Super Smash Quest - Story - Season 3 Plot Summary

The Season begins in a weird note, as Charles recoups his forces from the destruction in Season 2. As he makes a truce with Metal Sonic, Yurie and Razor come to the conclusion they want to see what happened with Yurie's home planet, Saga. Smithy apparently controlled that planet once, until recently. Of course Metal Man's only ship is "thousands of years old" and cannot get there... yet. Oak works on the ship while reports come in of Charles attacking E Li Three for no reason.

Charles visited the Questers to tell them how he was no longer their enemies, then a distress call came in about people studying some ancient ruins getting attacked. The Questers were on the case, and warped into the weird tower-like ruins. They blew up the Master Chief wannabes that called themselves "Quester Hunters" for no reason, then got to the bottom where a man in cryogenic sleep summon a hologram. The hologram claimed that there were Questers eons ago and that those Master Chief wannabes were their enemies. And that a strange being of darkness was "changing the gravity in the atmosphere", that Metal Sonic had to be defeated, and that all evil had to be defeated to remove the X-zone for good. Oh, and there were ancient Questers who had a flying Mobile Melee Stadium, too... and more nonsense!

Oh, and he randomly noted that the ruins were named Ordoth, and handed out weird special abilities and weapons to the Questers like they were candy...

The Questers, naturally, went to explore the ruins yet again. They found a bunch of cryo-containers, which revealed more Master Chief clones and a mysterious voice that declared the Questers would "be killed just like the original ones were"--meaning those ancient Questers that supposedly predated the current ones. The Questers had to run away because there were just too many Master Chiefs to kill all at once. Also, as a hologram told the Questers, these Quester Hunters could destroy buildings with a single shot and were unstoppable except if the ultra-evil Shadow Temple was unsealed and dealt with. Ahuh.

The hologram, named Shaun Tenor, Teron, or whatever the heck I wanted to call him at the moment, then invited the group to explore other ruins while he held off the Quester Hunters. Of course, said ruins were filled with Metal Sonic and Smithy forces, making them less than ideal to explore. He noted he would pay them richly for a "Master Data Disk." So naturally the Questers went through the ruins, killing a vast collection of robots before finding a sealed Meier Link... and confronting him.

Meier Link trapped them in the room and went to suck their blood, but then the ghost of Denon appeared and threw a gold brick at his head. Denon and Meier then began bickering, with Meier incredulous that Denon was a ghost. The Questers fled, then found a weird "Revive Machine" on a higher floor--thus discovering how Meier Link had been revived since the Quester Hunters had left a video of them using it to revive him behind.

Then, while fighting a trash mob, the Questers somehow caused Bob, Lord of Electric Death to pop up, then blew up the revive machine... Bob noted he could only exist one day at a time, warned the Questers of the Quester Hunters taking over the world, then exploded. The Questers wandered around aimlessly, encountered Panzer, found a machine with all the major machine villains' names on it, found the Master Disk Shaun wanted, then warped out blah blah blah blah that chapter SUCKED.

Sadly, the ruins of Stupid Things came back yet again, this time yet more of them were found and were the only way to destroy the incoming army of unstoppable super-Master Chiefs. This particular part of the ruins was shaped like a funhouse and existed mostly to spin people and make them play hangman and other weird things. Like saying Zeeky Boogy Doog to make things explode. Questers being trapped in orbs due to betting everything at a roulette wheel. Pink ninjas attacking with cherry trees. Bathrooms with pink water and demonic soap in them. Metal Man being used as a Pachinko ball in a gigantic pachinko machine. This went on for entirely too long... then...

Digi rejoined the Questers, then the group FINALLY made it to the end of the maze, finding an 8 foot tall freak who was responsible for all that madness the group encountered earlier. The Doorman introduced him as one of the Thirteen Gentleman, a servant of Denon. Apparently Denon was the leader of the 1000 unstoppable Master Chiefs and the Thirteen Gentlemen, and this had all been an elaborate attempt to kill the Questers. The Questers responded by killing the Doorman and looting his corpse.

The next session, Aribar had a hawk familiar named Suru. I'm mentioning that because it's probably more interesting than what happened next. The group assembled in the Bcg Room, where Mewtwo said paradoxical nonsense about how splitting up the enemy would only be accomplished by forcing them together, and how the Quester Hunters had an invincible space ship. Mewtwo then sent the Questers on a suicide mission--fight the entire QH force with a bunch of humanoid mechas, the MTAs from the last Season. Team Star Fox came in to assist the group in this insane endeavor. The group split up, allowing a strange MTA piloted by "Violet" to attack and beat up the Questers.

Razor beat up Violet, revealing that "Violet" was actually Alys, who had been in the Quester Hunter satellite when it went down, had been brainwashed, and now was free again after being one of the Thirteen Gentlemen. She noted that everything seemed... off.. about this current present, then after telling Locos and Digi to stop being MORONS she led everyone to the holo tomb to try and get some technology... though the Questers found nothing of use in the tomb and returned home, disappointed.

The Questers then got a distress call. Wolfman's brother, Shawn, had crashed somewhere--he had come from a galaxy far into the future. The Questers rode in their MTAs to visit him, but got chased by Metal Sonic's troops on their way--Metal Sonic had a base on a mountain they had to fly over. The group finally made it to the Magnetic Wastes, an area filled with aurora borealis and fields that interfered with electronics. The Questers quickly found the crashed ship, only to find Ruvyn in it. Ruvyn reminded everybody that he was a Fallen Quester, then tried to kill Aribar and Deloth with his sword, Cala. As well as the Sword of Darkness. And Falcon Kick. And whatever ELSE random nonsense he could use.

