Super Smash Quest - Season 3 - System - SSQ 101

SSQ 101

Welcome to the online help document that explains how to join this olde RPG. Now, before we start, I shall explain some basic concepts. I have noticed many people not reading this entirely, or correctly. So, once again, the standard warning applies.


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SSQ 101 Contents

Basic Concepts

First thing. This RPG is on the internet. You need an internet connection to join. Any one will do. Next, you need to get an IRC client. Go to mIRC's website, or Trillian's. Instructions for using each of those are different, and I leave it up to you to figure those out. However, you can't join without the required information. You must set the program to for the server. Once you have joined the sorcerynet server, type /join #supersmashrpg or any other equivalent command. Just make sure it says #supersmashrpg . Now that you're in the room, brush up on your reading and writing skills. Make sure to include correct capitalization and punctuation. And if it is possible, spell things correctly.

At this point, get to know some of the people in the room, and try to be polite. You may ask all the questions you want. Oh, yes. If the room is in session, put parenthesis around what you are saying. You know, ()s. When I say 'In Session', I mean when people are in character, possibly fighting, talking, or running around. Now that we have those type of basics completed, it's time for the next type.

Remember, you have to write down your char sheet in notepad. If you are unable to keep track of numbers and/or do basic math, please do not apply. Also, we want a certain level of spelling and grammar, as I said earlier. Keep your abbreviations away from our RPG.

This game uses dice, and is text based. If you don't like online dice or non-picture games, then run. Run away. As far as you can. Close this window! RUUUUNNNN!!!! ....Anyway. The dice are rolled with this format: d20. That rolls a 20 sided die. d6 rolls a 6 sided die. d(n) rolls n number of dice, without the ()s of course. In this game, you wind up fighting a variety of enemies. In order to fight them, you use the combat system. That's just up ahead. As for everything else, you may do what you want, within reason. No player killing without a good reason. You're only supposed to hunt down bad guys. And with that, the basics are completed. Now for the fun part.
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Joining the Game

This part of the tutorial is the hardest, but the most rewarding. Keep a clear head, and always ask questions--or you will regret it later.

Refer to the below section, Character Builds, for more detailed character creation information. You may pick 1 and only 1 build for your character.

Before I can say anything else, I shall show you the most generic char sheet in the game.

Generic Char Sheet


It isn't as ominous or complex as other sheets. Now, let me explain each part, bit by bit.

Oh yeah. Since some people who don't like to read complained about this, it shall be right here for all to see.

You get 45 points. Divide them as you wish between INT, STR, and SPD.

Build: If you choose the Smasher Build, you use the default sheet. If you choose any other builds, add the corresponding information. You may also want to add in Trance Moves if you take the Smasher build.

Health: In this game, you don't have 'HP.' Instead, you have health percentage. You can take up to 100%, more if you have upgraded your HP, before having to do a STR check. If you fail, you die. If you succeed, you survive. It isn't very good, unless you heal yourself. Anyway, just make sure to keep track of your health. The GM can't remember everything for you.

STR: Strength. Both of constitution and physical strength. You'll end up using this when weapons enter the fray, but you don't start with them quite yet. To get a modifier on STR, SPD, or INT, subtract 10 and divide by 2, then round down. That is the bonus for that stat.

SPD: Speed. This stat is used to determine your order when you fight, your AC, and your running speed. An important stat, but still equal to the others in usage.

INT: Intelligence. This covers all forms of intelligence. While the intelligence of characters is usually judged by your own actions, this stat will control what your character sees. If your character is an idiot, they might walk into traps, walk right past doors, and do the most useless attacks against the wrong enemies. The opposite is true for those who have much in this stat.

AC: Armor Class. This is in place of dodging. When an enemy attacks you, it must beat this number, or else it will miss you.It is determined by 10 + SPD Modifier.

BP: Badge Points. All badges use this. The only items that don't use BP are either mundane or weapons. The amount of these you get is equal to 20 -AC. So if you're slow, you'll be the most heavily armored, and vice versa. As always, keep track of your stats.

Quirks: Also known as feats. These are what make fighters unique. You gain one every 2 levels, no matter what. You also gain 2 of them to start with. Now that everyone starts at level 2, you automatically get another quirk.

Actions: This is how many attacks and other things you can do per turn. Using an item, attacking something, or manipulating a background object takes up 1 action. You start with 1, you gain another at level 7, and end up with 3 total at level 17.

Attacks: These are your special moves, which are made with the help of the GMs, and their special move construction system, GMCS.

This should be enough to get started. But you have a bit of work left. Before you continue, look at these limits.


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The Different Character Builds

Pick one of the three builds below to make your character. If you already have a sheet made before this build thing was created, it is the Smasher Build. Update all char sheets accordingly. Furthermore, modules are gone, and it is encouraged to have GMs make attacks for you as the new system goes.

Smasher Build
This build is the most common since it's the most well rounded. Modeled after the Smashers themselves, it grants you all the necessities and provisions you need to take whatever comes your way.
Normal State: Smashers are capable of executing a number of acrobatic moves, including double jumps. You also have four Normal Moves and four Melee Moves at their disposal.
Normal State Features:

Normal Moves: Four special attacks made to do what simple punches and kicks can't. Includes things like spin attacks, drill-kicks that hit multiple times (though weakly), and wide swipes.

Melee Moves: Four special attacks with supernatural power. Engulf your fist in flames and deliver mighty blows, call lightning, put enemies inside eggs, and more! These moves must be patterned after the B, Forward+B, Up+B, Down+B roles set by the video games.

Double Jump: Can't jump a gap? Fear not! You can try again. In MID AIR, mind you.

Entering Trance State: During times of overwhelming distress, Smashers can transform into Trance State. This occurs only during a time designated by the GM as "a time of overwhelming distress" since Trance gives almost deific power.
Special Trance State features: Enhanced Attacks: All Normal Moves and standard attacks deal 3X damage.

Flight: Characters in Trance State are capable of flight.

Trance Moves: Characters in Trance State replace their Melee Moves with Trance Moves, which reflect their inner selves. Trance Moves are capable of things like summoning a small star from nothing, unleashing destructive energy streamers that level whole buildings, or bestowing power upon an entire group of people.

Legendary Endurance: Your HP is doubled in Trance State.

Overdrive Build
This Build of character is unorthodox, but provides an interesting alternative to Smasher Build. While Overdrive Build is limiting under normal circumstances, Overdrive Mode itself makes you an incredible force to be reckoned with, enhancing your attacks and granting amazing abilities. Anything a Smasher can do normally an Overdriven character can do better. Overdrive Mode is also more reliable than Trance in many ways, though it's not quite as potent.
Normal Mode: Under these circumstances, you're more limited than a character made with the Smasher Build. You have six Normal Moves as opposed to four Melee Moves and four Normal Moves, and you can't double jump at all.
Entering Overdrive: Overdrive comes into play when you dish out a whole lot of punishment with what little you have; you aren't a Smasher, and therefore Melee Moves aren't at your disposal. To enter Overdrive, you must fill your OP Guage. For each successful hit you get, add 1 point. At 8 points, you enter Overdrive. This guage resets after each mission. You can only gain a number equal to the amount of actions you have to the OP Guage per turn. So, if you have 2 actions, you can only add 2 to the guage each turn, making it take for turns to get into overdrive at best.
Staying in Overdrive: The OP Guage described above only concerns itself with enterying Overdrive. The OP value on your char sheet, which you improve by leveling up, is the value you're set at once you've transformed. Every hit you take will lower it by 1 point. Initially (at level 0), it's at 4 points.
Special Overdrive Mode features:

Enhanced Moves: Your Normal Moves become replaced by these. They're almost as potent as Melee Moves, but there's more of them and they can be used with higher frequency.

Double jump: Overdrive characters are normally unable to double jump. Under Overdrive Mode, they can do it better than a Smasher, gaining a +2 bonus to both jumps.

Awareness: The heightened sense of coordination and general awareness of your surroundings grants a +2 bonus to all attack rolls.

Special Movement: Overdrive Mode grants a special mode of transport. Teleportation, Burrowing, or Flight are common examples.

Super moves: These four attacks exceed Melee Moves in power, having a much greater scope and gravity to them. However, you deplete 2 OP every time you use one.

Caster Build
For those who prefer mind over matter in a very materialistic way, there's the Caster Build. Casters can choose three different sub-builds that grant different spells: Psion, Artificer, and, of course, Wizard. While this grants Casters extraordinary abilities no matter what the occasion, they don't always maintain that power. Eventually, their magic can be depleted, and without it they're not much better off than an Overdrive character in Normal Mode.

Spellcasting: Casters cannot double jump and don't have special moves of any sort. Instead, you have a set of spells dependant on whether you choose Psion, Artificer, or Wizard. You gain a new spell every three levels and can buy new spells later. The stipulation is that you can't use spells without MP (of which they have 50 to begin). Spells automatically hit, but can be subject to a number of factors that impede their usefulness.

  • Psion: You use psionic powers to boost your own abilities and to assault your enemies' bodies and minds. Psionics tend to appear more like special moves and attacks than magic or machinery. Often times psions have been mistaken for extremely diverse Overdrivers or Smashers.

