Super Smash Quest² - Story - Cycle 1 Commentary

This... is CNN. I mean the first Cycle of SSQ Squared, my game where I rebuilt everything from SSQ 1. Idiotic plotlines and Power Rangers power creep had damaged the appeal of the RPG to anyone outside a handful of insiders, and so I remade the entire world. The game itself reflected this, with a plot which had some blurring of OOC/IC remodeling. But it was all for the best, as the result ultimately rejuvenated SSQ and led to SSQ Infinity, which as of this writing is practically bulging with people.

Plot Summary

The Questers, having accepted Kuja's bargain (which, unbenownst to them, was rejected and destroyed by Metal Man) fall in through the book and crash into a beach. They have no clue where they are, and head into a city.

The policemen of this city find the Questers to be odd. Eventually they call their 'big brothers', GUN, to figure out what's going on. The Questers offer their services--but to their shock, they are rejected. 'GUN', as it is called, does not want vigilantes. The Questers are then shunned from the city itself, since they do not have enough money to buy weapon permits.

The Questers move on, now heading down a separate path, where they find a place named Westopolis. This place is filled with vice and destruction, leading the Questers to run away from it. They go back to the beach and meet a person named Marley, who offers them use of his ship if they can find some parts.

The Questers rest for a while, glance out at the 'Sea of Chaos', then go towards Station Square to get parts, and fight some thugs on the way. To get the parts, however, they discover they must first contact Tails, who makes the parts. The Questers return to the city where they were shunned from; Capital City.

They leave their weapons behind so they can go on in, and check out a library in order to find the airport, since Tails is far away. They get to the airport and re-encounter Julian there, then get tickets and fly to 'zee Final Eeg' with 'Franz' to find Tails. They find Tails there, but the helicopter they used to get there is busted, and thus, some transportin' shenanigans are required to get the parts all the way to the beach.

The next day, Digi and Tails deal with shipping the parts while Deloth and Dragoshi wandered around in the forest. Deloth eventually finds Big the Cat, who... isn't useful. Dragoshi nearly entered the final Egg base, but failed due to holes in the floor. After wandering around and moving parts, the group winds up back on the beach where Marley is. The thugs from Westopolis apparently have a bounty on the Questers' heads now.

The Questers are unable to figure out where to go next, then they notice an Eggrobo is watching them and chase it into the forest. They find the ground level of the Final Egg base and decide to take it over for their own use. They get a 'chaos battery' from the shady Al (whom they earlier threatened to turn in for being corrupt) and repower the base.

They hear from the Eggrobo they chased that the Eggman empire was ruined; this is backed up by earlier rumors noting how destroyed Eggman's stuff is. The Questers rest in the Egg-base, then decide to go and find the sunken Egg Carrier. Marley's boat isn't finished though, and he requests a crew mate... Jack the Widowmaker.

The Jack fellow is apparently at some ruins, but the Questers can't find it, so they go to Station Square first. They ask a receptionist, who explains that the 'Lost Ruins' area was closed after the incident which nearly destroyed Station Square. It takes Marley's unusual connections for the Questers to just get in.

The Questers go there, agree to snap photos for an archaeologist, blunder into the middle of an ancient temple, and then find Jack... and some weird white Echidna cultists! Jack explains how they have been chasing him, and the cultists confirm that they followed the Questers in order to get to Jack. It doesn't matter, though, as Jack kills their leader with a lethal turquoise laser from his death staff, and the Questers kill the rest.

The Questers and Jack return to the beach where Marley is. The crew assembled, they man the newly rebuilt ship of Marley's, planning to set out and cross the 'sea of chaos.' In this sea, four airships confront the Questers: one of the Echidna Cultists' ships, and three others from GUN. The Questers engage the ships and repair their ship as they take heavy damage.

Eventually, the Questers cross the sea, hitting another beach, where they meet King Demon and a half-submerged question block. It appears the Questers landed at the Mushroom Kingdom. They wander into Bowser's keep, where a strangely non-hostile Bowser introduces two others to the Questers--Keikyoku, a weird echidna thing; and Michael Kent, some medieval guy.

Bowser also explains that he has a problem; he's given up his destructive ways and plans to marry Daisy in order to create a political alliance that would essentially end the endless feuding between his kingdom and the Mushroom Kingdom, but the Mushroom Kingdom refuses to believe it's true or recognize his idea. Suspiciously, Sarasaland isn't even on Bowser's own map, until the others question him about it.

The Questers asked for more detail, and discovered that the Mario of this world was a crazed maniac, who had attacked Bowser's troops due to a series of hallucinations. The Questers still want more proof, so Bowser takes them to another castle, where Daisy is.

Daisy explains that while she does not love Bowser, she needs Bowser's alliance so as to protect her kingdom. Waluigi and Wario apparently used some strange magic to take Sarasaland off the map and into a sphere of darkness, and strange men would attack Bowser's castle. Her plan is to marry Bowser so as to get Mario to help deal with Waluigi and Wario. This is mostly because Mario still thinks Sarasaland is 'evil' due to the one time he found an evil alien in control of it.

The Questers finally signed on, and so, they met with the Mushroom Kings. The Kings proceeded to incoherently yell at one another. Eventually, they married Daisy and Bowser. Mario then came by and went along with the plan--now that, through whatever bizarro link Bowser had to the Mushroom Kingdom, Daisy was 'related', he would go and save her kingdom from Wario and Waluigi.

The Questers and Mario teamed up, and then went through a weird obstacle course inside a pipe to reach Sarasaland. On the way there, Gibby fell from above and joined the team. The Questers then got to the castle of Sarasaland. Shockingly... those Echidna Cultists were the 'strange men' aiding Wario and Waluigi! The castle was now under their control, too.

Keikyoku idiotically walked up to them, and they, mistaking him for a potential new recruit, chatted him up while the Questers observed the echidnas to be trading their own weapons for Mushroom Kingdom ones. The Questers sneaked upstairs while Keikyoku baffled the guards with his incoherent speech. Up there, they found Waluigi, who was dancing to horrible music. After nearly getting in a fight with him, the Questers and Waluigi came to the realization that something was wrong with Wario--even Waluigi didn't like how things were going.