Ruvyn was defeated, but the Sword of Darkness then began talking to Aribar, who casually accepted its bargain and let it take over his soul. The darkened Aribar then pretended he had "purified" the sword, while a no-longer evil Ruvyn decided to help the Questers. (He'd been trapped under the sword's spell until Aribar saved him...) The group found Shawn and his Green Buster sword-wielding self, but then were attacked by a helicopter piloted by Denon himself! And Denon had a real silver sword! ...and Denon screamed like an idiot when he discovered Ruvyn had been purified. Denon used the Full Power Slash (a quick slashing attack) with his "Silver Finisher" sword, only to be defeated by a Sword of Darkness empowered Terrorbolt.

Shawn, Ruvyn, Aribar and Deloth went to walk back when they found Knuckles. Knuckles heard about how Metal Sonic and Robotnik were on the loose, and noted it was very bad--that the Master Emerald had been manipulating time itself. Then he, like everyone else, asked for a lift out of the Magnetic Wastes. The group SOMEHOW fit into the MTAs and got back home. But the Sword of Darkness continued to corrupt Aribar, making him try to cook Gibby like a meatloaf. However, it turned out the Sword of Light was there--in frying pan form! And it spoke to Gibby, with post it notes! (Note to self: Stop drinking draino when making plot.) A weird series of attempts to confuse the Questers followed, with Denon even pretending to be Mewtwo once, just to try and make the Questers think the Sword of Darkness was actually the Sword of Light. They all failed, though, so Aribar ultimately had to use the sword's magical powers to flee... though he ran into trouble, so the sword sent Bowser and Ganondorf in to fight the Questers on top of all this.

Though apparently it had mind controlled them too, as they had no clue what had happened after the sword and Aribar finally escaped. Aribar and the sword appeared in Robotnik's dark world base, where they discussed the Sword of Light-Pan. Robotnik had a hearty laugh, then acted upon Aribar's advice and invaded the Kokiri village with his Eggrobos...

Back in Locos-town, Locos' generals and Meta Knight held a war conference. They noted the previous events, plus an odd one in which the Fallen Questers lost Toad Town to Ganondorf, and then Ganondorf handed Toad Town back to the Toads. And that Bowser was an undercover Quester Hunter. Locos sent Meta Knight to take Death Mountain Crater, and Ricky (his Koopa second in command) to go find the Gray emerald. Meta Knight handily took over the crater. Locos, meanwhile, found Grape Garden and began work on some sort of project there. At least until Aribar and Robotnik attacked the spot with their own machines. Aribar and Locos then fought one another for the spot. Then, Star Fox appeared and attacked both sides at once!

Locos summoned so much more dakka he basically broke reality, while Garrick flew in to assist Star Fox. Locos magically blew them all away with a gigantic cheapo fan though, allowing him to keep the Grapefruit garden. Locos explained his "plan" to Garrick, which was to build a decoy in Grapefruit Garden, then attack the whole other side of Nintendus while everyone was attacking his decoy. Mewtwo then said the Questers would deal with this.

Weeks later, the 1000 Master Chiefs marching towards Quester HQ and Locos taking over the world were conveniently forgotten, and then Quester HQ began shaking from distant explosions. Apparently Denon and his army of rejects had allied with Metal Sonic and Robotnik, and was now called Apocalypse Group. They were now invading Toad Town. Because somehow they had forgotten their original plan to destroy Quester HQ.

This new alliance of evil included Eldorado (weirdo with a gold mask), SA-X2 (where did the 2 come from?), Denon (stupid as ever), Robotnik (he planned to steal the world from the others after they took over the world), Metal Sonic (he just appears all the time without any real goal), Meier Link (oddly, the only one who has any real backstory behind being there due to the earlier stuff mentioned), and most likely more. This group fought with Star Fox, because... Star Fox! Naturally! They have to always be in every mission!

Then they also told Locos to join them or die. Locos responded by once again calling himself Charles Magellean, spilling some soda, and declaring war on them. The Questers, including the still corrupted Aribar, went to Toad Town 2 to save it from Apocalypse Group. Charles scanned the Archelago (the flagship of the Apocalypse Group) and said there were chaos emeralds on it and he wanted to inspect them. The Apocalypse group said there were no emeralds. And thus, another illogical scene went nowhere.

The Questers then went into the city proper, got out of their mechs, and killed random trash mobs. They also killed one of the Master Chief clones, which were now known as "Quest Hunters", for absolutely no reason. Why their magical railguns of death didn't just kill everyone remains a plot hole that was never solved.

The danger of plot continuity is then avoided as suddenly the focus is on Garrick and Charles discussing stuff at a blacksmith in Saffron City. ...There are blacksmiths in Saffron City, a pokemon town??? The Blacksmith went to work fixing weapons, then gave Garrick a random key and told him to open a room in the Stadium. Garrick returned to HQ to do this, and to get his Z-buster fixed by Oak. Then Mewtwo made plans to help stop the Apocalypse Group invasion... only to be interrupted by a crazy person sending a comms message! Apparently a master ball would defeat the Apocalypse Group... which made no sense at all.

Mewtwo illogically got mad at the mention of the "ball made to capture ME!" and then just as quickly forgot about it. He let Garrick go investigate the mystery key in the janitor's closet, where a secret button and some weird coffin-like box was. Garrick decided he had to remember that place, then randomly decided to join the Questers back in Toad Town 2, using his MTA to fly there. Oh, and he brought back the treasure, which had a note in it saying how it was Mack the Repairman's treasure... and how he wanted it back.

