.' Objecting to this illegal beating, Mewtwo, Metal Man, and Kinnin appeared to fight this vampire named 'Meier Link.' The vampire proved tough, but he ran away, trying to instead have minions steal Star Steel and Aribar's unconsious bodies. That failed, too. The Questers later challenged Max to a PROPER fight... and lost to his Lugia, Ghagael. Failure all around!

Santa Claus visited the Stadium, but Tempest the Elf figured out he was actually Dr. Wily. Dr. Wily fled, while his 'present' was apparently to cause the Stadium security to go haywire... again. One group struggled through the trapped Stadium, while another went to the North Pole and fought... Jesse and James of Team Rocket. The Questers at HQ shut down the security system, only for Meier Link to attack; they fought him off, though. Eventually the evil was defeated, and the real Santa Claus gave the Questers various rewards.

The Questers had to "wait 30 more minutes" than usual, but then went off to a mission on POP-97, where they encountered Omega Pirates, parasites, and evil laser helmets. Needless to say, they blew up the evil Space Pirate Frigate there, and then with Samus' help, got back.

The next day, something fishy was up. The Questers were struggling with Klumsy's Holo tomb... and Klumsy claimed that they were fake. But as Wolfman (who had just managed to re-transform to that form due to a new transformer) said... it was the Questers who came earlier who were fakes! More chaos happened, as the fake Aribar caused the Questers to be imprisoned for stealing stones they didn't take. The fake Aribar also impersonated the Zora King, so they would be convicted. But with the help of a Zora named Tuna, the Questers broke free and eventually got their vengeance on the mastermind behind the plot--Meier Link. They dunked Meier Link into the water many times, and this melted him into bones. However, Meier Link finally turned Aribar into a vampire, causing Aribar to have to be locked into a healing chamber to repair his curse.

More mayhem happened in China, as Boggy B. had died and Ammonster, another worm, wanted back into his home away from Napalm. The Questers fought two more item-combiner monsters in succession (having fought another in Zora's domain) before then having to turn into Worms themselves and defeat a team of evil SSS SP-worms as well as 'The Buffalo of Lies', an evil god of the Worms. They then escaped to HQ when the Buffalo of Lies tried to take them down with an Indian Nuclear Test; their mission was successful.

A new mission was begun--the Quester Hunters had infiltrated Kakariko Village with vampires. The recently released, still-vampiric (but no longer evil) Aribar had to tackle the task all on his own, due to the threat of the other vampires making MORE Questers into vampires. Aribar took to this mission with panache, clawing apart Stalfos and other threats, before then rejecting an offer by 'Kraigan' the vampire for him to join them. He also repulsed a pathetic attempt to control his mind by 'Marcus' the vampire. Kakariko was saved... but Aribar's future remained in question.

Mewtwo and Alys made new weapons; Tempest then summoned a creature named Minsc and another named Pinach by reading from a book. Pinach set up a shop rivalling G&W's own, this one selling weapons. There was trouble in Mushroom Way, and the Questers responded, bringing their weapons with them. They beat up Hammer Bros and saved Peach, then went to Mushroom Town (...most likely related to Toad town) and crunched some Shysters and Mack. The Mushroom Chancellor congratulated them, and Grandma Toadstool inadvertantly made everyone fall asleep with her jigglypuff.

(Trivia note: That was the first, and last, session made using 'Paltalk'; Wolfman's high-pitched speech of the boingy Shysters haunts me to this day.)

Mewtwo and Luigi told the Questers they needed Flying Beetles for no reason; the Questers obliged, but they also had Locos as their leader. Mayhem ensued as they sloppily fought Tektites and Ghost Metroids on the way to Monstro Town; there they also fought Belome, the evil clone-making people-eating dog. They then hit Sky Land, where... they found a fake Skyhigh, who died of self-suffocation. Finally, they met Zio... who was pretty much unstoppable, and even immolated himself to show how he was invincible. Kraigan/Kraegan took Zio away, however, as Zio was too weak to continue fighting after that. The Questers got their Beetles... not that they would ever use them.

Alys was troubled, for Zio had revealed he was indestructible as long as she lived. This drove Alys into a furious rage, and she left to deal with it by herself. With shades of her past rampage in mind, Mewtwo called upon the others to save her yet again. Worse yet, she had gone to Termina... and in there was the Quester Hunter HQ. After a weird detour to Australia (where the Questers, once again, dunked Meier Link to death), they reached Termina. The Questers then broke into Quester Hunter HQ and found the evil Big Room; nothing much was there, however.

What they DID find, however, was Rupture Farms; the evil factory had been rebuilt on this spot. The Questers went through its worst spots, only to encounter a strange ghost, who mysteriously gave them various powered up weapons. Another one, the ghost of Auron, gave them the ability to use Trance later on. The Questers then fought some of their rivals in a maze, using Trance to even the odds. Wolfman fought off Zio using the Sword of Darkness as well.

