Super Smash Quest - Season 5 - System - SSQ 101v2

SSQ 101

This is the document which explains how to join SSQ. It can also solve many other system-related questions. This version has been improved in order to accommodate the new season.

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SSQ 101 Contents

The Rules

So you wanna join Super Smash Quest? That's good, but there's a few rules you should know about. Violating any of these rules and not responding to GM warnings is grounds for banning. Coming back later, after the issue which you were banned was worked out, and doing it again is grounds for being banned for life and then put in the Hall of Shame. And when I mean responding, I don't mean cursing out the GM who's warning you. Calming down, leaving the room for a small bit, or otherwise ceasing your disturbance-causing behavior is what is wanted. And if you don't like these rules, then stay out!

The Rules

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Making Your Character

After reading up on the rules, you'll probably want to create a character. In order to do this, you must follow the steps below.

  • 1. Pick a build. (Smasher, Overdriver, Mage, Item Mancer, Retro Build)
  • 2. Distribute statistic points. (45 points to divide between STR, SPD, and INT)
  • 3. Determine bonuses. (Scroll down to see an in-depth table) These are for the points you stuck in STR, SPD, and INT. Whenever I say 'STR mod', for example, it's the bonus from the points in STR that you're using. Either look at the table below or subtract the stat by 10, divide it by 2, and round down.
  • 3.5. Determine bonus HP and MP, if you're a spellcaster. Bonus HP is STR mod * 5, bonus MP is INT mod * 5.
  • 4. Determine AC and BP. AC is 10 + SPD mod, and BP is 20 - AC. BP does not change as AC increases. (After originally setting it)
  • 5. Determine coins. Choose either a flat 21k coins or a slot machine roll + 14k coins.
  • 6. Determine quirks. Pick five quirks of your choice from the table; copy and paste their information into your sheet.
  • 7. Spend levelup points. You have seven of them to use.
  • 8. Determine your attacks. (See each build for instructions.)
  • 9. Buy badges, weapons and/or items with your money.

And while you're making, updating, or leveling up your character, please heed these limits.


  • You may carry 5 different items. Of each unique item, you may have 9 extra. That is a total of 50 items. If you exceed the limit, for every item over, subtract 5 from your AC and to-hit. The limit does not count badges or weapons.
  • You cannot gain more than 300 HP.
  • Any attack, save for Super, Level 10 Bonus, Spells, or Retro moves, can never institute a penalty to become more powerful.
  • You can't go more than 200 HP over your limit in normal mode. If you do, you will die, no matter how many crit mortality rolls you get.
  • The maximum limit of AC is as follows: 20 for people who get up to level 10, then level + 10 afterwards.... up to a maximum of 30 AC.
  • You cannot have more than 20 BP.
  • You can never have more than half of all the quirks in existence.
  • You cannot STR, SPD, or INT be more than 10 higher than your lowest STR, SPD, or INT stat.
  • You cannot deal more than 200 damage per action; any more, and it eats up another action. If, say, it deals more than 400 damage, it eats up three actions. If it deals 600 damage, then it requires four actions to use. You cannot do more than 600 damage per turn. These limitations are lowered in certain circumstances; see each build for any exceptions.
  • You cannot use more than three mundane items which last more than one action at once.
  • You cannot use melee moves twice in a row in the same turn.
  • If you are hit while charging, the charge goes away.
  • You can have up to four actions on a normal (non-hasted) character. Any attempt to get more will be denied.
  • The maximum you can have in any stat is 50; no more beyond that. Rightly you're likely to be around level 80 at that point, so it shouldn't bother you.

There's a few other things you should know. First thing, you must beat the AC to hit an enemy, or beat the DC when trying to accomplish a difficult task. If you match the AC/DC, you automatically fail. Furthermore, all builds can go into defense mode for their action rather than doing nothing, adding +2 to their AC until their next turn. It can be used cumulatively; so, if you use all three actions to defend, that's +6 AC until your next turn.

One final note. You get a finite amount of lives for each mission. If you lose them all in one mission, you get no pay, and a fraction of the EXP you earned. Lives are regenerated between missions, up to the amount the GM says. Make sure to keep track of damage you've taken when missions are paused, too.

Stat Bonus Table
Number in StatBonus

Smasher Build

This build is the most common since it's the most well rounded. Modeled after the Smashers themselves, it grants you all the necessities and provisions you need to take whatever comes your way.

Normal State: Smashers are capable of executing a number of acrobatic moves, including double jumps. You also have four Normal Moves and four Melee Moves at their disposal. These are created by the GM; you must describe how each move works, then the GM translates that into statistics. Remember to write down the formulas, even after generating the attack's damage and to-hit using your current stats.

Normal Moves: Four special attacks made to do what simple punches and kicks can't. Includes things like spin attacks, drill-kicks that hit multiple times (though weakly), and wide swipes.

Melee Moves: Four special attacks with supernatural power. Engulf your fist in flames and deliver mighty blows, call lightning, put enemies inside eggs, and more! These moves must be patterned after the B, Forward+B, Up+B, Down+B roles set by the video games.

Double Jump: Can't jump a gap? Fear not! You can try again. In MID AIR, mind you.

Overdrive Build

This Build of character is unorthodox, but provides an interesting alternative to Smasher Build. While Overdrive Build is limiting under normal circumstances, Overdrive Mode itself makes you an incredible force to be reckoned with, enhancing your attacks and granting amazing abilities. Anything a Smasher can do normally an Overdriven character can do better. Overdrive Mode is also the only surviving super mode as of now.

Normal Mode: Under these circumstances, you're more limited than a character made with the Smasher Build. You have six Normal Moves as opposed to four Melee Moves and four Normal Moves, and you can't double jump at all. All moves are given stats by the GM; you must describe to the GM the name and affects of each move.

Entering Overdrive: Overdrive comes into play when you dish out a whole lot of punishment with what little you have; you aren't a Smasher, and therefore Melee Moves aren't at your disposal. To enter Overdrive, you must fill your OP Gauge. For each successful hit you get, add 1 point. At 8 points, you enter Overdrive. This gauge resets after each mission. You can only gain a number equal to the amount of actions you have to the OP Gauge per turn. So, if you have 2 actions, you can only add 2 to the gauge each turn, making it take four turns to get into overdrive at best.

Staying in Overdrive: The OP Gauge described above only concerns itself with entering Overdrive. The OP value on your char sheet, which you improve by leveling up, is the value you're set at once you've transformed. Every hit you take will lower it by 1 point. Initially (at level 0), it's at 4 points. You stay in Overdrive between battles.

Special Overdrive Mode Features
Enhanced MovesYour Normal Moves become replaced by these. They're more potent than Melee Moves, and there's more of them and they can be used with higher frequency.
Double JumpOverdrive characters are normally unable to double jump. Under Overdrive Mode, they can do it better than a Smasher, gaining a +2 bonus to both jumps.
AwarenessThe heightened sense of coordination and general awareness of your surroundings grants a +2 bonus to all attack rolls.
Special MovementOverdrive Mode grants a special mode of transport. Teleportation, Burrowing, or Flight are common examples.
Super movesThese four attacks exceed Melee Moves in power, having a much greater scope and gravity to them. However, you deplete 2 OP every time you use one.

Caster Build

For those who prefer mind over matter in a very materialistic way, there's the Caster Build. They use spells to manipulate reality itself, resulting in a variety of powerful abilities. While this grants Casters extraordinary abilities no matter what the occasion, they don't always maintain that power. Eventually, their magic can be depleted, and without it they're not much better off than an Overdrive character in Normal Mode.

Spellcasting: Casters cannot double jump and don't have special moves of any sort. Instead, you have a set of spells . You gain a new spell point every three levels and can buy new spells. The stipulation is that you can't use spells without MP (of which they have 50 to begin). Spells automatically hit, but can be subject to a number of factors that impede their usefulness. Casters start four spell points. (This includes all the spells you would have gotten from leveling up to level 7.)

Tiers: There are three tiers of spells. Tier 1 includes weak, but easy to use spells. Tier 2 has spells that are used commonly, and are more powerful. Tier 3 contains only the best spells out of the bunch, but are the hardest to use. You can only use tier 1 spells three times per turn, tier 2 spells twice per turn, and tier 3 spells once per turn. Of course, you could do something like use two tier 1 spells and then a tier 3, it's just that you can't use too many spells of the same tier in the same turn. Their damage limits are far less limiting; 200 per action with tier 1 spells, 400 per action with tier 2, and 1000 per action with tier 3 spells.

Spells and Progressions

Tier 1
Bang #An explosion blasts three targets for INT damage.8
Barrier ###A barrier halves damage of physical attacks sent at you for INT/8 rounds by the target.10
Barta #A ray of ice flows across the ground, chilling enemies for 4 INT mod ice damage.10
Baton Toss ##You switch places in turn order with an ally of choice.10
Cure #A white light cures the target of 5 INT mod damage.15
Curse ##A black mist curses the enemy with a random bad status effect.16
Disarm ##The target is instantly disarmed of their weapon.10
Fire ##The target is engulfed in flames for 4 INT mod fire damage.10
Gaj ##A bolt of energy blasts one robotic target for 10 INT mod damage. (Varying effectiveness on cybernetic enemies)10
Gra #A black hole crushes the enemy, removing 10% of their current HP.10
Qua #An Earthquake which threatens all enemies hurts the targets for 2 INT mod earth damage.10
Sonicboom ##A projectile of sound energy damages the target for 30 damage, regardless of any damage-reducing abilities.14
Sword's Dance #Three spinning swords increase your next non-magical attack's to-hit and damage by 3 INT mod.15
Teleport ###You instantly escape a battle or succeed a jump check.12
Thunder ##A bolt of electricity damages the target for 4 INT mod electric damage.10
Whirl #A whirlwind hits the enemy for 4 INT mod wind damage.10
Tier 2
Aeroblast ##A canonball of wind blasts the enemy for 14 INT mod wind damage.30
Agility ###You concentrate on increasing your speed, adding 3 INT mod to your AC for one round.35
Another Gate #Two dimensional portals are opened beside your target. They must roll an INT check; they take 10((maximum possible roll) - (current roll)) damage.38
Bio #A blob of poison explodes on the target, dealing 10 INT mod damage and poisoning them.30
Combination Spell #####You can cast two spells mixed together on your next action.20
Cura #A white light cures the target of 15 INT mod damage.30
Disable ##A random non-magic attack of the enemy is disabled for three rounds.33
Esuna #A white mist cures the target of all status effects, good or bad.18
Haste ##The target gains SPD/8 extra actions per round for 3 rounds.40
Fira ##The target is burnt by an inferno for 14 INT mod fire damage.30
Gen ##A powerful blast of green energy blasts a non-sentient monster for 30 INT mod damage.40
GiBarta #A beam of ice flies into the target, dealing 14 INT mod ice damage.30
GiGaj ##A strong bolt of energy fries a robotic target for 30 INT mod damage.30
GiGra #A large black hole crushes the target, removing 25% of their current HP.20
GiQua #A massive Earthquake which threatens all enemies hurts the targets for 12 INT mod Earth damage.30
Multibounce #You are able to jump on the heads of all of your enemies once, dealing STR mod damage to each of them.6
Reflect ###A magical barrier reflects INT mod /3 magic attacks sent at you back to the sender.30
Star Rain ##A rain of nonelemental energy hits all enemies for 13 INT mod damage.30
Swift #Various nonelemental homing stars instantly hit the enemy for 9 INT mod damage, regardless of defenses.30
Shield ##A magical shield halves damage taken from magical attacks for three rounds by the target.30
Thundara #A lightning bolt zaps the target for 14 INT mod electric damage.30
Tier 3
Amnesia ##You become oblivious to reality for three rounds, during which your INT is increased by 10.50
Chaos Control #You use the power of chaos to slow down time, allowing you to do two round's worth of actions in this one; however, you cannot stack this spell, and you are unable to attack on that next round, seeing as you did it already.100
Comet #Deadly nonelemental comets rain down on two targets, dealing 34 INT mod damage.50
Curaga #A white light cures the target of all damage.50
Dispell #The target is instantly sealed for INT mod rounds, disabling their magic. (Note: Some enemies are too powerful to keep sealed for longer than 3 rounds.)70
Firaga #A deadly pillar of fire incincerates the enemy for 35 INT mod fire damage.50
Flare ##A thermonuclear blast of nonelemental energy annihilates the enemy for 40 INT mod damage.80
Holy #Immense holy energy smites the enemy for 50 INT mod damage.100
MegaMagic ##All of your MP is sacrificed to deal extreme damage to the enemy. It takes one turn to charge, and deals MP * 5 damage.ALL
Megid #An extremely powerful explosion of evil energy explodes all nearby enemies for 20 INT mod dark damage.100
NaBarta #An explosion of ice surrounds you, instantly freezing and dealing 16 INT mod ice damage to all nearby enemies.50
NaGaj ##An extremely powerful bolt of energy annihilates a robotic target for 74 INT mod damage.70
NaGra #An area-wide black hole removes 25% of the current HP of all nearby enemies, or can be used to remove 35% from one target.60
NaQua #A gigantic, town-destroying earthquake shreds all nearby enemies for 18 INT mod earth damage.70
Naryu's Love #The love of a powerful goddess protects you from all types of damage for three rounds.100
Power Bounce #You become able to relentlessly leap on the head of the enemy 10 INT mod times, dealing STR mod every hit. (Can be blocked by DR)60
Psychic #Immense psychic energy shreds the minds of all foes, IF you posess superior intellect. Opposed INT checks against all enemies. The one with the lower roll takes 20 * the difference in their INT checks.66
SaGen ##A large, powerful blast of green energy blasts all non-sentient monster enemies for 30 INT mod damage.60
Solar Beam #You charge up the power of the sun for one action, then unleash the fury of (Daylight modifier)((INT mod)(30)) earth and fire damage. Warning: Will not work very well without bright sun.50
Thundaga #A powerful lightning bolt fries the target for 30 INT mod electric damage and paralyzes the enemy.50
Wall ##You are granted an extremely powerful wall, which halves the damage of both magic and physical attacks for 6 rounds.100

And here are the spell progressions. You must get the preresiquite to use the higher up spell. For example, you need Thunder before you can get Thundara.