Of course upon reaching the War Zone, Garrick was greeted by Metal Sonic, who magically detected the treasure and demanded to know what kind of fool Garrick was. Garrick and the wounded Questers then met up and started fighting Metal Sonic. The Questers eventually beat Metal Sonic, causing him to flee. He met up with Aribar, and then explained that Garrick's weird coffin was the "Lost Treasure of Ilodia", which was a weird evil king who had buried his treasure under the sea. Whatever.

Meanwhile, Apocalypse Group had effective control of Toad Town 2, and Denon gave a rousing speech about it. Only to be interrupted by a ghost that told him not to disturb the graves of his fore-founders! Denon dismissed this, then made plans to take over the cursed Toad Town 3--but Robotnik rejected this idea, believing the town to be cursed and haunted by Smithy's ghosts and old soldiers.. Exasperated, Denon decided to blow up Toad Town 3 instead.

But Aribar and the Sword of Darkness decided they would take it over instead! So Aribar took Jeff Maxwell's MTA and flew there, abandoning the Archelago. He landed there, and spoke with the two Phantom clones that guarded the ruins. Together, they reactivated Smithy's... destroyed head, which then called up Charles and called him Traitor about 30 times.

Charles reacted by feigning loyalty to Smithy, then launching his own plot--invading the Wing Fortress. An overly elaborate series of events began in which a decoy attack distracted one part of the ship while Charles led the real one. Ruvyn popped in just as Robotnik came to attack Charles. It was mecha vs. Mecha... as Ruvyn denied he had an emerald, only for Robotnik to shove him out a window and steal his emerald anyway. Robotnik fought Charles, only to find he was outnumbered, then he began running away. Next up, Charles wandered through the sinking Wing Fortress, only to enounter... Eldorado. Who swore he would rule Nintendus. And then used the Fighter Remote to... remote control Locos. Locos was nearly made to serve this evil wannabe villain, only for Robotnik to crash the party and Locos to punch Eldorado. Eldorado cursed them both with his hatred, then vanished into thin air after erasing his name from Charles' memory.

A final battle began, in which Robotnik lasered Charles to near-unconsciousness with his Wing Fortress laser. Then... Sonic smashed in, and came to save the day. Metal Sonic smashed in, however, and attacked Sonic. Sonic eventually decided to attack Robotnik instead; then Metal Sonic tried to finish off Locos, but a Phantom Clone then saved Locos. Locos then made the confusion perfect by booting Robotnik to the skull. The battle continued, and Robotnik was defeated, while Metal Sonic leapt out a window to flee and the Wing Fortress was about to crash.

Phantom II managed to take the Wing Fortress all the way to Smithy's base. There, they met up with the Evil Aribar, who was masquerading as Jeff Maxwell (at least as far as the machines were concerned) and who was working with Smithy to continue his plans. A series of convoluted events occurred, in which Smithy copied the white emerald and gave the real one to Charles, then took the Wing Fortress for himself, while Charles sent his minions to continue their work at Grape Garden. Meta Knight made an offhand comment about some "Great Evil" being why... the Apocalypse group was losing? What?

Then, Metal Man appeared out of nowhere to confront BOTH Aribar and Charles! He said that if the Sword of Light was unified with the Sword of Darkness, that peace and equality would rule, and that he, not Gibby, commanded the sword of Light. So much for the frying pan. Then Metal warned Aribar and Locos that there was a fourth person in the world that represented destruction/chaos. (With Metal being light, Locos being order, and Aribar being evil.) Aribar struck first and tried to kill Metal... but Metal and Locos turned the tables and combined forces to damage the sword of Darkness and beat up Aribar.

Smithy then came out of the racket, realized Aribar was a fake, then... demanded he take the Sword of Darkness. Then the Sword of Darkness tried to kill Aribar, and failed, then the Sword of Darkness... summoned Yurie and Eldorado for no reason! Eldorado was introduced as the "True" master of the Quester Hunters (as opposed to Denon) and then started fighting on behalf of the Sword of Darkness. Smithy, without hearing the previous conversation, then noted that Eldorado was the previously hinted at "Master of Destruction" out to kill everybody!

Smithy and Locos ran away, while Phantom clones I and II fought Yurie by combining into "Phantom 3", only to then be destroyed when Yurie attacked him. It then turned into a sword named Sirius. Which had biblical prophecies about Jerusalem written on it and no explanation as to why that was on Nintendus. Whaaaaaaaat?!

Then meanwhile, Eldorado and Aribar spoke and Eldorado revealed he was actually Wolfman and not evil. WHAAAAAAT!?

Wolfman's evil plan was to show that the Maverick Virus, Slytock, that reality TV show thing and all were fake and he was going to kill all the outsiders in SSQ's world to restore it to the "old days." Forgetting that if Slytock was fake, then... much of the current world of SSQ was probably a lie too...

But that didn't matter! Wolfman had to open the Shadow Temple and either get the help of or destroy Irata, the master of Wolfman! Irata came from Wolfman's... home planet too... whatever that is... and Wolfman was out to destroy the Quester Hunters... and... I don't even know anymore.

Aribar went to flee this ominous plan to evilly save the world, only to encounter Zio! Zio then noted that Aribar had warped Wolfman to the X-zone with him, and that Aribar was now the evilest person ever. Zio fixed the sword of Darkness, gave it the ability to mutate people with the D-cell virus, then explained that Metal Man had a weird sword linked to the frying pan, and that the frying pan was the true Sword of Light. And Wolfman had made it this way to ensure Metal could not stop him. Aribar then warped out so as to begin his evil plans... and get very far away from the insanity.

