Super Smash Quest - Season 1 - System - Initiations

    So you wish to help out in the fight? Here's how to get recruited.

  1. Contact one of us saying you wish to be a part of this (optional).
  2. Get on an IRC program, and connect to a server.
  3. Enter #SuperSmashRPG.
  4. If I am there, I will set up your stats and move sets.
  5. If you have a bio and a sprite already, great! Send it via email. If not, don't worry.
  6. Go through one training session to learn about the controls.

    There are two ways to get setup for the fight. You can either choose "emulation initiation" or "custom initiation".

    Emulation Initiation is the simplest form of initiation. You roll d27 once; the roll you get determines the character you emulate. You will get a set HP, dodge roll, THAC0, AC, movesets, and item.

    Custom Initiation involves more dice rolls, but you won't necessarily have a fighter's stats. You won't get the chance to start with special items that you might get with Emulation Init., but you can always buy those later. The process for Custom Init. is as follows:

  1. Roll d25 to determine your starting HP.
  2. Roll d25 again for your dodge roll.
  3. Roll d28 for your item.
  4. Roll d117 to fill up your moves. Depending on the item you have, it can be from 4 to 8 rolls.
  5. If you get either a 1, 53, or 105 as your number, you can choose any move available.

    Want to know the secret to determining HP and dodge roll? Fine, I will now tell all.

    For HP, you can either get 100, 125, 150, 175, or 200. For dodge roll, it's anywhere from a d4 to a d4+4 (which is NOT a d8!).

    If you roll between a 1-10, you get the lowest amount. 11-18 is the 2nd lowest. 19-22 is the middle one. 23 or 24 is 2nd highest, and 25 is the big one. Some Questers DID get 25s, so don't feel that this is intimidating.

    Based on what you get for starting HP and dodge roll, you will receive your THAC0 and Armor Class stats. They are mainly used for attack and defense stuff.