    Psionic Spells
    Level 0+ Spells
    Name Effect MP
    Chainstrike Hit all the enemies with a purple ray. Divide 30 damage between them. Must target more than 1 enemy. 12
    Disarm Knock the weapon out of the target's hands. 3
    Flash Choose one target. They receive a -4 to all rolls for their next turn. 5
    Invisible Become semi-invisible, adding 10 to your AC. 15
    Mindjolt Cause 30 damage and stun the opponent. 20
    Minor Crush Crush mundane objects, or deal 1/5 the enemy's current HP back to them. 8
    Minor Disguise Alter your appearance slightly. 3
    Minor Healing Instantly heal the target for 10 HP. 5
    Protection Pick one attack of the enemy. You are now immune to it for this battle. 10
    Teleport Move to another location up to 20 feet away instantly. 3
    Trick Make the target agree with you on a minor order, idea, or otherwise. 3
    Level 5+ Spells
    Name Effect MP
    Confuse The opponent takes 5 damage and is now confused. 5
    Despell Cause a level 0+ spell to fail, if it is still going during your turn. 8
    Destroy Using a huge amount of energy, the opponent is blasted with psychic power. 50 + INT damage. 25
    Dissappear You become fully invisible, making all physical attacks, including your own, useless. Lasts 5+INT mod rounds. 18
    Enhanced Teleport Instantly move up to 50 feet, or up to 20 feet with a friend about your size. 5
    Levitate Cause the target to float 10 feet off the ground, disabling their melee attacks. (Or something else.) 5
    Memory Erase Erase the target's knowledge of the last 5 minutes of events. 5
    Minor Control Cause the target to do a minor thing, like push a single button, against their own will. 15
    Minor Telekinesis Throw up to 25 lb objects, push larger ones, move objects up to 30 feet away. 10
    Persuade You can get the target to agree with you on a reasonable medium order, idea, or otherwise. 8
    Project Attack Cause a melee range attack to instantly hit the opponent, even if they are up to 20 feet away. 12
    Recovery Heal 20 HP to the target. 15
    Sensory Overload INT must be 16+. This attack causes the opponent to lose their next turn and be unable to defend themselves, their senses overloaded. 7
    Shadow Ball Concentrate your hatred into a ball and strike an enemy with it for 20 + INT damage. 13
    Switcheroo Switch weapons between two targets. 2
    Level 10+ Spells
    Name Effect MP
    Amnesia Cause the target to forget who they are for one day. 30
    Blackout Instantly ko's an enemy that's fairly weak. 10
    Charge Erase Dissipate a level 2 or lower charge instantly. 15
    Convince Cause an enemy to agree with you on a rather hard to agree with order, idea, or otherwise. 16
    Destroy Spell Cause a spell of 5+ capacity to fail. 16
    Disable Disable one of the target's moves at random. 15
    Elemental Kinesis Hit the enemy with a beam of a chosen element for 25 damage. 15
    Endure This magic, if used at the right time, will save you from death if hit by an extremely powerful attack. 10
    Fly Grant yourself the ability to fly for a while. 10
    Healing Force The target recovers 50 + INT HP. 25
    Ilusion Fool most people with a highly convincing illusion of one person, object, or a small building. 20
    Mind Erase II Destroy the subject's memory of the current day. 25
    Mind Read You can read the mind of one person, getting 1 piece of information per use. 18
    Mindbomb Deal 20+INT damage to all the enemies. 25
    Mirror Image Create a mirror image, which effectively makes a 50% chance of you being hit. 20
    Phobia Attack the enemy with their biggest phobia. Their response will vary. 15
    Psychic Using psychic power, you overwhelm the enemy. Deals 66 + INT damage. 30
    Psychosis Cause a weaker enemy to defect and help you for the rest of the mission. 30
    Reflect Physical attacks do half damage to you. 15
    Self Attack Make the target attack itself. 15
    Spell Combine Use this skill with a friendly spellcaster. If you both use it, next turn you may combine two of your spells for a super attack. 10
    Telekinesis Manipulate 5 objects, each up to 100 lbs, up to 50 feet away. 20
    Theft Steal an object off of the opponent. 15
    Ultimate Teleport You may teleport anywhere within 1 mile instantly per use. 20
    Weapon Assault Using a weapon you have, you may attack the enemy INT mod times with it. 20
    Weapon Puppet Take a weapon away from the enemy, then use it against them! 19

  • Artificer: You use mechanical enhancements and machines to fight. Grenades and missiles containing spell-like effects, armor that allows flight or burrowing, and potions with special enhancements are not uncommon.

    Artificial Spells
    Level 0+ Spells
    Name Effect MP
    Haywire Instantly gives a machine the Haywire status effect. 6
    Missile Shoot the enemy with a missile that deals 5+INT Mod fire damage. 8
    Remote Control Control a machine that you are allowed to control from up to 50 feet away. 5
    Shutdown Disable an enemy machine for one round. 10
    Repair Repair 10 points of damage from a machine. 10
    Summon Machine Summon a low-level machine to assist you. 15
    Overclock Double a machine's abilities; halve its HP/uptime. 8
    Upgrade Using this magic and 1000 coins, upgrade a machine. How it's upgraded depends on the machine. 15
    Iron Plate Using this spell, put armor on the target that absorbs 20% of damage. 20
    Detect Detect up to 2 machines or machine-related phenomena within 100 feet. 12
    Self Destruct The machine enchanted with this spell will explode when defeated, damaging 3 adjacent targets for 1/10 of its HP. 13
    Underclock Double the HP/uptime, halve the machine's abilities. 8
    Instruct Teach a machine capable of learning (INT 5+) a new skill or one of your own quirks. 15
    Reformat Delete all data on a friendly or defeated enemy machine, making it programmable by you. 20
    EMP pulse This causes all machines in the area to shut down for 2 rounds. 25
    Level 5+ Spells
    Name Effect MP
    Steel Plate Give the target armor that absorbs up to 40% damage. 25
    Status Grenade Blast the enemy with one negative status effect (Chosen when you take this spell) that is within your level. 12
    Triple Missile Fire three missiles, which deal 10+INT mod each (30+3(INT mod) damage total) in fire damage to the opponent. 25
    Flamethrower Summon a flamethrower, which attacks all enemies for 5 fire damage. 15
    Unlock Door Unlocks any technological door. 20
    Machine Invisibility Become invisible to all machines for 3 rounds. 12
    Mass Haywire Give haywire to all enemy machines. 10
    Machine Control Control an enemy machine of lower power than you for 1 round. 7
    Taser Deal 8% + INT mod electricity damage, and stun the opponent instantly. 15
    Take Apart Halves enemy machine's effectiveness/HP by taking it apart. 18
    Magnet Use magnetic force to deal 5% to all nearby machines and grab small metallic objects within 30 feet. 11
    Short Circuit Cause a machine to do random actions for d3 rounds. 14
    Targeting Ray Magically home in on a target, gaining +5 to all attacks to the target for the rest of the battle. 15
    Level 10+ Spells
    Name Effect MP
    Titainium Plate Give the target armor that absorbs up to 50+INT% damage. 30
    Deadly Grenade Blast the opponent with 20% damage and 3 random, bad side effects. 18
    Total Malfunction Make a machine do completely random actions attacking random targets for d6+INT mod turns. 20
    Ultra Rocket Blast the enemy with a huge rocket that deals 50% damage. 30
    Optical Flare Blind 3 machines for the rest of the battle. 22
    Super Upgrade With 10,000 coins and this spell, instantly upgrade a machine to its maximum. If used again, the item becomes legendary. 50
    Scanner Find the weakness of the enemy instantly rather than having the Smash Dex give vague answers. 15
    Super Summon Summon 1 strong machine or two medium-strong or 3 weak machines to assist you. 25
    Machine Revive Totally revive a broken machine. 30
    Explosion Cause an enemy machine to simultaneously explode. 40
    Immobilize Electrify the enemy, rendering their AC 0 and preventing them from doing anything unless someone else frees them. 18
    Search + Find what you're looking for quickly. 20
    Read Machine Discover some information from a machine without using it at all. 15

  • Magician: The most common and recognizeable Caster type uses diverse spells to achieve a number of ends. Their spells can handle anything from warping time and space itself to simply and flatly immolating an object.

    Magical Spells
    Level 0+ Spells
    Name Effect MP
    Aura of Defense Nobody can attack you next round; but you can't attack either. 10
    Cheap Shot Your next attack instantly hits. 25
    Combination Spell Combine two spells and use them both at once, or combine one of your spells with another friendly spellcaster's spells. 11
    Curse Give the enemy a random bad status effect. 6
    Dispell Destroy a magic effect equal to the level of this spell. 15
    Fireball Pelt the enemy with INT mod fireballs, which deal 10 fire damage each. 9
    Illusion Cause an illusion which fools one sense of the target for 5 rounds. 7
    Jolt Zap the enemy for a flat 15 electric damage, 50% chance of stun. 12
    Magic Missile Deal INT damage to the enemy instantly. 15
    Magic Teleport Dissappear in a cloud of smoke and instantly move up to 15 feet. 15
    Minor Healing Heal 20 damage off of the target. 10
    Morale Booster Everyone on your side gets a +1 to hit on the next round. 15
    Prestidigtation Perform a cheap magic trick, like making flowers appear, palming objects, or sawing people in two. 10
    Snatch Instantly steal a random item off of a foe. 15
    Trap Detector Find traps within 20 feet of your position. 17
    Turn Swap Switch places and turn orders with a target. 11
    Level 5+ Spells
    Name Effect MP
    Ability Ace Instantly ace an ability check. 25
    Cement Shoes Enemy loses all to-hit bonuses for one round. 15
    Decoy Create a clone of yourself which dissappears when hit, but allows you to counter-attack instantly. 15
    Destroy Trap Causes 1 nearby trap to explode. 10
    Destroy Undead Halves the HP of an undead monster. 20
    Disarming Attack Next round, all of your attacks will disarm the enemy instantly if they hit. 10
    Elemental Blast Hit the enemy with 10 * INT mod damage of an element of choice. 25
    Ice Storm All enemies take 15 ice damage. 18
    Implode Enemy's HP is halved. 30
    Medium Healing Heal 50 damage off of the target. 30
    Mega Money Double the money you halve, but halve your HP. 30
    Mirror Any spells launched at you will be reflected back at the caster for one round. 22
    Summon Monster Summon a medium-power monster to help you for 2 rounds. 12
    Level 10+ Spells
    Name Effect MP
    Badge Breaker Disable enemy's badges, or if they have no badges, their special abilities are disabled. 10
    Blindness Blind one enemy for the rest of the battle. 10
    Megid Deals 100 darkness damage; you cannot attack next round. 60
    Meteo Blast the opponent with a huge meteor of dark magic. Deals 50 + INT damage, also blinds and poisons the enemy. 60
    Nafiraga 3 Enemy is engulfed in a pillar of flame for 20 * INT Mod damage. 50
    Power Word: Silence Silences the target, preventing them from casting magic. 60
    Regen Regain 5 HP every round until the battle is over. 15
    Revive Revives dead (Game Over) Player. 80
    Seismic Toss Deal (Your Level) * 2 damage to the target. 15

Melding: Like the other two builds, Casters have a super form of sorts. In fact, they can have several different forms to choose from. To achieve this form, you must fuse with a certain object, be it a familiar, a crystal of power, or some other thing. The abilities granted during your transformation. This transformation must be VERY specific and pre-planned; you can't just spontaneously meld with a random rock or nuclear reactor. Otherwise, Meld can be accessed for one battle per mission. It depletes any and all remaining MP afterwards.