Aribar warped back to Quester HQ, where Yurie, Soursurfer and Alys met him as well as Metal. Alys threatened to destroy Aribar with the chaos emerald she had. This was overshadowed by Metal Man nonchalantly noting that touching the sword of Light to the Sword of Darkness would cause a massive nuclear explosion. Metal decided to hurl a couch at Aribar afterwards when Aribar dared him to test his theory. Aribar tried to attack with D-cell monsters, then Alys killed all of them with a chaos emerald powered slasher attack.

Aribar continued by trying to set off the reaction, but the Sword of Light-pan noted that Aribar had been lied to. Then Gibby beat Aribar senseless with the frying pan until Aribar was warped away by Zio.

Charles, meanwhile, decided his next move would be to fight the Quester Hunters/Apocalypse group at Toad Town 2 some more. They and their... 15? Metal Sonics.

Next up, was a standard tournament with Questers. It had a first match with Yurie and Soursurfer vs. Digi and Gibby. After a long battle... Yurie won it by herself, so she wound up fighting Metal Man, the "Champion", by herself. Metal Man was no match for her, even when he tried to power up, and so Yurie won the tournament.

Next up, Locos visited the palace of the Heavens... and found an evil reflection that was Wolfman and spoke gibberish. He ignored it and instead befriended Doopliss, who was hanging out there and fuming about how he had been beaten by Mario. Locos also befriended a Boolossus. Then Doopliss, nicknamed Lehi by Locos, ran off to go and copy Aribar. Locos had made the mistake of mentioning him around Doopliss.

Doopliss hit up Aribar, stole his form, got Melee moves, then beat up Aribar on top of that. He stole the name of the King of Truland, Erwin, then warped back to Locos. He discussed his plans to destroy the Quester Hunters and the Questers... but he was not strong enough yet, so he trained at a holo room at Locos' tower. *Training montage*

Meanwhile, Yurie still wanted to go to her home world. Smithy was no longer ruling it and all, so why not? Sanity did not last long though, as Garrick returned the chest to Mack. Mack revealed the magical morphing bucket in it and also that he had backup fighter remotes. Illogically Locos had a camera and saw all of this, so tha Doopliss could know to go and steal himself some melee moves. Metal Sonic then also attacked, in the name of the "Master System." Oh, goodie, I had missed this insanity--NOT.

But then, Erwin/Doopliss warped in and beat up all the Metal Sonics. Yes. The first one, then the 4 replacements. He beat them all up! With his melee moves, no less. Then he stole the backup fighter remote! Then... he came back to Quester HQ, and Locos said how he and Doopliss were going to aid the Questers in defeating the Quester Hunters, and Erwin gave the remote back... WTF?

Back on a slightly more sane note, Yurie figured out how to warp to her home world, Saga. That whole part with the REDITS apparently had been forgotten. The group entered a green door and... off they went. They warped to Koorong, a city full of people... and at least so far, no insanity. Just some exploration of a bar and wandering around, hearing people say things. The group gravited to the bar, where they then encountered Roufas, the Lord of Bullets... and Trinity, the group which had taken control of Saga now that Smithy was gone. Roufas and Liza, the Lord of Fists, noted they could help Metal and the Questers with their... massive problem involving hordes of enemies all over Nintendus. However, in order to truly get their help, the Questers would have to collect the cards from all 12 Lords, and Roufas and Liza would only help them find those other Lords for the time being, reserving any serious help for after all the cards were collected.

The group then orderly went on a Region ship to go meet Lord Blue Gabrialis and earn his card. Garrick noted that before he left he saw a holo room had been forced open by some clawed being, but nobody seemed to care. They were on Saga, the only place in this season where continuity actually existed.

Meanwhile on INSANITYLAND, Aribar and Locos' armies fought one another. Then Erwin flew out and started beating up Aribar, as he usually does. Locos decided to give Aribar one more chance, so he warped himself and Aribar up into the clouds, to settle the matter more directly. Aribar ignored Locos' attempts at diplomacy and went to try and kill him with the Sword of Darkness. Then Metal Sonic walked in and noted Angel Island and its Hidden Palace was right below the two fighters, and how he would steal their armies and take over the world after killing them both. Metal Sonic morphed into a huge winged monster as Erwin/Doopliss warped in to save the two from Metal Sonic. Of course then... Locos convinced Metal Sonic not to serve "The Master", but "The Master" forced him to continue attacking anyway. Huh?

Locos and Erwin warped away while Metal Sonic was confused, and so did Aribar. Aribar met up with Zio in the X-Zone. Zio briefed Aribar of the new plan to gather all the artifacts, then reset the world in the image of pure evil, while also telling Aribar to avoid Robotnik, Smithy, Shadow, Tingle, and Mack the Repairman. Wolfman appeared again, noting that perhaps Aribar was being tricked--but Aribar didn't care. He'd unlock the Shadow Temple as Smithy said. And he felt Wolfman being trapped in the X-Zone forever was a suitable punishment for the lies he'd spread earlier.

Aribar went to steal the emerald from Locos' tower, but failed. Then he encountered Tingle and Metal Sonic. Tingle tried to take the sword of Darkness, but Metal Sonic idly warped himself and Aribar back to the Kokiri forest, ending that bizarre confrontation.

Back on Saga, the group landed in the Magic Kingdom and visited Blue. But Lord Blue insisted they get the cards, er, tarots of Time and Space before he would help him. The Questers bravely accepted the challenge and went after the Space Tarot. There, they navigated the harsh lands of happy children, marshmallows and rainbows as Metal Man screamed in terror at the sheer non-evilness of the locale they were in. The Questers eventually found Kylin, the master of Space, and then Metal Man proved his worthiness by showing he had obtained Alys' Emerald, then he beat Kylin up with his bizarre baton weapon. For this act of power, the Questers obtained the Key of Space... and probably the Tarot of Space, we'll see.