Zio, weakened, continued to fight, while threatening to summon the 'ultimate evil'; obviously this was too much for the Questers to bear, and they beat him senseless. He was kicked into the portal, still invincible; but Alys made sure to deal with that. She leaped into the portal, and, at the cost of her own life, destroyed Zio, and channeled the energy of the portal AGAINST Quester Hunter HQ, permanently destroying the place and rendering the organization dead.

But... the threat was not over. Deeply hidden to the side of the base, was an outpost... filled with cameras. Within it was Kuja; the ghost who had helped them earlier.

Kuja revealed that he had been watching the Questers all this time. He needed a way to revive himself, after having messed up his attempt to take control of his home world. The Questers used Trance, which in turn revived him; and now that he was back, he was going to take over the world. The Questers objected...

The Questers died. Almost all of them were wiped out; Wolfman fled, and a desperate battle between the staff of the Stadium and Kuja only just barely sealed the evil supervillain away. In any case, the Stadium was damaged, and Wolfman/VG was deemed too injured to lead.

So a new generation arose, with Metal Man as leader; the unlikely new leader was chosen mostly because the other choice was killed by Rupture Farms. The new leader learned via holo simulations; and then, much later, the Questers reformed.

The new Generation began their tenure by, once again, fighting Bowser. Bowser had kidnapped the Mario Bros and Peach, and used a Scarecrow-wand to turn his victims into Scarecrows. However, the new generation made short work of him, and freed the Mario Bros and Peach. All was good... until a giant sword SLAMMED into the area, knocking everyone all over the place. The Questers then went to HQ, and heard a horrible revelation: Smithy, the Iron Conqueror, had returned, with his massive sword Exor. His plan: to once again enslave the Mushroom Kingdom with his horrible army of machines. In the confusion, a new Quester, Sora, the Keyblade master, also joined.

After a weird day involving Pat warping to the present via a weird cube and an idiot named Hydro saying lies about a fake school he went to, the Questers awoke the next day to a couch ringing. A couch... no. THE Couch. Somehow, the legendary Transylvanian Couch had found its way back... and had a phone in it. After a struggle to get the phone out, Aribar answered it; Smithy was on the other side. And for some crazy reason, he claimed Metal Man was his spy.

It was, however, incorrect. Skyhigh was Smithy's spy, and Metal Man incorrectly reasoned that Smithy had somehow programmed him to spy on the Questers eons ago. (Metal Man in general was out of his mind this session.) Skyhigh fought the new Questers, but after being beaten up by Pat and Razor, his true face was revealed--Brad Pitt's, with red hair??? Skyhigh was imprisoned, only for him to escape. In the end, Aribar was corrupted by a weird dark cube of Oak's, until Razor got it back from him, and Sora remained a bit confused as to all this mayhem going on.

The next day brought more bad news: Mario, Toad, Peach, and Yoshi had been kidnapped. The Questers complained about this repetitious event, and got a new member--Yurie, the skilled swordswoman. The group went out and fought practically half of Smithy's forces (Axem Rangers, Mack, mutated Shyguys) only to discover it was a trap--the four were not missing at all, but on vacation! Instead, Smithy was bent on destroying them with some weird super-machines; the questers warped, but got stuck and wound up in a weird factory, before they eventually got back to HQ.

Next, the Questers--and the stupid recruit Hydro--were sent to explore a valley. They found gophers in cannons, metal koopa troopas and shadow heartless. Hydro also found a chest--one with cartoony eyes, that sent him into the X-zone--where he was never heard from again. The Questers then found MORE Heartless with clanking helmets and weirdness... obviously, it was not just Smithy who had evil troops here. At the end of the platformy trek, the Questers got a horrible migraine from an Unknown being warning them against beating Smithy, and giving them visions of Digi screaming 'Yellow Submarine.'

After that, the Questers got their 'new' awards via the new awards system, and Donez appeared, causing his huge name to be spammed mercilessly. Donez and Pat joined the Questers for a new mission--a holomission, made by Metal Man. The mission took place in a bizarre, almost mall-like building situated in a desert. Inside, the Questers fought illogical guards and weird traps, as well as one another. (They got very annoyed during the early portion of the mission.) The Questers eventually found a Dr. Robotnik hologram, but something went terribly wrong.

While insulting him, they caused him to glitch out, then call himself 'Bob, Lord of Electric Death.' A massive multi-Quester attack was required to kill him, though the glitches would never fully be expunged...

