Super Smash Quest - Season 2 (Late) - System - Melee Weapons

Melee Weapons
ID Weapon Damage Critical Slots Size Description Price
1 Generic - -
- - -
2 Dagger d4 19-20 X2 2 Tiny A small weapon for stabby goodness. Quester Emblem in the pommel. ¢250
3 Short Sword d6 19-20 X2 2 Small Stabby Blade 2.0! Quester Emblem on the hilt. ¢490
4 Longsword d8 19-20 X2 3 Medium The staple weapon for melodramatic heroes of all shapes and sizes. Few who use this are cool, but when they are, they're REALLY cool. Especially with the Quester Emblem on its hilt! ¢1,215
5 Bastard Sword d10 19-20 X2 3 Medium It's like a longsword. Except it's bigger. Duh. Once again, Quester Emblem on hilt. ¢1,815
6 Greatsword 2d6 19-20 X2 3 Large NOW we're talkin'! It's time to get TWO HANDED! Muhahaha! ¢2,535
7 Light Mace d6 X2 3 Small Well, it doesn't pack a punch, but it is good at its job: Smackin' things. ¢540
8 Heavy Mace d8 X2 4 Medium If someone needs their face bashed in, make good use of this happy fellow. It's good for you spellcasters, too; holds many cubes! ¢1,280
9 Morningstar d10 X2 4 Medium One of the most popular smashy things around since it also happens to be pointy. ¢2,000
10 Maul d12 X2 4 Large If you need to REALLY lay the smackdown on someone, this weapon's for you. Don't mind the two handed requirement; it makes up for it in damage. ¢2,880
11 Throwing Axe d4 X3 2 Tiny It's an axe. You can throw it. Duh. ¢160
12 Handaxe d6 X3 2 Small What more could you want? Look at that critical! And that manageable size! All in one convenient package! ¢720
13 Battle Axe d8 X3 3 Medium Something a bit more potent than the handaxe for you damage monkeys out there. Don't expect to be hiding this thing, though. ¢1,920
14 War Axe d10 X3 3 Medium Same deal with this. It's even bigger. Impossible to hide. But man does it HURT when you dig that thing into some unwitting monster! ¢3,000
15 Greataxe d12 X3 3 Large This thing just SCREAMS "CLEAVE!!" ¢4,320
16 Rapier d6 18-20 X2 3 Medium Leave your mark, but not Zoro's; we've had copyright issues with him. Thankfully, he has copyright issues with the Three Musketeers, and they have issues with Milky Way, so we don't have TOO many legal problems... ¢960
17 Mario Style - - - - - -
18 Hammer d8 19-20 X2 4 Medium This hammer is a favorite of various Mushroom Kingdom residents. ¢1,620
19 Super Hammer 2d6 19-20 X2 4 Large To harness this weapon's full potential, a certain cube combo must be put into it... ¢3,380
20 Hammer of the Brotherhood 2d4 19-20 X2 3 Medium This weapon, crafted by the Hammer Brothers, is built for ranged as well as melee combat. It has the equivilant power of Power Hit+Fire and Power Shot+Fire cube combos; each use of either power expends one of 50 charges. ¢1,715
21 Mushroom Guard Sword 2d4+1 19-20 X2 3 Medium The Mushroom Guard has donated the design for this and many other pieces of equipment. It's very high quality, and features a +1 accuracy and damage bonus. ¢1,815
22 Firebright Sword 2d6 18-20 X2 2 Large The fireflower cest is clearly engraved on the hilt of this Greatsword, with its red and white color scheme. It deals d6 fire damage alongside its normal damage, and has 50 charges. It can use Power Shot+Fire+Fire freely. ¢4,500
23 Axe of the Brotherhood 2d6 X3 3 Medium Created by the Hammer Brothers in order to chop up enemies more efficiently, this axe can be thrown or used in melee. It comes with a +1 bonus to attack rolls and damage when used as the attacking weapon. ¢4,320
24 Fire Flower 3d6 - 2 Small This flame-throwing flower is all the rage! Let er rip, and the enemy must make a reflex save or else take full damage! (10 + DEX Mod + 1/2 level) ¢3,890
25 Red Shell 2d6 19-20 X2 3 Small Throw the shell at the enemy, and smash them up! At a range, enemies don't get a DEX mod to AC. Doubles as a shield. ¢2,535