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
SonicboomSwiftSolar Beam
Sword's DanceAgilityAmnesia
TeleportAnother GateChaos Control
 MultibouncePower Bounce
 Star RainComet

The spells not on this chart do not have progressions. If 1 'point' equals 1 tier one spell, then for spells without progressions, a tier 1 costs one point, a tier 2 costs three, and a tier 3 costs 6. Those with progressions each cost one point, seeing as they build on one another. Those missing a tier 1 spell still cost three, but then the tier 3 version of that spell only costs 1 more point. Each of these spells belong to specific 'mages' which increase their power by specialization. They only get certain spells. To one in a mage, the spells outside their current mage do not exist. Thus, they must buy spells from tier 2 and above which lack an in-mage preresiquite spell for the more expensive amount of points. After gaining all the spells in a mage, that character has mastered the mage, and obtains all of the abilities that come with it. They may then go on to multiclass in another mage, but during that time they can only use the spells of the mage they are mastering, and must pay twice the spell points to gain spells from there. However, once that is mastered, they will have obtained all the spells they are allowed; spell points from that point on may be used as upgrade points. All who do not choose a mage start as Red Mages.

Mage Types and Combination Spells

Black Mage

Spell List
Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
CurseCombination SpellMegamagic

This class of mage specializes in destruction, of all kinds. As a result they gain added power with damaging attacks, as well as a few fringe benefits.

Aura of Fear: Many people fear or despise those who specialize in destruction. As a result, you may roll opposed INT checks with a +10 bonus to your own to see if you frighten away unwanted enemies or civillians.

Destructive Knowledge: Due to your innate knowledge of destruction magic, you deal 1/4th (Rounded) more damage with all damage spells.

Unholy Rage: Should an enemy damage you for more than half of your HP with one hit, you will become enraged and able to launch a spell back at them, even when it is not your turn. This ability may be used once per mission.

Nintendus Mage

Spell List
Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
DisarmCombination SpellNaryu's Love
FireFiraPower Bounce
Star Rain

A class for the general people of Nintendus; high on physical attacks but with some special magic to boot. Best suited for those who want to use magic AND their weapons. Their variety of special skills are unmatched. Their spells act differently, too.

Alternate Technique: Nintendus Mages cast their spells differently; Fire becomes Fireball and deals double damage, Teleport becomes Farore's Wind and deals 3 INT mod damage to a target of choice (in addition to the other things it does) and Fira becomes Din's Fire, which hits all enemies.

Fighter Training: With extensive experience in fighting, Nintendus Mages have the power to use all of the normal moves which Retro builders use.

Life Force: Nintendus Mages are notoriously hard to kill. They get a +5 to mortality checks.

Quickdraw: With their knowledge in weapons, the Nintendus Mages know how to draw or put away any weapon without wasting time.

Theftproof: The mages of Nintendus know and hate thieves; they cannot be stolen from.

Weapon Artistry: The people of Nintendus love their weapons. As a result, they get +5 to hit with their weapon of choice (Note: Only one weapon may be chosen for this.)


Spell List
Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Baton TossAgilityPsychic
CurseCombination SpellSolar Beam
Sword's DanceSwift

Those who want to be just like pokemon, can now be just like that! Despite the limited spell set, the special abilities of the Questermon are rather impressive.

Move Stocker: Questermon may choose to bring only four spells into battle. Those moves, instead of having MP, will have 'uses' instead. Tier 1 moves have 30 uses, Tier 2 have 15, and Tier 3 have 5. Either way, it can be useful. Also, should they run out, they can use 'struggle', an insta-hit move which deals STR damage to the opponent but 1/2 STR damage back to the Questermon.

Poke-Empathy: Questermon can understand what pokemon say, and gain a +10 bonus to commanding any pokemon.

Thunder Strangeness: Questermon have a one in d3 chance of missing with the attack, but it deals three times the damage.

Red Mage

Spell List
Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Baton TossCuraNaGaj
Star Rain

All who are unable to make up their minds on what mage they want to be are automatically placed in this type. It's not really a mage, but rather a list of what a non-specialized caster can and can't do. However, taking spells which, in combination, cannot be placed all in one mage automatically and permanently puts you as this type.

Combo-Challenged: Red Mages cannot participate in or make spell combinations.

Multimage-Challenged: Red Mages are unable to 'master' their type; rather, they are always in it unless they choose to specialize (before taking the wrong spells) in a mage. As a result, one cannot multimage with this mage type.

Weak Healing: To show the Red Mage's inexperience at healing, their Haste Spells only give SPD/16 extra rounds and they heal 3/4 of the normal amount denoted by spell listings.

Time Mage

Spell List
Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Baton TossAnother GateChaos Control
Star RainSaGen

These versatile mages live to manipulate time and space. While they do not have very many special qualities, they boast the largest range of spells out of any spellcaster.

Astral Focus: All damage done by these spells, when cast by a time mage, is multiplied by 1.1--only applies to spells which deal damage that is not a percentage or permanently set.

Gate Guard: Time mages cannot be damaged by Another Gate or other spells that are similar, due to their resistence to such magic.

Time Sense: With such an innate sense of time, the time mage can detect subtle shifts in time itself.

White Mage

Spell List
Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
CureCombination SpellHoly

Always a help to the party, White Mages are all about healing, curing, and destroying evil. While they only have one damaging spell, it is incredibly powerful. However, be warned; they are usually supposed to heal others. If you're a pacifist, this is the mage type for you.

Holy Gift: Whether it be their holy energy or that they are being protected by some deity, all White Mages gain +10 to mortality checks and cannot be poisoned. Death effects also do not hurt them.

Healing Knowledge: Due to intrinsic knowledge of many healing spells, healing power is boosted 1.5x for White Mages.

Party Power: The presence of a White Mage grants its party +3 to hit on all attacks until the battle is over.

Wrath of Heaven: Should a White Mage be facing an intensely evil foe and is in dire need of help (I.E. unable to run away or defend themself adequetely) they will be granted the ability to cast Holy on their foe, no MP required.

Using the 'Combination' spell, you can combine different spells... as long as they are listed here. First you cast the combination spell, and on the next action, you can cast a combination of two spells. Should you posess three actions, you may cast combine spell twice to combine three spells. And if you have FOUR actions, you may combine, that's right, four spells. Of course, the combinations can either increase or decrease the MP of the spells, and often enough increases the effectiveness of the spells involved.

Spell Combinations
SpellsCombo NameDescriptionMP
Psychic + Barta Series, Thunder Series, or Fire SeriesElemental KinesisGain control of the element in question for a round. All attacks made with that element heal you, and you can send other people's attacks of the same element back at them. You are also capable of pitching instant 70 damage attacks with that element each action during that round. Requires an INT of 30+.100
Barta Series, Thunder Series, Fire SeriesTriblasterDeals 1.5x the power of all three moves put together.1/2 cost of all spells in combo.
Amnesia + PsychicMind ShredderThe enhanced waves affect all enemies; your INT check against them has an extra +10 to it, and the ones with the lower roll take 30 * difference. You also get +10 to INT for three rounds.80
Holy + MegidX-ZoneThis spell, the most chaotic one of them all, utterly obliterates whatever it hits, as well as dealing 25 INT mod dark and light damage to all allies.300
Curaga + EsunaCrystal PurificationA spell which heals plenty of damage as well as all status effects; works regardless of current status effects. 20 INT mod damage healed.40
Wall + ReflectInvincibilityWith the power of two great spells, you become invincible for two rounds!100
Chaos Control + Holy + MegidDimensional EraserOne of the strongest combinations ever devised. This power focuses pure chaos energy into the target, eliminating them entirely, but also destroying their existance from history a few days back. This can be used to reverse the deadliest foes... but requires a white mage, a black mage, and a time mage, all masters, all with three actions.600 (200 from each caster)
Baton Toss + Chaos Control + HasteHyper SpeedupThis devastatingly powerful spell sets you at the head of the lineup, with haste for six rounds, and the ability to do two rounds of actions at a time as normally under chaos control.130
Disarm + Disable + DispellDisplaceThis ability allows you to knock a non-boss foe out of battle without fighting them and yet gaining EXP anyway. Best for peaceful resolution of conflicts.80
Gen + NaGajVolKills one non-boss monster instantly.60
Fira + GiQuaVolcanoA Volcano rises up under the opponent, dealing 30 INT mod earth + fire damage which ignores DR. All others in battle must roll DC (Your INT) roll to avoid 5 INT mod fire damage which ignores DR from your attack.80
Bang + FiragaRaFoieAll of the opponents are blasted by firery explosions from your magic. 30 INT mod fire damage to all enemies; deals an additional (number of enemies) INT mod fire damage to all enemies on top of that.100
Whirl + Barta + FireWhirlpoolA whirlpool of water is summoned in the middle of the arena, threatening everyone. All must do DC (INT + 5) checks to avoid falling in; those who do are treated to 20 INT mod wind + Ice damage and are unable to be attacked or attack until the whirlpool dissipates. The whirlpool dissappears after 3 rounds.40
Teleport + PsychicTelekinesisYou are able to hurl one enemy, object, person, etc weighing INT * 10 pounds or less at high speeds either into another target or just to somewhere else. The object in question must be within INT feet of you. Damage is 2 (AC of object thrown) to whatever the object hits; the object itself either takes 2 of its own AC back or 2 of the AC of what it hits, depending upon what it hits.57

The Retro Build

The original, classic build which all the others are derivative of. This type of character works well either for emulating old Questers (Any returning Quester is entitled to getting some of their original moves) or for new people who find themselves overwhelmed by the other builds.

This build is based on emulating the moves of the Smashers, via stored knowledge in a device named the 'Fighter Remote.' You use SP to operate these moves. All of the moves use the same amount of SP, depending upon the level.

As I just said, the moves are ranked by levels. Depending on how many times you've used a move, you can OUT-perform the Smashers at them! All moves start at alpha, then go to beta, then gamma, then Epsilon, and finally omega. Gamma level moves are identical to how the actual smasher performs them. Then, respectively, the SP costs are 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25. Once you have a move at omega level, you can perform the alpha level without using SP. You increase the level of each move by using it. Thus, after five uses, an Alpha move becomes a beta one. Note that these are not totals; so after reaching beta, it takes another 7 uses to get to gamma. Or, if you are counting totals, then you need a total of 12 uses to reach gamma mode. You must be a certain level to use the higher moves. You cannot progress if you get a move to a level you cannot use. All of the 'uses' must be in the highest mode of that level, thus, if you cannot use the highest level, then you cannot increase the amount of uses. Almost any Quester (Since they start at level 7) can use an Alpha move. Mildly experienced ones can use beta, ones of level 12 or higher can use gamma, and so on. All of this is summed up in the handy dandy chart below.

Melee Move Levels & SP Costs & Number of Usages Needed to Obtain Level & Level Required to Use
LevelSPUsesLevel Needed

Of course, you need to determine your SP. Your SP count is (STR mod + SPD mod + INT mod)/3, rounded appropriately, multiplied by five, and then with 20 added to it. This is your principal fuel for the moves; without it, you cannot use any melee moves (besides the alpha levels of moves at omega level), and as a result need to get more SP or will have to resort to using a weapon... or these basic moves which only 5th Builders can use.

Basic Moves
Regular/Air AttackSTR mod2STR modA regular attack, like a punch, a kick, or an aerial slap. Non-5th-builders can use this too.
Jumping StompSPD modSTR modThis basic attack hits more than once. You can jump attack up to 3 times per action, if you're able to hit each time. Otherwise, that action ends when you miss.
Jumping DrillSPD modd(STR mod * 6)This spinning jump involves many kicks. If you're lucky, you'll deal more damage than with a jumping stomp.
GrabSPD mod(Enemy's AC)Grab the enemy! You can then either throw them with another SPD mod (If at another enemy, if that enemy is hit, they take 2x the damage of what the thrown enemy takes) or you can hold them still, reducing their AC to 10 until your next round.
Smash AttackSTR modSTRwallop the enemy with a smash attack! Can only be used once per turn. Often sends enemies flying.
Meteor SmashSTR modSTR * 5Charge up for a whole round. If you can avoid being hit, you can unleash a ton of damage on the enemy! Similar to a smash attack, you can't use it twice in a row.

You can only bring four moves to a mission; for each use of the 'Move Expander' quirk, you may bring more, for up to a total of eight moves brought to the mission at maximum. Of course, you're wondering, 'How do I get these moves?'

You get four moves to start, entirely at random. You gain one new move at the end of each mission, to boot. They're all at random, of course, which is the major sacrifice of this build. The moves are sorted according to what fighter they belong to. High-level (Level 20+) Smashers, Overdrivers, Item Maniacs, or those who have had past characters with unique moves of some type may request to have their own moves added to the pool of obtainable moves. If they have the right moves, then they shall be added to the list. Bringing all the moves of the same fighter adds +2 to hit for all of those moves and +5 damage to the total damage (Read: After all other damage calculations, and only counts once, rather than per-hit) of all the moves from that fighter.

