Super Smash Quest - Season 1 - System - The Melee Moves

    The various fighters had to master their moves before they could use them on the battle field. All possible attacks are listed below. The top table involves the regular moves like jumps, throws, and smash attacks. The bottom table contains the individual special moves you can master and their associated roll (for Custom Initiation and Mission Completion). Remember that d20 is used for all attacks; any special rolls required along with d20 will be specified with that move.

Regular Attacks
Name Description Damage
Regular Attack     It doesn't get much more basic than this. Aim this up, down, or in the middle and hope you hit your target. -10 damage
Jumping Stomp     This attack doesn't seem to do much, but with luck, you can jump on more than one enemy in a row. -10 damage
Jumping Attack     If trouble is in the air and you can't stomp it, hit it! It's basically the same as the regular attack, only you are in the air. -10 damage
Jumping Drill     Sometimes knocking enemies away isn't your goal; in this case, drill them with your feet! Roll d20 along with d10 here. -2 * X damage
Grab     Not all enemies are safe to grab, but those that can be grabbed can be hurt in four further ways. All grab attacks do the same damage. -15 damage
Smash Attack     These blows are more concentrated than regular attacks, so they pack more of a punch. You can't do 2 smash attacks in a row. -20 damage
Smash Combo     It's 2 regular attacks followed by a Smash Attack (if you didn't do one last turn). In order for the combo to work, all attacks MUST hit! Roll 3 d20 and hope you get good numbers. -20 damage (2 hits)
-40 damage (all hits)
Meteor Smash     The most powerful universal move you will have, the catch is that you must charge for one turn. If you have to dodge an attack, you lose the charge. Throw one successfully, and you can't do any sort of smash attacks for 2 rounds. -50 damage

Special Moves
Special Move Roll (out
of 105)
& Owner
Damage &
Red Fireball 2     Mario's fireballs bounce and go farther than Luigi's. Two can come out at once by 2 d20. -5 * X damage
Mario Tornado 3     This move by Mario can get many enemies if done right. Roll d20 along with d10 here. -(1 * X) + 5 damage
Jump Punch
4     Mario couldn't steal coins when he performed this, but you can! Roll d20 and d10 to determine damage and coinage. -(1 * X) + 5 damage
# coins = d10 roll
Super Cape 5     Mario's cape has little place in offense. However, as a defensive move (instead of dodging), it can send projectiles back and mess up opponents. sends projectiles back
-5 damage
Thunder Jolt 6     Pikachu's projectile can easily reach any ground target due to its "climbing" ability. Be glad you don't scream "Pikachu" when you do it. -10 damage
Thunder Bolt 7     The bolt didn't always hit Pikachu, but it will hit you (for no damage). It's pretty powerful. -20 damage
Quick Attack 8     Pikachu can finally attack with...whatever this was called in Smash Bros. (Original). For more power and reach, use 2 d20 instead of d20. -5 * X damage
Skull Bash 9     Yes, Pikcahu didn't learn this move on the Game Boy games, but bear with me...this move can be charged up for a 1 round penalty. If you have to move while charging, it's lost. -10 damage (uncharged)
-25 damage (charged)
Fire Breath 10     Bowser's breath acts practically like a fire flower. Only five "breaths" can come out at once; that roll is 5 d20. -3 * X damage
Bowser Bomb 11     Bowser learned this skill since Super Mario Bros. 3. It's the most powerful of the "butt drop" moves there is. -25 damage
Shell Spin 12     Bowser imitated DK with this move, but proves to be quite powerful. This one happens to be the stronger version. -20 damage
Koopa Klaw 13     A sort of duel purpose move, Bowser either bit someone and threw them away, or just send them away if too far. Biting before throwing does extra damage. -15 damage (throw only)
-20 damage (bite & throw)
Toad Counter 14     Peach always had faithful servants with her; this is one of them. This move does nothing for offense; it's only good for defense. absorbs projectiles
attackers suffer damage
Item Pull 15     Peach has to do this in 2 moves; Max Up won't speed things up here. The first part involves pulling the item off the ground. If it's a vegetable, the item is thrown away next turn at an enemy. -20 damage (vegetable)
Parasol Uppercut 16     Peach, like other fighters, has a [usually] down-graded version of an item used in normal SSB play. This time, though, it helps her reach just about any piece of land there is. Damage is also decent too. -15 damage
Peach Bomber 17     No one expected Peach to have this move; most likely the same will apply to you. It's not Bob-omb damaging, but they do get sent far away. -25 damage