Special Meld Form features:

  • Increased Vitality: As the main part of your Meld Form, your HP and MP are multiplied by 1.5x.
  • Multi-Part Body: Meld Form is invariably larger than your normal form. You have at least one extra part to your body. Each extra part has your HP and MP x (1/number of parts including yourself). Use the HP and MP after transformation to figure this number.
  • Special Attacks: For each spell you sacrifice in this form, you gain a special attack that's the equivilant of a melee move.
  • Special Movement: You gain a special kind of movement.
  • Partitive Abilities: Each part retains up to 4 spells and has 3 special attacks of its own. Up to two of these parts bestow a special property.
  • Final Doom: If you die in Meld Form, you will not only lose a life, you'll also miss out on the rest of the mission and be transported back to the hospital wing.
Item Mancer Build

This is the weirdest build out there. Item Mancers rely on items for their combat. Thus, they are focused on the acquisition of weapons, badges, and items.


Normal Form: The Item Mancer has the ability to double jump. Furthermore, they gain +5 against all trap-related checks, and +2 to anything that involves cracking locks. They're a crafty lot, very skilled at using the items scattered across Nintendus. Unfortunately, they are not as graceful as the Smashers.

Mancer Moves: You gain, in total, three 'Mancer' moves. These are a tiny bit stronger than melee moves, but far fewer. If you should choose not to have moves at all, you gain another 5 slots for unique items.

Item Abilities: The Item Mancer is renowned for their item carrying capacity. They can hold, without any other badges or bonuses, a whopping 35 unique items, and 20 copies of each item. This may be boosted by other quirks, items, etc. They also gain 1.5x the money of a normal Quester, and gain a random mundane item at the end of every mission.

Badge Bonus: The bonuses of BP-increasing items are doubled, except for Badge Maniac.

Create Legendary Item: The Item Mancer, being an expert with weapon creation, or at least knowledgable, can actually create something equivalent to a level 10 bonus item. However, the item must first be full upgraded (10 upgrades), and then an entire level up must be sacrificed, as well as 30,000 coins, to make the item legendary. After five missions, the new item will be ready.

Maniac Mode: A distant cousin to Overdrive mode, this ability is triggered after using up 3/4 of your items, or 20 items, whichever is higher. This counter is reset after every mission. Once this has been done, you become completely mad with item usage. Every turn, for five rounds (Which DOES carry over between missions if not used), you may either summon 10 of a non-stat boosting item (At the GM's will), or use three items. Either way, these actions do not affect your normal turn; you take your turn normally after doing one of these two things, save for another bonus. While in this mode, if you are about to lose a life, you may sacrifice three unique slots worth of mundane items, chosen at random, to survive. (Must be 10 or more items total between the 3 slots.)

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Status Effects and Elements

Here is reference on the various special elements and status effects attacks can use.

Status Effect Name Level Required Effect if it hits
Berserk 7 Only able to use physical attacks. 1.5x damage with physical attacks. Lasts 3 rounds. Does not stack.
Daze 3 Enemy must roll d2 when it's their turn for 3 rounds. If they get a 1, all attacks miss.
Freeze 4 Enemy loses the next round, unless hit with a fire attack before it's their turn.
Poison 3 Enemy takes 3% damage each round, until cured or they do a STR check instead of taking their turn.
Confuse 5 Enemy rolls a dice equal to the number of people in the battle, including themself. Whoever the dice chooses, they attack. Lasts until someone or something hits them.
Stun 4 Enemy loses next round, and the round after that, all attack rolls lose their bonuses.
Hyper 6 The target gains SPD/8 extra rounds for the duration of 3 rounds.
Invincible 8 The target is invulnerable for 2 rounds.
Paralysis 3 The target's to-hit bonuses and AC are halved, rounding down. Lasts 3 rounds.
Doom 9 The target will die in 5 rounds, regardless of HP. (Only works on enemies with a lower level than you)
Regen 5 The target regains 3% HP every turn for the rest of the battle, unless poisoned.
Cure 3 The target loses one random status effect, good or bad.
Sleep 6 The enemy loses 10 - INT Mod rounds to sleep, unless they take more than 50% damage while asleep.
Haywire 7 The enemy goes insane. This breaks most machines, and causes random effects in organic enemies.
Blindness 4 The enemy is blind. -8 to all rolls, and -4 to AC. This lasts for 6 rounds.
Sealed 7 The enemy cannot use special moves until the seal is broken by Cure or they are healed, or if they do an INT check.

Fire -> Ice -> Earth -> Electric -> Wind -> (Go back to beginning)

Psychic -> Soul -> Psychic

Nintendus: Dark and Light resist each other.

Dark World: Dark -> Light

X-Zone: Dark and Light are super-effective against each other.

Saga: Light -> Dark

The arrow that points to another element shows what element is weak against what. For example, Fire -> Ice means Ice is weak against fire. Also, Wind -> Fire means Fire is weak against wind. If the opposite of these situations happens, and you attack a fire elemental with ice, then you deal the standard half damage. Rounded down. Dark and Lighthave different alignments, depending on the world. Psychic is strong against Soul, and Soul is strong against Psychic.

And now, for smash moves. For regular smashes, subtract a number from your to-hit bonus. For every digit you subtract, you deal 1% more damage. For example, subtract 3 from a +10 bonus, and you will deal 3% more damage for that move, and have a +7 bonus.

Meteor Smashes are simply a term for when a smash move knocks a person into the distance.

Meteor Finales are one-hit kill finishing moves that require you to have a crowd rating of 20. Then, you must get a natural 20, aka a crit. The result? Instant death for the enemy. And now, for the weapons.
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This new system differs from all of the old ones by one thing: weapons. The weapons have once again lost some of their importance. However, they still exist. First things first. A weapon does not always increase damage. It can do many other marvelous things, such as poison, confuse, freeze, add accuracy, speed up attacks, and so on. No weapon can exceed 15% damage; and even then, that type of weapon is a heavy-duty one. So remember: You don't have to make the strongest weapon in existance. Now then, the first thing everyone starts out with is a weapon of one of these types. Take your pick, but remember, you probably won't get to change your mind later.

Weapon Types

As you can see, there is a lot to choose from. You automatically get to start with one of these for free. Should you want to dual weild the types that can be dual-weilded, you may buy another--at the expense of 10 BP in addition to 2000 coins in payment. Furthermore, all bonuses and penalties are negated while dual-weilding, so you end up concentrating on doing a lot of attacks at once. Now that you have your weapon type, you might be wondering, how do they damage the opponent? Take a look at this chart.

Weapon Damage

After 'buying' one of these weapons, you may integrate them into your group of attacks, by adding Use Weapon to a slot. However, you obviously do not want to stay with the same gun forever. So, you have two choices for updating a weapon. One, is using 1000 coins per mod to the weapon, or sacrificing 1 upgrade point for instant upgrade. The choice is yours... and here is a chart that tells you what you can buy for these weapons. Magic and Psionic are different. They can use all of the following upgrades, and for each time they buy 'Magic' or 'Psionic', they can add another spell. They may pick any of their current spells when it's time to 'Use Weapon.' Magic can also be stacked on top of other weapons. There is a maximum of 10 upgrades per weapon; 6 upgrades for weapon if you're doing the dual-wielding route. YOU CAN NEVER EXCEED THIS.

Melee and Non-Projectile Weapon Upgrades

Ranged and Projectile Weapon Upgrades

In addition to this, there are several classes of weapons. The only upgradable class is the normal weapons type.

Items -> Weapons -> Legendary Weapons -> Relics -> Artifacts

Items are usually flimsy and don't last long. Weapons can be upgraded, but with limits. Legendary Weapons exceed those limits and have special abilities. Relics are high-powered weapons which are one-of-a-kind and expensive. Artifacts are specific-purpose weapons and items.