The Questers shopped, then fooled around at HQ before then beginning an arena battle, with Aribar winning against Gibby on the Great Fox stage in Corneria. Then Mewtwo deployed the Questers to Hyrule to deal with Ganondorf's soldiers. Instead, they encountered Phantom (the former Quester!) who was, apparently, on Smithy's side, just like Skyhigh. Phantom repeatedly avoided death and fought hard, but in the end, a forged letter from Smithy by Locos sent him packing.

A large transport had landed nearby, and the Questers seemed to be doomed to be destroyed by an army of robots... until the robots invited them in to talk. There, was Dr. Robotnik speaking on a comm screen, who was 'protecting' the Hylians from Ganondorf with his little invasion. He went to say more, but was interrupted by one of Smithy's laser satellites blowing up his stuff. The group then went back to HQ... where Locos reported his progress to Smithy behind everyone's backs!

While fooling around, Yurie and Locos stumbled on a box named 'Compartment X' beneath the arena; it contained broken necklaces and images of Wolfman's family. Also, half of a tape, and three robots. All pretty much irrelevant to anyone except Metal Man, who didn't know exactly what it was for, either. Then the Questers went out to free the Gerudo Valley from Ganondorf's clutches; after fighting a nearly endless supply of skeletons, armor, and other evil things, they fought Four Ganondorfs... then Ganenod, some sort of weird multi-armed Ganon-style abomination. After all that, they released the Four Sword from Ganondorf's hands, and thus, the valley was saved.

Next, Aribar beat up Locos in a melee match, then Locos became annoyed by this and contacted Smithy about Ganondorf's ill deeds. Smithy dismissed Ganondorf as 'deluded', and then the Questers got together for another holomission, this one made by Aribar. The Questers fought Drow, floating towers with guns on them, and a super-powered Mage with a Wand of Wonder named Orlando Florida. Somehow, Metal Man came into possession of the Wand of Wonder, despite it being a virtual item!

Next... the Air Conditioner in HQ broke, and the Questers had to fix it. Inside of it, they found a bunch of weird beings called 'Gobbu' who had been put there by Robotnik. The things also were to gas the HQ with Slytock. The Questers went to break it up, but had to fight a possessed Meta Knight first. They also had to fight Locos' evil relative, Lumis Dongthar. With that annoyance down, the Questers pressed a magic button, and suddenly, the air conditioner was no longer cursed by a miniature city with a force field and shrinking field around it.

Next, in a series of incredibly improbable events, penguins flew in holo rooms, warping the Questers to Klumsy's Holo Tomb. There, Klumsy explained how "a Mouse" had helped him out and given him a Keyblade, and then he sent three Questers (Garrick, Metal, and Razor) to fight the Bronze Challenge of the Holo Tomb. On the side, Locos made up a bunch of BS and lost a life and some other stuff. The trio beat up the normal assortment of Goombas, then fought Zidane; Metal's neat trick cost Zidane his life, and the Questers won. Then they wandered into another door and got a lecture on how the raincoat heartless were the scariest of them all, from a weird blonde haired kid.

Word that isn't 'Next', the Questers had to take down a satellite dish Smithy was using to control his operations (and some satellites) with. They sneaked around, disabled various machines, solved puzzles, and then took down some weird cyborg super-machine named Ninestein that was controlling the area. Their mission was a relatively clean success.

And then, Ganondorf struck again, this time hitting Termina. However, all was not right; he had built an immense icy temple there, and imprisoned the 7 sages in strange containers. He had also lost his mind and become corroded by the Heartless, leading to the Questers having to grab the sages and run; the sages thanked them, while the obvious question of what to do about Ganondorf remained unanswered.

On their next adventure, the Questers got transforming mecha named MTAs; these craft helped them fly into space to fight one of Smithy's Satellites personally. The Questers beat up Team Star Wolf, then broke in and beat up Magikoopa, some freak named Matek, and then... an entire army of former Questers who had turned evil! They then heavily damaged the space station and fled, leaving Smithy with one less superweapon.

Next, a weird side-tangent about prophetic curtains led Locos and the Questers to the 'Metal Temple', where a direly needed weapon for the future was stored. The proprietor, E Li Three, challenged the Questers to some evil challenges of his own. After buttons, priests, exploding glass things, and bananas... only a few Questers survived, and got their items back, plus Metal Points. (Points which would NEVER be redeemed.) Pat also made the fatal mistake of stealing Yurie's sword, and was explodinated.

Next, a new fighter challenged the Questers. This fighter, Metal Sonic, trashed Razor without much difficulty. He did, however, reward Razor with a new move, just for trying.

Then Alucard approached the Questers, asking for help with a little problem--Dracula had returned, but was using new technology to make his minions more powerful. The Questers eagerly entered the castle, then fought with traps, found a helpful priest named Luthiel to join their side, and then the Questers fought a huge cybernetic bat monster. The mission finished with Dracula's minions near the Marble Gallery biting the dust, and the Questers learning that Dr. Wily's machines had been assisting the monsters with technology!

