Super Smash Quest - Season 2 (Late) - System - Items

ID Item Description Price Uses
1 ???? Obtain one random item from this list. 1,000 1
2 Able Juice Eliminates status effects, recharges 1/2 of energy items 1,200 2
3 Bad Mushroom Yuck! Deals 15 damage and poisons anyone who eats it. Looks almost exactly like a normal Mushroom. 300 1
4 Carbo Cookie Mmmm… Tastes like chocolate chip! Gives the eater a partial action. 500 1
5 Crystalline Hardens the user's body and gives him or her x1.5 DR. 600 1
6 Energizer Strengthens the user's body. The next attack he or she uses deals x1.5 damage. 400 1
7 Fire Bomb Deal 10 Fire damage to all enemies. 500 1
8 Freshen Up A wide-spread item that eliminates the party's status effects. 100 1
9 Fright Bomb Causes all enemies to become frightened if they fail DC 10 Will save. 800 1
10 Ice Bomb Deals 10 Ice damage to all enemies. 550 1
11 Kerokero Cola The king of soft drinks… The Kerokero Cola! Restores the entire party's HP to max. 750 1
12 Maxshroom Tastes like chicken. Restores one person's HP to max. 300 1
13 Midshroom A nice green mushroom. Restores 30 HP. 150 1
14 Moldy Mush Ummm… The best mush there is? Restores 1 HP. Fortitude save against poison (DC 10). 20 1
15 Muku Cookie The ULTIMATE cookie. Restores 69 HP to all party members. 900 1
16 Mushroom Your typical red health restoring mushroom. Restores 15 HP. 150 1
17 Miniushroom Looks like a Mushroom… Restores 15 HP but then turns eater into a Mushroom! 100 1
18 Pick Me Up Revives a ko'd/dead ally. 300 1
19 Red Essence Ooh… Makes you all sparkly! User is invincible for 3 turns. 1,200 1
20 Rock Candy Deals 20 damage to all enemies. DR doesn't apply! 400 1
21 Sleepy Bomb Causes all enemies weak against sleep attacks to snore for 3 rounds. 300 1
22 Star Egg Deals xd8 damage to an enemy where x=Number of Specials equipped/2+1. Needs at least one round to recharge. 1,500 3
23 Wiltshroom The perfect dessert after picking through the garbage.... And useful for chucking at cars on the freeway. 10 1
24 Yoshi-Ade Tastes like cherry koolaid! DR is doubled for three rounds. The next three attacks deal double damage. 600 1
25 Yoshi Cookie Some call it the Yoshi's favorite food. Summons Yoshi and turns an enemy into an item… If possible. 500 1
26 1-Up Shroom Better get them before Aribar does. Gives you one life. 700 1
27 Starman Makes you invincible for three rounds. In those rounds you can also run into enemies for +2d of damage. 1,300 1
28 Super Mushroom Makes you 1 size larger. Lasts until hit or eats a Poison Mushroom. 500 1
29 Poison Mushroom Makes you 1 size smaller. Lasts until given a Super Mushroom. 500 1
30 Fire Flower Gives the user a fire breath weapon, complete with autofire. 2d6 damage per hit. Lasts until hit. 1,000 1
31 Frog Suit Ribbit! +2 bonus to Jump checks, allows you to go EXTREMLY FAST in water. Lasts until hit. 800 1
32 Hammer Suit Ooh… Elemental Immunity Fire. Can shoot autofire hammers that deal d6 damage. Lasts until hit and damaged. 1,400 1
33 Kuribo's Shoe Used to be the RAREST item in the whole Mario universe! +4 bonus to Jump. Not damaged by things on the ground. Deals d8 Stomping damage. Lasts until hit. 750 1
34 P-Wing A Raccoon Suit with unlimited flight until hit. 400 1
35 Raccoon Leaf Gives the user a tail weapon that deals d6+STR mod, and the ability to fly at 10 feet. Lasts until hit. 600 1
36 Tanooki Suit Same as Raccoon Suit except you may use a Move action to turn into and out of a statue. You are imobile in this form but have +20 DR. Lasts until hit when not in Statue form. 900 1
37 Cape Feather Gives the user a +2 bonus to deflecting all projectile attacks. Allows user to fly 10 feet. Lasts until hit. 700 1
38 Metal Hat Comes both in Light Grey AND Dark Grey! Makes Max DEX for Defense +5, adds -4 to Armor Check Penalty, and adds 10 DR. Lasts for 3 rounds. 1,000 1
39 Invisibility Cap Makes the wearer invisible for three rounds. All attacks have a 50% miss rate. Sometimes can go through thin walls. 700 1