27 Super Scope 2d8 19-20 X2 4 Medium The rifle used only once by Mario. This thing packs a punch, but it also happens to be grossly inefficient. It can be charged, too. (3x damage after 1 round charge) And Autofire! ¢7,220
28 Koopa Klaw 2d6 18-20 X3 2 Small Extremely sharp claws, employed by Bowser himself. They can be worn in pairs. ¢1,960
29 Large Block 2d8 X2 3 Large A large, heavy block, ala SMB 3. The difference is these don't break! They can be thrown or used to smack people. ¢3,840
31 Boomerang 2d6 19-20 X2 2 Small It's an Australian weapon! Great for defeating all of those pesky varmints you meet. ¢1,690
33 Wario Gloves 2d8 X2 2 Small These gloves are great for choking people, or stealing money. +1 to grappling with these. ¢2,890
34 Zelda Style - - - - - -
35 Wooden Sword d6 X2 3 Small Link's wooden sword from the original Zelda has made its way to the Stadium, where it has been copied several times. They say it holds geat power... ¢540
36 White Sword d8 19-20 X2 4 Medium Said to be the blade of evil's bane, this is really just a sword with a white blade. It's actually somewhat crudely forged, but it's more powerful than the average sword. It features a +1 bonus to attack and damage. ¢2,000
37 Magic Sword d8 19-20 X2 5 Medium The magic sword that a future Link will use to vanquish Ganon; it deals +d6 Earth damage, double damage to ghosts and undead. +2 to attack and damage. ¢7,225
38 Kokiri Sword 2d4 19-20 X2 3 Small Hidden behind Kokiri Village, beneath the shade of the Deku Baba, there lay a sword much like this. This one features +d6 Wood damage. ¢3,375
39 Razor Sword 2d4 18-20 X2 3 Small Link had his Kokiri Sword re-forged twice. This version, with its streamlined design and sharp edge, has an enhanced critical, but deals +d6 Wood damage nontheless. ¢3,840
40 Gilded Sword d10 17-20 X2 4 Medium The second re-forging of the Kokiri Sword made it into a golden blade with edges that would never dull, even across vast stretches of time. It deals +d6 wood damage and has a +2 bonus to attack and damage. ¢8,000
41 Master Sword d10 19-20 X2 4 Medium The blade of evil's bane! ... Well, not really. Link has it. We just have these stupid copies... *grumble* Oh well. They deal +2d6 holy damage and have a +1 bonus to attack and damage. ¢11,520
42 Tempered Sword 2d6 19-20 X2 4 Medium Replicas of the tempered Master Sword. Their blades still shine bright cherry red from the heating, and will continue to do so. They deal +2d6 holy damage and have a +2 enhancement bonus. ¢14,580
43 Golden Sword 2d8 18-20 X2 5 Medium The faeries gave Link a sword like this to smite Ganon and restore the faerie queen's figure! I mean... @_@ ... Deals +3d6 Holy damage and has a +3 enhancement bonus. ¢38,025
44 Mr. Unhappy d12 X3 4 Huge Meet Mr. Unhappy! A spiked ball as big as you are on a chain. Aint it grand? +d6 Dark damage comes alongside this puppy's normal attributes. ¢19,440
45 Knuckle Axe d10 X3 3 Large The axe often wielded by Iron Knuckles. It comes in one size: Humongous. It deals +2d6 darkness damage. ¢14,520
46 Ironut Cleaver 2d6 X3 3 Large The Ironuts in Wind Waker are infamous for their swordplay with these massive, but finely crafted blades. They have a +4 enhancement bonus ¢7,680
47 Trident 2d4 18-20 X2 6 Large A replica of the trident that Ganon occasionally uses to commit attempted smiting against Link. It deals an impressive +3d6 dark damage and has a +3 enhancement bonus. ¢28,830
48 Wooden Boomerang 2d4 X2 3 Small This sturdy wooden boomerang doesn't hold a candle to the precision of the hookshot, but its finesse is unquestionable. ¢960
49 Magic Boomerang (Blue) 2d6 X2 3 Small Flies twice as far as any normal boomerang. It also has a +1 enhancement bonus. ¢2,535
