Super Smash Quest - Story - Season 4 Plot Summary

Hoo boy. Let me just establish some rules before I destroy myself trying to summarize approximately 800 lines x 85 logs worth of text. (68,000 lines!!!) 1. Each log is to be summarized by skimming through it. 2. Only maximum of 3 sentences per log. 3. If a log on the other hand has nothing relevant to the overall plot, don't even bother mentioning it. 4. De-prioritize anything to do with Locos' weird sidecar plots that literally went nowhere. 5. If two logs repeat eachother, just briefly note that. 6. If a log is so confusing and eye-melting that one or two skims fail to get anything, skip it. 7. If anything takes longer than it should, skip it too. 8. If the beginning of another mission appears at the end of a log, begin describing it as if it actually was in that next log, and use that log's sentence allowance for it.

Okay. Yes, I know that's extreme. But let's get real here. This is FILLERITIS, the season.

The Questers are on the 'Good Future' Nintendus. Grunty's causing riots across it, including one at the Grocery store, the karate dojo, and indirectly, Bowser's goons have been forced to rob the bank due to having no money. The Questers defeat Grunty's goons and ally with Bowser.

The Thieves of Whaller have sent brigands to kidnap Nintendus villains to aid in taking over Whaller. The Questers go to Whaller and beat up the thieves and their tower full of Elemental Beings and the head of the thieves. Then the Questers help the Protectors of Whaller by taking the magic warp-to-Nintendus scroll to Nintendus and store it for safe keeping.

The Dark World conquers Hyrule Castle Town, and the Questers are sent to investigate. Inside is a portal to the Dark World, where the Darkest Temple that Ever Was is. The Questers enter the temple, and then fight a bunch of dark enemies, as Ganondorf is implicated in the proceedings.

The Questers find Matek, the Metal from the Dark World in which The Void won. He uses The Void and the Triforce of Power to lose to the Questers.

Zio then appears after the Questers return to Nintendus. He helps the Questers get the Triforce of Power back, then threatens Aribar. Aribar then fights overpowered Goombas and is killed, then revived at the Stadium by Dr. Mario.

Garrick loses to Link in an arena match full of cheaty items. Garrick saves an ancient AI of Nintendus known as Nova from being stolen from the Magnetic Wastes by Doopliss. A lizard-person named Lizzy guides the Questers to Grunty's secret base in the mountains.

Inside the base is Avon, the computer created by Zio to destroy Nintendus. Lizzy, Charles and the Questers defeat it, and reinstall Nova onto the system instead. Lizzy and Nova explain their backstories to the Questers and Garrick respectively, while Charles idiotically summons his evin twin brother Lumis.

Lizzy attacks Lumis with psychic powers, and Lumis pontificates on how he can adapt to anything. Eventually Lumis flees and Charles discovers that as long as Avon is out there, Nova is losing power and causing Nintendus itself to stop functioning. Then a space ship falls out of space and crashes near Quester HQ.

The space ship was the last space ship from Earth. Its inhabitant, John Smith, was saved by the Questers, and he, in turn, deactivated warheads aimed at Nova. But John Smith was actually a future Bob, Lord of Electric Death, who then was fighting the evil Unit Glyph that cursed Aribar and blahblahblah time reset as if the session didn't happen so none of that matters.

Aribar continued to be cursed by Unit Glyph while Zio spoke of fighting Lumis Dongthar and threatened Nintendus (well, 'Nintopia' due to early installment weirdness.). The Questers were warned by Mewtwo that if they didn't put Grunty out of business, her damage to the commerce of Nintendus would make the Stadium insolvent in a matter of weeks. So the Questers broke into Grunty's place and began smashing everything to bits.

Inside Grunty's lair, the Questers fought and defeated the Overkill 3000+ (which was some weird Hammer Brother with a mecha.)

Bowser greeted the Questers and noted they failed to destroy all the boxes -- which he stole for his own profit, and detonated the Grunty-castle with some TNT he had. The Questers were lured into another area with false Emeralds that Zio tricked them into touching. The Questers then escaped via Aribar's dark side (Shadow Aribar) interfering, warped through a blue temple to a mirror, and then into Grunty's warehouse, where they blew up 100 of her boxes and caused actual damage to her operations.

