Super Smash Quest - Season 1 - System - Move Combos

    You are near the training area, where Luigi hangs out often. He notices you and shows you to a special list. This list contains all of the special moves gotten by the Questers so far.

Moves Gotten
Neutral Down Up Forward
Red Fireball Mario Tornado Super Jump Punch Super Cape
Thunder Jolt Thunder Bolt Quick Attack Skull Bash
Firebreath Bowser Bomb Shell Spin Koopa Klaw
Toad Counter Item Pull Parasol Uppercut Peach Bomber
Egg Lay Hip Drop Egg Toss Rumble Tumble Egg
Hand Slap Spinning Kong
Falcon Punch Falcon Kick Falcon Dive Raptor Boost
Fox's Reflector Fire Fox Fox Illusion
PK Flash PK Magnet PK Thunder PK Fire
Ice Shot Blizzard Belay Squall Hammer
Inhale Stone Drop Final Cutter Pop Star Hammer
Charge Shot Bomb Drop Screw Attack Missile
Nayru's Love Transformer* Farore's Wind Din's Fire
Needles Transformer* Shiek-a-port Whip
Bow & Arrows Hyrule Bomb Master Spin Attack Magic Boomerang
Green Fireball Luigi Cyclone Flaming Jump Punch Green Missile
Rollout Nightmare Sing Pound
Shadow Ball Hypnosis Teleport Confusion
Chef Oil Panic Judgement
Shield Breaker Marth's Counter Dolphin Slash Swords Dance
Megavitamin Doc Tornado "Pay Up" Punch Super Sheet
Gerudo Punch Gerudo Kick Gerudo Dive Gerudo Knuckle
Falco's Blaster Falco's Reflector Firebird Falco Phantasm
Bow & Fire Arrows Termina Bomb Kokiri Spin Attack Wooden Boomerang
Baby Jolt Baby Bolt Agility Baby Bash
Flare Blade Roy's Counter Rising Flare Double Edge Dance
Dagger Axe Cross
Meta Sword Shot Meta Wave Meta Tornado Meta Glide
Vulcan Punch Double Kick
Mirror Psi Thunder Psi Starstorm

*: While not officially a move on this RPG, it's listed for novelty purposes.

    If you want to make things easier for Mewtwo, you can just say "I want the XXX set". Move sets are sets of 4, 6, or 8 moves that are labeled under one set. For example, "Pichu's Set" means you want to bring all of Pichu's moves.

    Remember that you can submit your own movesets as well. Send them to Wolfman and he will put them up if he likes them.

Possible Move Sets (made by Wolfman)

Bowser's Set
Firebreath, Bowser Bomb, Shell Spin, Koopa Klaw
Falco's Set
Falco's Blaster, Falco's Reflector, Firebird, Falco Phantasm
Falcon's Set
Falcon Punch, Falcon Kick, Falcon Dive, Raptor Boost
Gannondorf's Set
Gerudo Punch, Gerudo Kick, Gerudo Dive, Gerudo Knuckle
"I'm on fire!" Set
Flare Blade, Firebird, Falcon Kick, Bow & Fire Arrows
Link's Set
Bow & Arrows, Hyrule Bomb, Master Spin Attack, Magic Boomerang
Luigi's Set
Green Fireball, Luigi Cyclone, Flaming Jump Punch, Green Missile
Mario's Set
Red Fireball, Mario Tornado, Super Jump Punch, Super Cape
Marth's Set
Shield Breaker, Marth's Counter, Dolphin Slash, Swords Dance
Meta's Set
Meta Sword Shot, Meta Wave, Meta Tornado, Meta Glide
Ness's Set
PK Flash, PK Magnet, PK Thunder, PK Fire
Peach's Set
Toad Counter, Item Pull, Parasol Uppercut, Peach Bomber
Pichu's Set
Baby Jolt, Baby Bolt, Agility, Baby Bash
Pikachu's Set
Thunder Jolt, Thunder Bolt, Quick Attack, Agility
Roy's Set
Flare Blade, Roy's Counter, Rising Flare, Double Edge Dance
Young Link's Set
Bow & Fire Arrows, Termina Bomb, Kokiri Spin Attack, Wooden Boomerang
Zelda's Set
Nayru's Love, Farore's Wind, Din's Fire, Needles, Shiek-a-port, Whip

Possible Move Sets (made by others)

DoubleQuad Set (Sword Blade)
Roy's Counter, Falco's Reflector, Parasol Uppercut, Farore's Wind, Chef, Peach Bomber, Bowser Bomb, Swords Dance
Flying Combo Set (Sky High)
Parasol Uppercut, Falcon Punch, Raptor Boost, Dolphin Slash
Legend of Zelda Fan Combo (Nodal)
Gerudo Knuckle, Spin Attack, Needles, Din's Fire