Super Smash Quest - Season 2 (Early) - System - The Items


Battle Items
Item Description Damage/Affect
Barrel     This isn't the Barrel Cannon, but the Donkey Kong Country barrel you pick up and throw. Attacking it is also possible; it can yield either an item or a surprise. 15 (thrown)
40 (fake)
Baseball Bat     Ness has a weaker copy from Earthbound, but this one is the real deal. Smash Attack the bat and get a high d20 roll for a home run! STR + 3 (possible kill)
Beam Sword     Whlie NOT from Star Wars, this beam sword is a very powerful clobbering item. Good luck keeping it: enemies want it for their own use! STR + 5
Bob-omb     Super Mario Bros. 2 had this beaut, and what a beaut it was! Get it quickly and throw it if you don't want it to blow in your face! 40 (can hit self)
Bunny Hood     One of Majora's Mask's 24 or so masks, this one increases both speed and jumping height a good deal! Just be careful about stopping... +5 AC
Cloaker     Perfect Dark is my guess for the origin. Enemies can't see you as well as they used to, and any damage dealt to you will be reduced to nothing! However, the effects of the moves aren't protected by the cloaker... 2 round invisibility
No damage
Crate     This big box contains between from 1-3 items inside. Just pray that it's not a fake one and you should be fine. 15 (thrown)
40 (fake)
Egg     Either found alone or tossed out in bunches by Chansey, eggs can be very small, but still pack either a big item or a whallop. Don't let them scramble you! 5 (thrown)
40 (fake)
Fan     From Super Mario RPG, this fan is weak on the outset, but land a critical hit, & the enemy will be stunned for a round and not attack. STR - 3
Max damage 5
Fire Flower     From Super Mario Bros., this item has been used and abused in the past. While it can't be used as much now, it can still deal a quick punch. 5 d20 is the roll for shooting fire; d20 for tossing the flower away. 3 * X (fireballs)
10 (thrown)
Food     Thank Kirby 64 for these delectable delights. Unfortunately, you don't heal much after chowing down. +1 to 10 HP
Freezie     This one comes from Mario Bros. I believe. Catch it and you can toss it to someone, possibly freezing them! Miss, though, and you will be frozen yourself. 1 round stun
Hammer     Donkey Kong's hammer does powerful damage at a price. If it's the genuine article, you deal powerful damage, but can only jump once. If it's fake... 30 damage
Heart Container     The Legend of Zelda games had these heart containers that fill up health, along with adding an extra heart container. This time, the heart containers don't give extra. +all HP
Lip's Stick     This item's native game is unknown, but it has a similar affect to being poisoned. If this lands on someone's head, expect damage to be taken away without mercy. STR + 2 (3 rounds)
Metal Box     Super Mario 64 allowed you to become metalically invincible. While the invinsibility is gone, stats do benefit you...though you are as heavy as metal. * 2 physical offense
* 2 defense
-3 AC
Mine     Some say this is from Goldeneye, while others say Perfect Dark. Reguardless, this item can literally blow you away. Tossing it does little damage, but triggering the explosive will send you out of here! -5 (thrown)
-40 (explosion)
Mr. Saturn     This weird creature from Earthbound doesn't do much in the sense of attacking. Rather, he is better at collecting all unused items. Don't let him take away important stuff! -5
Parasol     Kirby's games have this item many times, and Peach has a weaker version of it as a move! It not only does damage, but slows your descent a bit. STR + 3
Party Ball     This ball can't attack anyone, but can release items if provoked. Use the opportunity to grab quickly! items drop (1 round delay)
Pill     The viruses in Dr. Mario hated them, and you will too if they explode in your face! They are basically the same as the egg. 5 (thrown)
40 (fake)
Poison Mushroom     You will become SO small from this "Lost Levels" item, that you can move much faster than normal! Unfortuantely, your offense suffers. 1/2 offensive power
+5 AC
Pokéball     From Pokémon (natch), this item gets its own subsection! Throwing it is's the pokémon that comes out that causes trouble! 10 (pokéball)
Ray Gun     This toy-type gun doesn't do much damage, but up to three shots can be fired at once (3 d20). Only 12 shots are in the gun; after that, it must be thrown. 5 * X (shots)
10 (thrown)
Screw Ball     The Metroid games has this item used as an offensive jump. The Screw Ball ITEM, though, is used as a defensive move that does damage and keeps them in the air for the duration of the round. 10 (1 round stun)
Shell     While the Red Shell didn't survive as an item, the Green Shell from Super Mario Bros. did. Save it for the right moment, and toss away! 15
Starman     Unlike Super Mario Bros, just touching the enemy won't damage them. However, you can survive one round without damage whatsoever. 1 round invincibility
Star Rod     This versatile item from Kirby's Adventure hurts 2 ways. It can either hurt you with the wand, or hurt you with the stars it shoots. Most only shoot one; some shoot more. STR + 4 (clobber)
-10 damage (star)
Super Mushroom     This item from Super Mario Bros. affects you indirectly. You will grow into a giant with extra offensive power. However, you will be a little on the slow side. +10 offensive power
-1 AC
Super Scope     Approximately SIXTY shots are found in this SNES Accessory. Choose multi fire and roll an extra d10 to determine damage, or charge up for a round to blow opponents away! 2 * X (uncharged)
50 (charged)
Tomato     Kirby loved these from his games, and you will too. Get healed 50 HP if you manage to gobble one. +50 HP