Super Smash Quest - Season 2 (Early) - System - The Pokémon

    You manage to get a pokéball, but what is inside of it? While "empty" balls aren't around, there are about 30 possibilities. Roll d30 to find out which one comes out. Don't forget that d20 is used for the pokémon to attack.

Creature Poké Roll
(out of 30)
Description Affects
"Monster Ball" 1     A random enemy will come out and automatically damage the thrower of the Pokéball. The thrower can't escape punishment. Depends on Enemy
Articuno 2     Articuno will use Blizzard to freeze enemies nearby. It's great for when you need to cause extra damage and not receive it. 1 round auto stun
Bellossom 3     Bellossom will use Sleep Powder to make enemies fall asleep. It's basically Articuno without the chill affect...which might be a good thing against some enemies. 1 round auto stun
Blastoise 4     Hydro Pump is the weapon of choice here; about 15 squirts are fired out from the guns. If Blastoise falls out of the area before he fires all fifteen, that's it. The roll is 15 d20. -10 * X damage
Celebi 5     Celebi just flies away. However, all those who see it will get a coin bonus later. 100 coins (observer)
200 coins (releaser)
Chansey 6     Chansey will use Softboiled to bring down about 6 eggs for either chow time or item releasing. Some may be exploding, as usual. 6 Eggs form
Charizard 7     Flamethrower will come out of this dragon's mouth. The flames aren't damaging, but come in great numbers. Roll 30 d20. -3 * X damage
Chikorita 8     One of the weaker pokémon, Chikorita shoots about 8 leaves into the enemies. The attack is Razor Leaf; the roll is 8 d20. -5 * X damage
Clefairy 9     This is an example of where not everything is the same in the game as it is here. Clefairy will Metronome ANY possible pokémon move. D30 determines the pokémon; roll again if it's 1 or 9. See Metronomed Pokémon
Cindaquil 10     All this is is a weaker version of flamethrower. It's better to get Charizard. Roll 10 d20 here. -3 * X damage
Electrode 11     Give Electrode 1 turn, and he'll self-destruct, damaging EVERYONE who can't somehow avoid the blast. It WILL hit all enemies, but all party members will have to use d4+X to hopefully avoid the blast. -40 damage
Entei 12     Fire Spin will come from this Pokémon, mainly attacking all airborne enemies. -30 damage
Goldeen 13     Goldeen actually attempts Horn Drill while flopping on land! Only the best d20 rolls can allow enemies to be killed. Instant Death
(if lucky)
Ho-oh 14     Sacred Fire will burn opponents and trap them, creating a 1-turn poison-ish affect. -25 damage
1 round auto stun
Lugia 15     Aeroblast is the preferred weapon here. It's like a very dangerous hurricane gone mad...and it will make enemies mad. -35 damage
Marill 16     While Marill is a water Pokémon, he will instead do dashing double slaps on all ground enemies. -20 damage
Mew 17     Mew is another rare pokémon that will float away. Again, cash will be paid to all who are there. 100 coins (observer)
200 coins (releaser)
Moltres 18     Moltres will attempt to use Sky Attack on all foes. Being a legendary bird, it is powerful. -25 damage
Porygon2 19     Porygon2 will only try to tackle one enemy before disappearing. This isn't the best one to get. -15 damage
Raikou 20     Shock Wave will come from Raikou and shock all enemies that touch him. It's a decent damager. -20 damage
Scizor 21     Fury Cutter is a 2-hit combo that is used. For the full effect, both swipes must hit an enemy. -20 damage (one slash)
-50 damage (both slashes)
Snorlax 22     What goes up must come down...a humungous body slam will be delivered on all enemies within Snorlax's reach. -25 damage
Staryu 23     Swift is the preferred attack by Staryu, who will fire 20 shots. 20 d20 is used for the attack. -4 * X damage
Suicune 24     Icy Wind is another one of those stunning moves against all enemies. Sometimes, stunning them is all you need to do. 1 round auto stun
Togepi 25     Like Clefairy, this isn't exactly the game version. Togepi will only perform Night Shade, which darkens the room so much that you can't see as well. You can defend, but not attack. 1 round NO attacking
Unown 26     Unown performs a Substitute like move and brings 25 of his [alphabet] buddies to attack the enemies. The Unown can attack all enemies. The roll is 26 d20. -5 * X damage
Venusaur 27     Venusaur lets loose a series of earthquakes set up to shake up all ground enemies. Not all quakes will affect them, though; use 5 d20 to find out how many. -15 * X damage
Weezing 28     Koffing became Weezing, but that smokescreen is still very familiar. It fires many quick blasts; use 15 d20 to see how many hit. -5 * X damage
Wobbuffet 29     Those that want to attack you guys have to get past Wobbuffet first; otherwise they will be bounced back by a counter type move. -10 damage
Zapdos 30     Zapdos unleashes true Thunder on various foes. Fliers will suffer more usually, but all enemies risk damage. -25 damage