As Keikyoku idiotically 'joined' the Echidna Cultists, the Questers confronted the emperor of the cultists--Emperor Cylus. Another battle nearly occurred, especially when it became obvious Wario had been brainwashed. But the Emperor instead rewarded the Questers for pointing out Keikyoku was an idiot and would have compromised his operations if he had been allowed to join them.

Cylus then left, for his intent was to rob Sarasaland, not take it over. He also took Wario with him. The Questers and Mario then fled back to the Mushroom Kingdom, while Waluigi fumed at the loss of Wario. The idiotic system of senile kings was replaced with a democracy by Peach, who thanked the Questers for their help. Then the Questers returned to the boat.

The Questers then decided to go back to the 'Sega Continent', and so they did. The Echidna Cultists cleared the way there. But once the Questers landed, they were confronted... by GUN agents, who demanded they join them or be imprisoned. The Questers killed the agents instead. Shortly after they heard of a new battle--the thugs and Echidnas were now attacking Capital City, the heartland of the GUN organization.

The Questers decided to go to Westopolis to 'save' it, but when they came there, they found that Echidna Cultists had taken it over. The Cultists welcomed the Questers on in. The Questers demanded to talk to the leader; so the Cultists warped them to Angel Island, where their King (who was apparently higher in rank than 'Emperor' Cylus?) resided.

The King told the Questers that as long as he got equal representation in a continent-wide council, he would be peaceful. The Questers decided this was fine, and then the King rewarded the Questers for their cooperation. After glancing at a library, the Questers went back to Westopolis. There, smoke was on the horizon. GUN had turned the tides by using walker mechs to fight off the Echidnas... and now they were coming to attack Westopolis!

The Questers ran out to engage these invaders... but these invaders were no normal ones. They were led by Commander Borne, who scoffed at the Questers' threats. The Questers, in turn, scoffed at him.

It didn't end well.

Borne killed all of the Questers but one; that one, Keikyoku, managed to just barely defeat Borne. Though Borne managed to escape anyway; just one Quester, a new one at that, was less than effective at ensuring Borne would be blown up. The Questers, later, woke up in a Westopolis hospital.

There, a GUN man wandered in... with a white flag. Apparently, Borne was a crazed strategist who had taken over GUN; the civilian government had been crushed. And now, in this time of war, the civilian government had come to ask the Questers and Cultists to retake Capital City; in exchange, they will get some of GUN's land.

The Questers (mostly) agreed, however they felt the answer was to aid some other man they found near Capital City. By confronting Borne, they could neatly defeat the takeover in one stroke. The Questers then went and broke into GUN HQ in Capital City, and raided some office supplies. They eventually then found their way into the basement of the HQ, where Borne had been hiding out and preparing to launch some sort of super-mech.

Deloth and the Questers rejected Borne's offer for them to join him. Instead Deloth tried to warp in and take the activation device from Borne. Borne had a backup, and activated it when Deloth unsuccessfully tried to break his arm. Borne proceeded to beat Deloth up. Then Borne healed himself of what few wounds he had obtained.

After some more arguing, Borne tricked Keikyoku into the field and escaped the area. With Deloth and Keikyoku trapped, the Questers up above (who were on their way to Westopolis after Borne activated his weaponry) got to see... Borne's massive mecha raise from the ground. The mech made short work of the civilian GUN rebels, then began stomping its way to Westopolis, while the Questers chased it.

The Questers were then intercepted by... Commander Borne, who prevented them from getting at the mecha, but exploded after a short confrontation. Despite killing Borne, the Questers had failed; the mech reached Westopolis and began smashing it to pieces, and worse yet, GUN ships were now blowing up the Echidna home base on Angel Island.

Marley and Jack came over and offered to try and raise an old Egg Carrier to settle the score with the super-mech. A new Quester appeared as well; some angelic person named Flaeyn. The main Quester group chose to ride an Echidna airship to the mech and then blow it up via its vents. Meanwhile, Deloth and Keikyoku made their way out of the GUN building. They checked out some relics from a GUN-Eggman war on the way, then met up with the others.

Long story short, the Questers rode to the big mech, then some got trapped in the cockpit while Keikyoku thought to rip a missile out of it and blow up the engine with it. The Echidna ship picked them up (after the trapped Questers escaped) and then they went to deal with GUN on Angel Island.

Only to discover that Borne had fooled them all the way, and was now well on his way to destroy the Echidna people and take over Westopolis. The Questers arrived at Angel Island, and there they saw the wreckage. Marley explained that Borne was no ordinary foe--he was most likely a descendent of 'Mad Men' whom had been hired by GUN, long ago, to defeat Eggman when he took over most of the world. The Mad Men had been killed when they, too, became a problem--but descendants like Borne had been thought improbable. Now, of course, the birds had come back to roost, and Borne was making a mess.

Various options were discussed, including chaos emeralds (which were dismissed as 'too dangerous' and 'containers of evil' by those native to the SEGA region of this unknown planet) but it came down to going to the East to a continent populated by the 'Vring' as they were called. The Questers boarded the Echidna ship and went on their way; Deloth's mental state began to decay from the recent losses to GUN as a strange sentient scarecrow joined the Questers mid-flight.

The Questers landed on the Eastern Continent, which turned out to be far more advanced than was expected; a person named Trevor owned the Arctic base the Questers landed at. The Questers decided to trade tech with this mysterious person, so as to aid their fight against Borne.

Trevor began fixing the Questers' ship, while they checked out the city to the South. The group then went and fetched some illegal weaponry from the 'Feds' there to help Trevor. After they beat up some Federal agents, they went on their way back to the base... though on the way, they encountered and fled from a radioactive power plant guarded by a bizarre super-cyborg.

The Questers and Trevor made their plan to overthrow Borne; Trevor equipped his outdated helicopters with super-advanced Echidna floating technology, and then the group made to destroy Borne's forces.

It didn't go as planned. The helicopters killed some of Borne's men, but Borne's new flamethrower-equipped, rebuilt mech toasted some helicopters in return. Trevor used his superior handling ability to heavily damage the mech's face and front 'paws', but Borne blasted the copter away. The Questers decapitated the mech, but it merely stood up and launched a melted hand directly into the Quester's airship.

After a scuffle which went from airship, to mech, to near Capital City's edge, Borne eventually self-destructed, but not without incoherently babbling about 'Avengers' and killing Eggman, who he thought might have returned. Most likely the blow to his head had damaged his brain. In any case, Trevor and the Questers had succeeded.