40 POW! Block Damages all ground enemies for 15 damage. No DR. 500 1
41 Bomb Heheheh BOOM! These bombs deal 2d8 damage, no DR, to all people in an explosion radius. Watch out because you may hurt your allies! 800 1
42 Super Bomb *Drools at this HUGE bomb…* This bomb deals 3d8 damage to all people in its doubled explosion radius. 1,200 1
43 Magic Mirror Allows you to warp from Dark World to Light World and vice versa thanks to Zelda's enchancements to this item. 800 -
44 Red Potion Tastes like… Red water. Restores half your health. 800 2
45 Green Potion Tastes like… Green milk or something…. Adds +1d of damage to your next spell. 800 2
46 Blue Potion Tastes like… Blue gravy. Has the effects of the Red and Green potion. 1,600 2
47 Magic Powder Oooh…. Magicaaaaal… Causes unknown effects on enemies. 400 10
48 Magic Cape Turns you invisible but you can't do any attacking options or most physically orientated feats without the spell wearing off. Move action to turn on and off. 700 -
49 Moon Pearl Allows you to maintain your normal form in the Darkworld. Without it you are turned into a shape that reflects your heart. 400 -
50 Bombchu Moving bomb… You must make a ranged attack check. The enemy is denied their bonus from shields or armor. If it hits then the bomb deals 3d6 damage, no DR. 300 1
51 Deku Nut Possibly the easiest item to find in Hyrule. Enemies make a Will save (DC 15). Those who fail are stunned for d4 rounds. Those successful are blinded for a round. 100 1
52 Deku Stick Nothing like whacking people with a huge stick! Deals d10 damage but then breaks. Useful for lightning torches. 200 1
53 Lens of Truth Allows you to see the truth. It grants the user True Sight but while being used he or she cannot cast spells. 1,200 -
54 Lon Lon Milk Comes in normal AND chocolate! Heals 5 HP. 50 2
55 Powder Keg It requires a Strength of 16+ just to be able to use the item. It takes a turn to explode and deas 5d8 minus DR to all creatures in a doubled explosion rage. Can only carry one at a time. 1,000 1
56 Roc's Feather How does a rock grow feathers you ask? It doesn't! This is a ROC'S Feather! Gain +5 to jump checks. 700 -
57 Guardian Acorn All damage that is subject to weaknesses or resistances is halved. Lasts for five rounds. 550 1
58 Piece of Power Looks someone like a piece of the Triforce… Gives you +1d damage for five rounds. 800 1
59 Mer Suit A little badge which turns you into a mer person when you enter deep water. Allows you to swim fast and most of your items normally. 1,200 -
60 Roc's Cape Ooh… Look at the purdy cape… Gain +10 to Jump Checks. 700 -
61 Calcium Temporarily increases Int and Wis by +d6 for ten turns. 990 1
62 Carbos Temporarily increases Dex by +d6 for ten turns. 990 1
63 Dire Hit Increases the damage of the next attack you do by +5. 890 1
64 Pokeball Capture an enemy. You can only have one enemy at a time. 500 1
65 Greatball Better chance of capturing an enemy. 1,200 1
66 Ultraball Nearly perfect chance of capturing an enemy. 1,600 1
67 Masterball 99.9% of the time this can capture any pokemon or monster.. VERY expensive, though. 5,050 1
68 Guard Specialization Prevents any special attacks from being used in battle for 3 rounds. 333 1
69 HP Up An… Interesting item. Increases your HP by one. 1,100 1
70 Ice Heal Thaws frozen Questermon. 200 1
71 Iron Temporarily increases DR by +d6 for ten turns. 990 1
72 Protien Temporarily increases Str by +d6 for ten turns. Yay vitamins! 990 1
73 Rare Candy Gives you 500 EXP. If you levelup on a level where you normally gain a point in a stat you don't. 1,990 1
74 X Accuracy Gives you a +5 bonus to your attack rolls for three rounds. 660 1
75 X Attack Gives you a +5 bonus to damage rolls for three rounds. 660 1
76 X Defend Gives you a +3 bonus to Defense and DR for three rounds. 660 1
77 X Special Gives all special attacks +3 DC and deals +5 more damage. Lasts for three rounds. 660 1