Super Smash Quest - Season 2 (Early) - System - The Melee Moves

    The various fighters had to master their moves before they could use them on the battle field. Now, however, the Questers can not only perform the moves, but can possibly OUT-perform them better than the original owners! All possible attacks are listed below. The table immediately below this paragraph involves the regular moves like jumps, throws, and smash attacks. The tables at the end involve any particular moves like Judgement that use certain special rolls (more will probably be introduced later). The link below the first table consists of the special moves and their upgrades. The important thing to remember is that all rolls below say to use "checks", via STR or SPD. A check, remember, involves rolling d20 + the appropriate bonus, if any apply. I haven't included descriptions of the special moves, for you should know how MOST of the special moves work; of course, you can always ask a GM if you are unsure, particularly of any new fighters that come and/or get their moves stolen.

Regular Attack (STR Check)

The most basic of attacks, it can be used for anything. Damage done is your STR stat divided by 2.

Air Attack (STR Check)

It's the same thing as the regular attack. Damage done is your STR stat divided by 2.

Jumping Stomp (SPD Check)

Use the patented "Mario Masher" on all vulerable foes. You can jump on foes as many times as your SPD bonus says plus 1. Damage done is STR stat divided by 2.

Jumping Drill (no longer used)
No one uses this move, so there is no point in having it.

Grab (SPD Check)

Grabbing your foe can immobilize him. From there, you can either throw him for (STR stat minus STR bonus) damage or hold him for your friend to pound him (attacker gains +3 bonus when attacking).

Smash Attack (STR Check; can't be used twice in a row)

Unleash your fury and knock some people out! Damage done is STR stat.

Meteor Smash (STR Check; must charge before hand, can't be used consecutively)

Once hit by this, enemies usually fly far. Damage done is STR stat times 3.

Combo (regular attack rolls until the end; then it's smash attack roll or special move roll)

By comboing your attacks, you can get more damage in. If they hit consecutively, bonus HP might be taken off of your opponent. You can perform a two-hit combo with a SPD stat of 6, a three-hit combo with a SPD stat of 11, a four-hit at SPD 16, etc. Always end your combos with a special or a smash attack.

Item Pull Rolls
Roll # Item Effects
1 regular veggie 10 HP
2 regular veggie 10 HP
3 strong veggie 20 HP
4 regular veggie 10 HP
5 battle item Depends
6 regular veggie 10 HP
7 strong veggie 20 HP
8 strong veggie 20 HP
9 "judgement veggie" 50 HP or KO

Stone Drop Rolls
Roll # Stone Effects
1 Regular 10 HP
2 Regular 10 HP
3 Gordo 20 HP + Stun
4 Regular 10 HP
5 Thwomp 25 HP
6 Regular 10 HP
7 Gordo 20 HP + Stun
8 Gordo 20 HP + Stun
9 Mario 50 HP or KO

Judgement Hammers
Roll # Hammer Name Effects
1 Self Hammer 10 HP (self)
2 Weak Hammer 5 HP
3 Shield Hammer 1 round auto stun
4 Strong Hammer 15 HP
5 Electric Hammer 15 HP
6 Fire Hammer 15 HP
7 Food Hammer 10 HP (enemy) and +10 health
8 Ice Hammer 10 HP and 1 round auto stun
9 Death Hammer 50 HP and/or instant death