And there you go. Good luck customizing and using your weapons.
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Name Effect
Backstabber You can tell believable lies with an INT check. However, if you fail, it is worse than lying without the skill.
Backup Moves You may keep a separate set of moves; can be switched before mission.
Badge Attack You may do an attack that does (number of badges)% damage and has a (Number of badges) modifier.
Bounce Jumper You take half damage from falls, and can jump from one enemy to another easily.
Commander With an INT check, you can try to command enemies using special powers.
Conflict Negotiation If the group and an enemy have an obvious conflict, you can try to solve it peacefully with an INT check.
Crazy Once per round, you may add your INT mod to any attack. This constitutes an unorthodox attack. However, all other attacks that round will have no bonuses or penalties.
Elemental You are healed by a certain element--but you inherit the element's weakness.
Feinter You may attack an enemy with an INT-based punch that, when it 'hits', misses. This sets them up to automatically be hit by all of the next attack.
Flight You can fly SPD feet up into the air, at STR speed. However, the GM may limit your flight abilities for purpose of plot or no purpose at all.
Intimidating You can scare most weaker enemies and civilians away with a good INT check.
Insanity Once per mission, you may go into 'Insane mode.' This mode grants you random attacks against random enemies. However, the strange and fierce manner of your attacks lower the enemy AC down by your INT modifier.
Lucky You can re-roll 3 dice per mission.
Manipulate You give the target a +10 mod to their first attack in exchange for losing a turn. However, you also have a -10 to all attacks on the next turn.
Master of Disguise You can easily change your identity, and fool others. INT check again!
Mimic Once per day, you may copy the main ability of an enemy and use it against themselves. Lasts until battle ends.
Perceptive You cannot be surprise attacked.
Persuasive People are more likely to listen and agree with you. +5 to persuasion related rolls.
Powerful Will Psychic, intimidating, and other mind-related tricks do not affect you as much.
Repairman You are great at fixing things; +5 to repair-related rolls.
Sacrificial You may sacrifice a life to auto-kill a non-boss enemy, add a life to a friend, or heal all of your friends at once.
Shady You can hide in the darkness, and move without making sound... with a SPD check.
Specialist Pick an enemy, environment, element, or faction. You get a +10 bonus when fighting those people.
Super Grab You can easily carry an unwilling opponent wherever you want once you have restrained them.
Super Smash Your smashes do double damage.
Tag-Teamer You may switch with someone else, including enemies, when fighting.
Tough Skin You are immune to a status effect of your choosing. Can be taken only once.
True vision You can see through disguises, optical illusions, and darkness, with an INT check.
Stat Modifiers
Name Effect
Agile +1 to SPD stat.
Badge Maniac Your BP is doubled. Can only be taken once. MUST BE LEVEL 10 OR HIGHER.
Badge Trick Gain up to 3 BP in badges, cannot be taken if you are a Badge Maniac.
Miser +3000 to your total coin count.
Pugilist +5% damage when you punch someone, -5% when equipped with a weapon.
Range Defender AC doubles when against one type of attack (Melee/Ranged), but is halved against the other type.
Smart +1 to INT, +1 to AC.
Strong +2 to STR.
Strong Defense You use STR mod instead of the SPD mod for defense.
Sturdy You can take 10% more damage without needing a check.
Weapon Maniac +1 to all rolls with weapons, and you can run up and break the enemy weapon with opposed STR checks.
Item Modifiers
Name Effect
Forager During a mission, if an item is needed, you can search for it with a d20+INT check.
Guerilla Fighter You can easily turn any object into a weapon--they add 5% to your attack when used.
Item Attack You can do an attack which has a d20+Totalnumberofuniqueitems to hit and Totalnumberofuniqueitems damage.
Item Creator You are able to create one new item for each time you get this quirk. The GM must approve the new item.
Item Encyclopedia You are an expert in items. +5 to using non-weapon non-badge non-Level 10 Bonus items. You also can identify items with a DC 15 INT check.
Item Maniac You can now carry twice the amount of one type of item (20) instead of 10.
Item Monger All items are twice as effective; all armor, shields and weapons are half as effective.
Item trap You can create a trap out of items on a successful INT check. DC is (number of items) * 5.
Resourceful You have an easy time finding and procuring objects... and saving money while you're at it! Only pay 80% of normal price for some items, get items from other stores at wrong store sometimes.
Thief With a SPD roll as an attack during battle, you can steal things off of the enemy! Another SPD check allows you to flee with your cargo.


Those are all of the quirks. You know how to use them, so let's go on to the next section.
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And here are all of the badges. Take a good look at all of them.

Badge Name BP Badge Price Description
All or Nothing 4 $4000.00 For every hit in a combo, your attack damage is doubled. Otherwise, it is reduced to 0.
Bowser Fang 5 $5600.00 All counter-attacks deal 10% more damage, and are Bowser-like.
Brilliant Badge 4 $3500.00 +1 to STR, +2 to INT.
Chaos Badge 10 $10000.00 Your attacks do random sideffects to random targets.
Chill Out 2 $2400.00 You will instantly dodge the first attack of a battle.
Close Call 1 $1200.00 When at 80%, enemies have a 1 in 4 chance of missing you.
Coin Punch 4 $4200.00 Sacrifice 10 coins for every +1% damage you want to a punch attack.
Damage Dodge 3 $3000.00 If enemy attack is only 1 away from missing, half damage.
Defend Plus 6 $7000.00 Add 4 to AC. Cannot be stacked with other badges.
Dizzy Stomp 1 $1000.00 All jump attacks confuse enemies.
Dodge Master 2 $2300.00 Add 2 to AC. Cannot be stacked with other badges.
Double Dip 1 $1100.00 You may use two items per round.
Extend-o-glove 3 $3300.00 Extends grabbing and punching range; +4 to those attack rolls.
Extra Jumper 8 $8800.00 Gives you an extra jump to cross loong pits.
Feeling Fine 3 $2700.00 50% chances of blocking or curing status effects.
Fire Shield 2 $2100.00 Fire attacks do half damage to you.
Goldeneye 4 $4400.00 You gain +5 to attack rolls with guns.
Grab Badge 5 $3500.00 Makes enemies drop MORE items.
Happy Heart 3 $3100.00 Regain 3% health every turn.
Hawk Eye 10 $1000.00 Allows you to see through all darkness.
HP Drain 3 $3100.00 For every hit, you gain back 1%, for up to 5% healed each turn.
HP Plus 3 $3500.00 Maximum % increased by 10%.
Ice Power 2 $2500.00 Attack doubled against fire enemies.
Item Hog 3 $3200.00 Increases chances of enemies dropping items.
Jumpman 2 $2300.00 Jump attack damage quadruples, but can't use weapons.
Kirby Float 5 $5600.00 Replace jump with 5d5 for shorter 'puffs'.
Last Stand 1 $1000.00 When you are at 80%, you take half damage.
Lens of Truth 6 $7000.00 See the truth, but only for about 5 minutes at a time.
Life Saver 5 $5500.00 Instead of losing a life, you can choose to lose all of your money.
Lucky Day 7 $8000.00 Enemies have a 1-in-2 chance of missing you.
Lucky Start 4 $3333.00 Something lucky happens at the start of every battle.
Magic Backpack 7 $7600.00 Randomly get items from the arena to use in battle.
Magic Mirror 7 $7777.00 Allows you to travel between light and dark worlds.
Mega Rush 1 $700.00 When you are at 90% or higher damage, attack power is quadrupled.
Money Money 7 $7600.00 After a battle, you gain twice the coins as usual.
Moon Pearl 7 $6600.00 Allows you to keep your true form in the dark world.
Move Expander 15 $20000.00 Doubles the amount of moves you may have in one set of moves.
Multibounce 1 $1000.00 Allows you to chain the same jump attack to hit all enemies.
Ohoracle Badge 2 $2300.00 Heals 1% for all punch attacks used per turn.
Pay-Off 2 $2300.00 The more you're hit in battle, the more coins you get.
P-Down, D-Up 2 $2500.00 Decrease STR by 2, increase AC by 2.
Peach Hover 8 $6800.00 Adds +3 to jump bonus.
Peekaboo 3 $4000.00 You instantly see the HP of the enemy.
Pity Flower 3 $2300.00 When damaged, occasionally regain 3% HP.
Power Bounce 2 $2500.00 Allows you to jump attack on an enemy forever, even ignoring turns, as long as you hit.
Power Jump 1 $1000.00 All jump attacks deal 5% more damage.
Power Jumper 6 $4200.00 Adds +2 to jump bonus.
Power Pin 4 $4600.00 When you grab someone, your next attack does double damage.
Power Plus 6 $7000.00 Add 4 to STR.
Power Rush 1 $1100.00 When at 80%, your attack power doubles.
Power Smash 1 $1500.00 Your weapon does 5% more damage.
Pretty Lucky 3 $3500.00 Enemies have a 1-in-6 chance of missing you.
Psychosis 7 $3700.00 In battle, all damage and attack rolls are doubled against 1 enemy; you cannot heal/defend yourself.
P-up, D-Down 2 $2500.00 Decrease AC by 2, Increase STR by 2.
Quake Smash 1 $1500.00 Your attack hits all enemies on ceiling or ground.
Rainbow Rock 7 $7777.00 Magic/Psionic attacks deal 1.25 times normal damage.
Refund 1 $1200.00 Refunds money for all items used in battle.
Return Postage 7 $7777.00 People who directly attack you take half the damage they do to you.
Revenge Badge 5 $5500.00 When killed, you come back, dealing double everything against your killer for the first attack you do.
Safety Badge 4 $3400.00 Instant-Death attacks no longer work on you.
Salvage Badge 3 $3400.00 Attracts enemies that have items.
Shell Defense 8 $6800.00 Gain a whopping 6 AC. Cannot be stacked with other badges.
Spike Badge 3 $3200.00 Deal 2x damage to all spiked enemies.
Triple Dip 3 $2300.00 You may use three items per round.
Wall Jumper 3 $3300.00 Jump off of walls with ease.
Weapon Throw 2 $2000.00 Throw your weapon at any enemy; it insta-hits, but ends your turn early. Cannot be used after your first action.
Wonder Badge 2 $3000.00 Increases critical hit range to 19-20.
Zap Tap 4 $4500.00 Enemies who physically hit you take 5% damage.
Zora Breather 6 $10000.00 Allows for you to breathe underwater.

Pick wisely.
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Odds and Ends

If you are reading this, SSQ's system is complete enough to start. Get going on those sheets! For a look at the map of SSQ's world, see This Picture. Now then... let me introduce you to EXP and leveling up.

First thing. You start at level 4. To level up to the next level, multiply the next level's number by 100. That's how much EXP you need to level up. Or check the level up table.

Upon leveling up, you will get a variety of things.First, every two levels, you will get a new quirk, except after a certain point. Also, every level, you gain 2000 more coins to spend. Now, for the tricky part.

Ala Paper Mario, you may upgrade one of your stats every level you gain. However, each upgrade is different in some way. I will have the breakdown of it down here:


EXP to level up, in order. Remember, you ALWAYS get 2000 coins each levelup.