Fifth Build users may also gain moves by defeating their proper owners in the arena; however, they must risk a move of their own. They can also challenge other Fifth-Builders to a match where moves are at stake. These moves can also be traded. There are rumors of so-called 'Secret' moves, which were either secretly downloaded from their owners but then hidden, lost stores of ancient knowledge, universal powers of unimaginable power, or merely newly 'stolen' moves. These moves cannot be traded or lost, and take TWICE the uses of normal melee moves to master. However, they are unstoppable when put into action.

Other builds can come into possession of these moves. They, too, must calculate SP. However, their SP is based on INT mod * 5 alone, without any +20 to back it up. Furthermore, they can only have two moves at maximum, bring only one per mission, and can only get up to Gamma level. The moves also take twice the uses to level, and twice the SP to use. However, they can be traded and wagered like normal moves. Unfortunately, other builds cannot receive moves that have had their Gamma Level used at all.

Below, is a list of fighters, with their moves and the like detailed. Some fighters closely mimic others; there's special rules on getting their moves. There's also some moves in red, which require an INT of 20 or higher. They must be used carefully, for they have a tendency to be overkill.

The move tables which are linked together indicate that those fighters closely mimic one another. You can only have one set of moves from those linked sets. This is to prevent people from hoarding similar moves in order to become more versatile than what should be possible.

Special Melee Move Info

Deathmachine Items
1Wad of PaperDeals 1 damage.
2Rubber BallDeals a whopping 2 damage.
3Paper AirplaneDeals 6 damage.
4Small RockDeals 7 Earth damage.
5WheelDeals a flat 10 damage.
6Giant VaseDeals 12 damage.
7Hunk of CheeseExplodes, dealing 15 damage.
8Weak FirecrackerExplodes, dealing 16 fire damage.
9Sharp Pin MissileStabs the enemy, reducing their to-hit by 1 for a round.
10Small GrenadeExplodes, dealing 20 fire damage.
11Several DartsDeals 25 damage.
12Iron SpearDeals a whopping 30 damage.
13AxeDeals 32 damage.
14Shotgun SpreadDeals d50 damage.
15Large MissileExplodes, dealing 40 damage.
16RocketExplodes for 41 damage.
17Giant FireballRoasts the enemy, dealing 50 fire damage.
18CannonballKnocks the opponent one back in attack order; deals 60 damage.
19Giant Barrel Full of Lit ExplosivesMakes a GIGANTIC explosion, hitting all enemies for 100 damage.
20DeathzookaParalyzes, Confuses, and Freezes the opponent, in addition to dealing 50 damage.
21Imploding BananaImplodes the enemy, dealing 3/4 of their max HP back to them in damage; on bosses, deals 200 damage.

Item Pull Items
1Self-Hurter VeggieTake 10 damage
2Normal VeggieSTR mod + 10 damage
3Mr. Saturn5 damage; can be reused.
4Strong Veggie20 + 2 STR mod damage
5Bob-omb50 + STR mod fire damage
6Skull VeggieKills weak enemies
7Razor-sharp Fez35 + SPD mod damage, effects three enemies
8Beam Saber2 STR damage, pierces DR; can be reused until end of battle.
9Death VeggieDeals 200 damage or Death
10Pick two items of your choice and use them both!

Judgement Hammers
1Self-HurterTake 2 STR mod damage.
2Weak HammerDeal STR mod damage.
3Shield HammerInstantly Paralyze the enemy.
4Strong HammerDeal 3 STR mod damage.
5Electric HammerDeal 3 STR mod electric damage and instant paralyze the enemy.
6Fire HammerDeals 4 STR mod fire damage; instant burn.
7Food HammerDeals 2 STR mod damage to the enemy; regain 4 STR mod HP.
8Ice HammerDeals 2 STR mod damage and freezes the enemy for three rounds.
9Death HammerEither deals 5 STR damage or instant death; up to the GM.

Melee Moves

Red FireballShoot a ball of fire at the enemy. 3 SPD mod to hit; 2 STR mod fire damage.4 STR mod fire damage.Two fireballs; 2 SPD mod to hit; 2 STR mod fire damage each.3 SPD mod to hit for each.Three fireballs instead of two.
Mario TornadoSpin around, flailing your fists, and knocking around the enemies. 2 STR mod to hit, STR mod + d(STR mod * 4) damage.Now deals 2STR mod + d(STR mod *6) damage.Now has 4 STR mod to hit.Now deals 3STR mod + d(STR mod * 8) damage.Strongest version: 6 STR mod to hit, 4STR mod + d(STR mod * 10) damage!
Super Jump PunchLeap up, knocking the coins outta people! STR mod to hit, 3 STR mod damage. Gain equal coins to damage.2 STR mod to hit, 4 STR mod damage, coins and damage.Now gain two coins for every point of damage!3 STR mod to hit, 5 STR mod damage, two coins per damage point.5 STR mod to hit, 5 STR mod damage, three coins per damage point.
Super CapeSTR to hit; 2 STR mod damage.Now reflects projectiles if used as counter-attack and succeeds!Confuses those who are hit.Reflects all attacks if used as a counter-attack and succeeds.Always succeeds as a counter-attack!!!
Dr. Mario
MegavitaminShoot two vitamins at the enemy! 2 attacks; 2 SPD mod to hit, STR mod damage per hit.3 attacks.4 attacks.2 STR mod damage per hit.3 STR mod damage per hit.
Doc TornadoTwirl around to damage the enemy. STR mod to hit; d10 STR mod damage.d14 STR mod damage.Now 3 STR mod to hit.d16 STR mod damage.5 STR mod to hit, d20 STR mod damage.
Pay Up PunchSteal some cash! SPD mod to hit, steals 5 STR mod coins. (No damage)Steals 7 STR mod coins.3 SPD mod to hit.Steals 9 STR mod coins.7 STR mod to hit.
Super SheetSmack those enemies with a sheet of paper! STR mod to hit, STR damage.2 STR mod to hit, 50% chance of paralyzation.Always paralyzes.3 STR mod to hit.2 STR damage now.
Bob-omb BlastChuck a bomb at the enemy. STR mod to hit; 4 STR mod fire damage.Now 3 STR mod to hit.Paralyzes the opponent.Now deals STR + SPD mod damage.Throw TWO bombs instead of one!
Wario HurricaneShred opponents to bits by spinning around! SPD mod to hit, 2 STR mod wind damage. Threatens two enemies.4 STR mod wind damage.Confuses whoever it hits.Affects three people.Hits all; 2 SPD mod to hit, STR wind damage.
Flying HeadbuttSTR mod to hit, deals AC + STR mod damage. Paralyzes target.3 STR mod to hit.Gain equal amount of coins as damage.Deals 2 AC + STR mod damage.Damage is now fire aligned; gain 3x damage in coins.
Weapon SmackWeapon to hit; paralyzes and confuses target.Deals weapon damage.STR mod + Weapon to hit, STR mod + Weapon damage.Threatens two people.Threatens three people, 2 STR mod + Weapon to hit and 2 STR mod + Weapon damage.

Flaming Jump PunchBurn the enemy with a raging fist of fire! 2 STR mod to hit, deals 2 STR mod + INT mod fire damage.Critical range of the move is now 18-20,4 STR mod to hit.Deals 3 STR mod + 2 INT mod fire damage.Critical range now 16-20, deals 3 STR mod + 3 INT mod fire damage.
Luigi CycloneSpin around and give your opponents a tornado of a bad time! 2 SPD mod to hit, d6 SPD mod wind damage.4 SPD mod to hit.6 SPD mod to hit.2d5 SPD mod wind damage.3d6 SPD mod Wind damage.
Green FireballNuclear fireballs of doom! 3 Hits; SPD mod to hit, INT mod fire damage.-No Improvement-2 INT mod fire damage.2 SPD mod to hit.4 Hits!
Green MissileFly into people! 2 SPD mod to hit, AC + INT mod fire damage. 'Misfires' on a critical hit or miss; take half damage (nonelemental) as your own, and then deal quadruple damage to the enemy or yourself, respectively. CANNOT BE LUCKIED3 SPD mod to hit, AC + 2 INT mod fire damage.Misfires now occur on 19-20 and 1-2.Misfires occur on 1-3 and 18-20; take only double damage on crit miss, deal eight times the damage on a crit hit.
Birdie SmashSummon a deadly golf club, then smash the enemy, causing yourself to fly upwards. Weapon + STR mod to hit, Weapon + STR mod damage.Paralyzes enemies.Deals Weapon + 2 STR mod wind damage.To-hit is now 2(Weapon) + STR mod.Deals Weapon + 2 STR mod + AC wind damage, To-hit is 2(Weapon) + STR mod + BP.
Waluigi Power SpinGet out yer Tennis racket, and spin up, then send your opponent spinning away! BP to hit, Deals Level damage. 50% chance of confusion.Always confuses, BP + SPD mod to hit.2 BP + SPD mod to hit.Deals d3-1 level damage.Deals d3 level damage!
Super Bob-ombBlast away! Hurl a deadly bomb at everyone. SPD mod to hit, INT mod fire damage. Affects all enemies.INT mod + BP fire damage.SPD mod + 1/2 Level to hit.3 INT mod + BP fire damage.Instantly burns all who are hit.
Super SwimSwim through the air, attacking the enemy with water! INT mod to hit, deal AC water damage, affects three enemies.Hits all enemies.3 INT mod to hit.AC + BP water damage.AC + BP + Level + Number of unique items on hand damage. (Only mundane items)

Supersonic PunchHit the enemy with the world's fastest punch! SPD to hit, SPD mod damage.Two punches!SPD + 2 SPD mod to hit.Three punches!2 SPD mod damage. Five punches.
Flame DashCurl up into a ball of fire and burn some people! 2 SPD mod to hit, 3 STR mod fire damage.4 SPD mod to hit.Affects three people.STR fire damage.Affects all!
Homing DashFly through the air, curled into a ball, bashing whatever you despise. Opposed SPD checks; deals SPD mod damage if you win.+2 SPD mod to the SPD check.+ SPD to the SPD check.4 SPD mod damage.Homing; enemy must roll without SPD mod to their SPD check.
SpindashUse the technique of many Mobians, and attack with sheer kinetic force. 1 action to charge up; 3 SPD mod to hit, deals SPD damage.Can be charged up two actions, dealing 2 SPD damage.Can be charged up three actions; 3 SPD damage.SPD to hit.Pierces armor; paralyzes those hit.
Chaos BurstSurround yourself in a burst of violently chaotic energy! 2 INT mod to hit, 2 INT mod Dark + Light (aka Chaos) damage.4 INT mod chaos damge.3 INT mod to hit, 5 INT mod chaos damage.Hits 3 enemies.Hits all, causes Confusion, 4 INT mod to hit.
Power PunchUsing the raw power of chaos, punch the enemy away! 1 action to power up; 2 STR mod to hit, STR + INT mod damage.4 STR mod to hit.STR + 3 INT mod damage.STR + INT damage.No power-up necessary; only takes one action.
Chaos SpearSmack the enemy with three arrows of pure energy. 3 hits, INT mod to hit, INT mod damage.2 INT mod damage.2 INT mod to hit.3 INT mod damage.3 INT mod to hit.
Light DashUsing an ancient power, fly into the enemy with the speed of light! SPD to hit, INT mod damage.SPD + SPD mod to hit, INT mod light damage.SPD + 3 SPD mod to hit.2 SPD to hit.3 SPD to hit.

Master Spin AttackSpin around and threaten people with your weapon! Weapon + STR mod to hit, Weapon + STR mod damage.2 (Weapon) + STR mod damage.2(Weapon) + 3 STR mod damage.3(Weapon) + 3 STR mod damage.4(Weapon) + 4 STR mod damage.
Bow and ArrowsShoot people with arrows! 3 SPD mod to hit, 3 SPD mod damage.5 SPD mod damage.5 SPD mod to hit.7 SPD mod to hit.Threatens all enemies.
Magic BoomerangSPD to hit, 2 SPD mod damage; can't be used twice in a row.Instant paralyze.4 SPD mod damage.SPD + 2 SPD mod to hit.Hits all.
Hyrule Bomb2 STR mod to hit, 4 STR mod fire damage. On miss, deals STR mod damage to you instead!4 STR mod to hit.7 STR mod fire damage; on miss, deals 2 STR mod damage to you instead!6 STR mod to hit.On miss, take no damage.
Young Link
Kokiri Spin AttackDo a really fast spin! STR to hit, STR mod damage.Do a slower but deadlier spin; 2 hits, 2 STR mod to hit, first hit does STR mod, second does 2 STR mod.3 hits; third hit does 3 STR mod damage.Four hits; fourth hit does 4 STR mod damage.3 STR mod to hit.
Small Bomb3 SPD mod to hit; deals 2 SPD mod fire damage if you hit; SPD mod damage to you if you miss.SPD to hit.SPD fire damage; 2 SPD mod damage to you if you miss.SPD + 2 STR mod to hit.You do not take damage if you miss.
Wooden BoomerangSPD to hit, SPD mod damage; can't be used twice in a row.Confuses enemy.SPD + 2 SPD mod to hit.Deals 3 SPD mod damage.Threatens all enemies.
Bow and Fire ArrowsShoot the enemy with flaming arrows! 2 SPD mod to hit, 3 SPD mod fire damage.SPD fire damage.4 SPD mod to hit.SPD + 2 STR mod fire damage.6 SPD mod to hit, SPD + 4 STR mod fire damage!