Egg Lay 18     All Yoshis can make eggs...but these eggs are easily broken. Sometimes, though, the enemy can't escape from them until the next round; roll d5 along with d20 to see. -5 damage
possible 1 round stun
Hip Drop 19     This move became popular after Yoshi's Island. Unfortunately, it's the weakest of the "Butt Drop" weapons. However, if you miss, the "stars" that come with the Hip Drop might damage them. -15 damage (Yoshi)
-5 damage (stars)
Egg Toss 20     It's true; Yoshi doesn't have a third jump (that's why he has the Power Jump item). However, this move does good, solid damage to a group of enemies. -15 damage
Rumble Tumble Egg 21     Normally, Yoshi uses an egg for defense, but this egg goes on the offense. All ground-based enemies are vulnerable when you perform this move. However, it requires a 1-round charge, so hope you aren't a target during that time. -15 damage
Giant Punch 22     In the games, DK never had the Max Up item; if you ended up emulating DK, you can bypass the charging and do the max damage! Otherwise, remember that you can dodge attacks and keep the charge you DO have for building up later. -10 damage (uncharged)
-25 damage (slightly charged)
-50 damage (fully charged)
Hand Slap 23     All ground enemies are vulnerable whenever DK did this move. However, if YOU miss, your friends might feel the pain a get 2 shots, so use 2 d20. -15 * X damage (enemies)
-5 * X damage (allies)
Spinning Kong 24     DK used the original version; Bowser has the stronger version now. However, it still does good damage. -15 damage
Headbutt 25     While the Melee fighters always got stunned by DK's headbutt, the enemies outside of the Stadium aren't always going to be stunned. Roll d20 & d5 and prove them wrong. -15 damage
possible 1 round stun
Falcon Punch 26     Falcon might be from the racetrack, but he sure can attack others with power! Learn his moves and you can also deal heavy damage. -30 damage
Falcon Kick 27     Falcon can't get much distance from this, but you can possibly clear a row of enemies with this flaming kick. Master this quickly. -15 damage
Falcon Dive 28     Falcon had to grab someone to do damage here; so do you. If you grab someone, reguardless of damage, you can jump in midair one more time. -15 damage
Raptor Boost 29     This move can't really kill anyone, but it's a good set-up move; ask Falcon. Send them up, and let a friend finish them off! -10 damage
Fox's Blaster 30     Fox was able to be cheap with this move, but here, it's a weak rapid-fire weapon. 10 d20 fires the whole lot. -2 * X damage
31     One of Fox's moves that's best used for defense more than offense, either get next to an enemy & shock them, or reflect projectiles back to where they came from. -5 damage (offense)
-2 * attack (defense)
Fire Fox 32     While Fox used this mainly to get back in the arena, it's quite an enemy mower. It's basically a multidirectional Falcon Kick from either the air or the ground. -15 damage
Fox Illusion 33     This move, like the Raptor Boost, is used to send enemies up in the air for allies to take them. However, it has an added dodge bonus of +2 when dodging! If you have the Move Expander, this would be a good backup move to take. -10 damage (offense)
+2 dodge bonus (defense)
PK Flash 34     Another charge move, Ness whiped out a green ball of sorts that ranged from not that powerful to big-time dangerous! You can charge it up to the next level, but remember that if you move, you lose the charge. -5 damage (uncharged)
-30 damage (charged)
PK Magnet 35     One of the only moves that heals, Ness would project a force field that could absorb energy projectiles. Needless to say, you can't use this as an offensive move. +2 * attack (defense)
PK Thunder 36     Ness had 2 uses for this, and so do you; either send the thunder blast at an enemy, or send it at yourself and blast yourself into an enemy. For the regular thunder blast, roll d20; for making yourself the battering ram, use 2 d20. -5 damage (thunder alone)
-25 damage (thunder & Ness)
PK Fire 37     Sometimes, Ness could stun others with this projectile-turned-column of fire. Roll d20 and d5 to see; if stunned, extra fire damage will be sustained. -5 damage (projectile)
-15 damage (above plus stun)
Ice Shot 38     The Ice Climbers' power varies whether they are together or separate; this is one of those times. If your partner is still here, the roll is 2 d20; otherwise, it's d20. In both cases, also add d5 for the possible stun. -5 damage (one Climber)
-10 damage (two Climbers)
Blizzard 39     They are either very cold or had too many tic tacs, for their breath is SO cold, it can stun opponents! While a close range attack, it's more powerful than the Ice Shot. Again, d20 and d5 (2 d20 if partner is still here). -10 damage (one Climber)