EXP total Level Extra Bonus
100 1 Nothing.
300 2 Gain a Quirk.
600 3 Zilch.
1000 4 Gain a Quirk.
1500 5 Zip.
2100 6 Gain a Quirk.
2800 7 Now can do two attacks!
3600 8 Gain a Quirk.
4500 9 Nada.
5500 10 Gain a Quirk, and DO YOU WANT TO KNOW???
6600 11 Empty.
7800 12 Gain a Quirk.
9100 13 Superstitious Number!
10,500 14 Gain a Quirk.
12,000 15 Zero.
13,600 16 Gain a Quirk.
15,300 17 You may now attack 3 times, the maximum!
17,100 18 Gain a place in the Hall of Fame.
19,000 19 None.
23,100 21 Create a custom item.
25,300 22 Gain 1 BP.
28,600 23 Create a custom Arena.
31,000 24 Create a custom quirk.
33,500 25 Create a Melee Match item.
36,100 26 Create a custom badge.
38,800 27 Vacuum.
41,600 28 Nein
44,500 29 Gain 10 random cubes!
50,600 31 From this point on, gain 3000 instead of 2000 coins per levelup.
53,800 32 Not Present
57,100 33 +1 to STR, INT, and SPD.
60,500 34 +1 to BP.
64,000 35 Vast Nothingness
67,600 36 +20 HP
71,300 37 Gain a special Specialist Quirk which adds +20 to-hit instead of +10.
75,100 38 Gain a single old-fashioned Melee Move at Omega level.
79,000 39 Gain nothing at half-past never.
83,000 40 WHY DO YOU WANT TO KNOW???

You cannot stack badges that raise the same stat. Instead, the strongest badge is used and the others ignored.

These nice upgrade thingies can be helpful is used correctly. Of course, when you get to a certain level, something special may happen...

You may combine two level 10 bonuses to make a far more versatile bonus. However, you cannot add a level 10 bonus to an already-made bonus. Level 10 bonus stuff is known to be un-upgradable, and unique. Thus, you must have immense patience to wait to gain ten levels after gaining your first bonus.

Also, you can use cubes as grenades. They deal 10% damage of their element when thrown, and can be combined with support and other cubes to do more than just explode. They are cheap, so you can buy lots of them. A chart of cubes and prices is coming soon.

Anyway. To our next odd end, we have starting money. How much, you ask? Well, two choices. One is a flat 7000 coins to blow on anything you wish. Another is using the slot machine. It's your choice. While we're at it, I'll detail the results of the slot machine.

Slot Machine Numbers and Combos

And there you go. Just remember, you don't get any second chances with the slot machine. And now, for some common sense tips.

Common Sense Tips

Now then... to get back on topic... Hmmm. Oh yeah, lives. You have a set number of lives to do a mission. If you lose them all, you fail that mission. The result? No pay, no benefits, and you only get a small amount of EXP. However, lives regenerate between missions... for that set amount of lives for the next mission. And... that's about it for now. You can start playing with a char sheet!
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The Melee Stadium

You've heard all about it. The fantastic battles that defined this RPG in the past. Well, now they're back! There are only a few modifications when entering the Stadium and fighting others.

Stadium Rules

Those rules are only the beginning of the fabulous Melee Stadium rules. When you have gotten all the fighters together, you must agree on the frequency of items, the arena, any handicaps, any bets, how many lives, and possibly a time limit.

And now, another handy dandy chart detailing the progression of items.

Item Frequency

Handicaps are simple. If you want to equalize things for a less skilled or less leveled up player, just give them a handicap of 20%. They will be able to take 120% damage before being destroyed. Now, below, will be the chart for all the purdy arenas you can choose from. Levels means the level of platforms. For example, Final Destination has only 1 level of platforms, because it is one flat platform. Corneria has two levels, because it has the lower one on the back of the great Fox, and a higher one on the top of great fox. Someone on one level can only hit someone on another level if they use appropriate ranged moves. See the chart below for details.

Now then, there's obviously a crowd watching these battles. Depending on how well you fight, the crowd will either boo you or cheer at you. There's a scale that measures the crowd reaction. At the beginning of a battle, you start with a 10 on a scale of - through 20. The higher you are on the scale, the more the crowd likes you. The lower you are on the scale, the more the crowd hates you. And now, for a chart of what happens at each rating.

Ratings and Effects

Name Size Levels Hazards Description
Battle Highway Medium 2 Cars like to drive through and smash into people. The highway used as a battleground in Sonic Battle.
Battlefield Small 3 A simple arena. No hazards. A bunch of floating platforms.
Big Blue Very Small 4 Cars constantly move, and the ground almost always kills, not to mention going upside down. A whole lot of F-zero racers doing what they do best.
Brinstar Small 3 Acid comes up and burns the lower levels every 2 rounds. The inside of Brinstar.
Brinstar Depths Very Small 2 A constantly rotating arena that destroys uncautious players. The depths of Brinstar.
Corneria Very Large 2 Arwings and Wolfens strafe the decks every 3 rounds. A huge space ship flying over Corneria.
Crystal Tower Small 5 You can easily be thrown through the glass and into the outside, or cause computers to fall on you. The crystal tower of computers from the Spirit Fields.
Death Mountain Small 3 Beware of flaming keese and magma! A few platforms floating over the crater of Death Mountain.
Dry, Dry Desert Large 1 Tornadoes, Bandits, and Pokeys drift in and out. The great desert where a special type of Lime is found.
Digital Airport Medium 2 Weird 'programs' with ray guns occasionally shoot at you. The digital computer system of Netopia's Airport.
Dream Land Small 3 A tree occasionally blows you around. One huge platform with trees and more platforms.
Exor Very Small 1 Exor is flying through many things… watch out! A thin area on Exor as it flies through various worlds.
Final Destination Large 1 Very simple, no hazards. One huge floating platform.
Flat Zone Very Large 3 Platforms change, and oil spills are common, as well as 3%-damage inducing tools flying from above. The inside of a Game and Watch machine.
Floating Castle Medium 2 Various oddworld monsters attack at random. The place where Alys and the Questers defeated Bowser and Ganondorf.
Fountain of Dreams Medium 3 Platforms rise up out of the ground randomly. A large, overflowing fountain of star power.
Fourside Large 3 A flying saucer occasionally appears. A huge city.
Glitch Arena Very Large 5 Things change a lot here; entire levels fall down and crush people. The glitched arena that destroyed the second stadium.
Glitzville Pit Medium 1 The crowd throws objects, and being thrown out of the ropes is defeat. The arena of Glitzville where Mario became a world champion.
Great Bay Small/Very Small 2 Half of the arena submerges every 2 rounds! The Great Bay is basically a huge turtle and platforms on the sea.
Green Greens Large 2 Various blocks appear. Hitting bomb blocks means 10% damage; the tree also blows people around. Three floating islands covered in blocks.
Ice Mountain Very Large 9999 The ground scrolls. If you stay on level for more than 2 rounds, you're killed. Millions of platforms that lead up a huge mountain.
Jungle Japes Large 2 If you fall downwards, you will be defeated nearly instantly. A bunch of platforms and buildings sticking out of a river.
Kongo Jungle Small 3 Klap Traps leap out of the river every d5 rounds, dealing 10% damage to who they hit. Kongo Jungle is an array of platforms hanging over the edge of a deadly waterfall.
Kongo Jungle (Again) Large 2 A barrel occasionally saves you… and occasionally kills you. Many wooden platforms, and a floating barrel.
Marble Zone Very Large 1 Some of the platforms randomly sink into the lava: also beware of lava fireballs. The Marble Zone basic land.
MMS Large 1 When it gets windy, people and items are blown towards the end of the ship. The old ship many Questers used in the past.
Mushroom Kingdom Very Large 4 Blocks filled with random things, POW blocks, sinking platforms, and pipes with piranha plants! The olde Mushroom Kingdom.
Mushroom Kingdom II Very Large 3 The evil Birdo shoots eggs at people, and a pidget flies around on a carpet. The pixelized land of Super Mario II.
Mute City Large 3 The platforms appear and disappear a lot, with cars attack occasionally. A bunch of platforms on the Mute City racetrack.
Onett Very Large 4 Cars drive by and hit people on the lower levels for 25% damage. A part of Ness's home city.
Poke Floats Very Small 4 Platforms constantly move about, which causes many deaths. …Weird… floating… balloons…
Pokemon Stadium Small 5 This place continuously morphs with a d4: 1: Normal, 2: Fire, 3: Rock, 4: Water. The main battle platform of pokemon stadium.
Princess Peach's Castle Medium 2 Bullet Bills attack every 2 rounds; those hit take 20% damage. The castle of Princess Peach, riddled with switches and attacked by bullet bills.
Quester HQ Very Large 1 No pits, but plenty of glass, chairs, and other objects can be picked up and used. The inside of the Quester's HQ.
Rainbow Cruise Medium 60 The arena is constantly moving, so you must stay alert. A ship, some platforms, and some weird blocks dominate this arena.
Santa's Workshop Very Large 4 Presents, elves with flamethrowers, Wily dressed as Santa and Team Rocket attack often. The workshop in which the Questers saved Christmas.
SEED Small 1 The shorted-out computer sends monsters and destroys pathways at random. The ultimate battlefield of PSRPG2.
Shinra Tower Medium 2 Various SOLDIERs attack at random. The inside of Shinra's main tower.
Smithy Sat Medium 2 Enemy planes and Fallen Questers attack at random. The satellite Smithy planned to use to rule Nintendus.
Space Station X Medium 2 This small station is home to many breakable windows, Mew dropping things, and meteorite hits! A tribute to videogamerpg's old HQ.
Temple Very Large 6 No hazards. A huge battlefield meant for epic battling.
The Archelago Large 1 The ship moves back and forth, random Quester Hunters join in on the fight! The Bridge of the Quester Hunter's flagship.
The Moon Very Small 2 Various craters can collect items, often dangerous ones. It's also easy to be thrown off. The moon, complete with low gravity.
Undersea Lab Small 1 The area is very small, various security systems attack, and being knocked outta the dome is instant death! The secret prison/lab of Master Hand.
Venom Medium 4 Arwings and Wolfens attack every 2 rounds, dealing 5% per hit. The Great Fox, flying towards or away from the viewers.
Wily's Castle Medium 2 A dragon flies by every so often, shooting fireballs. As well, the ground blocks like to fall. The inside of Wily's Castle.
Wing Fortress Medium 1 A laser on the ceiling constantly attacks people, not to mention spiked platforms of doom. The inside of Robotnik's Wing Fortress.
X-zone Very Small 8 The various platforms move around and fly with abandon. The flashing background and platforms of the X-zone.
Yoshi's (Other) Island Medium 4 Clouds on the sides like to dissipate under your feet. A huge platform with the super happy tree, and clouds.
Yoshi's Island Large 2 The blocks, if hit, cease to exist for a short time. A large chunk of Yoshi's island floating in the air.
Yoshi's Story Small 3 Every so often, Shy Guys come in and attack people. This arena is a small island in the middle of a weird cardboard land.