Marley rejoined GUN, and David Hale, the civilian GUN guy, reclaimed GUN. Peace was made with GUN and the Echidnas... and the Questers decided to go to Christmas Island, in search of treasure and rest. There, Deloth ran into the hills to chill while the Questers dug out an ancient path.

Deep inside the base, in the ruins of 'Marble Zone', was the wreckage of an old temple. Within that were many golden statues... with dangerous gems in them. Jack aimed to loot them all and make a fortune, but instead wound up with only 3, after Flaeyn and Keikyoku wound up summoning an army of undead by taunting the statues too much.

Jack then took the group to Station Square, near the half-sunken wreck of the Egg Carrier. They squabbled some more over what to do, then eventually made to sell the statues; only they failed that, as the one buyer was one of Trevor's men, and the Questers rejected that. They next took the statues to Tails, only to discover that the statues cursed whoever had them to die.

The statues also apparently were what had caused the chaos that sucked the Questers into this mess; and the only way to right the chaos which Eggman had started was to return these statues to a secret island temple they belonged to.

To help do this, the Questers returned to the base with the undead and remaining statues; to their horror, they found the base had been reactivated by the undead machines inside. They fought through the monsters, then deactivated the magic curse with... a strange anti-magic skeleton that appeared to be Eggman's.

The Questers nearly had the whole set, but one of the statues was still in Jack's possession. They caught up with Jack and learned he had sold the statue to the 'Feds', and the Feds were now using an ancient spell from the statue to wage war on Trevor's faction. The Questers met with the Feds and decided to trade Trevor's death for the statue the Feds had; they also learned the 'Feds' were related to Carrington Institute and their link was John Dark, one of the Carrington Institute's star agents.

The Questers went to the 'Away Base' of Carrington Institute, where Daniel Carrington explained the situation: Trevor was using his teleporter and advanced technology to besiege the Feds. The Questers then went to undo the damage by killing Trevor with some suitcase bombs.

It wasn't that simple; they got to Trevor's main teleporter and blew up one of his henchmen, but Trevor himself was too much to handle. The Questers managed to blow up Trevor's master teleportation machine before it could be used to destroy the Feds, but lost some of their members in the process. Trevor, who had revealed himself to be Trevelyan, took them hostage in the confusion.

The Questers were in a bind; the Feds suggested they just give Trevelyan what he wanted (10 power cells), but then Jack the widowmaker volunteered to kill Trevelyan instead. Everyone went along with it, and Jack warped on over. Except for an instance where a weird badge Trevelyan had protected him from a deathray, it was entirely one-sided. Jack killed Trevelyan without trouble.

The Questers got their statue back from CI as a reward, then took it to 'The Island' where they had already returned the other statues. There, they revitalized some sort of 'Oracle' system and got various vague answers to their questions through using it. One of those answers told them that Metal Man, or something like him, was on a continent over to the West.

That visit did not go well. They were attacked by Vylch. Vylch was some sort of nano-vampire, who not only hated Metal Man's guts, but also had bizarre unstealable guns and beat the Questers up. The Questers regrouped back at the boat, then decided to go to GUN HQ to heal up after that painful experience. Then they checked out the Final Egg Base. They argued about whether or not to take the Eggrobo's offer of 'reactivating parts of the damaged Super Death Egg', then ultimately decided to go to the mysterious Northern Continent Jack had warned about them instead of messing with Eggman stuff.

Jack told the Questers to fetch a genius from this continent, so as to make the recently salvaged Egg Carrier capable of dealing with Vylch. They found Oak instead; the Oak of this realm had nothing of use except information that Bill could help the Questers. And really annoying Pokedexes that were overused and did nothing but say "ERROR: Not a Pokemon" most of the time.

After many, MANY encounters with robot-like Pokemon trainers, the Questers eventually found Bill and took him back. They also traded their freaky anti-magic Eggman skeleton for a fossil... unwittingly gaining the ire of Giovanni of Team Rocket in the process.

The Questers dropped off Bill so he could fix up the Egg Carrier, and then after some bickering between Deloth and Aribar over that time Alexia went nuts and said she loved Aribar, the group finally went back to the Final Egg and took up the Eggrobo on his offer to go to the Super Death Egg. *Whew.* *Inhales.* Once they reached the ruined Super Death Egg, they had Panzer make a few corridors breathable. Then they discovered somebody was living there... none other than some strange person who spoke in Red Text, then dumped them back to the Final Egg Base.

There, Jesse and James of Team Rocket... utterly failed to defeat the Questers, and got blasted away.

The Questers then ran, er, boated back to the Oracle. There, they got... no real answers. Well, that, and Panzer discovered there was a continent of reploids, due south of Continia. Then she tired to figure out more about Red Text... that didn't go well. Red Text remotely controlled the Oracle, preventing any information about him from being discovered. So the Questers returned to indecision and arguing, while they repaired the shuttle they had been warped back from the Super Death Egg in and waited impatiently for the Egg Carrier to be skyworthy.

The next day, the Egg Carrier was nearly skyworthy, but needed further repair; so it and the Questers (sans Panzer) limped down to the Final Egg hangar to use what remaining parts there were to get it working. There... an unknown man took Keikyoku hostage, and a scuffle ensured--at least, until it became clear the man was Garrick. Everybody spoke with one another while Keikyoku remained annoyed; but then a new threat attacked the base...

Giovanni. The Questers thought they could take him, until he unleashed Mewtwo, who proceeded to crush the Questers. It all looked to be over, Then...

...Dr. Eggman punched out Giovanni and controlled Mewtwo into banishing Team Rocket. He then spoke of allying with the Questers... at least until Red Text warped him out, revealing he had just been a puppet. But on the good side... Mewtwo escaped to freedom. The Questers then proceeded to debate what had exactly happened with an Eggrobo that was, most likely, controlled by Red Text.

The Questers then split up for a bit. Garrick aided Jack in fighting the remnants of Trevelyan's group--now named HYDRA. They flew to Continia and took out the HYDRA base, although the Mysterious Man got in the way again; only Red Text's intervention saved Jack and Garrick from the man's powerful lightning... by blasting the Mystery Man with lightning via the Egg Carrier.