Back in the land of madness, Aribar and Metal Sonic bickered in the Kokiri forest. Metal Sonic was serving his "Master" who insisted Aribar give him the sword. Aribar noted that he trusted no one, then fought Metal Sonic. He was about to be beheaded by Metal Sonic when Razor, dressed in robes looking like Death, saved him. Meanwhile, Locos tried to figure out what that whole "Master" nonsense was about. He tried to find the Master. So he went to his base near Death Mountain. There, he discovered the Master had "E. Gadd, King Boo, Magus, Sephiroth, Deoxys, Chaos, King K.Rool, Zio, Meier Link, and Shadow the Hedgehog" under his control....

...And then Locos met "The Master" himself, who rambled incoherently about how his base was a replica of the Hidden Palace Zone, how there was a "Temple of Memnos" that was created by the Ancient Echidna to rule the world, and how "The Master" claimed to have created Nintendus itself. And how, much like the other loonies had said, he had to catch all the artifacts and plug it into this temple to reset the world. Hmmm... guessing this is the Shadow Temple again. How confusing!

Locos gave his White Emerald to none other than The Master, then got confused by the Master's illogical plan to "Repair the X-Zone shielding" by... destroying the X-Zone. Later on, Locos decided to actually investigate the abandoned Toad Town 2--no more Quester Hunters were there, neither was Denon or the Archelago. Instead, a bizarre abomination plant that created invincible people was there. WTF? Charles, er, Locos fled, not wanting anything to do with this madness. I can't blame him.

Locos was in his place in the Palace of the Heavens... then Robotnik attacked, because he had broken out of prison. Worse yet, it was revealed the X-Zone had been completely unsealed, undoing that entire thing the Questers did in Season 2 to seal it. And now Charles powered up his base to try and out-power Robotnik... and then Erwin warped him aboard Robotnik's ship, where Shadow (one of the Thirteen Gentlemen no less!) beat up Locos and demanded the Emerald back. Locos babbled about nothing, then Erwin helped him flee... accomplishing nothing.

While this happened, Razor and Aribar reached HQ. They discussed things while Aribar refused to rejoin the Questers. Then things got out of hand--the Quester Hunters had had enough of the Questers and had given them an ultamatum: surrender now or die. Since most of the Questers were on Saga, they had no choice but to surrender. But Aribar refused to surrender. Not that it mattered, Shadow stole the Backup Fighter Remote and Deoxys beat up Mewtwo, while a black masked Hunter nearly wrecked the HQ... and the White Masked one didn't really do much except make snarky comments. Meier Link insisted the Questers surrender, since the X-Zone had been fully unsealed. Unfortunately for them, that meant Wolfman/Eldorado was free, and Wolfman had decided he served the "God of Nintendus", Sha'fol, and had the power to match. By himself, he defeated the Quester Hunters, then once again noted how he had been punished for he and 3 others having sealed the God of Nintendus... just as the sword-prophecy Mack had read once said, about the "Dark God" cursing the ones who sealed it.

The insanity continued as Wolfman spewed out a story about various temples being needed to be opened with all of the artifacts (including the fighter remote) in order to allow the "Creator God" of Nintendus to remake it in his image, and how the Fighter Remote was actually an evil device used to control people. Then Wolfman managed to fight off the possession when handed the Fighter Remote, and he explained a much more likely and strange story...

This Sha'fol corrupting everything. He had control over Ivan Robotnik, who in turn also corrupted Locos. The plan was to open these temples and destroy the world, and the only way to defeat him was to keep the artifacts out of his hands and keep him sealed away. The plan was made, then, to alert everyone and thwart this evil plan...

Meanwhile, Charles detected the existence of a great satellite. The Thirteen Gentlemen had their own satellite, and had kidnapped Erwin/Doopliss. Charles sent his soldiers to attack it, but had Andross get in their way--he destroyed Andross, though. Surprisingly, the now gone Andross was apparently one of the Thirteen Gentlemen. And... he wasn't gone either.

A random space battle went on, as Charles continued to fight, but the Thirteen Gentlemen had mispronounced his name, so he went completely insane and decided to charge up his deathcannon so much it threatened to blow up the entire planet!

While Charles charged his deathray, the Questers... slept? And in their dreams, they were attacked by Kefka. The Questers eventually found King Dedede, who explained a seal had to be opened with Aribar's Sword of Darkness to proceed. Aribar chose to mindlessly battle Kefka instead, and then things just kept getting wackier as Erwin appeared and also attacked Kefka... by turning into Kefka.

Aribar cut the seal and destroyed Kefka's control over dreams, while Deloth went insane for a while because somehow a computer chip from the potato chips he ate had made him believe everyone was Kefka and Waluigi. Yeah. Beats me.

Oh, and Kefka was also a 13 Gentleman member. Anyway, the Questers on Saga went to go grab some Time Tarot. They blew up a bunch of clocks in the realm of time, then fought Tempus, Lord of Time. Speaking of Time, Razor and Aribar somehow flew in from the future and joined the battle, thus ruining the flow of time itself. The Questers beat Tempus, and he rewarded them by giving them his tarot, then warping them backwards through time all the way to Lord Blue's study.