And now, for the items!

Melee Stadium Items
ID  Item name  Description
 1   Barrel  These barrels are just filled with items! Or TNT. On a d2 roll 1 = filled with items and 2 = explosive. If thrown at an enemy it deals 15% damage (40% if fake). Up to d5 items come out of the barrel if it is real.
 2   Beam Sword  Mario! I am your fath -- Errr. . . This melee weapon thwaps an enemy for 15% damage.
 3   Bom-omb  Ker-Boom! If left alone for more than two rounds it'll start to walk around and endager all fighters. Anyone who is hit by this beaut take 40% damage.
 4   Bunny Hood  Wheee! While you're much faster with these ears on, an additional 10 Speed to be exact, you will have almost no traction. Lasts for three rounds.
 5   Cloaking Device  Now you see me, now you don't. For two rounds you turn almost completely invisible. You have a 75% chance (A 1-3 on a d4 roll) of attacks missing you.
 6   Crate  Another large thing filled with items or explosives. On a d2 roll 1 = filled with items and 2 = explosive. If thrown at an enemy it deals 15% damage (40% if fake). Up to d3 items come out of the crate if it is real.
 7   Egg  These little eggs are useful for throwing. On a d2 roll 1 = filled with items and 2 = explosive. If thrown at an enemy it deals 5% damage (40% if fake). An item comes out of the egg if it is real.
 8   Fan  Can this really be considered a weapon? It deals 2% per attack, but can attack three times per action. If thrown at a foe they are sent rocketing into the air.
 9   Fireflower  Flower power! Three waves of fire dealing 10% damage each burn a foe. Speed save (DC 10 + User's Speed Modifier) to avoid a wave.
 10   Food  Everything from cake to icecream can appear. Each food item restores d10% HP.
 11   Freezie  An icecube with eyes? If you hit an enemy with it they are frozen. If you get a critical miss, however, you're frozen!
 12   Hammer  This weapon can be good or bad depending on whether it is real or not. On a d2 roll 1 = real (30% damage) and 2 = fake (head flies off, 5% damage). While using the Hammer you can only jump once and your AC against ranged attacks is reduced by 5.
 13   Heart Container  Unlike in ye olde days where it increased your life, now it just heals 100% HP. So if your HP was 135% it is now 35%.
 14   Home-run Bat  Fear the all-mighty home work bat of doom +1! This weapon deals STR damage and on a critical hit it smashes opponents out of the ballpark! Errr. . . Arena.
 15   Lip's Stick  An unusual item to say the least. . This flower deals 5% damage and poisons the enemy for 3 rounds.
 16   Metal Box  Now you can pretend you're Metal Man! While you take 10% less damage (So 20% is now 10% to a minimal of 1%), you also have 10 less Speed.
 17   Mine  This mine deals little damage when thrown at a foe (5%), but once it is thrown it sticks to a surface and sets up a motion sensor. If anyone comes near the mine, even the person who throws it, it explodes for 40% damage.
 18   Mr. Saturn  BOING! When thrown at a foe it deals 5% damage. If left to its own devices the creature will steal uncollected items around the arena. Don't let him take anything important!
 19   Parasol  Oooh. . . Purdy! The Parasol only deals 7% damage, but its main use is to slow your descent when falling.
 20   Party Ball  Happy ! When thrown at an enemy it deals 5% damage and drops d7-1 items.
 21   Pill  Another item carrying thing of doom. On a d2 roll 1 = filled with items and 2 = explosive. If thrown at an enemy it deals 5% damage (40% if fake). An item comes out of the pill if it is real.
 22   Poison Mushroom  While this shroom makes you extremely small and weak, you get faster as well. You gain four Speed and lose four Strength.
 23   Pokéball  Gotta catch 'em a -- Sorry. . . Got caught up in the moment. When thrown at an enemy the Pokeball deals 5% damage, but the best part is the pokemon that comes out. See the next worksheet for the effects of each Pokémon.
 24   Ray Gun  You'd be surprised at how deadly Yoshi's shot is with this. This gun can be fired up to three times per turn for 5% damage per shot. The gun has a total of 16 charges before it must be thrown for 5% damage.
 25   Screw Ball  This item makes all of the user's jumps mimic those of Samus's Screw Attack. Any jump attacks against a foe deal an extra 10% damage and has a 40% chance of stunning the target.
 26   Red Shell  This shell trades off damage but gains the ability to home in on a target. The shell only deals 7% damage, but homes in on the nearest target attacking them with a d20+10 roll.
 27   Green Shell  Bowling for Questers, anyone? On a ranged attack roll you can bop an enemy for 15% damage.
 28   Starman  Can't you just hear that Starman theme already? If this little star is picked up the user turns invincible for a round.
 29   Star Rod  This rod is a rather weak weapon if you don't know how to use it. Normal attacks with it do 4% damage, but if you shoot a star out of it for 15% damage. Most wands only have 3 charges.
 30   Super Mushroom  This mushroom has the exact opposite effects of the Poison Mushroom. It makes you twice as large as you normall are, increases your Strength by 4, and decreases your Speed by 4.
 31   Super Scope  Some faithful fans may remember this from the NES days.The Super Scope has 60 shots total. You may fire off up to d10 per turn for 2% damage, or charge up for a round and use 10 shots to deal 30% damage.
 32   Maximum Tomato  Behold the power of tomatoes! This tomatoe restores 50% HP. So if you took 56% damage you'll have 6% after you eat the tomato.
 33   Flipper  Similar to the Bumper, but slightly stronger and this item can stay in the air too. It deals 10% damage when thrown at a foe. Anyone who goes near the Flipper must make a Speed save (DC 12) or be bumped around losing their turn and taking 2% damage.
 34   Bumper  Yay pinball! When thrown at the enemy it deals 8% damage. . . Then it becomes an annoyance to all. Anyone who goes near the Bumper must make a Speed save (DC 10) or be bumped around losing their turn and taking 1% damage.

And here are the pokeball results!

Pokéball Results
 d35  Pokémon  Description
1  Articuno  Anyone caught in this legendary bird's Blizzard attack takes 5% Ice damage and is automatically frozen. d20+7 attack modifier.
2  Beedrill  Beedrill flies off the arena and returns with nine friends ready to attack the entire arena. Each Beedrill deals 4% damage. 10 d20+7 attack modifier.
3  Bellossom  So. . . Sleepy. . . Bellossom releases a Sleep Powder on the area around it causing anyone caught in the powder to fall asleep. d20+7 roll modifier.
4  Blastoise  Blastoise's Hydro Pump is devasting on small levels. For three rounds a blast of water tosses fighters backwards and deals 10% Ice damage. d20+7 attack roll.
5  Celebi  Like it's counterpart, Mew, the releaser of Celebi gains 200 coins and anyone else who sees the Pokémon gains 10 coins.
6  Chansey  Chansey helps out both its releaser and his competiton by throwing three Egg items onto the field.
7  Charizard  This dragon breaths 3 waves of flames on both sides of him for 4% Fire damage each for three rounds. 3 d20+7 attack roll.
8  Chikorita  Awww. . . Isn't it cuu--AAH! LEAVES OF DEATH! Chikorita's Razor Leaf attack throws fifteen leaves at a foe dealing 2% damage each. 15 d20+7 attack modifier.
9  Cindaquil  Cindaquil leaps into the air and aims a weaker version of Charizard's Flamethrower at the ground. For two rounds Cindaquil shoots five waves of flames dealing 2% damage each at the ground. 5 d20+7 attack modifier.
10  Clefairy  What this Pokémon does is a mystery. Roll another d35 (reroll if 10 comes up again). Clefairy does whatever the pokemon selected does. The attack modifier is x dx+10, however.
11  Electrode  If Electrode comes your way you should most definitely move! A round after it is released Electrode explodes dealing 30% damage to everything in its blast radius and possibly KOing the target.
12  Entei  A Fire Spin erupts around this little puppy causing anyone who tries to jump over the dog to take 10 hits for 3% fire damage per hit. 10 d20+7 attack roll.
13  Goldeen  This has to be the best pokemon you can get! . . . . That is, if you consider useless splashing around great. This pokemon does nothing.
14  Hitmonlee  This kicking Pokémon lines up his attack to hit as many combatants as possible and lets a kick fly that deals 25% damage while screaming, "Psyduck!". . . Is he a Psyduck in disguise? d20+7 attack modifier.
15  Ho-oh  This pheonix of a Pokémon just sits where it is released for a round before flying into the air and releasing a scorching column of Sacred Fire above and below it dealing 30% Fire damage. d20+7 attack modifier.
16  Koffing  Cough! Cough! Koffing's smog attack targets all attackers in its smoke and deals 3% damage to them. Lasts for three rounds.
17  Lugia  This legendary bird launches a huge Aero Blast at the arena dealing 30% Wind damage to all who cannot avoid the blast. d20+7 attack modifier.
18  Marill  Useless Pokémon, away! Marill runs back and forth dealing 2% damage to any fighters it runs into. d20+7 attack modifier.
19  Meowth  Similar to Koffing, Mewoth uses Pay Day in a circular fashion on the combatants around it for thjree rounds. Anyone caught in the attack takes 5% damage and has 5 coins drained from the target to Meowth's releaser.
20  Mew  Mew! This pokemon may seem useless at first, but you won't think so when you notice your coin pouch is heavier! The releaser of Mew gains 200 coins, and anyone who sees the pokemon gains 10.
21  Moltres  Lazy good for nothing bird. . . It just sits there and anyone who is stupid enough to touch the flaming bird takes 20% damage. After three turns it takes off into the air and leaves the arena.
22  Onix  Onix flies up into the air and begins to drop rocks down from above. It throws down ten rocks that deal 5% damage each, but have extremely poor accuracy. d20 attack modifier.
23  Porygon2  Once released from its Pokéball this 'mon rockets forth and hits the nearest combatant for 20% damage. d20+7 attack modifier.
24  Raikou  A huge force field of electricity appears around this electrifying Pokémon. All who touch its force field takes 25% Electric damage.
25  Scizor  Scizor improves on Marill's wimpy attack. It runs forward to the edge and off the stage endangering anything in its path for 5% damage. After running off the edge it comes back up and attacks the nearest person for 20% damage. d20+7 attack modifier
26  Snorlax  Not even the toughest weight loss program could help THIS fellow. It lauches up into the air and then comes slamming down on a large part of the stage for 25% damage. d20+7 attack modifier.
27  Starmie  This starfish's Swift attack can be devastating. It deals 3% damage per star for five turns. 5 d20+7 attack roll.
28  Staryu  Weaker than their evolved form, Staryus use a Swift which releases a beam of stars dealing 1% damage per star for three turns. 5 d20+7 attack modifier.
29  Suicune  Similar to Entei's Fire Spin, Suicune's Icy Wind unleashes a horizontal wave of ice launching ten waves of biting wind for 3% Ice damage each. 10 d20+7 attack modifier.
30  Togepi  So cute! Hey! The lights turned out. Togepi uses Night Shade causing the entire arena to be veiled in darkness. For three rounds everyone acts as if they have an uncurable Blindness status effect.
31  Unown  Similar to Beedrill's attack, the Unown flock together and fly across the arena endangering all combatants ten times for 2% damage each. 10 d20+7 attack modifier.
32  Venusaur  This plant-like pokemon causes an earthquake all around the area it is released. Anyone caught it the quake takes 10% damage and is thrown into the air. Lasts for two rounds.d20+7 attack roll.
33  Weezing  Weezing's Smoke Screen is superior to its unevolved form's Smog. Smoke surrounds the pokemon for four rounds dealing 5% damage to anyone who comes into its attack.
34  Wobbuffet  You don't want to attack this thing, or it will make its entire purpose in life to kill whatever attacked it. If any attack hits Wobbuffet it will instandly strike back dealing half the attack it was hit by's damage and then disappear. It lasts for ten rounds if it is not hit by anything then it disappears.
35  Zapdos  All hail the bird of electricity. . . Or else! Zapdos's Thunder Shock attack hits a target ten times for 2% damage each. 10 d20+7 attack modifier.