The other Questers took Deloth to a Capital City doctor; the doctor tried to fix Deloth's condition, but the stress underlying it was too much for him to remove. Deloth was left there at the hospital as the Questers went to the Mario Continent. There, they earned a few coins at Mario Land, heard tips about finding the Pure Element from Toadsworth, and then watched Luigi and Waluigi compete in mini-games.

After tiring of that, the Questers met up with Sonic and discussed theories about finding Eggman (who was last seen during that one-off appearance fighting Giovanni.) After that, they went to investigate something weird with the Egg Carrier--green slime. The slime was Vylch, who reformed and demanded to know where Metal Man was; Jack scoffed and removed him with a magnet and a warp, and then the Questers went to Angel Island to ask the Echidna King about Pure Element. After getting some info, they went back to Continia to deal with remnants of HYDRA.

Eggman finally got a radio through to the Questers, and the Questers decided to give him the ability to control the Egg Carrier, shortly before they went with Jack and defeated the team of Mecha Zangief and General Ourumov. The Questers went back to their ship, only to find Eggman at the controls--Eggman had used the override to outsmart Red Text and warped Jack away. He was free for real, now.

Now free, Eggman allied himself with the Questers, then began building a base on the desolate Western Continent where Vylch once was. There was some friction, but Eggman managed to smooth it over by noting he would only fight the Questers once Red Text was dealt with. Deloth went berserk and was locked away after this, however.

The Questers then went with a plan Eggman made to defeat Red text. The Questers pretended they had captured Eggman so as to turn him in; but instead of Eggman, Red Text got a warp jammer. The warp jammed, Eggman took control. Jack was sent to deal with Eggman, but even he was no match for the warp-possessing Eggman.

After that, the Questers and Eggman decided to investigate the Maverick Continent. Eggman, in his usual style, got into many battles with Mavericks. Vile warped aboard to try and stop him, but the Questers threw Vile overboard after beating him up some. After that, Eggman, the Questers, and the damaged Egg Carrier made a rendevous with Maverick Hunter HQ.

The remaining soldier there explained how weird, non-Reploid robots had been decimating the few remaining Maverick Hunters. The Egg Carrier itself was low on power, so the Questers chose to fight on foot. Even when they found and got Zero's help, however, it was very difficult. Panzer joined up with the group, but upon figuring out her unit, Repliforce, was dead, became less than helpful.

After a bunch of discussions and arguing, the Questers wondered about the location of X. To their surprise, they detected he was on another continent--and so, they went off to find him. This entailed breaking into a Maverick facility, launching a satellite, then using the satellite to locate X--who was in the desert of Continia. Huh. Of course, they rode with the satellite and hopped aboard the Red Text satellite.

There, two Vylches accosted them, along with the real one. While Jack had betrayed Red text, he'd left those two clones and Vylch as a 'present.' The Questers nearly lost the unwinnable battle--but then got the aid of Vylch, who didn't believe in what Red text had told him to do. Red Text then stopped the fighting, as it had all been a test. The Questers had passed, and so, were allowed to leave with Vylch to go get X.

But upon stepping on the warp... the Questers wound up in a festive winter wonderland. The time had come... it was... Christmas. The Questers chilled out and got new equipment from Santa Claus, then defeated an easy obstacle course with them, and finished it off by drinking hot chocolate and making a Christmas tree.

That nice distraction oevr with, the Questers warped to a lab on Continia to try and get X free. Instead they encountered James Bond, who stole X and led the Questers on a crazy car chase. James Bond got away with X. Then, to make matters worse, Red Text hijacked the Egg Carrier. It was all over until...

Deloth randomly changed personalities and defeated Red Text's program, then went back to normal. Weird...

Things remained bad, however, as some crazed people stole the tube holding the infamous Nanite Metal Sonic. The Questers rescued the evil bot's prison, then sicced Joanna Dark and Sonic on James Bond. It was looking bad, until... the Questers explained to Bond that he had been fooled. Outraged, Bond drove off and left X to the Questers; he wasn't going to let Red Text get away with what he had done.

The Questers then continued their reploid oddyssee, going out and reviving X. X revealed that Sigma was dead and that, as a result, the Mavericks were being controlled by something else. The Questers confronted Vile over this... but then Vile decided to just take over the Mavericks as a result. The Questers chased him to the headquarters of these 'fake Mavericks'; there, the fake Sigma avoided being killed by Vile. For Vile decided he had to kill the Questers first.

Vile failed to kill the Questers and self-destructed, blowing up the command room. The Questers then went back in and found the fake Sigma, who gave interesting clues as to what he truly was. At least, until Flaeyn stupidly blew him up. While Flaeyn made excuses, the Questers made their way into the weird mines under the base.

In the mines, the Questers fought more non-Reploid foes, then discovered a computer base. A meteor was being guided from there, towards the planet. The Questers blew up the computer base, but were then attacked by Vol Opt 4.0, who took a ton of hits before eventually dying. After defeating Vol Opt, they received congrats from Red Text--this was test #2. Or maybe it was just a ploy to kill time, as apparently, James Bond had done well at occupying all his time with attacks.

The Questers then went back to Maverick Hunter HQ and upgraded their weapons. They also scared off a failure of a would-be Quester, Kuji, who was petrified and left in the Egg Carrier as a statue.

The group once again hit the Pokemon Continent, where everything had been reset from the last time they had appeared, strangely. Except for Giovanni, who was using a hole in reality near Viridian Forest to super-power his pokemon. The Questers accidentally reminded him of the events Mewtwo had made him forget, causing him to summon super-powered fossils to beat up the Questers. (Since the Questers had 'wanted their fossils back', heh.)

More hijinks ensued, and eventually the Questers found Red (the pokemon trainer), who wished to leave the crazed realm. But the only person to beat Red, Gold, attacked! The Questers were in trouble... until Eggman blew away Gold with the lightning bolt weapon on the Egg Carrier.

The Questers left the glitched Kanto; Red told the Questers of how a cataclysmic event had sent his realm to where it is now, and messed it up in the process. Eggman then gave the Questers a new ship. The Questers took the new ship out to investigate a strange distress beacon on an island. They went there, only to be repulsed by two corrupted space ships piloted by Vol Opts.