The Questers went to "Neglected Character Land" to figure out how to help Aribar.


determined that the way to help Aribar was to let his shadow be murdered by Lumis Dongthar. Then the Questers went back home and were given a B rating for their mission by Mewtwo.

Wolfman then made an insane Melee Match between Metal Sonic, Meier Link, and Shadow Aribar, where the winner would get to kill Aribar. Metal Sonic went down first, followed by Meier Link, allowing for Shadow Aribar to do some convoluted nonsense. The nonsense failed and Aribar was turned to dust, then saved by Nova... at least the dust was.

To revive Aribar, the Questers went to an ancient Nova AI module at the center of Nintendus (AKA "Earth" according to this season's insanity). There, they met Smithy, caused the dust of Aribar to be inhaled by a statue-ified Charles, then sneezed out and made alive again, killed Smithy, and then the Questers saved Nintendus and Aribar. WTF?

Once again the Questers must save Nintendus; this time they go to the troubled Doughnut Town to deactivate a Nova's module-based bomb that the rebels of 'Silvia Lumpus' have set up. The most dangerous part was trying to survive Metal Man's underwater driving -- but survive they (mostly) did.

The Questers sneaked in and repaired the Nova module, but then Zio's armies (and Zio's bad lines/acting) attacked instead. The Questers got into their CACs and beat back the Space Pirates that aided Zio, and then activated the distress call. Ivan's army rode to the rescue and freed Doughnut Town.

Grunty had a new high-end move-copying robot, so the Questers were dispatched to destroy it. The robot introduced itself as Kappa and proceeded to be insanely hard to defeat.

Eventually Kappa was defeated by the combination of Aribar's magic and Wolfman's Reploid data causing Kappa to become sentient and question the thought of killing all the Questers. That session ended, but Kappa ended up visiting and taunting Garrick. Then Nyev (who is apparently fallen Ruvyn???) shot at the Questers and taunted the Questers.

The Questers stumbled on a temple after this. In it, someone was trying to free Ganondorf via 'Stones of Evil', so the Questers went to stop that by playing hockey and... fighting the Overkill 3000+, this time, since the mech had been upgraded.

After Kappa appeared and aided Spyke in slaying the Overkill 3000+, the Questers were warped over to an area where more of the dark stones were. Ganondorf returned because it was a trap to destroy the stones (they were actually what was sealing him.) Then Ganondorf was killed by Metal Man's Infinity Blade, only to come back to life due to having the Chaos Breaker and also 'Faith', whatever that means (and then he escaped.)

Then the 'Have Faith' virus infected the Stadium's computers and erased a bunch of data from the Smash Dexes as well as the Melee Moves. It was apparently done by Nyev for unknown reasons other than Nyev himself having the 'Have Faith' belief himself. The Questers stumbled to figure out what this meant, while Nyev used the delay to revive himself as 'Revenant Ruvyn', and, as the Questers locked down the Stadium, then attacked the Questers with his unholy evil angelic form.

Revenant Ruvyn revealed he had the Transformer that contained Kuja, and transformed into Kuja. Then he... tasked the Questers with killing Zio??? Apparently, according to the now un-hacked Nova/Stadium Computers, this was all some sort of cycle that began with Season 2 and when Kuja showed up there... that could only end if Kuja died.

The Questers vaguely defeated some doomsday weapon Zio was making by attacking it with the X-Zone after finding it inside Death Mountain. Then the Questers encountered a remaining hologram of the Robotnik who was supposedly dead forever to fight with, again. The Questers dealt with him, as well as a random invincible suit of armor, before destroying the whole base of Zio and Robotnik's so it wouldn't come up again.

Toad Town Museum was taken over by thieves, who stole a sword and kidnapped some civillians... and also had keys to the prison Banjo-Kazooie were locked in. So the Questers killed the ringleaders, Bill & Ben. The Toads and Firebright Sword were then freed, but everyone forgot about the existence of any keys to the prison of B-K.

Then the Questers encountered Garrick being pissed about the Stadium being like Ancient Rome. Then Esprinto, a bad Quester, 'joined', and the group encountered a time distortion and began a mission to raid some weirdly shaped octagonal 'temple' thing.

The temple had a bunch of enemy mobs around it, so the Questers fought one enemy group after another without any real break in between. Octoroks on Crack, Surfing Pikachus, Kremlings, Starmen... it was all very random.

