Super Smash Quest - Season 1 - System - The Item Store

    You find yourself near one of the consession stands, when Mr. Game & Watch gets your attention. "I hear you want to spend your money on these items." You nod.

    "So far, I only sell 'permament' items. Permament items are, well, permament. Found both in the battlefield somehow and right here at HQ, permament items affect your stats in "usually" good ways. From the Smash Dex to learn about enemies before confrontation to the Max Up to eliminate charging time, these are good to have. Find a permament item in the battlefield, and you can take it. However, there is a catch. If you already have your max of three, & you find one in the battlefield, you have to give up an item to a teammate or toss it away to get the new one (this is the ONLY time you can get rid of items!). If you purchase a 4th or higher while at base, though, it will be sent to your vault, where you can exchange it with other items as you wish."

    You nod in understanding.

    "Below are all of the items and prices if they apply. Take note of the good ones and have at it!"

Permament Items
Item Emulated Owners Description Prices
Doubler Ice Climber     Your HP will be split between you and a clone of you. Normally, when you attack, roll twice the required rolls (for Mario's Fireball, roll 4 d20 instead of 2 d20). Whenever you get attacked, you must roll both your dodge roll twice; once for you and once for your clone. Having the clone killed basically reduces your HP in half for the remainder of your current life, but having you killed before the clone takes away your life entirely. 1500
Extra Jumper Simon     Simon has learned to master a "double jump" of sorts that others have mastered. Here, it's basically an extra jump you can perform before using a comeback move. 1000
Kirby Float Kirby & Jigglypuff     This changes your second jump into 5 floats that gets you farther and higher. It's very useful for when you need that extra oomph. 1000
Magic Backpack None     Ever wanted the Melee Battle Items with you outside of the Melee Stadium? Now you can. Items pop up once every few turns...hope they are good. 1000
Magic Mirror None     This mirror lets you transport between parallel worlds. Useful when stuck in the Dark World without a Moon Pearl. 750
Moon Pearl None     In the Dark World, you can't perform special moves without this. Don't leave home without it. 750
Move Expander Marth & Roy     You can have eight moves in battle at once instead of four. Combine with Transformer and you can have 14 moves at your disposal. 2000
Peach Hover Peach     You can hover in the air after your second jump; perfect for gaining extra horizontal distance. 1000
Power Jumper Yoshi, Ness, & Mewtwo     Those who have the Power Jumper can practically use their midair jump to reach 3rd-jump distance and height. It's wonderful for reaching far away platforms. 750
Self Hurter Pichu     This is the only bad item; using special moves will cause you to lose at least 5 HP if you miss. Get rid of this as soon as you can. Can't buy
Shell Defense Bowser     This is basically an extra armor. Equip it to lose another Armor Class point (from 8 to 7, for instance). 1500
Smash Dex Dr. Mario & Game & Watch     Use this as your one turn to gain a lot of information on the enemy before you fight it. Not all information will be given to you when you use it on certain foes, though... 2500
Spike Protector None     Any time you face a spiked enemy, you can safely hit it physically without any side effects. Great for when you have a Falcon Punch. 1000
Transformer Zelda     This allows you to change into an alter-ego type fighter. Only by having the transformer item can you change into the alter-ego. Only three moves are available per "identity", and the Transformer move MUST be the same "B" move throughout. Combine with Move Expander to have up to 14 moves available. 1250
Wall Jumper All others     During your first or second jump, you can jump off walls with ease. There is no penalty for wall-jumping. 500
Zora Breather None     You can safely go underwater, for now you can breathe underwater. It's cheaper than I want it to be because I think Mewtwo senses more underwater missions coming. 600
More To Come Soon