Super Smash Quest - Season 1 - System - Awards

    The Recognition Hall is filled with various rewards of past and present heroes. Mario shows you around to his awards (naturally). Eventually, you lose him and look at the various awards that the Questers can earn. Sure, there are a few bad ones, but most earn coins.

Award Name How to Earn Award
007 Award     Do something sneaky, such as attacking an enemy from behind or using a loophole to your advantage. +15 coins
Aggressive Award     Land hits a lot & cause a lot of damage. The one that does the most during a mission will get this. +5 coins
Barrier Breaker     Break someone's shield, barrier, or anything of that sort that prevents or reduces damage. Usually physical attacks do the job here. +20 coins
Civilian Hurter     Don't hurt the civilians! It doesn't matter if you hate them or they rip you off, but don't touch them! -50 coins
Critical Questers     Land critical hits at least twice in a big battle. In dice terms, two separate rolls of 20 on two "one-hit" attacks. Good luck. +50 coins
Crowd DIS-pleaser     Mainly used in Melee matches, don't get the crowd angry! Doing the same moves over and over will get you this. -50 coins
Crowd Pleaser     It's the opposite of Crowd DIS-pleaser; get the crowd cheering for you! It's possible to get both Crowd awards in one session. +50 coins
Gentlemen's Award     Be a gentlemen (or a lady) anywhere; let someone attack, give someone an item, etc. Giving someone money and expecting it back doesn't count. +10 coins
Health Absorber     Use PK Magnet and get some health back. Simple to do; therefore, it does not pay much. +20 coins
Perfect Health     Needless to say, avoid getting hurt. That's not always easy. Also remember that it won't be handed out every mission. +50 coins
Pit Faller     Pits similar in style to the GB Zelda games are commonplace now. Fall in too many and get penalized. -15 coins
Stonewall Award     Take lots of damage, but stay in the fight. Anywhere below 25% is usually enough. +25 coins
Team Hurter     Attempt to be a good Quester, but hurt your friends instead. It usually happens on accident. -25 coins
Team Player     Any time you help set up an attack for another person to take advantage of (such as throwing an opponent towards someone who is ready to Meteor Smash someone), you will get this. +25 coins