The Questers broke into the temple, which was Master Hand's Secret Base. While a strange freakish entity quizzed the Questers, Charles visited the Valhalla and gave his orb to Yurie. Also Lumis Dongthar released Kuja Tribal from his X-Zone prison, but it's not like that really mattered, right?

Next, the Questers did more puzzles, then were accosted by Zio in a weird armor suit and the Master and Crazy Hand Duo. Eventually the Hands switched to the Questers' side, and Zio threatened the Questers with a Time Machine.

Kuja destroyed the base, while Charles allied with Zio and fled with him. Zio chatted it up with Charles. Then Metal Man introduced himself as somebody else than he normally was and tricked the Questers into helping him, while he also imprisoned Charles for betraying the Questers.

Several Melee Matches occurred. Metal Man was cheap and beat everyone who fought him. Nobody cared.

Another one occurred between Charles and Aribar. Charles won. Then the overpowered Phi / Kappa thing attacked again, then was too powerful to stop and warped out after beating up many Questers.

Eventually some weird message was sent suggesting Gerald Robotnik's revenge. Apparently it was summoned by the secret program left in Phi / Kappa and activated by Chaos Emeralds. In response, Garrick commanded Charles and Digi to put additional contact lenses atop their pre-existing contact lenses, if they had any.

The Questers visited transition-period Semi-Neo-Earth and went to Savoria, where they savored some random future-food. Then later on the Questers went to warp to Nova's HQ and got sent to Gerald Robotnik's Marician Ruin hellscape instead. The Kappa-bot was behind it all; and Charles and Garrick had to fight him off, which they barely did, forcing him to actually warp them back to Nova as intended.

Then a holo room mission began involving rats in a cellar of a tavern, aka ripoff of Kingdom of Loathing's early quest. The log cuts out and nobody bothered to find the rest of it... I can only guess it was boring.

Then the Questers went to Grunty's lair... intent on destroying it for good with a Phazon bomb! They got far, but then Lynk wielding the Fighter Remote tried to kill them! Then Lynk ran away after going full Trance mode, and Doopliss captured Aribar! !!!!!!! (ACTION OVERLOAD)

Doopliss was defeated, but Kuja came in with Gerald Robotnik. They were paid to take over the tower, as Grunty gave up in the face of certain annihilation. The Questers fell for their ruse of being 'peaceful', but Lynk of all people stole the Phazon Bomb and nuked the would-be Kuja God-emperor Tower into oblivion, stopping the bad guys... even though the 'good' guys fell for their ruse!

The Questers took a back seat in their own story as Lynk stole the Valhalla, warped Yurie to the center of the universe, and then destroyed the shielding protecting Zio's fortress. Ultimately nobody had a good response to this other than to let him fight Zio.

The Questers eventually stopped being shocked and split up: One group to explore the undefended Zio facilities, another (Aribar) to try and stop Lynk. Aribar just got his powers disabled by Lynk, then Doopliss fought with Lynk and eventually stole the Fighter Remote from him.

However, Lynk overpowered Aribar using the help of Mr. T, an old Quester. Doopliss fled and took the Fighter Remote to Kuja (DUN DUN DUNNN). Then the Questers had to make a deal with Gerald Robotnik: destroy Grunty's Food Factory and loot its secret machinery for him, or the entire world would be exploded!

All was in chaos, and it was about to get even worse, when Bowser busted Aribar out. The unlikely duo destroyed Grodus, broke through Valhalla's defenses, and then split up at the very end, allowing Aribar to crash Valhalla into Zio's castle and Bowser to distract Kuja (and kill Lynk, supposedly...). Aribar rejoined the other group of Questers... but Grodus, bearing the Star Rod, exploded and took out everything (including almost the Questers), forcing Kuja to threaten the group and try to extract whatever remaining weapon they had found--but Metal Man "Sacrificed" himself to fighting Kuja like Bowser did, and the group escaped.

Next, the bad guys met and determined that even though the superweapon from earlier was destroyed, they had other plans involving hiding the true power of the Chaos Emeralds and releasing Culex (maybe?) on the Questers and also some plots about using something the Questers had to destroy the planet. Meanwhile, unexplained, Metal Man was back running missions as usual, and the group used his Heavily Armed Convertible to go up Eisnaught's roads and destroy the 'Gruntilda 2' -- a battleship Grunty still had.