-20 damage (two Climbers)
Belay 40     Try this with one Climber only, and consider yourself dead. Try this with TWO Climbers, though, and you got a pretty high jump. 2 d20 is the roll required; if the 2 rolls average to a certain # or above, you are safe. It's also a nice attack. -15 damage
Squall Hammer 41     If you have to use only one Ice Climber move, this is probably the best one. Solid damage, good distance while in the air, and the only comeback move you got while alone makes this a solid choice. Again, it's more powerful with 2 Climbers...2 d20 with both; d20 with one. -10 damage (one Climber)
-20 damage (two Climbers)
Inhale 42     Kirby loves to eat things. Some things he ate gave him powers. You can choose to either swallow your enemies or spit them out. Swallowing gains an ability for the most part. Don't worry; once a fighter, you gain a protective digestive system. -5 damage (swallow)
-10 damage (spit)
Stone Drop 43     Kirby can now do powers without eating an enemy! Well...some things had to be stretched in the games. Utilize this power and you will start smashing foes. -20 damage
Final Cutter 44     This comeback move from Kirby helped slam opponents down to the ground and up in the air. You can do that to enemies too; if one is close, roll 3 d20 to send them up, down, and away with the "Cutter Wave"; if a whole group is some distance away, roll d20 for the "cutter wave" only. -10 damage (up and down)
-10 damage (cutter wave)
Pop Star
45     For the record, this is NOT the hammer used in the Donkey Kong games. This one is from the Kirby enemies. It's not as strong as the DK Hammer, but delivers good damage nonetheless. -15 damage
Charge Shot 46     This came from the Super Metroid days, when Samus could charge her gun via the charge beam. There are three levels of charging, and if you must move while charging, you can go up at least one level. -5 damage (uncharged)
-20 damage (slightly charged)
-40 damage (fully charged)
Drop Bomb 47     This move has more usefulness on the RPG than Samus had on Melee. If the Charge Shot is fully charged up and this move is performed instead, 5 bombs are let out instead of just one. In that case, roll 5 d20 instead of d20. These bombs won't hurt you. -5 * X damage
Screw Attack 48     This was Samus's most useful move in the Metroid games; you become invincible when spinning in the air! While the invincibility is gone, the "cheapness" is still around. Roll d20 & d10 here. -(1 * X) + 5 damage
Missile 49     Unlike most charging moves, this one has its uses for either level! The uncharged version is homing, but does less damage. The charged version is the Super Missile, which puts the hurt on enemies. If uncharged, roll d20+2. If charging and you must move, you lose the charge. -10 damage (uncharged)
-25 damage (charged)
Nayru's Love 50     In Ocarina of Time, this was used for invincibility. This time, it's used for defense. While it has an offensive "crystal shatter" move, it's better to reflect projectiles coming anyway. -5 damage (offense)
-2 * attack (defense)
Farore's Wind 51     What used to be a "return to the warp point" spell becomes a quick "shoot me in this direction" move. Touch anyone when about to teleport, though, and they suffer damage. The main use isn't for attack, though, and if you wanted to attack with this, you would have to land a pretty high number on the dice roll. -20 damage
Din's Fire 52     Zelda wasn't surrounded by a wall of fire on Melee, but did control a small fireball. This one can go through all enemies, provided that the "ESP" holds out (in other words, as soon as a low number appears, that's that). -10 damage
Needles 54     Sheik had this minor form of offense, complete with charging needles. You guys, though, won't have to charge up any needles; you can throw all six at once any time by rolling 6 d20. -3 * X damage
Sheik-a-Port 55     It's basically Farore's Wind without the delay or the power. The explosion left behind can still damage foes, but use this more for coming back to the playing field. -10 damage
Whip 56     As you can see, Sheik specializes in attacks that damage opponents quick. This whip can hit a group of enemies bunched up pretty easily, but isn't super strong. -10 damage
Bow and Arrows 57     Link's bow and arrows have helped hit switches and slay Gannon. Now you have the power of the bow. Unfortunately, it's not the greatest weapon. -10 damage
Hyrule Bomb 58     Using these can be dangerous, for if you aren't lucky enough, it can blow up in your face! Get rid of it quickly and hope it lands near an enemy before the inevitable boom. -15 damage (anyone)
Spin Attack 59     Link started to master using the spin attack with magic. The magic is embedded this time, so that takes away the worries about a magic potion. The damage delivered is good and solid. -20 damage