Din's FireEngulf yourself in a field of fire, threatening all enemies! Affects all enemies, INT mod to hit, INT mod damage.2 INT mod to hit, deals fire damage.3 INT mod to hit, 2 INT mod fire damage.4 INT mod to hit, 3 INT mod fire damage.6 INT mod to hit, 5 INT mod fire damage.
Farore's WindFly across vast distances like the wind, damaging anyone who gets in your way. INT to hit, INT mod damage.Deals 2 INT mod wind damage.INT + 2 INT mod to hit.2 INT to hit.3 INT to hit.
Naryu's LoveBlock attacks with a shield! Reflects projectiles back at enemies.Reflects projectiles for +INT mod damage.Reflects projectiles for +5 or deals an instant INT mod damage.Instant hurt upped to 2 INT mod damage.Reflects projectiles for +10.
NeedlesAttack the opponent with a ton of needles! 3 hits, SPD mod to hit, SPD mod damage.4 hits.6 hits.8 hits.3 SPD mod to hit.
Shiekah TeleportTeleport in an explosion, setting nearby enemies on fire. 2 INT mod to hit, 3 INT mod fire damage.4 INT mod to hit.Now deals INT fire damage.6 INT mod to hit.Deals INT + 4 SPD mod fire damage.
WhipWhip that enemy good! STR to hit, STR mod damage.Now deals 3 STR mod damage.STR + 2 SPD mod to hit.STR + 4 SPD mod to hit.Deals STR damage.

Thunder JoltLaunch small bolts of lightning at people! SPD to hit, SPD mod electric damage.2 SPD mod electric damage, 50% chance of paralyze.5 SPD mod electric damage.Insta paralyze, SPD + SPD mod to hit.SPD + 3 SPD mod to hit, 7 SPD mod electric damage.
Thunder BoltCall upon lightning to strike you and your foes from above! Threatens two enemies, SPD mod to hit, 3 INT mod electric damage.Threatens three enemies, 4 INT mod electric damage.2 SPD mod to hit, 5 INT mod electric damage.7 INT mod electric damage.11 INT mod electric damage.
Skull BashCharge up and bash enemies with your skull. 3 STR mod to hit, 3 STR mod damage.Can be charged for one round for triple damage.Two rounds of charge.Three rounds.Base of 5 STR mod to hit and 4 STR mod electric damage.
AgilityUse this move to escape enemy attacks or jump! +SPD mod to jump/AC when used, lasts for that enemy's attack or one jump.+2 SPD mod+3 SPD mod, works for two jumps in a row or two enemy attacks in a row.+4 SPD modWorks for three jumps in a row (Still counting as one third jump) or all of an enemy's attacks in a row.
Baby JoltDamage yourself and your foe with electricity! 2 SPD mod to hit, INT electric damage. Deals INT mod electric damage to you. (Not affected by elements)Paralyzes the enemy; 3 SPD mod to hit.Deals INT + 2 INT mod damage.SPD to hit.No longer damages you!
Baby BoltThis lightning is a threat to yourself and others! INT mod to hit, 2INT electric damage; instant paralysis. Deals 4 INT mod damage to yourself. (Not affected by elements)2INT + 3 INT mod electric damage.Affects three enemies.3 INT mod to hit.No longer hurts you!
AgilityMove at high speeds, zapping yourself and others. Two hits; SPD to hit, INT damage to yourself and others per hit. (Self-hurting happens even when you miss)3 INT mod damage to yourself.2 INT mod damage to yourself.Effects three enemies.2INT to hit, no damage to yourself!
Baby BashCharge up, and electricute both yourself and others! Takes 3 actions to charge; 3 INT mod to hit, deals 3 INT electric damage to both you and any enemy you hit. Affects all. (Not effected by elements)4 INT mod to hit.2 Actions to charge.INT + SPD mod to hit.No longer damages you!

Captain Falcon
Falcon PunchPunch somebody with a flaming eagle! STR mod to hit, STR fire damage.3 STR mod to hit.STR to hit.STR + 2 STR mod fire damage.2STR + STR mod fire damage.
Falcon KickKick with the speed of fire. SPD mod to hit, 3 SPD mod fire damage. Threatens two enemies.4 SPD mod fire damage, threatens three enemies.Affects all enemies; 2 SPD mod to hit.SPD to hit.2 SPD to hit!
Falcon DiveFly into somebody and make them explode!!! Opposed STR checks; if you win, deal 3 STR mod fire damage.Your STR check gains another 2 STR mod to it for purposes of this move.Deals STR fire damage.STR check now has STR added to it.STR check now with STR + 2 STR mod; deals STR + 2 STR mod fire damage.
Raptor BoostGive somebody a flaming uppercut! 3 SPD mod to hit, 2 STR mod fire damage.Deals 4 STR mod fire damage.SPD to hit.Can be used to instantly hit enemy (regardless of actions remaining) when they crit miss.Instantly burns opponent.

Ball LightningCharge up and hurl a big ball of slow moving lightning! INT mod to hit, 4 INT mod electric damage.Now INT electric damagel 50% chance of paralysis.3 INT mod to hit.Instant paralysis, 4 INT mod to hit.Exploding ball; affects three targets, INT + 2 SPD mod electric damage.
Dark SlashGo up and give the enemy a taste of steel. ...Or old rock, whatever. 2 hits, 2 SPD mod to hit, STR mod damage.2 STR mod dark damage.3 hits.4 SPD mod to hit.Four hits! Add weapon damage to total damage dealt.
Tremblor PunchPunch the ground angrily, causing an Earthquake! Hits all; STR mod to hit, STR mod damage.Now 2 STR mod Earth Damage.3 STR mod to hit.Deals 3 STR mod Earth Damage; 50% chance of paralysis.Aftershock effect; 1 in d4 chance of dealing half again more damage with another attack roll.
Gerudo RocketFly upwards with the power of dark energy! 2 INT mod to hit, 3 INT mod dark damage.Deals INT dark damage.3 INT mod to hit, INT + INT mod dark damage.INT + 3 INT mod dark damage.Deals 2 INT dark damage, INT to hit!

Metal Sonic
Ball LightningOne ball of lightning shot at opponent. 2 SPD mod + INT mod to hit; 2 INT mod electric damage.2 SPD mod + INT mod to hit; 3 INT mod electric damage.Two balls of lightning, each with 2 SPD mod to hit, and dealing 2 INT mod electrical damage.Two balls of lightning; 2 SPD mod + INT mod to hit, 2 INT mod electrical damage per hit.THREE balls of lightning, with SPD mod + INT mod to hit, and 2 INT mod electrical damage per hit.
Air RaidRam into the opponent, with 3 SPD mod to hit, and 3 STR mod damage.Affects two opponents; same to-hit and damage as alpha.Affects three opponents; same to-hit and damage as alpha.Affects all opponents; same to-hit and damage as alpha.Affects all opponents; 5 SPD mod to hit, 5 STR mod damage.
Razor DashCurl up into a ball, become studded with spikes, and fly into the opponent! STR mod to hit, d10 * STR mod damage.3 STR mod to hit, d10 * STR mod damage.3 STR mod to hit, d14 * STR mod damage.4 STR mod to hit, d16 * STR mod damage.4 STR mod to hit, d16 * STR mod damage, instantly paralyzes target.
Ring TossHurl green rings in all directions. Affects three opponents, with SPD mod to hit and STR mod damage.Affects all; same to-hit and damage as alpha.Affects all, 2 SPD mod to hit, 2 STR mod damage.Affects all, 3 SPD mod to hit, and 2 STR mod damage. Damage dealt is stolen as coins.Affects all, 3 SPD mod to hit, and 3 STR mod soul damage, steals as many coins as damage dealt, and 50% chance of confusing the opponents hit.

Shadow BallHurl a ball of darkness at the enemy. 2SPD mod to hit, 3INT mod dark damage.Can be charged up for a round to triple damage.Can be charged for two rounds, resulting in 9x the damage.Base attack now 2SPD mod to hit, 9 INT mod dark damage. Can now only be charged for one round.No charging needed/possible; 2 SPD mod to hit, 13 INT mod dark damage.
TeleportInstead of using an action, save it. When attacked, you can try to dodge it by using a roll with a 3INT mod bonus. If you roll higher, you dodge. Can only be used with one action.Now has 5 INT mod bonus.Can be used with two actions. Also can be used outside of battle to move up to 5 INT mod feet. (increases with bonus to dodge roll)7 INT mod bonus.Can be used with all actions; 8 INT mod bonus.
ConfusionSpin the enemy with psychic energy. 3 INT mod to hit, 2 INT mod psychic damage.Automatically confuses target.Now deals 4 INT mod psychic damage.Now has 5 INT mod to hit.Instantly hits for 5 INT mod psychic damage.
HypnosisAttempt to hypnotize the opponent to sleep. 4 INT mod to hit, instant paralyze. (Sleepiness is represented by paralyzation)Affects two targets.6 INT mod to hit.Affects three targets.8 INT mod to hit, affects all enemies.

Mack the Repairman
Power DrillDrill the enemy to death with a power tool! STR mod to hit, 2SPD mod damage. Can be charged for one round for 3x damage.Can be charged for two round for a total of 9x damage.Only one round of charge possible; 2STR mod to hit, 2SPD damage.No charge possible; 4 SPD mod to hit.Now doeals 3SPD damage.
Power SawSlice the enemy to pieces with a power saw! 3 SPD mod to hit, 3 SPD mod damage.Hits two enemies.5 SPD mod to hit.Hits three enemies.Hits all enemies, 7 SPD mod to hit.
Electric FanAttack people with a deadly electric fan! 2 hits; STR mod to hit, 2SPD mod damage.Each hit now has 2STR mod to hit.3 hits; STR mod to hit, 2SPD mod electric damage.4 hits; same damage and to-hit as Gamma.5 hits; 3STR mod to hit, 3 SPD mod electric damage.
Power NailsShoot nails at people! 2 hits; 2SPD mod to hit, STR mod damage.3 hits, now.Each hit now has 3 SPD mod to hit.Each hit deals 2STR mod damage.Each hit has 4 SPD mod to hit, and deals 3 STR mod damage.

CorrosionStrike at three people with dark energy. INT mod to hit, INT dark damage.Now with 2 INT mod to hit, and 2INT mod dark damage.Now affects all enemies.Poisons all who are hit.4 INT mod to hit, 4 INT mod dark damage.
Magic BarrierCreate a barrier which prevents a total of 4 INT mod damage from hitting you.Now up to 6 INT mod damage stopped.Now prevents one status effect as well.Magic attacks do half damage to the barrier.Blocks a whopping 10 INT mod damage.
Dark Energy WaveBlast the enemy with dark energy. 3 INT mod to hit, INT mod * 6 dark damage.5 INT mod to hit now.Chance of instant death. Roll d100; a 10 or lower means instant death.Instant death roll now up to 20.7 INT mod to hit, INT mod * 14 dark damage, 30 or below gives instant death.
MindblastDeals 2 INT mod psychic damage instantly.3 INT mod psychic damage.5 INT mod psychic damage.Can be charged 1 level; damage tripled if charged for an entire round.2 levels of charging; takes two rounds. Now has a base damage of 5 INT mod psychic damage.

Metal Man
DVD LauncherSummon a handy DVD launcher; you won't be needing those Gigli DVDs! 3 hits; SPD mod to hit, SPD mod damage.3 SPD mod to hit.Improved Critical; Does critical hits on natural 18-20.Cannot make a critical miss, and deals 2 SPD mod damage per hit.Ignores DR, deals 3 SPD mod damage per hit!
Tri-AttackOverwhelm the enemy with elemental powers! 2 INT mod to hit, INT mod fire electric and ice damage.3 INT mod fire electric and ice damage.Freezes on hit.Paralyzes on hit as well.Instant burn; 4 INT mod to hit.
DeathmachineSummon a gigantic cannon and blast the enemy with random objects. Roll 5 d12 to see what comes out; SPD mod to hit. (See chart above--Five hits)Three more objects, and twice the firing rate! Roll 10 d15 to see what comes.Five more projectiles; roll is now 10 d20.3 SPD mod to hit.Extra projectile type (21); 5 SPD mod to hit.
Crystal PurificationHeal yourself with the power of crystals! Regain 3 INT mod damage.Cures one status effect.Can be used on a friend in addition to yourself; regain 4 INT mod damage.Cures two status effects.Regain 8 INT mod damage.

Donkey Kong
Giant PunchSmash the opponent with a big punch. STr mod to hit; STR damage.You can charge up the move for round to do triple damage!Charge up for two rounds for nine times the damage!Always at level two charge; I.E., base damage is 3 STR damage. can only charge one round now.Always level 3; deals 9 STR damage all the time!
Earthquake SlapSmack the ground with your hands... kinda lame. STR to hit, STR mod damage.Affects three targets.Hits all, 2 STR mod damage.STR + STR mod to hit, damage is Earth elemental.Two hits instead of one; twice the fun!
Spinning KongYou, too, can spin in circles like a helicopter! Affects three enemies; 2 STR mod to hit, 2 STR mod damage.Hits all; 3 STR mod to hit.4 STR mod damage.6 STR mod damage.9 STR mod damage.
HeadbuttSmash enemies down with your noggin! 3 STR mod to hit, STR mod damage. Instant paralysis.Now also confuses the enemy.Deals 3 STR mod damage.STR to hit.Strange energies allow you to Seal the enemy if you hit!