But they had something else to do; Eggman had found a weird underwater base. Panzer aided the group in exploring it, and once inside, they discovered a (now no longer canon) backstory explaining how Metal Man was 'Caldon Bell', some sort of researcher. In this weird backstory, Vylch was also pointed out as Metal Man's enemy.

The Questers then went to try for the island with Vol Opts on it again; this time they succeeded, with the Egg Carrier's help. On the island they found Galactic Federation equipment; they had been drawn to this planet by Red Text's distress calls. The Questers helped them identify where Red Text was, killed off some more Vol Opt/Dark beings, and made an alliance with the Federation (to destroy Red Text), then left.

The Questers contacted Samus, and learned nothing new. They also heard about Deloth's backstory. Eventually James Bond warped in and offered a trade--Deloth's DNA to make a teleporter with in exchange for a secret about Red Text he had stolen. Keikyoku then acted really stupid and the Questers paid James Bond to kill him.

James Bond killed Keikyoku, then later he and the Questers met up and went to finish the trade. James Bond (with E. Gadd's help) created a portal; meanwhile, Red Text mercilessly repelled the Galactic Federation attack against him, using some sort of Goldeneye-like deathray. Then, in his anger, Red Text sent an entire army of robots to stop the Questers and James Bond; Peach's castle instantly began a battleground.

James Bond went to escape, but Aribar decided to switch to Red Text's side and then failed to stop him. The portal then exploded, KOing E. Gadd and making a mess. A bit later, the Questers put out the fires and asked E. Gadd what was up. E. Gadd explained that Red Text was using all the ancient temples on the planet to control the planet's energy, hence the beam, hence the 'secret' James Bond had decided to let the Questers know about.

Then Marley, after a many-session hiatus (well, from the foreground), contacted the QuesterS: Jack had been captured and told the whole story of Red Text to them. And tell he did; the Questers heard the whole story.

Red Text was using the entire planet's energy to power a massive Goldeneye-style weapon; he plotted to use it to stop the huge meteor 'Dark Force' (leader of the Vol Opts) was sending in. But there was one problem--it risked blowing up the planet by drawing too much energy from it at once. Deloth, meanwhile, kept flaking out. Digi texted Red Text and got a sligth agreement--if the Dark Meteor was destroyed, then Red Text would not destroy the planet. (...Though he had said he wanted to protect the planet, anyway.)

Deloth totally lost it, becoming insane and lashing out at everything around him in Capital City. But then... the mysterious force which occasionally took control of Deloth got full control. This force used his shape-shifting powers to become human, then promised... to aid the Questers? The Questers and ??? (person controlling Deloth) then upgraded the Egg Carrier to be spaceworthy, so they could carry out their last major missions of the season.

The Questers and the "Super" Egg Carrier flew into space; there, they shot down a slew of ships that were defending the Dark Meteor. The Questers broke into the Dark Meteor and took an elevator down, finding Dark Force himself.

Dark Force didn't care for the Questers; he blasted them and tried to corrupt them with his evil. The Questers planted a bomb (which Eggman had given them) on Dark Force... but Dark Force merely set it to be so powerful that it'd blow away their planet if it went off! Defeated, the Questers retreated to figure a new plan out.

The new plan consisted of Eggman blasting his way through the Dark Meteor, to the control center. Meanwhile, Samus blasted Dark Force so he couldn't stop them. It was all fine, until the Masked Man/Mysterious Man showed up to stop the Questers. He proved to be unstoppable, until, inexplicably, he defected from Dark Force and flew off into space.

Victorious, the Questers, Eggman, Samus, and Galactic Federation flew off, just as the Dark Meteor flew into space and blew up, defeated.

The Questers then went to power up for their final battle with Red Text; to do so, they sought magic, and technology. One group went to Luigi's house and loaded up on magic books, then another went to the shops of Toad Town and got a bunch of healing items. Another group went to get 'Technology' and instead got royally beaten up by a Maverick named 'Claw' on the Maverick Continent.

After much waffling and discussion with Marley, the Questers took a warp... to Red Text's satellite. After bypassing several floors of trapped house appliances, they finally met him. Or I should say, a wall, behind which text appeared. Walls of text were exchanged; Red Text revealed he had been a former Quester and expected the Questers to kill him, and his goal was to protect the world from being destroyed.

The Questers chose, surprisingly, to stop being his enemy; all save Deloth. Red Text then revealed that Deloth was, indeed, possessed, and that teleportation, an evil thing which threatened the universe, had come in through the being on Deloth. Given no choice, Deloth eventually agreed to be freed from the being's presence. A healing beam hit Deloth, and... the being appeared.

It was Ivan Robotnik, back from the dead! Ivan spoke of how he would save the world, but it became clear he actually meant to corrupt it. His 'device' broke due to not working in the current world's physics; in his desperation, he powered up, threatening to destroy Red Text so his vision of 'Nintopia' and the old world could return, in all its corrupted glory!

After exchanging many, MANY blows, the Questers and Ivan finished their battle; Ivan faded out, utterly defeated. He and his Void-like powers were to never be experienced again, thanks to the real Ivo Robotnik finishing Ivan off with a pistol shot. The Questers then returned to the planet, and the credits rolled... ending the season. Red Text also reorganized the world with his world-controlling Goldeneye beam, and removed all traces of teleportation from the realm, helping to ensure this would not repeat.

Or did he?

Plot Analysis

In order to explain this MASSIVE cycle, I'll make an abridged version of the plot summary. Consider it a 'speed run' as you will.

The first segment was the Questers vs. GUN and tyranny. The Questers landed, got lost, decided they hated Borne, went to the Mushroom Kingdom, cleaned that up, blew up Borne, and discovered an Eastern Continent in the process.

Next began the Trevor, Jack, and Statues arc; here the Questers aided Jack in becoming a millionaire, herded a bunch of prophetic super-statues into their employ, and various aided, then destroyed Trevor/Trevelyan for betraying them.

Next began Red Text/Robotnik arc, in which the Questers raised and repaired the Egg Carrier, discovered Red Text was some guy who had been herding them around and had mysterious goals, and then began a sub-arc revolving around destroying Dark Force, whom had hijacked the Mavericks and had planned to take over the planet.

The final act resulted in a visit to Red Text himself, whom the Questers initially wanted to destroy but eventually decided to help. In the process they discovered Deloth (who had been freaking out all Cycle long) had been possessed by someone from the old world, Ivan Robotnik.