After fighting a bunch of cars, the group encountered the Gruntilda 2, where Grunty herself administered a quiz show over its fate, starring Wolfman, Zio, and Kuja. Zio lost rather quickly, then Wolfman lost but, Kuja was fine with destroying Grunty's ship's generator, which he did splendidly for the Questers. Wolfman went emo while the Questers survived the crash, defeated a 'KlumsyBot', and then picked up... a silver metallic doppelganger pretending to be Charles / "Locos" as an ally. Weird.

The world was saved; all the villains were gone, and now a party was being held with one 'George Cain.' Only it was a trap, the 'potions' everyone drank were drugged, Grodus robot clones attacked everywhere and the Stadium was shut down as some mystery attackers escaped! The group caught up, running through a rainbow portal door to... Sonic's homeworld... where they met Dr. Robotnik in what seemed to be the past of his existence, and then also Kuja -- the true enemy -- who they defeated, but Kuja destroyed the dimension they were in with Doomsday and fled!

Dr. Robotnik's warp machine sent himself out of there, to the Stadium Cafeteria, before his homeworld was destroyed, but to his chagrin, it also sent the Questers back... and so he fled. Metal also explained that most problems were related to The Void and the hole between dimensions from earlier Seasons, but now, only Zio and Kuja had to be removed in order to 'truly seal and purify' the world to not be constantly in chaos. The Questers went towards Saturn Valley (but actually underwater to the underwater Phendrana Sea prison) to get Orlando Florida (and deal with the prison being broken (and that The Void was actually behind the Stadium blackout and he and Nyev, I mean now Revenant Ruvyn were behind it))

An old-school item combiner summoned an evil gold coin agent and the Questers obtained Orlando Florida while fighting the weird 'coin agent.' The agent kept stealing everyone's coins while Grodus Bots attacked and then there was a huge battle until Orlando Florida and the Groduses and the Coin Agent all fell down and went boom. Orlando Florida was then exiled to his home dimension alongside the 'Trance' ability by the Mr. Saturns once the Questers got to the Saturn Valley.

Then Doopliss returned and attacked the Questers on behalf of Kuja and Gerald, but lost due to Shadow intervening, so Gerald Robotnik attacked next with some Grodus Bot allies. The Questers fled when Dr. Robotnik attacked Gerald Robotnik; they used Dr. Robotnik's ship to escape and fought with Zio's Space Pirate allies. Thanks to Shadow's help, the Questers made it home and past all the enemy ships and robots--but Saturn Valley was utterly destroyed.

Shadow warned the Questers that Kuja would kill them all, then told them to steal the Chaos Emeralds from Gerald Robotnik's Base. So the Questers went to the base and... Gerald's rational side saw Shadow and actually gave Shadow the Emeralds, and turned the Grodus-bots against Kuja, allowing the Questers to escape and breathe easily, for the moment. But then it was revealed the mysterious 'Locos' who joined the Questers was, in fact, Neo Metal Sonic, tasked with one mission: to kill Shadow the Hedgehog -- a mission he nearly completed until Metal stepped in and blasted him to bits so many times, he fled.

E Li Three, the true boss of this season, attacked R&R and Professor Oak with EMP bombs. Then the Questers tried to stop him by fighting him inside his cursed cave, and cheated through his traps. Their cheating failed to stop him, and he blew up the Questers with an evil slot machine!

Doopliss then cursed the Questers with various mystery ailments and debilitating equipment malfunctions while pretending to be 'George' of some Eisnaught Hardware Store. The Questers had to use a Team Rocket Radio Frequency to call in help from Team Rocket, who freed them from the steel plate-locked Hardware Store by crashing a jeep into it, and then Metal used his insane driving powers to drive sideways and backwards towards HQ using the jeep. Eventually the group made it back to HQ and... Team Rocket of all people defeated Doopliss' Crystal Star-summoned robo-Questers... and also took up residence at Quester HQ.

The Questers then went to Creepy Steeple, which was introduced as 'A temple full of useful relics, but which is also a trap set by Kuja.' After Aribar messed around with both the Evil Credit Card Bandits and the Slightly Rich Shoe Bandits, the Questers went inside the temple. Kuja couldn't follow them, to his chagrin, and instead, the Questers encountered Grodus, who basically threatened them with a world-destroying Solarian Machine and now had a golden emperor body.