50 Magic Boomerang (Red) 2d6 19-20 X2 3 Small This boomerang actually homes in on enemies, taking away their DEX mod to Defense. It grants a +2 enhancement bonus. ¢3,840
51 Fire Wand 2d8 Fire 3 Small The fireballs launched by this wand light enemies on fire on a successful critical; they must make reflex saves each round to put it out. ¢4,335
52 Ice Wand 2d8 Freeze 3 Small On a successful critical, the enemy is frozen in a block of ice and remains frozen for all time unless it makes a fortitude save. ¢4,335
53 Bow and Arrows 2d6 19-20 X2 2 Medium For whatever reason, this bow is stronger than a sword... It has 30 shots before arrows need to be bought. Fire, Ice, and Light arrow enhancements are said to be found across Hyrule. ¢1,960
54 Bow and Silver Arrows 2d8 19-20 X2 3 Medium These silver arrows are said to be the ultimate weapon against Ganon! They deal +2d6 Holy damage and carry a +2 enhancement bonus. ¢14,415
55 Blue Candle d6 - 3 Small ... This isn't really a weapon.... It's kinda'... More like a torch... Or some other secondary piece of equipment... For some reason it's the only thing that can light bushes on fire. You can use it once per scree--I mean room. ¢540
56 Red Candle d8 - 3 Small It's just like the blue one, but more powerful. Use it as often as you like. ¢960
57 Magic Hammer d10 X2 4 Medium This hammer's head is very... Orange... And can hurt things... Hey, how's this: It can pound stuff into the ground. +4 enhancement bonus. ¢3,920
58 Megaton Hammer d12 X3 4 Large Acts very much like the Magic Hammer, but it's a lot bigger and stronger. +d6 Earth damage and has a +2 enhancement bonus. ¢16,000
59 Skull Hammer d10 X3 4 Large I'd like to know why Ganon just GAVE This to Link when he knew the kid couldn't get to him without it. Anyway, it deals +2d6 dark damage. ¢19,360
60 Staff of Somaria Special - 6 Large This staff is very strange. When used, it creates a block that can be dropped on top of enemies for an amount of damage that depends on from how high it's dropped. It normally deals 2d6 from six feet up. When used a second time, it explodes for 4d6 fire. ¢10,000
62 Hookshot d6 18-20 X2 2 Small The hookshot, while it lacks the finesse of a boomerang, is more reliable and precise. It can also pull you across pits! ¢640
63 Longshot d8 18-20 X2 3 Small This hookshot has a longer range than its previous version. ¢1,500
64 Deku Stick d6 X2 2 Medium FEAH THE POWA OF W00D! Deals 3d6 wood damage, but expect it to last about five seconds. ¢2,450
65 Giant's Knife 2d6 19-20 X2 3 Large The giant's knife is one of the cheaper two-handers out there. The blade is sort of brittle.. ¢2,535
66 Biggoron's Sword 2d8 19-20 X2 4 Large Built for endurance, the Giant's Knife features a +2d6 Earth damage bonus as well as a +2 enhancement bonus. ¢19,220
67 Magic Punch +1d +1 threat 2 Tiny You don't actually equip these as weapons. This jewel acts much like magic armor, in the fact that you equip it and it... Well, anyway, equip this and you add a second dice of damage to your melee attacks. ¢1,440
68 Magic Blast +1d +1 threat 2 Tiny Acts much like the Magic Punch, but this works on ranged weapons and attacks. ¢1,440
74 PSO Style - - - -
75 Light Saber 2d6 19-20 X2 2 Small …Now you can be like Luke Skywalker too! *ZOO* *ZOOO* ¢1,690
76 Photon Claw 2d8 18-20 X3 3 Small Slice things up with nasty claws! ¢9,720
77 Slicer 2d6 19-20 X2 2 Small Shoot tons of slicer-shaped lasers. ¢2,250
78 Photon Sword 3d8 18-20 X2 4 Large HAHAHAHA! SLICE! SLICE! ¢13,520
79 Partisan 2d8 19-20 X2 3 Large Hit three people at once with photon fury! ¢4,335
80 Mechgun 3d6 X2 2 Medium Melt the enemy with millions of lasers! ¢6,760
81 Photon Launcher 4d8 19-20 X3 3 Large Hit enemies with HUGE wads of photon. They must avoid with reflex save. (10 + STR Mod + 1/2 Level) ¢16,335
82 Photon Dagger 2d6 17-20 X2 2 Small Often used in pairs, these daggers are razor sharp… and laser-powerful! ¢2,250