They then brutally killed Ivan, who was apparently more a servant of The Void than good. Then Red Text used his mystery power at last to save the world from being corrupted.

That wasn't too bad, was it? That's because this cycle begins a new trend--STORY. Remember how earlier stuff would give me (and probably you) splitting headaches to make sense of? No more! It's just very thick, but the beauty is that it can be summed up really quick-like when necessary.

Anyway, now to analyze it. It's pretty simple; this is the rebuttal to all that crunked up nonsense from earlier Seasons. Back then, the Questers were superheroes, and could not be questioned. Their actions were always right; they killed all who disagreed. They also had endless bickering within themselves and were only a group because their leader beat and cajoled it into them.

Here, the gloves were taken away. No leader meant them beating eachother up, rifts forming, and people like Deloth losing their mind from the lack of stability. Moreso, the world this was put in had powers of its own. The Questers could not alter it without aid from these powers--despite being a group of people, they were not supermen, and could not change the world on their own--unlike before.

So in this world, the Questers chose to waffle endlessly. They had yet to figure out WHAT they wanted, so early on, they bounced between being radical anti-establishment rebels and neutral interlopers. Over time they grew the maturity they had been lacking--taking issues more seriously and avoiding idiotic 'kill them all' solutions. In the end they eventually realized they had been wrong. Instead of killing all who had revealed their mistake, they merely looked for the true foe and defeated them instead.

This Season, er, Cycle is one of many good ones, in my opinion. It gets a bit thick. But if you read a little at a time, it isn't too thick. My only complaint is with my missing characterization to Metal Man; the stupid tacked on backstory I made up for him had to be ripped off just a Cycle or two later, as it sucked. Additionally I didn't handle continuity between the 'Echidna Emperor' and 'Echidna King' very well, as well I sort of had amnesia about Kanto, resulting in deja vu.

But on the whole this is one of the few things I've been pleased with, and so, don't have much else to note. Well, there's the original characters Marley and Jack, who actually have personalities, and Red Text, who successfully pulls off being a neutral interloper... and... oh, right. Keikyoku and Oushi.

They were actually fairly amusing to see play out, as the SSQ^2 world had no qualms with destroying them. Of course, Oushi's death/disappearance occurs next cycle. Anyway, this is a decent cycle. It subverts that built-up nonsense I'd been overusing and reinvented SSQ. As a result, SSQ:I lives today; without this refreshing change, SSQ would have ended in a cloud of Space Goku-esque nonsense.

Although the one problem is it gets a bit too convoluted at times, so... it may not be the best if you aren't ready to go through some really complex plot.

The unifying theme of it all is that you can't pretend you're the good guys and just get what you want any more; also, some themes of betrayal and conflicts between nations. It also demonstrates the effects of multiple different cultures/leaders on one another. There's also a lot of gray vs. gray battles, where good and evil become sort of forgotten attributes.

It speaks for itself, beyond that. To be honest, there's not much to explain; it's much better at explaining itself than the other junky stuff I've commented on.

After checking out the cast, I have one more thing to say: it's just deeper in general. Twice the characters, twice the dialogue, twice the plots... yeah. I'll have to edit my routines for making these Commentaries to keep from being bogged down whenever I encounter SSQ^2 logs.

Word Map (Made by Wordle)

Whoops, the one below was made incorrectly. Not much different from this one--however, the importance of old things, energy, GUN, and fire appears in here. This one is also better for comparing old Seasons to this one--they're made the same way, for one.

You can tell how different this Cycle is from SSQ's Seasons right here. Right off the bat, the usual words which dominate are nowhere to be seen. Dragoshi tries and fails to take over this map, instead being eclipsed by Robotnik, Keikyoku, Deloth, Digi, Aribar, Garrick, Panzer, Red Text, and Flaeyn. Rightfully so, as those characters were very talkative/did a lot, unlike him; in his apathy, he sort of stopped doing... anything.

Life and death, James Bond, Borne, Jack, and weird things also dominate this season's text. This is a very mechanical season, with guns, robots, and machines popping up. Some awareness of the planet is hinted, and rooms appear a lot. Power and damaging things also is important.

In conclusion, this is a season of fighting, life and death, and a number of characters who dominate rather than the old fashioned 'Dragoshi in every mission.' Julian and Dragoshi are slowly fading away, along with the relics of SSQ 1, as this cycle goes on; I expect to see them even less as time goes on. No offense to them or their players, but... their characters were always sort of relics, and they never really fit in fully with SSQ^2.

Cast (In order of Appearance)

This shouldn't be too bad...

Deloth - Quester - Catmandevilivanrobotniksuicidalthing
"Lance" Chance` - Quester - Lingering Trace of SSQ 1
Digifanatic - Quester - Wishes you'd stop calling him his nickname
Trigger - Quester - Inactive Nintendo Master
Aribar - Quester - Red Text Supporter
Dragoshi - Quester - Drago-yoshi out of wat-err, SSQ 1
Policeman/David McClintock - Capital City Policeman - Twisty Mustache Guy
Man - GUN Citizen - They're maniacs, I tells ya!
"Human" - GUN Officer - We're GUN!
"Hedgehog" - GUN Officer - Official of Emigration
Big Al - Thug Leader - Money Murderer
Thug - Thug Peon - Nobody Blocker
??? #1 - Casino Owner - Fancy Cash Handler
Marley - Ex-GUN Commander - Exposition McFisherman

??? #2 - Thug Leader - I only Tell my Name to DEAD people
Thug 1 - Thug Peon - Rhyming Annoyance
Thug 2 - Thug Peon - HAHAHAHAAAAA
Thug 3 - Thug Peon - Really dumb
Thug 4 - Thug Peon - 'Special'
Thug 5 - Thug Peon - ...
Receptionist - Station Square Parts Co. Person - Really Wants Help from Tails
Librarian - Capital City Librarian - Library Cardholders ONLY
Julian - Quester - Perpetually Doesn't Know What's Going On
Woman - Airport Desk Lady - Call Tails, I'm not Interested
Franz - Helicopter Pilot - Weird Accent Guy in the Sky
Tails - Sonic's Friend - That Guy Who Tells You You've Messed Up

Big - Sonic's Friend - Random Useless Cat Guy
Robot/Eggbot/Eggrobo - Eggman Robot - Unit 129, Loyal Eggrobo