The Questers beat up and destroyed the Grodus, who 'predicted' that this would happen. Long story short, this was the plot of the Axiom of Balance: Zio, Kuja, Doopliss, and Gerald Robotnik. The Questers fled from their omni-mega Solarian Genocide Machine (EDGE-TASTIC, I see) into the X-Zone, where they... encountered Hackoth, Magic Collector, who helped them on their way to find the Red Star, to seal all this nonsense away (hopefully).

Further adventuring in this... X-Zone Solarian Temple... the group came upon the log of Sha'fol, the leader of the original Solarians of Nintendus, who... revealed they were all humans from Earth whose tech careened out of control (via the rogue AI, Avon) and destroyed the moon and everything else, and had to seal it away. The Questers then beat up an ancient fanatic in the X-Zone and fled back to Ear--Nintendus-side Solarian Temple, where they encountered Avon. They fled from Avon, Demon had the 'Red Star' somehow, the Red Star blew a hole in the wall to help the group escape, blah blah blah session completed.

A mysterious man had a rainbow-sheened sword! It was Dr. Light, who ran away, then Aribar went to figure out some figure in Nintendus' history museum, who was Sha'fol, who also ran away. Garrick heard about Nova being dead and helped revive a copy of him, while the Questers took the Red Star to the Axiom of Balance's main ship and broke in.

Julian failed to prevent the ship from blowing up large bits of Eisnaught. Kuja was about to kill everyone for intruding on his base, as usual. Then Sha'fol sacrificed himself to destroy the Solarian Genocide Machine (AKA Solarian Machine), making everyone else's input kind of pointless and halting the Axiom of Balance attack on Eisnaught.

But Grodus took over the Quester Stadium, so another battle ensued until Grodus died and the Stadium was saved. Pat was then framed for murder. So the Questers went to the ruins of Valhalla and got some grainy footage to try and help show Pat didn't murder anybody.

It was revealed as a scheme... the head policeman was E Li Three in disguise, and he'd wanted to arrest Pat so he could become a leader of Super Smash Stadium. Then the Questers visited the Axiom of Balance's crashed ship and were attacked by 'Lord Crodus', the combined wreckage of Grodus, Lord Crump, and a Solarian Machine (it escaped.) Then they began exploring Cabbage Cave for some reason elsewhere...

...Rode some boats to Kitchen Island chasing the 'Voodoo Poodoo', met up with Wario and went to the Floating Island of Kettalia. There, they found Captain Syrup, who fought them for the right of getting the Voodoo Poodoo. The Questers won, ultimately, and protected the Voodoo Poodoo (Voodoo dolls that could be used to defeat anyone, apparently) and then went back home with the help of the WarioWare Crew.

Charles went to an alternate dimension, encountered a Mascara Flamethrower, which the Questers then fought over. Wolfman rescued Banjo and Kazooie and Mumbo Jumbo from the radioactive ruins of Grunty's Tower.

Metal Man, Garrick, and Wolfman fought an insane Melee Match; Garrick was the first defeated, then Wolfman surrendered and let Metal Man win. Then the actual plot occurred, where Doopliss revived the crashed Valhalla as the 'Black Sun', revived Lynk, and then flew to Axiom of Balance-held Eisnaught and participated in a counterattack to try and free the city from Kuja. Bob, Lord of Electric Death revealed also that its engine was apparently the device used to seal the Solarian Temple and destroy all Solarians, and could obliterate a city in 3 days.

The Questers went to Klumsy's Tomb to get a Magitek Orb, only to be accosted by Lord Crodus. Lord Crodus wanted the orb, since it was Magitek, but instead he just got beaten up and fled. The Questers got the orb, but then became lost in the desert and were unable to warp out!

The Questers wandered into a secret Kujan/Axiom of Balance tower/bunker and fought it out with robots disguised as control consoles. Aribar pressed ctrl, alt, delete on one console, thus reviving Gerald Robotnik's true body and dooming the world.

Gerald revealed the power he had by turning into The Void and destroying all of Kuja's ships (...despite being on the same team due to being on the Axiom of Balance himself...) He was so powerful, he summoned Matek, and even though he was beaten, he destroyed Kuja-controlled Eisnaught before vanishing, supposedly dead forever (YEAH RIGHT). Sha'fol also reappeared, alive, after randomly escaping from imprisonment inside a random nearby sword.