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The Items

Below are the items. Each set is only purchasable from the right store. Of course, the store in the stadium has them all. You may sell them to other Questers too. They can be used in many different places. When sold back to the store type it came from, you get 1/2 original cost back. If sold, on the other hand, to a store of the wrong type, you may either get 3/4 the original price or 1/4. The stadium store is exempted from this.

Super Smash RPG Buyable Items
ID  Item name  Description  Price
Misc. Item
0  ????  Gain a random item from this list. Roll d126 to see which item.  ¢1000
Mario Items
1  Able Juice  Mmm. . . Tastes like apple juice! Cures bad status effects on one ally.  ¢500
2  Bad Mushroom  This mushroom has gone bad. . . 10% damage to an enemy and a 25% chance of Poison.  ¢445
3  Dizzy Dial  So hypnotic! This dial has a 20% chance of dazing all enemies.  ¢425
4  Elixer  A tasty drink for everyone. The entire party's HP is healed by 40%.  ¢880
5  Energizer  This item energizes an ally and raises their attack damage by 10% for the rest of the battle.  ¢200
6  Fire Bomb  Heheheh. . . BOOM! An explosion burns all enemies for 15% Fire damage. Speed save (DC 10 + User's Speed Modifier) to avoid damage.  ¢455
7  Fire Flower  Flower power! Three waves of fire dealing 10% damage each burn a foe. Speed save (DC 10 + User's Speed Modifier) to avoid a wave.  ¢450
8  Flower Tab  This tab is a must buy for any Caster! Increases Max MP by 1.  ¢1500
9  Freshen Up  This item does everything but cure the common cold. Cures the party's bad status effects.  ¢2500
10  Fright Bomb  Boo! Renders all enemies fightened of the user. They may possibly run away, cower in fear, or attack half-heartedly. Intelligence save (DC 10 + User's Intelligence Modifier) to resist the fear.  ¢600
11  Froggie Drink  Tastes like frog legs! The entire party's HP is restored by 15%.  ¢500
12  Honey Syrup  Not for Pooh bears anymore. Restores 5 MP.  ¢100
13  Ice Bomb  A chilly blast of cold ice freezes all enemies for 15% Ice damage. Speed save (DC 10 + User's Speed Modifier) to avoid damage.  ¢450
14  Kerokero Cola  The ultimate cola! This drink fully restores the party's HP.  ¢2000
15  Maple Syrup  Great for eating with pancakes. Restores 20 MP.  ¢400
16  Max Mushroom  Mmm. . . Perfect healing. . . This mushroom completely restores one ally's HP.  ¢1500
17  Megalixer  This elixer is mega-rific. Restores the party's HP by 60%.  ¢1220
18  Mid Mushroom  Who ever knew healing tasted so good? Restores 40% HP to one ally.  ¢680
19  Mushroom  If a Toad ate a Mushroom would he be a cannibal? Restores 15% HP to one ally.  ¢225
20  POW Block  Caution! To be used without adult supervision. Damages all ground enemies for 20%. Speed save (DC is 10 + User's Speed Modifier) to avoid damage.  ¢540
21  Power Blast  A super-energizer. This item increases the party's attack damage by 20% for the rest of the battle.  ¢8000
22  Red Essence  What would Blue Essence do? Or Green Essence for that matter? One ally is invincible for 3 turns.  ¢5000
23  Rock Candy  Since it's too hard to eat you might as well throw it at your enemies! Deals d100 damage to all enemies. Speed save (DC is 10 + User's Speed Modifier) to avoid damage.  ¢1000
24  Royal Syrup  This syrup is of royal decent! Completely restores an ally's MP.  ¢1000
25  Sleepy Bomb  So. . . Sleepy. . . This bomb has a 25% chance of putting the enemy party to sleep.  ¢475
26  Star Egg  Ooh. . . This is a powerful egg! This egg deals (Number of Quirks * 5)% damage to all enemies. Speed save (DC is 10 + User's Speed Modifier) to avoid damage.  ¢500
Megaman Items
27  Sub Tank  This tank starts empty but can hold up to 100% extra HP. Whenever the user pleases he or she may empty the entire tank to restore his or her HP by whatever was in the tank. The Sub Tank cannot be emptied in segments.  ¢1200
28  Energy Capule  Comes in round and square capsules! These capsules add 10% HP to the Sub Tank's reserves.  ¢200
29  Met Hat  The latest fashion trend. This item adds 2 AC and also you can skip your turn so you can hide under the hat, thus protecting you from all attacks. You can't attack until you use another turn to get out from under it, though. Lasts only for one battle.  ¢1500
30  Power Charge  Super power charging unit thingie activate! This item makes your next attack deal double damage.  ¢2000
31  Rush Coil  They should have named this the Rush Slinkly. Everyone loves Slinkies! While this item gives a +5 bonus to jump checks when used, it must be deployed on a surface before being used.  ¢500
32  Rush Search  Woof, woof! A replica of Rush helps you search for items or other things providing you with a +5 bonus for searching for something.  ¢500
33  Weapon Energy Capsule  Nothing like the taste of plasma in the morning. This capsule has been modified so that Casters regain 10 MP if used, or if an Overdrive character uses it he gains one point to his OP Gauge. Smashers gain nothing for using a Weapon Energy Capsule.  ¢200
Pokemon Items
34  Calcium  Mmmm. . . Calciumy. . . This item temporarily increases your Intelligence by d6 for ten turns.  ¢600
35  Carbos  Tastes like chicken! Temporarily increases Speed by d6 for ten turns.  ¢600
36  Guard Specialization  This item can be a double-edged sword. It blocks out all Magic, Melee, Overdrive, and Special attacks for three turns.  ¢500
37  HP Up  The HP-equivalent of a Flower Tab, this HP Up improves HP by one point.  ¢1500
38  Protein  Just like spinach only better! This item temporarily increases Strength by d6 for ten turns.  ¢1200
39  Rare Candy  Rare candy is the best kind of candy! It gives you 50 Experiance Points, but if you levelup due to these points you don't get any upgrade points.  ¢1000
40  X Accuracy  Pokemon tested, Professor Oak approved. All attack rolls have a +5 bonus for 5 rounds.  ¢3000
41  X Defend  Whatever happened to Y Defend? Or C Defend? This item increases your AC by 3 for five rounds.  ¢1200
Zelda Items
42  Bomb  Heheheh. . . Boom! Hey, didn't I already say that up above? This explosive bomb deals 30% damage to anyone in its small blast radius. Ranged attack roll (Speed Modifier) to hit.  ¢500
43  Blue Potion  Tastes like blue gravy! Restores half your max HP and MP.  ¢1200
44  Deku Nut  Probably the most common item in Hyrule. When thrown at a group of enemies they must make an Intelligence save (DC 15). Failing stuns them and succeeding Blinds them for three rounds.  ¢200
45  Deku Stick  Useful for using as a torch. You can strike an enemy for 10% damage (20% Fire if on fire), but there is a 75% chance the stick will break.  ¢200
46  Green Potion  Tastes like. . . Green chicken? Restores half your max MP.  ¢600
47  Guardian Acorn  Why not a Guardian Walnut? Damage taken is halved for five rounds.  ¢2400
48  Lon Lon Milk  Yummy! Comes in both regular and chocolate! Restores 5% HP. Two drinks per bottle.  ¢200
49  Piece of Power  This tiny triangle increases all damage you do by 15% for five rounds.  ¢1200
50  Powder Keg  This is one big bomb. It requires a Strength of 16 or higher to even use it! It has a one round delay before exploding, damaging everything in its explosive range for 40% damage. Speed save (DC is 15) to avoid damage.  ¢700
51  Red Potion  Mmmm. . . Tastes like red milk. Restores half your max HP.  ¢600
Sonic Items
52  Shovel Claw  These sharp claws stay on your hands for ten rounds before disappearing. If used to attack a foe they deal 5 + Strength Modifier damage, and if used to dig or climb you get a +5 bonus to your roll.  ¢600
53  Jet Booster  This little jetpack-thing will follow you around for ten rounds before running out of fuel and becoming useless. It adds a +5 modifier to all jump checks and lessens damage from falls.  ¢600
54  White Gloves  Ooh! Comfy! These gloves add 1 to Speed and 2 to punching damage, but not much else. Lasts for one battle.  ¢500
55  Ring  Shiiiiiiiney. . . Each of these rings restore 1% HP. If you collect 100 of then you can use them to regain one life during a mission.  ¢10
56  Treasure Scope  Use this to find items! This scope gives you a +5 bonus to search and trap related checks.  ¢500
57  Spring  This is a rarely seen item. It allows you to bounce over projectiles (1 in d10 chance of missing) and a jump attack hits all nearbly enemies. Lasts until hit.  ¢550
58  Super Sneakers  These sneakers can only be used once. It adds 10 Speed and puts you first in the order lineup and lasts for three rounds. Does nothing outside of battle.  ¢1200
Earthbound Items