Magic Boomerang 60     The good news: the boomerang will now automatically stun most enemies AND deliver damage to boot. The bad news: it can't be used two rounds in a row, eliminating the "cheapness" factor. -5 damage
1 round auto stun
Straight Ball 61     I call this the straight ball since Luigi always fires his fireballs straight ahead, never being affected by gravity. They are the same as Mario's in every other way; roll 2 d20 for possible max damage. -5 * X damage
Luigi Cyclone 62     While Mario did his Tornado as a multi-hitting machine, Luigi delivers only one decent hit. Remember that you can possibly hit more than one person with this attack. -10 damage
Flaming Jump Punch 63     Well, it only flames whenever you are right next to someone, but close enough. "Proximity" is determined by d20 followed by d5. -5 damage (regular)
-25 damage (flaming)
Green Missile 64     Luigi's new move acts like Pikachu's Skull Bash, only without the required charging up. Either charge for a round and risk damage (roll d20 after the charge), or let loose immediately and risk a "misfire" with d20 and d5. -5 damage (uncharged)
-15 damage (charged)
-25 damage (misfire)
Rollout 65     Since it does diddly squat if you fire it uncharged, you have to risk charging it up for a turn. While the results are pretty good, it might not be worth it in the end. -15 damage
Nightmare 66     The games call it Rest, but since health isn't restored, it gets this name instead. It IS a nightmare if you suffer from the attack, but it's also a nightmare for the user of the attack, who can't dodge whatsoever that turn. Use it wisely... -40 damage
NO dodge 1 turn
Sing 67     The one move JUST ABOUT NO ONE wants, Sing is basically a DK Headbutt that does no damage. However, sometimes stunning is all you need to do. 1 round auto-stun
Pound 68     Jiggly doesn't have many powerful moves; this pound attack only hits once. Better make it count. -10 damage
Shadow Ball 69     Mewtwo's Shadow Ball is basically Samus's Charge Shot with the strength of DK's Giant Punch and a "can't hold at full strength" penalty. Once at full strength, let it loose to regain your dodging freedom. -10 damage (uncharged)
-25 damage (slightly charged)
-50 damage (fully charged)
Hypnotise 70     Remember this: no matter what sleep move it is, if it does no damage, don't use it unless needed. This is Jiggly's Sing in another form. 1 round auto-stun
Teleport 71     Mewtwo teleported with the range of Sheik's "Sheikaport", but with no damage capabilities whatsoever. It's great for defense. use to get away
Confusion 72     Mewtwo combined the function of Mario's Super Cape with Peach's Toad Counter. Raise your hand in the air, stop projectiles, and send opponents spinning for damage! Remember that this can also be used for defense. -10 damage
Chef 73     Game & Watch will have the names of his games as his moves on this RPG as a sign of respect. Here, either toss out 3 sausages at foes with 3 d20, or whack them upside the head with the frying pan! -10 * X damage (sausages)
-20 damage (frying pan)
Oil Panic 74     Many of Game & Watch's games involved things in 3; usually lives. Here, the bucket is used to absorb projectiles in defense mode and the contents are spilled out towards the opponents in offense mode. The bucket can hold up to 3 projectiles. collects projectiles (defense)
-(A + B + C) * 2 damage (offense)
Fire 75     Game & Watch used trampolines during one of his games; this represents the similarities he went through. It gains good height, but doesn't do much damage. -10 damage
Judgement 76     Next to Kirby's Inhale move, this is the most varied move there is. From self hurting yourself to knocking people out of the park, it's got versatility. d20 and d9 unleash the mighty hammer. See Hammers Here
Shield Breaker 77     Marth couldn't do much damage with this attack charged or uncharged, but the best results are for charging up. Wait one turn, pray no one goes after you, and stun them! -5 damage
1 round auto stun (charged)
Marth's Counter 78     An excellent defense move, Counter helped Marth block attacks and deliver his own. You can do that too, but remember that if you miss, you will suffer. -15 damage
Dolphin Slash 79     This isn't the best comeback move Marth could have, but he has to live with it. While it has good power, don't expect to move much in any direction once you unleash it. -15 damage
Swords Dance 80     This move can be very powerful...if you land each swing in succession. Up to four swings will be performed, each one more powerful than the next. Up to 50 HP can be taken off. Roll 4 d20 with this attack. -5 damage (first swing)
-10 damage (second swing)
-15 damage (third swing)
-20 damage (fourth swing)