Shadow gave the Red Chaos Emerald to Charles, and Kuja revealed that whole thing was a distraction: He was to use the Axiom of Balance's fleet to kill the Questers immediately, and proceeded to have them attack the Stadium with an unending hail of deathlasers. Charles used the Red Emerald and the "Cup of Rainbows" to hold off the Kujan deathfleet for another 3 hours. Then the Questers went to Atlantis to try and find a solution to Kuja's unbeatable death fleets.

(Note: There's the whole UND plot that Charles ran, but it went nowhere so I refuse to reference it here.)

The Questers found Gerald's hologram in Atlantis, because as a Marician, he was one of the people who created Atlantis (note: stupid, stupid, STUPID plotline I thankfully retconned later) and then, while noting how eternally sad and angry he was, he summoned a genetic project... an actual body for Avon, the evil AI, to fight the Questers with! The Questers were in deep trouble, until they showed Avon the error of his ways; he then deleted Gerald. Freed from his mind curses, he used his powers to heal Nintendus, defeat Kuja, save Quester HQ, revive Toys R Us, End Disease... okay I'm only joking about the last two but basically he saved the Questers and Nintendus and Nova and basically reset the status quo. Doopliss even got in a blow against Kuja (having noted in a previous session he only helped the Axiom of Balance to discover how they worked so he could beat them.)

The Questers went to undo damage from the past, first by going to the Moon from the Mewtwo Strikes Back Movie (with the Kaina mountain range, only this one was apparently hidden all this time by SSQ!Mewtwo...) to get some pure water to remove the Slytock virus' new person-hurting form, Type B. They sneaked through an X-nauts base and spoke with TEC about random subjects. Then they cryogenically suspended themselves inside ice blocks and slid themselves down a perilous mountain cliff... ...WTF????

The Questers awakened, but were then accosted by the true final boss of the Season: Team Rocket, with Jesse wielding the infamous BOWLING BALL POLISHER. After a battle that involved lots of evil, baldening attacks, the Questers gained the chaos emerald James had on his person. Then Grodus was at the lake where the water everyone wanted was, and blah blah blah ultimate threaten Nintendus with secret volcano deathray become invincible with illogical Master Emerald get shot by Illian's AK-47 and suddenly become vulnerable and die again world saved water obtained blah blah blah.

The Questers were out there by the river in Zora's Domain when Meier Link attacked them with freaky attacks which were so freaky they killed most of the Questers, drained Meier Link's energy and caused him to then leave.

Then, there was a mischief-maker in the Kalima Echidna village, and Knuckles led the (infamous, hated by the public) Questers to it. The Questers made it to the smouldering village, where the elder warned the group of demons that lived in the Forest of Death... and then the Questers went towards that very location.

The Questers were supposed to run at one point, but instead fought the skeletons so much, it summoned the Skeleton King. The Questers were unable to beat him, then Kuja defeated the Skeleton King, proving the Questers were just feckless maniacs who caused more problems than they solved. Metal Man aka Illian then revealed to the Questers this was all according to his evil plan all along, and thus by having the Questers do this, eventually, Kuja would suffer... somehow?

Illian and Tetra argued over whether this evil plan of Illian's was any good. Shadow taught Aribar how to use his yellow Emerald to do Chaos Control. Then, Illian sent the Questers to defeat Ruvyn (Kuja's second-in-command) and avenge the Questers' reputation in the process. The saved the Gerudo, whose fortress was sinking, by tricking SkyHigh (yeah, god only knows why he was there) into placing the rock he stole back where it belonged.

The Questers then confronted Ruvyn and beat him up, despite him having 'Nyev' as his other form, and video taped this--showing he was possessed by Shadow Link. Ruvyn then had a rocky reunion with the Questers, admitting to some of his faults, but still being rather prickly.

The group investigated old Quester Hunter base ruins in Termina, and found the old portal that Zio failed to complete the summoning of. Well, surprisingly, the summoning completed and Lashiec attacked. He eventually made a truce under the guise of ensuring Kuja was defeated before the side of Zio and co. would fight the Questers.

Zio proposed more dire solutions to Kuja, but nobody cared. Tetra complained to Illian about the UND and how ruthless he was, but he didn't care. Then Tetra fought Aquamentus in Hyrule Castle town and helped a fan of the Stadium get their favorite action figure back, redeeming the otherwise pointless chapter in SSQ history.