59  Brain Stone  Mmm. . . Brains. Err. . . I mean. . This stone can keep one status effect from affecting you. You decide whether to use it or not when your effected.  ¢600
60  Guts Capsule  What kind of guts are these? Goomba Guts? Increases Strength by 1 permanently.  ¢9600
61  IQ Capsule  I are more smartest then you! Increases Intelligence by 1 permanently.  ¢9600
62  Rush Promoter  Warning! May cause metalic objects to rust. When thrown at a metallic enemy it deals 25% damage to them and reduces their Speed by 4.  ¢505
63  Super Plush Bear  Aww. . . How cuuuuuuute? Half of the damage you'd normally take is delt to this bear, which has 100% HP. When at 100%+ it is ripped apart.  ¢3000
64  Teddy Bear  Not just for children anymore! . . I've got to stop reusing jokes. Half of the damage you'd normally take is delt to this bear, which has 50% HP. When at 50%+ it is ripped apart.  ¢1500
65  Speed Capsule  ZOOOOOOOOOOM! This capsule increases your Speed by 1 permanently.  ¢9600
WACKO-brand Items
66  Madam Grunty's Official Mario Hat  Made with the best materials money can buy! That is, if the best material is moldy fabric. . . Reduces Intelligence by 2, but raises your maximum HP by 10%.  ¢100
67  Madam Grunty's Gargoyle Soup  Mmm, mmm, good! Err. . . This soup increases your Speed, Strength, and Intelligence by 4, but halves your HP and the EXP you get for the battle you use this soup in.  ¢132
68  Madam Grunty's Power Pole  Pretend you're some great wizard and save Middle-Nintopia! This cheap weapon deals Strength / 3 damage.  ¢504
69  Madam Grunty's Official Powersword  Who needs a Master Sword when you have a Powersword? Deals a flat 30% damage, but all moves have a -10 roll modifier.  ¢705
70  Madam Grunty's Deadly Cube of Doom  Now for sale online with ninety-nine easy payments of ¢9999.99! When thrown at an enemy it Blinds, Stuns, and Paralyzes them if it hits. If not. . . Well, you get the status effects!  ¢306
71  Astral Cube  This cube is thrown at an enemy for 10% Soul damage.  ¢200
72  Berserk Cube  When thrown at an ally, or an enemy, the target's attacks deal x1.5 damage, but their AC is reduced by 5.  ¢575
73  Confuse Cube  The target of this cube has a 50% chance of being Confused.  ¢350
74  Cure Cube  Throw healing items at your allies? Yeah. Like that would catch on! Cures 10% HP.  ¢200
75  Darkness Cube  This cube is thrown at an enemy for 10% Dark damage.  ¢200
76  Death Cube  Anything this cube hits has a 10% chance of instant death.  ¢500
77  Debarrier Cube  This strategic cube lowers down most barriers, magical or technilogical.  ¢300
78  Esuna Cube  A cube that cures a target of bad status effects.  ¢500
79  Fire Cube  This cube is thrown at an enemy for 10% Fire damage.  ¢200
80  Gravity Cube  The target of this cube takes 10% damage.  ¢200
81  Haste Cube  When thrown at an ally it gives him or her an extra attack during their turn.  ¢700
82  HP Absorb Cube  This cube absorbs 10% HP from a foe.  ¢250
83  Ice Cube  This is a good cube. Deals 10% Ice damage.  ¢200
84  Weak Cube  A weak cube. Deals 5% damage.  ¢50
85  Light Cube  This cube is thrown at an enemy for 10% Light damage.  ¢200
86  Lightning Cube  Hurrah for electricity! This cube deals 10% Lightning damage.  ¢200
87  Poison Cube  No! It is NOT purple jello! 10% damage, 50% chance of Poison.  ¢350
88  Sleep Cube  Must right description. . . But so sleepy. . . 50% chance of Sleep. . . Zzzz.  ¢350
89  Ultima Cube  Why not the Giga Cube or something? Deals 20% neutral damage.  ¢350
90  Wind Cube  This cube is thrown at a foe for 10% Wind damage.  ¢200
91  Wood Cube  This deals 10% Earth damage.  ¢200
Neo-Earth Items
92  Insanity Potion  This weird nuclear green potion doubles your to-hit mods but halves your damage... it also makes you attack the enemy with random attacks every d4 rounds. Lasts until battle ends. Freaky!  ¢500
93  Molecular Pill  Yet another weird item... allows you to walk on top of liquids. It also causes you to occasionally walk through walls... use with caution.  ¢600
94  Death Sunglasses  When worn, they act as normal sunglasses... but when thrown, they explode, damaging everyone in the battle for 10% damage!  ¢350
95  Disco Ball Inferno  It's a normal disco ball... but when thrown, it explodes, blinding everyone on the field!  ¢450
96  EMP Grenade  Disables all electronic devices for one round when used.  ¢500
97  Psycho Stone  When used, quadruples your attack power, but causes you to attack a randomly chosen target for the entire battle without ending! If they die before the battle ends, you will be attacking their corpse.  ¢1337
98  Warp Stone  This causes everyone to randomly switch turn order. Mostly useless.  ¢100
Whaller Items
99  Dark Crystal  This crystal makes dark attacks deal 10% more damage (Ex: An attack that previously deals 150 damage now deals 15 more). Lasts until the end of a battle.  ¢300
100  Earth Emerald  An emerald enchanted to strengthen earth magic, all earth attacks deal 10% more damage. Lasts until the end of a battle.  ¢300
101  Fire Ruby  Embuned with the power of fire, all fire attacks deal an extra 10% more damage. Lasts until the end of a battle.  ¢300
102  Ice Sapphire  This sapphire makes all ice attacks deal 10% more damage. Lasts until the end of a battle.  ¢300
103  Holy Diamond  A gem commonly seen with clerics. This diamond makes healing effects restore 10% more HP. Lasts until the end of a battle.  ¢300
104  Light Moonstone  Enchanted with holy might this moonstone makes all light attacks deal 10% more damage. Lasts until the end of a battle.  ¢300
105  Lightning Topaz  All hail electricity! Err. . This topaz makes all electric attacks do 10% more damage. Lasts until the end of a battle.  ¢300
106  Psychic Amethyst  This gem makes phychic attacks and psionics deal 10% more damage. Lasts until the end of a battle.  ¢300
107  Soul Stone  Enchanted to increase the power of the soul. This stone increaes a soul attack's damage by 10%. Lasts until the end of a battle.  ¢300
108  Wind Pearl  This pearl makes wind attacks deal 10% more damage. Lasts until the end of a battle.  ¢300
Ivan Robotnik Items
109 Robot Spray This spray instantly kills one robot that has less than 300 total HP! ¢3000
110 Miracle Medicine Pop this pill, and you're cured of all status effects and immune to all of them for one battle. ¢6000
111 Four Leaf Clover Use this pretty plant to gain one reroll in the next battle! Can only use one per mission. ¢5000
112 Ultra Glue Throw this at an enemy, and they become unable to move for one round! (Reducing SPD to 0) ¢4500
113 Spiked Shoes These marvelous shoes bestow the ability to walk on walls and +5 to kicking damage for on battle. ¢3333
114 Force Field This force field generator has 20 HP. Ranged attacks go through it. As long as it's active, melee range attacks cannot hit you. ¢5000
115 Tranq Gun It's a gun. Three shots. d20+SPD to hit. You may fire once per action. If it hits the enemy, they fall asleep. ¢5555
116 Turbo Gum Better than the average gum! For an entire battle, +1 to SPD. ¢7500
117 Duct Tape An all-purpose item! Heal 5% damage, fix a broken weapon, or close ducts! Three uses per roll. ¢6000
118 Door Opener 3000 Tired of locked doors? With this handy-dandy ring, they open! 3 uses. ¢9000
119 Fire Extinguisher This safe item puts out fires or deals 15% ice damage and freezes the opponent on a successful d20+SPD mod attack! 5 uses. Quad damage against fire enemies. ¢6500
120 Item Teleporter ZAP! Move one item to you or to a location away from you in seconds. ¢2500
Quester-Made Items (10 coins of each purchase goes to the creator, except when noted)
121  Ice Block  It's a block... of ice! d20+SPD mod to throw at enemy. Deals 15% Ice damage, 50% chance of freezing. 50 coins of each purchase goes to Locos!  ¢200
122  Greylokian Battle 'Brella  When opened, it blocks 50% of ranged attacks thrown at you. (d2; get a 1, the ranged attack is blocked) Lasts three rounds. Creator: Cornelius  ¢800
123  Bazooze-ka  Like to party? Spread the love of kegs everywhere by filling your enemies until they become drunk and confused! d20+STR M+SPD M to fire. Creator: Wolfman  ¢1000
124  Fury Materia  Doubles the rate the overdrive gauge fills! Handy for Overdrivers. Lasts for one battle. Creator: Kinnin  ¢1800
125  Metal Cola  This cola has a metallic taste... but it allows you to have an extra action. You do a random attack against a target of choice during this action. Creator: Metal Man  ¢400
126  Manual  Use this to automatically pass any non-opposed INT check. Three uses. Creator: Tetra  ¢800

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