Geno BeamBlast people with beams of pure energy! 3 INT mod to hit, 3 INT mod damage.Charge one round to triple damage.Can be charged two rounds.Three rounds.Four rounds, 5 INT mod to hit.
Geno BoostBoost your Defense! +INT mod to AC, lasts 1 round.+3 INT mod to AC.Boosts both defense and offense (+3 INT mod to hit for one round)Lasts for two rounds.+4 INT mod to offense and defense; if an Omega Geno Beam is used immediately on the first action of the next round, the boost remains until the Omega Geno beam is fired.
Geno WhirlGive those enemies a whirl! 3 SPD mod to hit, 3 SPD mod damage.5 SPD mod damage.5 SPD mod to hit.7 SPD mod to hit.One-in-d9-chance of instant kill; only can insta-kill non-boss enemies.
Geno FlashHit your foes with a flash of light! Threatens three enemies, 2 INT mod to hit, 2 INT mod damage.Hits all, can be charged 1 round for 3x damage.Base Damage is 4 INT mod.Charge level 2 always reached; takes whole round to fire, can be charged for 18x INT mod damage instead.Can be fired at full power for extra 10 SP; base damage is 24 INT mod, takes whole turn to fire.

Knuckle Joe
Vulcan PunchHit the enemy with a fast punch of energy! SPD to hit, STR mod damage.3 STR mod damage.SPD + SPD mod to hit, affects two targets.SPD + 3 SPD mod to hit.STR + 2 STR mod damage.
Double KickDoes what its name says. 2 hits, SPD mod to hit, 2 STR mod damage.2 SPD mod to hit.3 STR mod damage.3 SPD mod to hit.4 SPD mod to hit.
Rising BreakRush at the enemy, then fly upwards, hitting them tons of times! SPD mod to hit, d10 STR mod damage.3 SPD mod to hit.2d7 STR mod damage.SPD to hit.4d4 STR mod damage; SPD + SPD mod to hit.
Vulcan GrabGrab the enemy, then hurl them at another enemy! Opposed STR checks. If you succeed, you deal 3 STR mod damage to the enemy, and may make a d20+SPD mod throw. If you hit your target, it takes Enemy AC + 3 STR mod damage.2 SPD mod to throw; STR check gains extra STR mod bonus.Throw threatens two enemies; throw has 3 SPD mod to hit.SPD to throw; 2 extra STR mod to STR check.Throw always hits.

Mr. Game and Watch
JudgementSmack the enemy with a hammer of randomness! 2 STR mod to hit; roll d2 after hitting to see what happens.Now a d4; more, better hammers availablle as a result.Now a d6.Now a d8.Access all hammers with the random hammer roll now at d9, the maximum.
FireFly up into the air with the help of pixellated firemen! STR mod to hit, STR damage.Now 3 STR mod to hit.5 STR mod to hit.Deals STR + 2 STR mod damage.Now 7 STR mod to hit; deals 2 STR damage.
Chef2 hits; SPD mod to hit, 2 SPD mod damage.Now three hits.Each hit now deals 3 SPD mod damage.Two SPD mod to hit.FOUR hits!
Oil PanicGrab enemy attacks! Use this to send one projectile back at the enemy. Use d20+SPD mod to hit the enemy with the attack you send back.Absorbs two projectiles.Deals double damage when attacks are sent back.Up to three projectiles.Triple damage!

Meta Knight
Sword ShotShoot an image of a sword at the opponent. 3 SPD mod to hit, 3 STR mod damage.5 STR mod damage.5 SPD mod to hit.Hits all.Deals 7 STR mod damage.
Phantasmal WaveHit the enemy with a wave of energy! SPD to hit, SPD mod damage.Deals 2 SPD mod soul damage.3 SPD mod to hit.Hits all.SPD soul damage.
Meta GlideGlide into the enemy, giving them some pain! 3 STR mod to hit, AC + STR mod damage.2 AC + STR mod damage.STR to hit.Now deals Light damage; affects two enemies.Hits all.
Meta TornadoSpin upwards into a tornado of person-throwing fury. 3 SPD mod to hit, 2 SPD mod wind damage.Hits all.Deals SPD wind damage.Confuses all hit.SPD to hit.

DaggerStab an enemy with a dagger! 2x damage to undead. SPD to hit, STR mod damage.Two hits; only 2 SPD mod to hit, though.Three hits; SPD mod to hit.2 SPD mod to hit.3 SPD mod to hit; 2 STR mod damage.
Holy WaterAttack the enemy with a bowl of holy water! 2 SPD mod to hit, 3 INT mod holy damage.Multiple 'Splashes'; 2d5 INT mod holy damage.More splashes; 3d4 INT mod holy damage.Damage increases; 3d5 holy damage.Instant Paralyze, 4 SPD mod to hit.
AxeChop the enemy in two! 3 STR mod to hit, 3 STR mod damage.Critical edge; 19-20 crit.STR to hit, STR damage.Critical is now 18-20.Critical is 16-20!
CrossHurl a ton of weak crosses at the enemy. 3 hits, SPD mod to hit, INT mod holy damage.Four hits.Five hits.Six hits!3 SPD mod to hit.

PK FlashCharge up a buncha energy to zap the enemy. 2 INT mod to hit, INT mod damage. If charged up one round, deals 3x damage.3 INT mod to hit; base damage 2 INT mod.INT to hit.Base damage is 3 INT mod; psychic damage.Attack is always fully charged; which means it always deals 9 INT mod psychic damage.
PK ThunderSummon lightning outta your head! 4 INT mod to hit, INT mod electric damage.INT + INT mod to hit.Also deals Soul Damage; INT + 2 INT mod to hit.Deals 3 INT mod electric soul damage.You may use the move to hit yourself; the move deals double damage if you hit the enemy, but you also take 1x damage! (Elemental quirk does not effect this)
PK FireHit the enemy with a bolt of fire, trapping them in a subsequent cone of fire! INT mod to hit, deals d6 INT mod fire damage.Now deals d8 INT mod fire damage.Enemy loses an action if hit; 2 INT mod to hit.2d4 INT mod fire damage!5d2 INT mod Fire and Soul damage!
PK ShieldUse this attack to absorb projectile damage. Absorbs 1/4th projectile's damage; dissipates when hit by a projectile or non-projectile attack.Absorbs 1/2; does not dissipate when hit by projectiles.3/4 absorbed.Dissipates after being hit with two non-projectile attacks.Absorbs 2x projectile damage.
Psi ThunderBlast the enemy with psychic lightning! INT mod to hit, INT mod electric psychic damage, instant paralyze.Two hits.No upgrade.No upgrade.2 INT mod to hit, 2 INT mod electric psychic damage.
Psi TeleportBlast the enemies while teleporting! 2 INT mod to hit, 3 INT mod psychic damage.4 INT mod to hit.5 INT mod psychic damage.5 INT mod to hit.7 INT mod to hit, 7 INT mod psychic damage!
Psi StarstormBlast the enemy with stars! 3 hits, INT mod to hit, INT mod damage.Four hits.Five hits.Six hits.Eight hits.
MirrorBlock enemy attacks with a mirror! Lasts one round; if an enemy misses you, they are hit by a mirror image of that attack. After one occurrance of this, the mirror breaks.+2 to AC for that round; mirror can mirror two attacks/hits.+4 AC+6 AC+8 AC; continues mirroring all attacks that miss for that round.

Fox's BlasterNail the enemy with a hail of blaster fire! SPD mod to hit, SPD mod damage. Three shots.Four shots.Five shots.Six shots.2 SPD mod to hit.
Fox's Force FieldProtect yourself with a force field! Creates a field of 3 INT mod HP which takes half damage from all attacks, protecting you until it runs out of HP.4 INT mod HP.5 INT mod HP.Reflects projectiles back at owners for same damage.Only takes 1/4th damage!
Fire FoxCatch on fire and blast the opponent! SPD to hit, SPD mod fire damage.2 SPD mod fire damage.Threatens three enemies.SPD + 2 INT mod to hit.2 SPD mod + 4 INT mod fire damage.
Fox PhantasmAttack many enemies at once with a quick dash! 3 SPD mod to hit, SPD mod damage, threatens three enemies.Hits all, deals wind damage.SPD to hit.3 SPD mod wind damage.SPD wind damage, confuses all hit.
Falco's BlasterShoot the enemy with heavy-duty sideways lasers! SPD mod to hit, SPD damage.Now deals SPD + 2 SPD mod damage.3 SPD mod to hit.SPD + 4 SPD mod damage.SPD to hit; 50% chance of paralyzing enemies.
Falco's ReflectorReflect enemy projectiles! When used to defend, reflects projectiles and deals projectile damage + 5 back to the enemy.Now +10.Can be used as a weapon with a d20+SPD mod roll to deal 5 damage, or reflects as usual.Now +15.Now has 3 SPD mod to hit and deals 15 damage + Paralyze to those you hit it with.
FirebirdBecome engulfed in fire and fly into the enemy. STR mod to hit, STR fire damage.Deals STR + STR mod fire damage.Threatens three targets.3 STR mod to hit.Instantly burns anyone it hits, and deals STR + 2 STR mod fire damage.
Falco PhantasmFly through the enemy at mach speed! SPD to hit, SPD mod damage.SPD + 2 SPD mod to hit.Deals 3 SPD mod damage.Hits three enemies.Hits all, SPD + 4 SPD mod to hit.

Ice Climbers
Ice ShotShoot mini icebergs at the enemy! 3 SPD mod to hit, 2 INT mod ice damage.3 INT mod ice damage, 50% chance of freeze.5 INT mod ice damage.5 SPD mod to hit.9 INT mod ice damage.
BlizzardEngulf the enemy in a blast of ice! SPD mod to hit, 4 INT ice damage.INT ice damage, 50% chance of freeze.INT + 2 INT mod ice damage.INT + 4 INT mod ice damage.2 INT ice damage, insta-freeze, 2 INT mod to hit, affects two enemies.
BelayFly upwards with rope... kinda! SPD to hit, STR mod damage.AC + STR mod damage.2 AC + STR mod damage.SPD + 2 SPD mod to hit.2 SPD to hit, 2 AC + 2 STR mod damage.
Squall HammerSpin around, hitting the enemy repeatedly with your weapon! d2 hits, Weapon to hit, Weapon Damage.2 hits.d2+1 hits.3 hits.4 hits!

InhaleInhale an enemy and steal their ability! You keep that ability until hit by a critical or you decide to drop it, or you die. (Even between missions!) 2 SPD mod to hit; 0 damage if copied, 4 STR mod damage if spitted out.Now deal 2 STR mod damage when copying.4 SPD mod to hit.6 SPD mod to hit.6 STR mod damage when spit out; 4 STR mod damage when copied.
Final CutterFly up with a blue blade, then slice everybody! STR mod to hit, STR mod + Weapon damage.Two hits; second hit being a projectile.2 STR mod to hit.The projectile threatens all enemies.2 STR mod + Weapon damage.
Stone DropFlatten the enemy by turning into a stone! 2 STR mod to hit, 3 STR mod Earth damage.Roll a d2 for damage; get 3 STR mod, or 6 STR mod and paralysis to the enemy.d4; fourth possibility is 7 STR mod.4 STR mod to hit.d5; fifth option either instant-knockout or 10 STR mod damage.
Pop Star HammerSmash a foe away with this hammer! STR mod to hit, STR damage.2 STR mod to hit, STR + STR mod damage.STR + 3 STR mod damage.2STR damage.3 STR mod to hit, 2 STR + 3 STR mod damage.

SingLull (Or stun) the enemy to sleep with your singing! Enemies must all roll a DC (Your INT) check. Those which fail become sleepy. (Paralysis)Chance of enemy missing turn becomes 1 in d2.Enemies who fail lose an entire turn.Two turns.Three turns; DC is your INT + INT mod.
PoundBeat on the enemy with your fist! 4 STR mod to hit, 2 STR mod damage.4 STR mod damage.5 STR mod to hit, 50% chance of paralysis.6 STR mod damage.10 STR mod damage!
NightmareUsing strange metaphysical powers, destroy people by going to sleep! INT mod to hit, 10 INT mod damage. Self-paralysis.12 INT mod damage.Paralyzes the target.14 INT mod damage.20 INT mod damage!!!
RolloutSpin around, then roll into the enemies! 3 STR mod to hit, 3 STR mod damage.Effects three enemies.Hits all; 4 STR mod to hit.Can be charged for one round, quadrupling damage.Two round charge possible; 16x damage.

Toad CounterPull out Toad in the nick of time (save an action) to block an incoming attack!Those who you block take 5 damage!10 damage!15 damage!20 damage!
Item PullAttack with random items!3 SPD mod to hit; d3 for random item.4 SPD mod to hit; d4 for random item.d6 for random item.d8 for random item.5 SPD mod to hit; d10 for random item.
Parasol UppercutUppercut enemies with your main weapon! Weapon + SPD mod to hit, Weapon damage + SPD mod damage.Weapon + 3 SPD mod damage.2(Weapon) + SPD mod to hit.Weapon + 2d5 SPD mod damage.3(Weapon) + SPD mod to hit, Weapon + 5d2 SPD mod damage.
Peach BomberBomb the opponent! SPD mod to hit, SPD damage.SPD + INT mod fire damage.3 SPD mod to hit.Affects three enemies.Hits all, instant burn.