Megavitamin 81     This is basically Mario's fireball. However, since vitamins are good for you, up to three can be tossed out at once, so roll with 3 d20 instead of 2 d20. -5 * X damage
Doc Tornado 82     Doc could trap the enemies in a mini tornado, then send them away. The roll here is d20 and d10. -(1 * X) + 10 damage
"Pay Up" Punch 83     There has to be SOME uniqueness in the names for this to's the Super Jump Punch with more potential damage. Coinage stays the same. Roll d20 and d10. -(1 * X) + 10 damage
# coins = d10 roll
Super Sheet 84     The defense move with attitude, unleash your cape and stop any enemies from attacking you. They could very well be risking damage instead. sends projectiles back
-10 damage
Gerudo Punch 85     Ganondorf doesn't come with his usual attacks, but the ones he copied were quite powerful. This one can send opponents out of here quickly. -40 damage
Gerudo Kick 86     Like the original Falcon Kick, this can be used to go through a group of enemies. It's not a combo attack, so if an enemy avoids the attack, it will still continue. -25 damage
Gerudo Dive 87     This is the only grab attack that will do more damage than most other grab attacks. Make sure you time it right, or you will be falling back down. -25 damage
Gerudo Knuckle 88     Ganondorf mainly used this as a setup move, but with its high power, you can possibly kill creatures with it. -20 damage
Falco's Blaster 89     Picture Fox's blaster with a tiny bit more oomph. This is what you get. Roll 10 d20 and hope you get them to connect. -3 * X damage
Falco's Reflector 90     Offensively, Falco shocked opponents. Defensively, he sent projectiles back. You can do the same thing. -10 damage (offense)
-2 * attack (defense)
Firebird 91     This is more powerful than the Fire Fox, but less powerful than the Gerudo Kick. However, it can go in any direction. -20 damage
Falco Phantasm 92     For dodging, this is an excellent move, for a +2 bonus of dodging comes into play. For offense, it's a good setup move for your partner to take 'em out. -15 damage (offense)
+2 dodge bonus (defense)
Bow and Fire Arrows 93     Surprisingly, Young Link has an arrow move more powerful than Link's! Use it to your advantage to send enemies away and at bay. -15 damage
Young Bomb 94     Again, not the greatest name, but it will do. It's basically Link's bomb attack. Just remember to throw the bomb far enough away. -15 damage (anyone)
Kokiri Spin Attack 95     It's not as powerful as Link's spin attack, but the basic premise is the same. It's also a good move to get extra height. -15 damage
Wooden Boomerang 96     It's basically the same as Link's boomerang attack, only it doesn't go as far (it's not the magical variety). You can't toss this out twice in a row. -5 damage
1 round auto stun
Baby Jolt 97     This is Pichu, so his moves haven't gained the power of Pikachu yet. Remember to aim well; having the Self Hurter and missing isn't good for you. -5 damage
Baby Bolt 98     This one can clear out enemies, but remember that it's not Pikachu's power. -15 damage
Agility 99     You can't attack anyone with this; Pichu couldn't. It can be aimed twice, so roll with 2 d20. It's best for defense, for you add an extra +3 to your dodge roll. +3 dodge bonus
Escape move
Baby Bash 100     Like the Skull Bash, this can be charged up. Again, it's not as powerful. If you are forced to move during the charge, you lose the charge. -5 damage (uncharged)
-20 damage (charged)
Flare Blade 101     Unlike Marth's Shield Breaker, this has THREE levels of charge with no means of storage. Get it all the way charged, and it practically kills most enemies. Don't, though, and it will just send them pretty far. -5 damage (uncharged)
auto kill (charged)
Roy's Counter 102     The basic attack (defense?) is the same for Roy as was Marth. The difference is that since Roy is slightly more powerful, he gets more "oomph" on the counterattack. You will to, if you block the move in time. -20 damage
Rising Flare 103     Picture Marth's Dolphin Slash, only with the ability to perform multiple hits. That's basically what Roy did, and what you will do. Leap up, and roll 5 d20 to attack your foes. -5 * X damage
Double Edge Dance 104     Like Marth's Swords Dance, up to four successive swings can be delivered for a good deal of damage. Mess up the chain, and the "damage collecting" stops. Roll 4 d20 to unleash your dance. -5 damage (first swing)
-10 damage (second swing)
-15 damage (third swing)
-20 damage (fourth swing)

Judgement Hammers
Dice Roll Hammer Name Affects
1 Self Hammer -10 damage (self)
2 Weak Hammer -5 damage
3 Shield Hammer 1 round auto stun
4 Strong Hammer -15 damage
5 Electric Hammer -15 damage
6 Fire Hammer -15 damage
7 Food Hammer -10 damage & +10 health
8 Ice Hammer -10 damage & 1 round auto stun
9 Death Hammer -50 damage or instant death