Bad news came and the Questers had to deal with a crashed satellite, the one they had shot up earlier. It had landed in Hyrule Field, and had... aliens? The Questers blew away some evil reploids aboard, then also blew up a warping device; but they were too slow, as SA-X2 warped in; the evil Samus doppelganger was too much for them. They fled to another part of the satellite, while Locos ran away from the whole spectacle. There, on the bridge of this satellite, was two Phantom Reploid clones, both up to no good. The Questers fled from THEM too, using an old MTA Sora had left on this satellite before it had crashed. They then blew up the satellite... ...but at the same time, accidentally blew up a big chunk of Hyrule Field and Hyrule Castle!

After that disaster, Professor Oak stole a cube Aribar had obtained from Skyhigh, which had a value of a trillion coins. Locos then drank some of Oak's conveniently accessible non-child-safe lethal poison, and suddenly lost his mind. The Questers had to chase Professor Oak into the mountains, and then into the Dark World. Oak left the Questers in the dust after making a trillion coins off the cube; the Questers then wandered through and destroyed part of a strange Dark World Tower infested with Dark Links.

The Questers got outside the cave and the Dark World, only for Locos to turn traitor on them, kill one of them, heal them, then sic the Axem Rangers on them... even though the Axem Rangers had been blown up before, much earlier. Robotnik's ship then found the Questers and Locos, prompting both to flee from his slew of Eggrobos.

The Questers chased after Locos; Locos took some of them prisoner. The other Questers broke them free, and also killed a surprising ally of Locos--Tridus. Although the ex-Quester warped out rather than perma-dying, Locos wasn't having it. He summoned robotic Fallen Questers, then merged them into a super machine, then--was interrupted by his super-machine, ZETA, slicing half of the ship off and sinking to its doom. The Questers then fled while Locos cursed them for being Bounty Hunters.

The next mission involved a suicide mission: Infiltrate the right 'Eye' of a giant flying 'Face Base' which, in general, was over-armed. The Questers suffered heavily as they struggled to just fly to the dread base, before they encountered Robotnik's Eggrobos and computers. Further in the base, they blew up the Eye's controls, then... Robotnik killed one of Razor's lives with a Quad Arwing before fleeing.

Then, out of the blue, Metal Man claims the entire Quest so far has been a Reality TV show. The Questers freak out, then Wolfman shows to try and calm them down. Before he then freaks out, goes Maverick, and is warped away. Metal Man then says some lies about being a spy for Smithy and paying the Questers for being on camera. What he neglects to say is that most of the money goes towards him and he obviously paid off the bad guys who claimed that it had been this way all along. But the Questers were none the wiser, leading to them going on a new mission: More suicidal Face Base battling, take two.

The Questers got far into the bowels of the floating head-base. There, they found none other than Metal Razor, who they blew up. then they found Robotnik, who they beat up. Then Robotnik attacked them with the 'Master Egg', and they ran for their lives. All was doomed, until... Smithy made things even worse by using a secret doomsday device to annihilate Robotnik utterly. The Questers fled the black hole, and regrouped. Now the Questers were thoroughly shaken up.

The Questers needed a bigger weapon to destroy Smithy, so they aided Metal in getting the Deathmachine, after a series of (stupid) arguments with its guardian, E Li Three. After Yurie lied and promised E Li Three he would rule the world, Metal Man got the Deathmachine. A mysterious Shadow then gave Yurie 'Pandora's box' and tempted her with power, but she turned that down.

The Questers finally broke into Exor, then realized the computer atop the stairs within did nothing. Smithy then burst out of the computer and fought the Questers with hundreds of cubes, though he was no match for them. Thus the doomsday weapon... ...continued? Smithy tried to hijack the weapon to destroy the world; the only way to stop him was to sacrifice oneself to the X-zone, the mysterious zone where the device controlling this madness lay.

Yurie heroically flew into the portal, then found Metal Sonic, the Master Emerald, and some machine running the show. Metal Sonic showed himself to be possessed by Smithy, and quite powerful. But Yurie blew the Emerald up and ripped a hole in the space-time continuum, releasing her and Metal Sonic.

Metal Sonic had no problem with this, though. He had plans to destroy the world and remake it in his image. He went to do so, and was unstoppable; even the Deathmachine couldn't defeat him. All was doomed... until Oak killed him via a pseudo-cube bazooka. Of course, to be fair, Oak let Aribar hold the bazooka, for it had cost him his trillion coin cube. The world was now saved... and a dorky 'Mount Questmore' eyesore was carved into the nearby mountains, existing to horrify future generations of the Questers.