Fire BreathBreathe (or summon) fire on the enemy! 3 hits, INT mod to hit, INT mod fire damage. Cannot be used two rounds in a row.Five hits.2 INT mod fire damage.8 hits!!!You can use it as much as you want.
Koopa KlawGive somebody a nice slice with your hands. STR mod to hit, STR damage.d2 chance of an 'extra bite', which deals another STR mod of damage.Bite deals 2 STR mod damage.d3-1 possible bites; roll after a hit.2 STR mod to hit, d4-1 possible bites!!
Bowser BombFly up into the air and flatten the enemy! STR mod to hit, 2(AC) damage.2 STR mod to hit.3(AC) damage.3 STR mod to hit.Deals STR mod damage to nearby enemies on successful hit.
Shell SpinSpin around, thrashing in all directions. Hits all; STR mod to hit, STR mod damage.3 STR mod damage.50% chance of paralyze..3 STR mod to hit.Automatically paralyzes enemies.

MissileShoot a highly accurate missile at the opponent! Ignores 2 AC, 2 SPD mod to hit, SPD mod fire damage.Super Missile Option; deals 3 SPD mod fire damage instead of ignoring 2 AC.Homing missile ignores 4 AC; Super Missile deals SPD fire damage.Homing Missile has 3 SPD mod to hit, and deals 2 SPD mod fire damage. Super Missile deals SPD + 2 SPD mod fire damage.Super Missile has 3 SPD mod to hit and deals 2 SPD fire damage. Homing missile ignores 8 AC.
Drop BombDrop a bomb on the ground to explode people! 2 SPD mod to hit, 4 SPD mod damage.Multiple bombs; deals 2d6 SPD mod damage on hit.Deals 3d5 SPD mod damage on hit.4d5 SPD mod damage!5d5 SPD mod damage, 4 SPD mod to hit.
Screw AttackSpin upwards, dealing a ton of electric damage! 2 SPD mod to hit, 2d3 SPD mod electric damage.2d5 SPD mod electric damage.4 SPD mod to hit.2d7 SPD mod electric damage!4d4 SPD Mod electric damage, instant paralysis.
Charge ShotCharge up and fire off a blast of electricity! 2 SPD mod to hit, 3 SPD mod damage.Charge for one round to deal 3x damage.Charge for two rounds to deal 9x damage.Now always charged level 2; 9 SPD mod damage. Can be charged one level.Always charged up; deals a whopping 13 SPD mod damage.

Shield BreakerSlash through the enemy's defenses! Ignores DR. STR mod to hit, Weapon damage.STR mod + Weapon to hit.Can be charged one round to do 3x damage.Charge for two rounds to do 9x damage!Level 2 charge reached; 3(Weapon) damage, can be charged for two rounds for up to 27x damage.
Dolphin SlashFly upwards, slashing the enemy quickly. SPD to hit, SPD mod damage.SPD mod + Weapon damage.SPD + 2 SPD mod to hit.2SPD to hit.SPD + Weapon damage.
Sword's DanceHit the enemy with many furious consecutive attacks! STR mod + Weapon to hit, STR mod + Weapon damage.Two hits, but only if the first attack hits.Three hits, but only if the two before hit.Four hits, but only if the previous three hit.Five hits; last hit deals 2x damage!
Marth's CounterCounter most ranged attacks! Instantly blocks one full ranged attack.Flings shrapnel at the enemy; 5 damage to them.15 damage.30 damage.A whopping 50 damage, also blocks close-up attacks.
Flare BladeAttack the enemy with a flaming sword attack! STR mod to hit, Weapon + INT mod fire damage.Can be charged one round; deals 3x damage.Two rounds possible; 9x damage.Three rounds possible; 27x damage.Four rounds possible; INSTANT DEATH.
Roy's CounterBlock close-range attacks! Instantly blocks one close-range attack.Deals back Weapon damage.Damage dealt back is fire element.Burns enemy.Deals 3(Weapon Damage) Fire damage.
Rising FlareUp into the air you soar, flinging a firery attack! 3 STR mod to hit, INT mod + Weapon fire damage.3 INT mod + Weapon fire damage.2 Weapon fire damage.Instant burn.4 INT mod + 4 Weapon fire damage.
Double Edge DanceDestroy the enemy with flaming hits! 2 STR mod to hit, Weapon + 2 STR mod hit.d2 hits.d4 hits.4 STR mod to hit.3d3 hits!

Egg LayTrap the enemy in an egg! 3 SPD mod to hit, enemy loses one action.Enemy loses two actions.Enemy cannot defend self while in egg.Enemy loses 3 actions.Enemy is confused, sealed, and paralyzed for three rounds after escaping the egg.
Hip DropSmash the enemy with your weight! 3 STR mod to hit, AC damage.Paralyzes enemy.Shoots out two stars to the side; 3 SPD mod to hit, 3 SPD mod damage; they effect nearby enemies, or if the main drop failed, your target.Nothing!4 STR mod to hit with drop, 4 SPD mod to hit with stars.
Egg TossHurl an ultra-accurate egg at the enemy! SPD + INT mod to hit, SPD mod damage.SPD + 3 INT mod to hit.SPD + INT to hit, SPD mod + INT mod damage.Threatens three enemies.SPD + SPD mod + INT + INT mod to hit.
Rumble Tumble EggTurn into an egg and run people down! Effects all, 2 SPD mod to hit, SPD mod damage.3 SPD mod to hit, 2 SPD mod damage.4 SPD mod to hit, 3 SPD mod damage.SPD to hit, 4 SPD mod damage.SPD to hit, SPD mod damage, paralyzes those hit.

Julian Sawyer
Hat TrickPull a fedora with blades on the rim out of nowhere and hit the enemy with it! SPD mod to hit, Level Damage, hits three enemies.3 SPD mod to hit.Hits all enemies.Level + 2 SPD mod damage.2(Level) + 2 SPD mod damage, 4 SPD mod to hit.
KO PunchKnock out those enemies with a powerful punch! STR mod to hit, STR damage.3 STR mod to hit.STR to hit, Paralyzes on hit.STR + STR mod to hit, STR + STR mod damage.1 in d2 chance of instantly destroying non-boss enemies!
Face WashLeap up, then smash the enemy's head into the ground. 2 STR mod to hit, AC - 10 damage, +2 SPD mod to hit of next attack.Deals AC damage.+4 SPD mod to hit of next attack.4 STR mod to hit.Paralyzes on hit, 2(AC) - 10 damage.
Bottle SmashPull out a bottle and smash it on the enemy's head, gaining a weapon that lasts three rounds! 3 STR mod to hit, 3 STR mod damage.Can be thrown, dealing double damage and gaining SPD mod to hit, but breaking the bottle instantly.Deals 5 STR mod damage.7 STR mod damage.9 STR mod damage, STR to hit.


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Taking your Turn

A very important part of the game is battling. Rarely, though, do people know the full rules of engagement. First thing, each person has actions. All Questers start with two actions. At level 17, you get three. If you get a special item or something, you can max out at 4 actions. Each action can be used for the following:

At the start of any battle, announce your SPD. The GM will announce a battle order, much like this:

Order: Metal Sonic, Aribar, Garrick, VG, Joe, Illian.

If you are, say, Joe, then you must wait until Metal Sonic, Aribar, Garrick, and VG have finished their turns before you can attack. Make sure to stay around for your attack--if you must temporarily leave, announce it, and possibly an attack you will do if your turn comes while you are gone. You will be skipped if you take more than 1 minute to respond; if writing a long description, say something like (Wait a sec, writing long description). Also, stay around for enemy turns. So, in this case, Metal Sonic is the enemy. So stay around so you can announce when you're hit and the like.

When using a damaging attack (I.E. Status effects, stat damage, regular damage, elemental damage), roll the to-hit roll(s) if there are any. The GM will declare if you hit or miss. If you get a crit (natural 20), you deal double damage. If you get a natural 1, you are at risk for a counter-attack from the enemy. Note: You cannot crit-miss on a multi-hit attack. Then, announce the raw (unreduced by DR, unmultiplied by crit) damage. (If there's a damage roll, roll it as normally) The GM will announce the final damage if it is different. If not, then do your next action. Once done will all actions, announce that your turn is over. Then the GM will go on to the next person.

At the end of every battle, the GM will dictate awards of EXP and Coins, and possible other awards. Also, make sure to count how many lives you have; if you take more than your HP, you must roll a mortality check (d20+STR). Once above your mortality, you are considered to be 'mortally wounded', and thus easy to kill. If you fail a check, you lose that life, 'dying', so to speak. However, you merely wind up coming back, SSB style, on a revival platform. If you run out of lives, you are out of that mission, and get no further rewards. You only get a fraction of the EXP you earned up to the point you died. You also get no end-of-mission coin bonus. You cannot use 'Lucky' or 'Crazy' quirks on mortality rolls. Finally, a critical roll on a Mortality roll is an automatic success, unless you have taken more than your maximum HP +200 in damage, in which you still die. If you get a critical roll, then you miraculously survive the damage most of the time. If you get a natural one, you instantly die, related to either shock or failure of your body to withstand the hit.

Following this information will speed up battles for everybody, so it's suggested you do as suggested.
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Status Effects and Elements

Here is reference on the various special elements and status effects attacks can use.

Status Effect Name Effect if it hits
Confuse Enemy rolls a dice equal to the number of people in the battle, including themself. Whoever the dice chooses, they attack. This lasts for d6 rounds.
Freeze Opponent is unable to attack or defend for one round. Only ice attacks can freeze. If the frozen target is hit by fire, they are defrosted, but take double damage from that fire attack due to antipode.
Hyper The target gains SPD/8 extra rounds for the duration of 3 rounds.
Invincible The target is invulnerable for 2 rounds.
Paralysis/Sleep The enemy must roll d3 every round. If they get a 1, they cannot attack. SPD is halved by this status effect. Only electrical attacks can paralyze.
Poison The target takes 5 damage every round, until they are cured or die.
Sealed The target is unable to use special attacks for (Attacker's INT mod) rounds. Only Soul attacks can Seal.

Fire -> Ice -> Earth -> Electric -> Wind -> (Go back to beginning)

Psychic -> Soul -> Psychic

Dark vs. Light: The one with the higher INT deals super-effective damage and takes less damage when hit by the weaker person's opposite aligned attacks.

The arrow that points to another element shows what element is weak against what. For example, Fire -> Ice means Ice is weak against fire. Also, Wind -> Fire means Fire is weak against wind. If the opposite of these situations happens, and you attack a fire elemental with ice, then you deal the standard half damage. Rounded down. Dark and Light have different alignments, depending on the fighters. Psychic is strong against Soul, and Soul is strong against Psychic.

When hit by an elemental attack that is the same as your element, one of two things happens. Either you take half damage, if you're aligned with the element, or you are healed, if you have an affinity for that element. When hit with an element that your element is strong against, you either take half damage (aligned) or no damage (affinity). And if you're hit with an element that your element is weak against, you either take 1.5x damage (aligned) or 2x damage (affinity).

When you get a critical hit with an elemental attack, various special things happen, depending on the element.

FireBurns the opponent, temporarily reducing their STR by 4 for 4 rounds.
IceThe opponent is frozen solid, getting the status effect of the same name.
EarthThe enemy is unable to defend themselves for one round, trapped by dirt.
ElectricThe enemy is paralyzed.
WindIf applicable, the enemy is blown out of the battle. Otherwise, deals triple damage.
PsychicThe mental shock reduces the enemy's INT by 10 for one round.
SoulThe direct and deadly soul damage knocks the enemy out for two rounds.
DarkDark energy surrounds the opponent, decreasing their to-hit by 10 for three rounds.
LightThe holy energy burns the evil out of the enemy, causing them to lose an action out of their turn for the rest of the battle. Only works on evil enemies.

These effects only happen on critical hits. If you get a critical failure... well, they happen to you instead! So be careful. Back to Top


Weapons serve as an alternate way to attack enemies, or to power up certain moves. They come in ranks, from 0 to 50. You get one to start with. Or you can buy another base weapon for 2000 coins.

When first making your weapon, you must choose what stat it will be based off of. This also must be approved by a GM. For example, if a sword is based on SPD, it will have to be oriented towards speed. A gun, naturally, will not be able to use STR. INT based weapons must focus on their magical side. Now then. Once you have chosen which stat the weapon is to be based off of, write a description of it and name it. Here's an example.

Baseball Bat

As you can see, the modifier of the stat you choose will determine the to-hit and damage. This is a rank 0 weapon. It hasn't been upgraded yet. Before we talk about upgrades, though, take a look at this. Remember, you must be either the same level as or higher than the level of the weapon to use it. So a level 10 person can use a level 10 weapon, but not a level 11 weapon. Neither can a level 45 person use a level 50 weapon, but they can use a level 4 weapon.

Weapon Ranking System
RankDescriptionHow to Upgrade
0Either an unupgraded weapon or an item.1000 coins per upgrade on an unupgraded weapon; cannot upgrade items.
1-5Normal Weapon1000 coins per upgrade, until you reach rank 5.
6-10Enhanced Weapon2500 coins per upgrade.
11-15Super Weapon4000 coins per upgrade, and 100 EXP as well.
16-20Legendary Weapon5500 coins per upgrade, and 300 EXP.
21-25Mega Weapon7000 coins per upgrade, 500 EXP as well.
26-30'Ultimate' Weapon8500 coins, 700 EXP, and 1 upgrade point.
31-35Unique Weapon10,000 coins, 900 EXP, and 2 upgrade points per upgrade!
36-40Divine Weapon11,500 coins, 1100 EXP, and 3 upgrade points per upgrade.
41-45Peerless Weapon13,000 coins, 1300 EXP, and 4 upgrade points per upgrade. Weapon becomes indestructible, unless it is self-using or a vehicle..
46-50Perfect/Relic Weapon20,000 coins, 2000 EXP, and 10 upgrade points per upgrade! Becomes linked to your soul.