Since the Questers had found the Tarots Blue wanted, he then gave them his Tarot, putting the Questers up to 5 Tarots out of the needed 12. The Questers then rested a bit, with Razor and Yurie discussing how Yurie had once been in a relationship with Lord Blue. And Garrick encountered Zozma, servant of the Charm Lord.

Meanwhile in the past, Locos was still about to explode the world with his godmode cannon. Aribar and Razor went to intervene by defeating the Quester Hunt--Apocalypse--whatevers, but wound up mostly causing a bunch of androids to be set loose by the Thirteen Gentlemen and to blow up a bunch of stuff. The Questers then fled to Robotnik's ship, and used his 7 star stones to blast Locos' base--powering it up and helping to take the burden off of the planet. But the unkillable androids kept attacking, so they had to flee with Robotnik yet again. Robotnik rewarded them with their MTAs so they could help prevent him from being exploded.

The MTA-Questers fought Jeff Maxwell yet again, then after beating him in 3.5 seconds they blew up the Quester Hunter cannon. Robotnik then took control of the Quester Hunter cannon, threatened everyone with it, then... foolishly fired it. The cannon exploded so much that it sent the Questers BACK IN TIME (see above stuff about time).

Charles calmly deactivated his cannon, noting that he had been thwarted by fate--he had intended to trick the QH group into firing first, then absorbing their energy. Instead everyone had destroyed them for him. Of course as we know from the previous log it was all a lie--he never had any plan, he made it up to not look bad.

Charles then went to settle the Quester Hunters and Eggman by warping onto the satellite. After some chaotic fighting, he had an emotional trance-battle against Zio. Zio refused to stop blaming Charles for killing the Quester Hunters, while Charles belittled him. Then a series of confusing events happened and a green masked 13 Gentleman member was sealed, Locos stole Zio's sword of Darkness and made it a Sword of Order, and it was all stupid.

More rapidfire stupidity happened as Charles rescued Doopliss from the 13 Gentleman satellite, then got back to Ivan's fake Angel Island, which was then blown to bits by The Void. The first appearance of The Void proper, that is!

The Void rambled on about how he absorbed his power from transdimensional plot holes as opposed to Sha'fol, who served to use said power to destroy people. He also spoke of how the temples must be revived and used to overwrite everything, blah blah blah.

Charles and "The Master" fled to Saga. Meanwhile on Saga, the group on the region ship was derailed onto landing at some bizarre castle for no reason. There they fought stuff, then encountered Orlando Florida again. Orlando was no match for Metal Man beating him up with his own weapon, then the Questers stole his new weapon. Then Metal Sonic appeared and attacked the Questers for no reason. Then Yurie defeated Metal Sonic by turning into a trance-angel form and flew away and the entire castle exploded and the Questers fled back onto their ship. Because that all made SENSE.

The Saga Questers then went to Wakatu with the Blade Master, Gen. Gen helped lead them through the mutilated ghosts and down into some ancient temple, where they defeated an evil sword-saint statue. Of course nothing could be simple, so the tranced Yurie and something else appeared to interrupt their attempt to get the Blade Tarot.

The Void messed up reality and did weird stuff, then Zero wandered through the desert killing things for no reason. Then Zero retrieved something from the Fallen Quester Jeff Maxwell by beating him up. Then Wolfman, due to lacking intelligence due to lacking an intelligence chip, foolishly gave over the Fighter Remote data to Ricky. Ricky then took it to Charles.

Charles and "The Master" continued hanging out in the portal to Saga. Then "The Master" revealed that he was actually Ivan Robotnik, the uncle to Ivo Robotnik. This drove Charles insane, such that Charles began babbling and warped to Ivo Robotnik's ship and got beaten up. After that Charles leaped out a window and eventually wound up on Saga in Wacky Workbench Zone. With him was Ivan and Doopliss. Before they could go any further, though, a GUN agent appeared to arrest them. Charles tried to escape but eventually was arrested for Ivo Robotnik's crimes.

Now in jail, Charles had to work with Dr. Donez to break out of GUN's prison. He nearly got away, but a zealous mech pilot beat him up. He woke up even further away from the prison, having been saved by Tails, who was working to get Charles united with the rest of the Saga group. Charles then got beaten up by Nanite Metal Sonic masquerading as him, then he went to E Li Three's Saga hideout and experienced being hit with pies. After all of that, E Li Three finally warped Charles to join up with the Questers on Saga.

Meanwhile, Zero continued fetching parts for a cloaking device. He went to Kakariko Village, then Phantom's grave and killed the ghost of Phantom (or at least defeated him) and took his machinegun. Meanwhile, Wolfman met up with Zero and explained how he had "saved Magellean Tower" from an invasion from Ivo Robotnik.

Logic flew out of the window again as Wolfman was cursed by a strange badge and a holo simulation. So naturally he went to Robotnik's base, gave Robotnik Melee Moves with the Move Giver, then went back to base and released the broken hilt of the Sword of Darkness (back from when Locos BSed getting the Sword of Order). Wolfman was eventually forced to rest while Panzer appeared to call him an idiot. Meanwhile, Zero went to Saga and got copied by Nanite Metal Sonic. Zero tried to kill Nanite Metal Sonic, but failed.

The group finally illogically met up in the Blade Temple in Wakatu, with Zero fighting off Trance Yurie. Yurie was restored to sanity and Metal Man stole the emerald fragment that fell out of her eye. Zero then warned that Ivo Robotnik had reactivated laser satellites on Nintendus, while Ivan Robotnik introduced the main plot. He explained it simply: The Void was going to merge so many realities into Nintendus that it would destroy Nintendus and then make the world eternal chaos, then nothingness.