Smithy was going to destroy Charles' Second Moon, and so the Questers entered some weird outer space temple/satellite to attempt to thwart that. They encountered a Machine Made Razor as well as a bunch of X-Nauts, though ultimately all that happened was slight delays as the Questers continued their way to their destination.

Grodus attacked yet again (yawn), then the Questers encountered both Smithy and Grodus, who used the mega-cannon of the ultimate X-Zone sphere(s) to... destroy the Second Moon. This Grodus II and Smithy then succeeded in destroying the Earth, almost... but Shadow rewound time and the Questers beat both Smithy and Grodus II into the dust, frustrating Gerald Robotnik (who was the one who set them upon the Second Moon in the first place.) The evil Smithy/Grodus temple-satellite was then sent into the sun and destroyed.

But it was not over, because the fake Charles L. Magellan was angry Smithy was dead, so Illian and Charles warped to his Doomship and counseled him to not threaten them, and he gave them a data disk in return. Then Mindy the archaeologist showed Aribar an artifact that led to a Solarian ship that led to a forest of epileptic tree-style bad theories about how Whalleranians and Solarians and Maricians and Atlanteans all fit together. Then after that, the Questers infiltrated a den of assassins in Death Mountain.

The Questers assassinated the assassins, then Charles Magellean looted their entire headquarters and killed their re-animated corpses. Then Charles L. Magellan (the fake) attacked HQ with the Dalhalva ship he had, loaded with Solarian soldiers, who all in turn accosted it like a crazy man's game of Starcraft.

The Questers lost 30% of HQ as the soldiers kept attacking, but when Charles L. Magellan went to escape the wrath of Charles L. Magellean, Pat kicked a demolition-man soldier, whose backpack flew off and caused Magellan's ship to explode, finally killing him and ending the eternal battle. The battle was not over yet though; Julian made a sandwich, and the still-hungry Magellean chased him, and then everyone else chased in turn, and ran about all over the place and eventually got back to HQ, accomplishing nothing.

Finally, Illian announced he discovered the way into the 'Fortress of Glass', a giant structure in the North Pole of Nintendus: Three seal dungeons (Marician, Whalleranian, and Solarian) that had to be defeated to unlock great power. The first dungeon was the Marician one, 'left open by an unfaithful follower.' The Questers defeated the Project Genesis thing made by Gerald Robotnik and obtained the seal, moving on to the Whalleranian dungeon.

Then, Jessie, James, Meowth, and Dr. Robotnik all attacked at once, and were defeated easily. But Dr. Robotnik not so easily as he stole the seal and broke it, forcing the Questers to go into the X-Zone into the past to a different Whalleranian temple to get an ancient glass-smith to repair it... but Dr. Robotnik was not so easily defeated, as he complained about wanting Chaos Emeralds and the Questers had to tell him to shut up before they then proceeded on to the Solarian Temple with their shiny remade Whalleranian seal.

The Questers went through a bunch of forgettable robots, then encountered Gerald Robotnik at the end of the Solarian Temple. He meant business, as he used lightning to steal people's souls and attacked with the original, true Vendetta -- an antimatter-nanite-powered super-orange lightsaber of death. After a long battle where Lashiec (???) aided in the fight, Gerald split into 'good' and 'evil' sides, and the good side prevailed, finally aiding the Questers by giving them the seal and letting them pass.

What lay in store was not good: an elevator up, then a mythical room with three stained glass murals: Marician, Whalleranian, and Solarian ones. Kuja revealed the truth: the three seals having been broken, he now gained the power of a God. He used his power to conquer all the nodes of Nova, and to destroy Nintendus' civilizations with plagues so he could create his own atop their ashes. Now unstoppable, he casually fought the Questers--but they dealt enough damage that he had to go into Trance Mode.

He then destroyed all the windows in the room with a deafening boom, and blew the Questers away with Ultima. Once only a microscopic bit of HP before death, the Questers were then tortured by electricity. To further torture them, Kuja summoned in Lumis Dongthar, and proceeded to violently destroy him, prolonging the suffering of the Questers.

Kuja then admitted he couldn't just annihilate the Questers (probably 4th wall mechanics, because there was no actual reason he couldn't) -- so he chose to exile the Questers from history. He created a huge portal, and warped the Questers away... far away... to Turion, where they couldn't interfere in his new Nintendus.

And thus, the season ended.