As you can see, you're right now on rank 0. As you upgrade your weapon further, it will become harder to upgrade. The last five upgrades are nearly impossible until you get to an extreme level. Once a weapon has hit rank 50, it becomes 'finished', and completely unique to you. Weapons of this rank, like Valcion, are extremely powerful, and require the experience of a level 50 character to wield. They also seem to be able to change fate. Regardless, you'll need to know what you can upgrade and how before you can smack people with a legendary baseball bat. If that wasn't clear enough, then I'll walk you through it. First thing. You have your level 0 weapon. To upgrade to rank 1, it costs 1000 coins. To rank 2, another 1000. You go along like this until you've gotten to rank 5. To get to rank 6 from rank 5, it costs 2500 coins. Then 2500 to get to rank 7. Etc, until rank 10, where you must pay 4000 coins and 100 EXP to get to rank 11. Rinse, lather, repeat.

Using the guidelines above, you can improve your weapon. Below are the various things you can increase. Some require more than one upgrade; others even have a variable amount of upgrades needed, depending upon the upgrade. For example, to make a weapon hit more than once, you'll be doubling the upgrades used! Of course, all weapon types are encouraged, but some are trickier than others.

You cannot use more than five units to upgrade damage directly without adding an equal amount of upgrade units in enhancements that either enhance damage indirectly or do not enhance damage first.

Weapon Upgrades
Upgrade UnitsNameDescriptionModes Enhanced
X2Add AttackThe weapon attacks more than once per use. increases unit use by number of shots. Thus, if you have three shots, it takes three units to upgrade the weapon. It also requires that you have one or more upgrades on the weapon. This counts for all past and future upgrades to the weapon.Both
1Add ModifierAdd the modifier of the weapon's main stat to hit or to damage.Both
4Add StatAdd the entire main stat to hit or to damage.Both
4After-effectThe attack, after being used, has a one in four chance of 'echoing' and threatening the enemy one round after you attack with the weapon.Normal
2Armor coatingThe weapon takes 4 less damage for each of these upgrades, and you get a +4 to checks avoiding the weapon's destruction.Both
1Badge PowerYou may delegate BP to the weapon. For every 2 BP delegated, the weapon gets +1 to hit and +1 to damage. However, the weapon will need to be equipped like a badge to work, and cannot be used if it isn't equipped like a badge. Every use of this upgrade increases the amount of BP delegated by 1.Both
3Badge SpaceThe weapon can hold 1 BP worth of badges for every time this upgrade is applied. Cannot be used to exceed limit of 20 BP.Both
MP CostCast SpellThe weapon can cast a spell. The weapon must have a higher INT-based to-hit or damage than the unit cost of the spell for the current person using the weapon to cast the spell. Can only be used once per round.Special
5ChargeThe weapon can be charged. Each action of charging triples the damage it does, but it is restrained to the amount of 'Charge' enhancements that are on it. (I.E. 1 charge action per time 'Charge' is put on the weapon)Normal
3Check EnhancerAll non-attack checks made using the main stat that the weapon uses get a +5.Special
1ConcealableThe weapon is easy to hide, and hard to notice even when it's out.Normal
1Counter-sliceThe weapon can be used to instantly hit the opponent if they crit-miss you.Normal
3Critical Edgeincrease the critical hit range by 1.Both
3Critical Enhancement BWith this, critical damage becomes x3 instead of x2. When used again, it becomes x4... up to a maximum of x10.Both
1ElementThe weapon is now elemental-based.Special
2Energy SapperYou can try fueling the weapon with OP, SP, or MP. +10 to hit and damage for each OP, +2 to hit and damage per SP, and +1 per hit and damage per MP. For each use of this upgrade, you can use 5 more of each to fuel the weapon.Special
1Energy StealingThe weapon heals you for 10% of the damage it causes.Special
5Enhanced MobilityThe weapon allows you to hover 3 feet, fly like an airplane (For 10 minutes), or swim underwater (for 20 minutes) per use of this upgrade.Special
5Extra modeThe weapon gains another mode, of either special or normal type. This mode can then receive the appropriate type of upgrades. This is not needed to have special mode; you have special mode by default.Either
3Fearsome WeaponBy taking out the weapon, you can scare away some enemies. Opposed INT checks to see if you scare the enemies away.Normal
4FoolproofThe weapon ignores your own critical failures.Both
1GlowThe weapon glows in the dark, providing dim light.Normal
5HealingConvert damage to healing; halve it. The weapon can now be used to heal. It must first be Light Element, though.Special
2HomingFor every time this is taken, the weapon ignores 1 AC of the target.Both
4HP PlusThe weapon adds 2 * weapon rank HP to your max HP. Or to its own HP, if it's a vehicle. Cannot be taken more than once for a non-vehicle weapon.Both
X1.5increase AreaThreaten one more target with the weapon. Multiplies the unit cost by 1.5, rounded up, of all new upgrades.Both
3Item LocatorThe weapon beeps when you're near important or findable items.Both
5Learning WeaponThe weapon can gain levels like normal Questers. The EXP needed for the next level is the same as if the weapon was a Quester. You may give it EXP to increase its rank whenever you gain EXP from a mission.Both
5Life supportThe weapon protects you from harsh environments for 10 minutes.Special
1Lock-onYou can use an action to double the weapon's to-hit for the next attack; equal to aiming or targeting.Normal
SP CostMelee MoveThe weapon allows you to use a melee move. Must have a higher STR-based to-hit or damage than the SP cost of the move to be used by the current person equipping the weapon.Special
3Momentum increaseAdd AC to damage.Normal
6Power BalancerAdd another stat as the weapon's main stat. Must be approved by GM. From that point on, that stat's modifiers are also added to-hit and to damage.Both
5Power Source SlotYou can try to power the weapon with such things as chaos emeralds and mushrooms. They have a limited amount of power, and the bonus gained varies.Special
2QuickdrawIt doesn't take an action to take the weapon out or put it away.Both
3Quick SwapYou can switch between special and normal and any other modes on the weapon without using an action.Both
2ReturningThe weapon returns on command.Both
4Self-helpCause a positive status effect on yourself. Take again to be able to use it on allies. Take once more to use it on enemies, I.E. Undead.Special
X2Self-Using WeaponThe weapon can be deployed on its own. It will intelligently attack enemies by itself. It has one action per main stat. However, this doubles the cost of upgrades forever, as well as requires the same amount of upgrades as the weapon has in upgrades to get.Both
1ShinyThe weapon reflects light. A lot.Both
1SilentThe weapon cannot be heard easily; it makes very little noise.Normal
5Slot RollerDouble damage done, but now it occurs at random. Roll d(Your damage * 2) to see what happens.Both
2SpecializationPick one enemy type or environment. You gain +5 to hit and +5 damage against that target or while in that environment.Both
2Status EffectThe weapon can inflict a negative status effect.Special
2StrafeYou can spread each shot on a multi-hit weapon out; for example, 1 shot at target 1, and 1 shot at target 2, in a weapon that attacks twice per use.Normal
2Stylish HitsSubtract points from to-hit to deal more damage from a flashy attack. For example, subtracting 1 from to-hit increases damage by 3 points.Normal
1Theft-proofAnyone trying to steal the weapon takes 5 damage.Both
10VehicleThe weapon is actually a vehicle. For each time this is taken, one weapon can be mounted onto the 'vehicle.' The HP is 10 * Weapon Rank + 100 for every time this ability is taken.Both
1ViewfinderThe weapon has a viewfinder, which helps the user pinpoint things far away or in the dark.Special

Special Mode and Normal mode are the two modes a weapon can be in. Anything labeled for only one of the modes only works in the respective mode. Special mode is more powerful, but has a -5 to hit, -1 to hit for every element, and -3 to hit for every status effect. Note that spells continue to auto-hit in this mode. Furthermore, while in special mode, you can only use the weapon once per round. It takes an action to change between modes. The HP of a weapon, whenever an attack made to attack weapons comes into play, is Weapon Rank * 5, unless it's a vehicle. The vehicle option is pretty neat. However, you'll want a power source slot if you want it to move on its own power. Enhanced mobility is also suggested, as is armor and the like. A viewfinder adds to the experience. Of course, it costs a lot of upgrades. You can add either weapons or modules (Make a weapon mounted to the vehicle a vehicle as well) to the vehicle to make it better. You can mount up to five weapons to the vehicle. If the vehicle is damaged, then you'll have to pay to repair it. Also, the vehicle has two weapons to boot. (Representing what it does in 'normal' and 'special' mode, of course.) It can only use its 'special' mode weapon whenever it has to enter special mode to use one of the abilities that only works in special mode. If it isn't clear to you by now, when in special mode, normal mode upgrades don't count, and vice versa... except, of course, when determining HP and the like based on total weapon rank.

Let's say you want to dual, triple, or even quadruple wield weapons. Well, that's allowed, but... with restrictions. First thing, combine the levels needed to use the weapons. So, like, if one weapons needs you to be level 10 to use, and the other needs to be level 20, then you need to be level 30 to wield them both. Dual wielding allows you to use the weapons simultaneously when you attack; it even allows you to use them both when doing an attack that uses weapon stuff on it. When using different weapons, though, some things are changed. First thing: the to-hit of the weapons is an average. If you use a sword with +10 to hit, and a low-accuracy axe with+5, then you add them together, divide by two, and round. 15 / 2 = 7.5. 7.5 rounds up to 8. Thus, you'll get a +8 to hit on attacks with you dual wielding those. But there's more! When weapons are dual wielded, your ability with each individual weapon is diminished, in order for you to hit more. As according to this chart:

Main StatRangePenalty
STRMelee-5 to damage per hit.
STRRanged-5 to hit.
SPDMelee-5 to hit.
SPDRanged-5 to hit.
INTMelee/Ranged-1 to hit, -3 to damage per hit.