Charles then blatantly ignored his calls for unity against the millions of enemies headed for Nintendus and instead declared he needed the Master Emerald shard to take the Master Emerald back to the real Angel Island, then to use the White Emerald to raise Valhalla Tower into the Palace of the Heavens in the Sky. Ivan and the others ignored him and Charles got mad. Then Ivan and the group left Saga, despite Yurie's vain attempt to make them stay with the Key of Space.

The plan was simp--overly complex: The Questers would put the Master Emerald back in Angel Island and get the Super Emeralds, then defeat Heartless Ganon and get the triforce back, then beat Sigma and get the Mother Elf, then retrieve the seven crystal stars from an area guarded by five Exors, then get the Super Star from Peach and rest up. Then they would go to an evil Cathedral and get Raziel's Soul draining weapon, then to Hell to get the Soul Cube. Then they would steal back the Max Ups, the Pseudocube bazooka, Melee Necklace and Metal Man's deathmachine from Robotnikland. Then they would get Excalibur and Holy Materia from Saga, then go to an unknown final stop. In this Shining Path, the Swords of Light and Darkness would be combined to make the Chaos Breaker. Ivan revealed that the currently floating around swords were fakes, then handed Aribar the Sword of Light, while noting he also had the real Sword of Darkness on him.

The group got to work and warped to Angel Island, where Knuckles accused the Questers of stealing the emerald and attacked them. The Questers beat him, then they agreed on the emerald being borrowed--to save the world, then promptly be replaced. The Questers moved on to the castle... then the Questers were interrupted by Robotnik threatening the world with his satellites. Naturally the Questers dropped everything to go and stop him. After a battle with robots that Wolfman tried to talk to and failed and Locos got shot for offering ham to, the Questers broke into Eggman's base. Then they got dropped down a lava pit after Eggman fooled them.

The Questers eventually confronted Eggman, who explained he was going to take over the world--or destroy it with his satellites trying. Then he summoned four Aribars--Aribar, Doopliss pretending to be Aribar, Shadow Aribar and Metal Aribar/Fake Aribar. The Aribars fought valiantly, but they could not beat the Questers. But not because they lost--rather, because an entire army of Metal Sonics invaded the area! Robotnik fled--or I should say, it was revealed he was only a hologram. The Questers determined they had to flee to Death Mountain and destroy Metal Sonic's control system to stop the madness, otherwise the world was doomed.

The Questers shopped a little bit as Robotnikland was confirmed destroyed in the Metal Sonic aftermath. Then the Questers went to finish off the control system--the SIMBER system. The Questers destroyed the system and sent the 13 Gentleman Satellite flying off, then destroyed the satellites. SIMBER himself escaped aboard the station, in incomplete form. Then again, onto Quester Stadium systems, because Wolfman was naive and had no clue how dangerous his code was.

The Questers hung out while a few of them and Charles went to capture gargoyles to make stew out of. They ventured forth and discovered Wolfman was now leader of all the systems SIMBER once ran, then went to a cave, where they found Zio. And Gargoyles. After some fighting, they got some corpses and fled to HQ. The Sword of Light cured otherwise uncurable Dark Energy Wave wounds and all was well. Aribar woke up and went to take his Fake Sword of Darkness, but it broke and reformed into Magnus, the Quester Hunter vampire... who escaped.

Next, the Questers defended HQ against Zio and 5000 gargoyles trying to take the Item Combiner. Then Charles began investigating and discovered that The Void had destroyed all the aforementioned "Alignment Temples", then Ivan Robotnik hid all information on why the SIMBER system was used to help do this. Thus it became clear... Ivan Robotnik himself may have worked in concert with The Void!

During this, Metal also revealed that The Void was actually the hole in reality that had warped all the new places in... personified, and he was warping new things up at an alarming rate.

Charles continued to contemplate using the Doorman staff and the White Super Emerald to warp home, but Bob, Lord of Electric Death, sent him a message noting a secret base under the ocean which could be used to launch a rocket to do the same. Charles fell for it and began to wander the base. There, he fought many of the evils that Crazy Hand had sealed there, like Zodius, Lachronikus, and Indalaceo. The Void sent a note thanking Locos for releasing the imprisoned chaos, and also noting how this aided him in destroying the universe.

Charles eventually finished his work in the base, then discussed his plan with Bob. Bob had plans to oppose Ivan, but it required taking the artifacts from him, so Charles considered it worthless. Meanwhile, Doopliss went on a rampage by pretending to be Mario, then Aribar, before an identity-less Aribar finally got Ivan Robotnik to defeat Doopliss. Who then was imprisoned in HQ by SIMBER, for the time being.

The peace was short lived. Somehow Doopliss joined Grunty's new Witch And CopyKat Organization (WACKO) and now wanted Locos' soup. Locos refused, only to get the tar beaten out of him by Doopliss, Waluigi, Wario, and Klungo, who then kidnapped him and the soup. Yurie snuck after them, and they all wound up in Grunty's tower. Locos worried about there being some "New Order" but Grunty made it clear that all she wanted was to make money to pay off debt she had gotten in from rebuilding her body. But naturally Yurie had none of this, and activated some Ultima cubes that blew the soup sky-high and down a well.

Meanwhile, Wolfman and Aribar were surveying the damage to the kitchen in HQ and discovered Grunty's WACKO was behind it. They and Garrick and eventually Gibby used a portal that had been summoned by Grunty's Utility Grunts (the grunts were there to repair the damage Grunty's thugs had done--they only wanted the soup, not to become enemies of the Questers) to chase down the source. They went to Grunty's factory, spoke with a trash can that had a horrible language defect, got lost in a fake tower built to try and kill anyone who tried to get too close to Grunty's tower, then Garrick used bizarre powers he had from OverDrive mode to warp back.