Receptionist #2 - Hotel Receptionist - Not different from the other one, really
Man #2 - Station Square Train Station Guy - Treasure Hunter Blocker
Cedric - Anthropologist - Picture Wanter
Jack "The Widowmaker" - Ex-GUN Commander - Misanthropic Anthropologist Maniac
Cultist - Echidna Cultist - Waits for you to Leave Your Post
Cultist 2 - Echidna Cultist - Not our Leader!
Cultist 3 - Echidna Cultist - Sign of the Gods-seeker

Cultist #2 - Echidna Cultist - Area Enforcer
GUN Captain - GUN Captain - One-shot Guy
King Demon - Quester - The Rarely Seen One
Hammer Brother - Koopa Troop - Greeter
Bowser - Koopa King - Quasi-Refined Quasi-Dignitary
Keikyoku - Quester - Natty Blight On Reality
Michael Kent - Quester - Rare REN FAIRE GUY Appeared!

Daisy - Sarasaland Princess - Shows Bowser who's Boss
King 1 - Mushroom King - King of Lawnmowers filled with Beer
King 2 - Mushroom King - Trapped in Disneyland, Mentally
King 3 - Mushroom King - Mostly Deaf Guy
Mario - Mushroom Kingdom 'Defender' - Shroom-Abusing Lunatic
Peach - Mushroom Kingdom Princess - Stately Quasi-Stateswoman
Gibby - Quester - Bittersweet Last Appearance of an Old Quester
Cultist #3 - Echidna Cultist - More Dang Pallete Swap Cultists, Dangit
Waluigi - Luigi-hating Tennis Jerk - WAAAA! *Eyelasers*

Emperor Cylus - Echidna Cult Emperor - Elite Negotiator
Wario - Anti-Mario - A Pawn in Cylus' Scheme
Subordinate - Echidna Cultist - Advertises Westopolis
GUN Soldier - Sub-Commander - Surrender or Surrender
GUN Soldier #2 - GUN Soldier - Alien fearer
GUN Soldier 2 - GUN Soldier - Kill it Kill it!
Thug 2 #2 - Thug Peon - Failed Walk Blocker
Cultist #4 - Echidna Cultist - Enough of these guys for your taste, already?
Echidna King - Echidna Cult King - Weirdly, not Related to Cylus

Guard - Echidna Cult Guard - King's Protector
Warp Attendant - Echidna Cultist - He Warps Things
??? #3 - Echidna Cultist - Ran out of identical names, perhaps?
Commander Borne - GUN Commander - Doesn't Take Anyone's BS
Soldier - GUN Soldier - Window Cleaner
Soldier 2 - GUN Soldier - Shoots people when they're Down
Soldier 3 - GUN Soldier - Puts on Sunglasses
Leader - Echidna Cultist Leader - Now I'M confused as to who's the leader
David Hale - Ex-GUN Commander - Weenie that got steamrolled by Borne

Guard #2 - GUN Guard - Dumb as a Flying Rock
Guard 2 - GUN Guard - Doesn't Know
Guard 3 - GUN Guard - Idiotic Timeshare Guy
Robot - GUN Robot - Failed Usurper

Commander Borne? - Fake GUN Commander - Fear me, eh?
Echidna - Echidna Cult Pilot - They Have No Name, Apparently
Flaeyn - Quester - Yurie Impersonator, Idiot who Touches Statues
??? #4 - Telephone Operator - Press 411 to be Connected to a Dead Telephone

Attendant - Echidna Cult Attendant - The King has a lot of Men
Scarecrow - Quester - Left due to lack of Corn
Trevor/Trevelyan - Cossack Traitor - Teleporting Terrorist

Jim the Gouger - Trevelyan Goon - Prefers to Let Others Do His Work
Shopkeep - New Chicago Shopkeeper - Innocent Gun Hawker
Computer Salesbot - New Chicago Shopkeeper - Eighty Zillion Gigaflops
Man 1 - Federal Guardsman - Handless Wonder
Man 2 - Federal Guardsman - Skeptical Handyman
Scientist - Trevelyan Goon - Source of the Teleporter Madness
??? #5/The Masked Man/The Mysterious Man - ??? - Melancholic Magic-Wielding Destroyer
Soldier #2 - GUN Soldier - Not Genre Saavy

Pilot - Trevelyan Goon - Weird Floaty Vehicle Controller

??? #6 - Evil Dyne Statue Spirit - FLAEN GNAH KNEE TAA ZOE... FLAEN GNAH KNEE TAA ZOE...

??? #7 - Anthropologist - Too Poor To Have A Name
???2 - Art Snob - Dislikes Old Statues
???3 - Trevelyan Goon - Undead Army Buyer

Computer - Possessed Eggman Computer - LQWNQWLQWNQWL!@!
Statues - Dyne-Possessed Evil Statues - Yes, They Talk... in Gibberish!
Johnathan Dark - Carrington Institute Spy - Down and Dirty Fighter
Daniel Carrington - Carrington Institute Head - Thinks this place is Mess

??? #8 - Trevelyan Goon - Had Enough of the Unnamed People yet?
Andrew - Quester - Serial 4th Wall Murderer
CI Soldier - Carrington Institute Soldier - Backup Guy

Mr. Sheet - Duplighost - Nice Doopliss Doppelganger

Vylch - Otherworldly Nanite Vampire - VLAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

Professor Oak - Kanto Pokemon Professor - Needs New Glasses
Pokedex - Annoying Pokemon Identification Device - Error: Not a Pokemon.
??? #9 - Kanto Person - Robotic path praiser
Shopkeeper #2 - Kanto Shopkeep - Get yer 2 pokedollars per tiny gold fragment!
Gary Oak - Kanto Gym Leader - NO GOING IN MY GYM WITHOUT POKEMON!!!
Old Man - Kanto #@TgyHJ$@ - Hole in Reality
??? #10 - Kanto Bug Catcher - Bug Liker
Nurse - Kanto Pokemon Center Nurse - Captain Obvious
Brock - Kanto Gym Leader - ... -_-
??? #11 - Kanto Idiotic Gardener - Shoo! Shoo!
??? #12 - Yet Another Kanto Pokemon Trainer - Zzz...
??? #13 - Team Rocket Poacher - Likes Anti-Magic Skeletons
???s #14, 15, whatever - Team Rocket Grunts - Gonna whip Your Eyes out!
Bill - Kanto Pokemon Researcher - Creator of the ULTRA LIGHTNING GUN
Jesse - Rocket Failure - Half-Competent
James - Rocket Failure - More Useful as a Weapon
Giovanni - Team Rocker Leader - *Dramatically grabs the commentary and crushes it in his hand*