83 Photon Guitar 3d6 X3 5 Medium Rock out, to the sounds of ownage! …Yes, the scientists who made this are direct descendants of the Beach Boys. ¢28,800
84 Sonic Knuckle 2d8 X2 3 Small No clue why you can find these in PSO, but they automatically stun all targets with 5 + INT Mod HD! ¢48,560
85 Egg Blaster 4d8 19-20 X3 4 Medium Like Eggman? No? Like Blowing Stuff up? Yes? Good. This also has 50 charges of Fire + Fire + Power Shot. ¢48,560
86 Chain Sawd 4d8 18-20 X3 3 Large It's Chainsaw Massacre Time! ¢34,680
87 J-Sword 5d8 19-20 X2 5 Large Calling all Sephiroth clones… Calling all Sephiroth clones! ¢42,025
88 Slasher 3d6 X2 3 Medium Copy Alys with slashers! …Better not show her them. ¢4,860
89 Soul Eater 2d8 X3 4 Large A nice and large Scythe… deadly, too. Subtract -4 to your attack roll to auto-silence the enemy. ¢11,560
90 Dancing Hitogata 3d8 X3 6 Small A whole lot of dancing dolls! Freaky! And, they add one more hit die to magic/special attacks! Freaky! They will murder your wallet! AHHHHHHH!!!! ¢104,040
91 Photon Rifle 2d8 X2 3 Large BANG! BANG! You're dead! BANG! Your wallet is dead! ¢3,840
92 Photon Shotgun 3d6 X3 4 Large Destroy the enemy with a spray of 5 photon bursts! Hits 5 enemies at once. ¢21,160
93 Photon Machinegun 3d8 19-20 X3 4 Large With this huge hunk of metal, you can kill hordes of enemies--if you can aim with that recoil! ¢29,160
94 Photon Blaster 2d10 18-20 X2 2 Medium The chunkiest pistol available! Also nice and shiny in silver. When fired, it shoots a huge blob of unfocused photon. ¢4,840
96 MegaMan Style - - - - - -
97 Megaman Blaster 3d6 X2 2 Small This neat cannon fits right on your arm, and deals okay damage. Allows for fast switching with Megaman weapons. ¢3,240
98 Cutman Scissors 2d10 19-20 X3 3 Small Say hello to flying scissors death! ¢13,230
99 Metal Blade 2d8 X4 2 Small Fire EXTREMELY SHARP blades ala Metal Man… no… not the Quester… ¢7,680
100 Guts Boulder 4d8 X2 2 Large Put these gloves on. When you go to attack, a huge boulder INSTANTLY appears to throw or bash enemies with. ¢10,240
101 Topman Spin 2d6 X2 4 Tiny A pathetic weapon. Wear a top on your head and spin. Better used for the cube slots… though it takes up a hand. ¢2,880
102 Elec Beam 3d8 19-20 X2 2 Small Now you too can electricute people! Deals 3d6 Electrical damage. ¢18,490
103 Flashman Stunner d2 X2 2 Small The real use of this beauty is to stun people. D2 chance of insta-stun (lasts 1 round) ¢2,040
104 Wood Shield 3d4 19-20 X2 3 Small Surround yourself with leaves. They will block 10 damage for you, or deal damage if thrown. ¢2,535
105 Junkman Wand d2 X2 2 Large This acts as instant death to most machines. That is, all with under 12 HD. ¢2,040
106 X-Buster 4d6 19-20 X2 4 Small More damage, charge ability, autofire, you name it. It's here. ¢15,680
107 Z-Sabre 3d8 18-20 X3 3 Medium Use a green saber that actually bends and is very agile to destroy the enemy. It has a +3 enhancement to attack and damage. ¢25,230
108 Y-Rocket 2d10 19-20 X2 5 Large We have no clue what this is doing here… but it's like a HUGE X-Blaster with rockets. ¢11,025
109 Crash Bombs 3d10 19-20 X3 2 Medium Launch a bomb onto someone. It will take 1 round to explode. ¢19,220
110 Hard Fist 2d8 X2 3 Small Stick this on yer fist, and you can punch people out… and get +1 to disarm checks. ¢4,335
111 Quickman Boomerang 2d6 18-20 X2 2 Small Launch little boomerangs at people! Also has autofire. ¢2,560
112 Z-Buster

113 Metroid Style - - - - - -
114 Pulsar Blastar 3d8 19-20 X3 4 Medium Impress your friends! Confuse Samus! Now you too can be a Space Pirate! ¢12,500
115 Pulsar Blastar Plus 6d8 17-20 X4 6 Medium With this, you won't even need to worry about being arrested-- the military will take you instead. ¢2,340,900