Waiting for him was Wario, Doopliss, Grunty and Klungo, who had a nice big fight with the Questers. Despite losing, Doopliss apparently had some knowledge of a "Next world" that the Questers were destined to go to... but never really explained what that was all about yet. Ivo then interrupted to note that the Questers should get back to collecting items again.

The Questers warped back to Ganondorf's sunken tower. There, they found Ganondorf, who claimed that obtaining all the items would actually destroy the universe and help The Void. They ignored him and fought him. He tried to destroy them with the Triforce, but a hole in reality blocked the attempt and also summoned a new Quester named Locke. The Questers beat Ganondorf senseless and obtained the Triforce, and used it to warp Ganondorf away (it was determined that trying to kill him would be fruitless). The Questers then went on their way, facing Sigma in... yet another different tower.

Back at Grunty's tower, Grunty lost her patience and brandished a Gamecube-sized glass cube at Charles. Yurie leapt out of hiding and attacked, only getting stuck in the cube instead. Grunty kicked her out of the tower and went after Charles, only for Charles to leap out of the tower after the cube and also the soup--which had ended up in a river now. Klungo followed, but despite looking like a young Charles Hipler, he failed to get the soup back. Charles got the soup and Yurie back, then went into some prison where Banjo, Kazooie and Mumbo were stuck in cubes and locked behind electrified bars that required 36 keys scattered across the world to open.

Doopliss forced Charles to unseal the soup, but Charles used cheap godmodding magic and Family Guy esque flashbacks to fool him into letting him enchant the soup to explode. Charles thought he'd done his job well, only to discover when he got back that WACKO had actually stolen Metal Man's identically stored container of antifreeze. Then the antifreeze was exploded by Charles' spell.

Doopliss came back, reeking of antifreeze and demanding the soup, lest he be killed by Grunty. Charles was offended that he had been betrayed for such a mean employer, but Doopliss explained he had been robbing Grunty blind. Charles was still offended, but then finally gave Doopliss a vial of soup so that Grunty would stop attacking. Doopliss left, while Charles remained depressed.

The Questers continued questing for artifacts. They went after Sigma, only to discover he was a hologram. Then Ivan called up with weird news--the Questers had been given all the artifacts they needed, including Chaos Breaker, by The Void himself. The Void then had powered up his 7 Stars to wish for the destruction of the universe. The Questers warped to the 7 Exors and took a variety of odd tests, including a weird Super Mario Bros. simulation and inane questions, and evading the wrath of Narrative Guy while fetching 60 pies for King Shyguy before eventually breaking the barriers that prevented them from entering the center of the Exors--where they were to use all their artifacts to stop the stars from exploding and destroying all of existence.

The Questers entered the castle of The Void, having removed its fields. There, they navigated a fork in the road, then an evil graveyard surrounded by an evil river, then finally... they opened a seal. Culex was inside with the 7 stars. He warned them against opening the seal, but it had already been opened by them entering. The castle began to collapse. Mewtwo tried to warp the Questers to safety, but failed. Then Bob, Lord of Electric Death, warped the Questers onto the Smithy Satellite--revealing that Ivan Robotnik had been there all along and had all the artifacts, and had tricked them. He was up to no good...

...But then also Bob warped onto the satellite, keen on getting the White Emerald for his own uses. Meanwhile Ivan protested that he was innocent, and Culex warped aboard and was taken over by The Void and tried to take the artifacts. Meanwhile SIMBER popped up, was controlled by The Void and steered the satellite towards the sun. Culex swore to destroy the sun with his artifacts.

Ivo hologram/Bob got the emerald to Charles, who then fully powered up his tower and flew it up into space, while the Questers hit the Culex, mutating him. Ivan told them to run away with all the artifacts and save themselves. The Void appeared in person on the satellite and SIMBER fired the Smithysat's laser beam at Charles' flying Valhalla Fortress... as Yurie tried to destroy The Void using the power of the Chaos Breaker...

The Void only got a cut on his arm from that, then he froze time with DIMENSION CONTROL. He then summoned Tridus (Metal Man's old Doubler partner) and Tridus messed with Yurie. He claimed he had killed all the Saga Masters... when in reality he had come close but failed. Tridus fell before a huge cloud of attacks, but then The Void swore to kill Yurie for good and summoned all attacks that ever existed to destroy Yurie. SIMBER however betrayed The Void and threw himself in the way, dying for his heroism. The Questers then used all their attacks at once to overwhelm and destroy The Void, causing reality to violently flash again.

After the flash, it was revealed Charles and Ricky had finally been sent to Charles' home realm. And the Questers woke up outside of the Stadium, a whole year later... ...Ivan Robotnik ominously wore a crown, and crowed about how this was a "Good" future, in which the Doublers and Transformers that supposedly were behind everything had been destroyed and all unfitting things had been removed. SIMBER had even been repaired...

The world was now called "Nintopia", and supposedly the Void was long dead now. WACKO had been relocated to the chilly arctic wastes, and Charles had gone back to his moon, the Second Moon of Earth, with Ricky and Bob/Ivo Robotnik hologram. And now Yurie was leader of the Valhalla fortress, with Aribar as second in command.

Tridus was back and not evil, while Garrick went around discovering that Grunty was driving Star Fox out of business, so he helped them by suggesting they go save Saga. Then he also challenged Link to a duel so as to try and get his Pegasus boots. And so the next Season was teased... by Garrick demanding the Questers put a stop to Grunty once and for all!