Computer #2 - Super Death Egg Computer - Big Brother of the Messed Up Scrap Brain One
Red Text - Mysterious 'Benefactor' - The Guiding Hand of Confusion

Oracle - Dyne/Red Text Corroded Ancient Device - Likes to Trick People
Glyde - Maverick Hunter - One, maybe Two-shot appearance

Robot #2 - Egg Carrier Co-Pilot Bot - Another short-lived Appearance
Garrick Fy'arr - Quester - Angry Hostage-Taker
Mewtwo - Super Pokemon - Tragically Controlled by Giovanni
Dr. Ivo Robotnik - The Eggman - Doesn't Tolerate Poseurs
Rocket - Team Rocket Grunt - Whoa, a named one!

??? #16 bazillion - HYDRA/Trevelyan Goon - Mecha Failure
Dr. Randall - Capital City Clinic Doc - Stress Describer
Toad - Mushroom Kingdom Guy - Mario Land Curator
Yoshi - Mario's 'Friend' - Waluigi Fighter
Luigi - Mario's Brother - Magic Collector
Toadsworth - Peach's Retainer - Amateur Magic Historian

Sonic - The Hedgehog - Mysteriously Absent Most of the Time
Shopkeeper #3 - Echidna Cult Shopkeep - No Touchy Touchy!
General Ourumov - Russian Traitor - Fight Quester For Make Great Victory?!
Mecha Zangief - I Wanna Be The Guy - ROAAAAAARRRRR!!!!
Mendev - HYDRA Goon - Engine Failure

??? #17 bazillion/Desk Guy/Reploid/Repairman - Maverick Hunter Coordinator - Also A drinkmeister
??2 #2 & ??3 #2 - Maverick Ship Pilots - On the wrong side of Eggman's Deathrays
Vile - Head Maverick - Relentless anti-Quester Fiend

Zero - Maverick Hunter - Angry Anti-Sigma
Omega Robot - Deranged Mining Drone - Possessed by Dark Force

??? #18 bazillion - Maverick Ship Pilot - Another Hapless Victim
Vylch 2 - Evil RT Vylch Clone - Die Period.
Vylch 3 - Evil RT Vylch Clone - 10101010

Santa Claus - Chris Kringle - Patron Saint of Christmas
Natalie & Raena - Questers - Spoiled Girl & Foulmouthed Renamon Team

Guard #3 - Federal Guard - Found Something Weird
Scientist - Federal Scientist - Teleporter Expert
Bond - James Bond - Takes the Golden Rule And Throws It Off A Cliff
Soldier #3 - Federal Soldier - Status Reporter
Deloth? - ??? - Quester-Helping Mystery (See Last Entry)
Joanna Dark - Carrington Institute Spy - Bond Stopper

Megaman X - Maverick Hunter - Grippy Peacenik
Sigma - Past Maverick Leader - Permanently Failed
Reploid #2 - Maverick Grenadier - Tragically Exploded
Grenadier - Maverick Grenadier - Self-Destructor
Fake Sigma - Dark Force Puppet - Idiotically Destroyed By Flaeyn

Computer #3 - Mining Computer - Hijacked by Dark Force
Vol Opt 3/4 - Mining Machine - Dark Force's Favorite Deathmachine

Kuji - Failed Quester - You Just Don't Want To Help or Grow!
Ash's Mom/"Delilah" - Kanto Glitchy Person - The Only Person Julian Hits On
Man #3 - Kanto Glitchy Person - Zzz... Zzz...
Rockets 1-3 - Team Rocket Grunts - The Three Man Band... Again and Again and Again
Nurse Joy/Policewoman Jenny - Kanto Professional Person - Woman of Many Jobs
Red - Kanto Pokemon Trainer - Escapes the Matri--I mean Glitchfest
Gold - Kanto Pokemon Trainer - Psychotic Antiprotagonist

??? #19 bazillion - Galactic Federation Distress Signal - Yes, we need more ???s
Vol Opt 3 #2 - Mining Machine - Another of Many
Computer #4 - Weird Metal Man Bunker Computer - CCCcccomputer Wwwwwork Bbbbarely

Soldier #4 - Galactic Federation Soldier - They Told Us, Then The Stuff Happened
Soldier 2 #2 - Galactic Federation Soldier - Deja Vu
Soldier 3 #3 - Galactic Federation Soldier - Times Two

Samus Aran - Galactic Federation Ally - Dark Force Destroyer
Rinith - Quester - Confused Refugee

E. Gadd - Senile Scientist - Secret Story Knower
??? #20 hobojillion - Red Text Eggrobo - Sloppy Attempter
Oushi - Quester - Keikyoku's Psychedelic-Hair-Packing Son???

Kenku - Quester - Cyber-Ren-Faire Escapee
??? #21 hobojillion - Dark Mecha Thing - Space Flea From Nowhere
Dark Force - Master of All Evil - Goes on a 1001 year vacation

Computer #5 - Space Meteor Computer - Intruder Detector

E.T. - Toad Town Shopkeep - Expands Your Mind, Shrinks Your Wallet
R.C. - Toad Town Shopkeep - Not the Cola
V.T. - Toad Town Shopkeep - Also a Nurse
T.H. - Toad Town Shopkeep - Baloon Seller
Computer Voice - Maverick Area Defense - Holo-Harasser
Holo-Sigma - Maverick Area Defense - Run, Cowards!
Claw - Maverick - Quester Beater

Robot #3 - Red Station Attendant - Carpet Protector
Ivan Robotnik - Ghastly SSQ 1 Fragment - Backwards, Vainglorious Lunatic

Final Notes

Argh... this was a very long, long thing to commentate on. So much so, in the future, I'll probably cut back on detail with these things. Well, in any case... it was pretty good, if a bit wordy. I'm too exhausted from doing all this work to say much more, so... until the next commentary, hope you enjoy my endless work.