Super Smash Quest - Season 2 (Early) - System - The Item Store

    Game & Watch sells the items that the Questers use in his makeshaft store. New items have come in; see what's in store.

Item Summary Roll Changes BP Cost
Doubler A clone for battle; can take damage for you double # of rolls 15 1000
Ele Dark Special moves automatically dark based; +1 SP None 4 500
Ele Elec Special moves automatically electric based; ±1 SP None 4 500
Ele Fire Special moves automatically fire based; ±1 SP None 4 500
Ele Holy Special moves automatically holy based: +1 SP None 4 500
Ele Water Special moves automatically water based; ±1 SP None 4 500
Ele Wood Special moves automatically wood based; ±1 SP None 4 500
Extra Jumper Extra midair jump before triple is needed extra d20 on jump 8 600
Grab Extender Extra reach for grabbing opponents add +2 grabbing bonus 5 500
Hawk Eye See within the darkness None 10 750
Kirby Float Replaces midair jumps with 5 shorter puffs replace d20 air with 5d5 5 400
Magic Mirror Allows for going from the dark world to the light None 7 750
Moon Pearl Allows for keeping your form in the dark world None 7 750
Move Expander Allows for 8 moves to be used None 15 1000
Peach Hover Float longer on the midair jump add +3 midair jump bonus 8 800
Power Jumper Extra distance on midair jump add +2 midair jump bonus 6 600
Self Hurter Lose damage for missed special moves None 0 N/A
Shell Defense Gain an armor class point; better defense add +1 defense roll 8 900
Spike Protector Attack spiked enemies with physical damage None 10 800
Transformer Transform into an alter ego None 15 1000
Wall Jumper Jump off walls with ease depends on what GM says 3 100
Zora Breather Allows for breathing underwater None 12 700

Non-Purchasable Items

    Magic Backpack: Standard equipment for most missions. Usually come with an HP item, and SP item, and a battle item.

    Max Up: All available copies were stolen by the enemies. They allow the users to skip the early levels of charging.

    Smash Dex: All Questers receive one now. They are used for analyzing, communicating, translating, and other nifty features.