This only applies if you're using the same range and the same main stat. If you aren't, then the penalties are STACKED. So, if you use a STR-based sword with an INT-based ice-shooting wand, you'll get -8 to damage per hit, and -1 to hit. Needless to say, this isn't for novices. If you don't understand this, then don't dual-wield. Now then, one last thing. These penalties are also stacked, if, say, you're triple or quadruple wielding through a special badge/item. If you have three SPD-based pistols which are obviously ranged, then you get -4 to hit. And, if you're REALLY tricky, and say, quadruple wield, using a STR-based sword, an INT-based wand, a SPD-based rapier, and a STR-based boomerang, then you get -8 to hit, and -8 damage per hit. One final thing. you cannot use items while dual or higher wielding unless you somehow have an extra arm not used for wielding a weapon.
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Name Effect
Aquatic You can breathe underwater.
Backstabber You can tell believable lies with opposed INT checks. However, if you fail, it is worse than lying without the skill.
Badge Attacker You may do an attack that does (number of badges)% damage and has a (Number of badges) modifier.
Badge Collector You have a penchant for collecting badges. Each badge you get is 500 coins cheaper.
Coin Puncher Sacrifice 10 coins for every +1% damage you want add to a punch attack.
Commander With opposed INT checks, you can try to command enemies using special powers. Lasts for one round.
Conflict Negotiator If the group and an enemy have an obvious conflict, you can try to solve it peacefully with an INT check.
Crazy Three times per mission, you may add INT mod to an attack roll.
Crowd Pleaser Whenever in a battle surrounded or near a crowd of people, the people will often throw things to help you.
Damage Dodger If enemy attack is only 1 away from missing, half damage.
Dizzy Stomper Three times per mission, you can make a jump attack instantly confuse the enemy on hit.
Double Dipper You may use two items per round. Can be taken twice, to be able to use three items per round instead of two.
Electrified Enemies who physically hit you take 5% Electric damage.
Elemental You are aligned to an element. If you take it again, you gain an affinity with an element. See the 'Status Effects and Elements' page for more details.
Extra Jumper You can do an extra jump.
Eye Spy You instantly see the HP of the enemy.
Feinter You may attack an enemy with an INT-based attack that, when it 'hits', misses. The attack after this automatically hits.
Forager During a mission, if an item is needed, you can search for it with a d20+INT check.
Form-Keeper Allows you to keep your true form at all times.
Greedy Makes enemies drop MORE items. (Announce at the end of battle)
Sharp Eyes Allows you to see through all darkness, and across long distances.
Intimidating You can scare most weaker enemies and civilians away with opposed INT checks.
Item Creator You are able to create one new item for each time you get this quirk. The GM must approve the new item.
Item Hog Increases chances of enemies dropping items. (Announce at the end of battle)
Kirby Floater Replace jump with 5d5 for shorter 'puffs'.
Life Saver Instead of losing a life, you can choose to lose all of your money.
Lucky You can re-roll 3 dice per mission.
Luckier You must take Lucky before taking this quirk. You gain one more use of lucky. (Can be taken repeatedly)
Master of Disguise Use an INT check to disguise yourself. It lets you sneak around!
Mimic Once per session, you may copy the main ability of an enemy and use it against them. Lasts until battle ends.
Move Expander Gain one move, depending upon your build. (Can be taken repeatedly)
Money Finder Gain 10 coins for every time you're hit.
Perceptive You cannot be surprise attacked.
Psychotic In battle, all damage and attack rolls are doubled against 1 enemy; you cannot heal/defend yourself. Can be used at will. (AC is reduced to 5)
Quake Smasher Three times per mission, your attack hits all enemies on ceiling or ground.
Refunder Refunds money for all items used in battle.
Sacrificial You may sacrifice a life to auto-kill a non-boss enemy, add a life to a friend, or heal all of your friends at once.
Salvager Attracts enemies that have items.
Shady You can hide in the darkness, and move without making sound... with a good SPD check.
Specialist Pick an enemy, environment, element, or faction. You get a +10 bonus when fighting those people. Must be approved by a GM.
Stadium Fanatic You can summon melee stadium items 3 times per mission.
Super Grabber You can easily carry an unwilling opponent wherever you want once you have restrained them.
Thief Two opposed SPD checks let you steal and then escape without being counter-attacked.
Tough Skin You are immune to a status effect of your choosing.
Truth-Seer See the truth, but only once per mission.
Vengeful When killed, you come back, dealing double damage against your killer for the first action you do. (Damage limit is doubled during this time)
Wall Jumper You can now continuously jump off of walls.
Weapon Thrower Throw your weapon at any enemy; it insta-hits. Can be used twice per mission.
World Traveler Allows you to travel between light and dark worlds twice per mission.
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Name BP Price Description
Absorb Gel 4 ¢4400 Healed twice by healing-related things; take 4x damage from crits.
Agility + 3 ¢3000 +1 to SPD stat.
All or Nothing 4 ¢4000 For every hit in one turn, your attack damage is doubled. Otherwise, it is reduced to 0.
Armor Coat 4 ¢5000 +2 to AC.
Angry Skull 4 ¢4400 +1 to hit with all attack rolls.
Awareness Enhancer 1 ¢9200 Go one higher in attack order, no matter what your speed is.
BP Converter 1 ¢1337 Converts all excess BP (Plus the BP used by this badge) into stat points; divide BP by 6, round down, add to STR, SPD, and INT.
Bowser Fang 5 ¢5600 All counter-attacks deal 10% more damage.
Brilliant Badge 3 ¢3500 +1 to STR, +2 to INT.
Boxing Gloves 2 ¢2700 +5% damage when you punch someone, -5% when equipped with a weapon.
Coupon Book 6 ¢6800 Get a 20% discount on all items! Cannot be unequipped.
Defend Plus 8 ¢8800 Add 4 to AC.
Evasion Shoes 5 ¢5000 +5 to SPD checks.
Extend-o-glove 4 ¢4300 Extends grabbing and punching range; +4 to those attack rolls.
Extra Arm 8 ¢8200 Allows you to have another weapon out simultaneously and wield it, too!
Feeling Fine 5 ¢5500 50% chances of blocking or curing status effects.
Golden Gear 5 ¢3000 You are great at fixing things; +5 to repair-related rolls.
Goldeneye 5 ¢5600 You gain +5 to attack rolls with guns.
Guidebook 5 ¢5700 Gain 10% more EXP. Must be equipped for entire mission.
Happy Heart 5 ¢5000 Regain 3% health every turn.
HP Drain 6 ¢6600 For every hit, you gain back 1%, for up to 5% healed each turn.
Hyper Hat 15 ¢50000 You gain another action. This cannot be unequipped.
Item Encyclopedia 6 ¢5500 You are an expert in items. +5 to using mundane items. You also can identify items with a DC 15 INT check.
IQ Chip 5 ¢6700 +1 to INT, +1 to AC.
Jumpman 4 ¢4200 Jump attack damage quadruples, but can't use weapons.
Luck Enhancer 3 ¢3400 Gain one more reroll with the Lucky quirk.
Magic Bag 5 ¢5200 Gain 30 MP while this is equipped. Can only be unequipped/equipped between missions.
Money Money 8 ¢10000 After a battle, you gain twice the coins as usual.
Move Disk 4 ¢4000 Gain another move from the quirk 'Move Expander.'
Ohoracle Badge 1 ¢1000 Heals 1% for all punch attacks used per turn.
P-Down, D-Up 2 ¢2500 Decrease STR by 2, increases AC by 2.
Peach Hover 3 ¢3000 Adds +3 to jump bonus.
Power Jump 5 ¢3500 All jump attacks deal 5% more damage.
Power Jumper 2 ¢1800 Adds +2 to jump bonus.
Power Plus 6 ¢7300 +2 to STR.
Prestige Badge 5 ¢2300 People are more likely to listen and agree with you. +5 to persuasion related rolls.
P-up, D-Down 2 ¢2500 Decrease AC by 2, increase STR by 2.
Quirky Q 3 ¢3333 Gain another quirk. This badge cannot be unequipped.
Rainbow Rock 5 ¢5000 Magic/Psionic attacks deal 1.25 times normal damage.
Range Defender 5 ¢4600 AC doubles when against one type of attack (Melee/Ranged), but is halved against the other type.
Safety Badge 4 ¢3400 +10 to mortality rolls.
Silly Dice 5 ¢5200 Adds d10 damage to all attacks.
Shell Defense 12 ¢13000 Gain a whopping 6 AC.
Spike Badge 4 ¢4200 Deal 2x damage to all spiked enemies.
Stone Skin 4 ¢4500 You can take 10% more damage without needing a check.
Strange Sack 7 ¢7777 Gain 10 more item slots.
Super Smash 8 ¢7600 Your smashes do double damage.
Wonder Badge 4 ¢3000 Increases critical hit range to 19-20.
Weapon Enhancer 7 ¢8200 +1 to all rolls with weapons, and you can make your attacks target enemy weapons directly, if you halve the to-hit.
Weapon Plus 5 ¢4000 Your weapon does 10% more damage.
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Leveling Up

After you've got your character together, you're still not quite done. You get to choose between 9 upgrade types. They upgrade various statistics, making them stronger. Since you start at level 7, you get to choose seven of these. You may take the same upgrade more than once.

HP/%You may take 5% more damage.
STRYou gain 1 STR point.
SPDYou gain 1 SPD point.
INTYou gain 1 INT point.
ACYou gain +1 to AC.
BPYou gain 3 more BP.
QuirkYou gain a Quirk.
BuildGain another build-related upgrade.
Smasher: Incompatible with this upgrade.
Overdrive: The OP gauge, which is obtained upon overdrive, can be increased by 1.
Spellcaster: You may gain one 0+ spell. With two, you can get one 5+ spell. With three, you can get one 10+ spell. Of course, you have to be the right level first. Or, you can gain +10 to max MP.
Retro: Gain 5 SP.
???Gives you a completely random upgrade. However, there is a very slight chance of getting two upgrades at once! ...And a slight chance of getting no upgrade at all. Roll d8; roll d7 if you're a smasher.

Along with this, you gain 2000 coins or a chance to use the slot machine with every level up. The slot machine will also come up when you knock an enemy's HP up to 777%, or you can use it twice instead of getting 7000 coins with your new character.

Slot Machine Numbers and Combos

Of course, you need to know the EXP for leveling up and such before you can start the game. Since you start at level 7, set your EXP to the amount of EXP it exactly takes for level 7. Whenever your EXP passes the total for a level above your current one, you level up. The chart below tells you what you need to know.

Leveling Up Information
EXP total Level Extra Bonus
100 1 Nothing.
300 2 Gain a Quirk.
600 3 Zilch.
1000 4 Gain a Quirk.
1500 5 Zip.
2100 6 Gain a Quirk.
2800 7 Now can do two attacks!
3600 8 Gain a Quirk.
4500 9 Nada.
5500 10 Gain a Quirk, and DO YOU WANT TO KNOW???
6600 11 Empty.
7800 12 Gain a Quirk.
9100 13 Superstitious Number!
10,500 14 Gain a Quirk.
12,000 15 Zero.
13,600 16 Gain a Quirk.
15,300 17 You may now attack 3 times, which is NOT the maximum!
17,100 18 Gain a place in the Hall of Fame.
19,000 19 None.
23,100 21 +10 to maximum HP.
25,300 22 Whoops. Next level, please.
28,600 23 Gain 1 BP.
31,000 24 Create nothing.
33,500 25 Gain 5 free weapon upgrades.
36,100 26 Invent nothing.
38,800 27 Vacuum.
41,600 28 Nein
44,500 29 Gain 10 random cubes!
50,600 31 From this point on, gain 3000 instead of 2000 coins per levelup.
53,800 32 Not Present
57,100 33 +1 to STR, INT, and SPD.
60,500 34 +1 to BP.
64,000 35 Vast Nothingness
67,600 36 +20 HP
71,300 37 Gain a special Specialist Quirk which adds +20 to-hit instead of +10.
75,100 38 Gain a single Melee Move at Gamma level, reroll if you get one you can't use..
79,000 39 Gain nothing at half-past never.
83,000 40 WHY DO YOU WANT TO KNOW???
87,100 41 Absolutely nothing.
91,300 42 Gain 10 free weapon upgrades.
95,600 43 The absolute value of zero.
100,000 44 100,000 coins! Whoo!
104,500 45 Nothing here, either.
109,100 46 Gain a random badge.
113,800 47 Nothingness + 0
118,600 48 Gain a lot of 0s.
123,500 49 0 divided by 0... or... more zero!
133,600 51 +30 to Maximum HP.
138,800 52 0 + 0 * 0 / 0
144,100 53 +1 to STR, SPD, and INT.
149,500 54 Othing-nay.
155,000 55 W00t! 55,555 coins for you!
160,600 56 The value of a Continental Dollar.
166,400 57 Five free weapon upgrades, on da house!
172,200 58 +1! I mean 0.
178,100 59 The powers of leveling up combine to give you 20 more to your maximum HP!
190,200 61 Uhhh... hmmm.... ... ... *hurls a random badge at you and runs*
196,400 62 Ummmm.... *just runs away*
202,700 63 Uhhh.... take it! Five more free weapon upgrades!
209,100 64 It's you 64! Get N or get out! 64 bits of power!
215,600 65 I'm all out of weapon upgrades... take five blue potions instead.
222,200 66 So many twos...
228,900 67 *Looks through pockets* ....Here's two random extra upgrades.
235,700 68 Up and up we go... where it ends, no one knows.
242,600 69 Koloo Limpah Something! ...You now have twice as many coins as before. Ahhh! Tingle! *Flees*
249,600 70 SHOULD ANYONE KNOW???
256,700 71 With the power invested in me, I giveth thee a random retro move at Gamma level! Reroll if you can't use it (Red text).
263,900 72 I had a good idea for a bonus here, but then it violently exploded on me.
271,200 73 The magical odd number of oddness grants you... two quirks, if you have the room.
278,600 74 Brain Malfunction! Ahhh! No bonus for you!
286,100 75 You get another move, spell, what have you, if you can, depending on build.
293,700 76 No, you do not get free gas at 76 Gas Stations. It just isn't an in-game issue.
301,400 77 Amazing! You gain a FOURTH action, if you don't have one yet.
309,200 78 Who's more obsessed with SSQ, you or me?
317,000 79 Kolorado, Alakazam! Your max BP is set to 20, not a sham!
325,000 80 STOP TRYING TO KNOW!!!

You may combine two level 10 bonuses to make a far more versatile bonus. However, you cannot add a level 10 bonus to an already-made bonus. Level 10 bonus stuff is known to be un-upgradable, and unique. Thus, you must have immense patience to wait to gain ten levels after gaining your first bonus.

See the build area to deal with build-specific leveling up.
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The Items

ID Item name Description Price
Misc. Item
0 ???? Gain a random item from this list. Roll d163 to see which item. ¢1471
Mario Items
1 Able Juice Mmm. . . Tastes like apple juice! Cures bad status effects on one ally. ¢500
2 Bad Mushroom This mushroom has gone bad. . . 10% damage to an enemy and a 25% chance of Poison. ¢445
3 Dizzy Dial So hypnotic! This dial has a 20% chance of confusing all enemies. ¢425
4 Elixir A tasty drink for everyone. The entire party's HP is healed by 40%. ¢880
5 Energizer This item energizes an ally and raises their attack damage by 10% for the rest of the battle. ¢200
6 Fire Bomb Heheheh. . . BOOM! An explosion burns all enemies for 15% Fire damage. Speed save (DC 10 + User's Speed Modifier) to avoid damage. ¢455
7 Fire Flower Flower power! Three waves of fire dealing 10% damage each burn a foe. Speed save (DC 10 + User's Speed Modifier) to avoid a wave. ¢450
8 Flower Tab This tab is a must buy for any rich Caster! increases Max MP by 1. ¢1500
9 Freshen Up This item does everything but cure the common cold. Cures the party's bad status effects. ¢2500
10 Fright Bomb Boo! Renders all enemies frightened of the user. They may possibly run away, cower in fear, or attack half-heartedly. Intelligence save (DC 10 + User's Intelligence Modifier) to resist the fear. ¢600
11 Froggie Drink Tastes like frog legs! The entire party's HP is restored by 15%. ¢500
12 Honey Syrup Not for Pooh bears anymore. Restores 5 MP. ¢100
13 Ice Bomb A chilly blast of cold ice freezes all enemies for 15% Ice damage. Speed save (DC 10 + User's Speed Modifier) to avoid damage. ¢450
14 Kerokero Cola The ultimate cola! This drink fully restores the party's HP. ¢4000
15 Maple Syrup Great for eating with pancakes. Restores 20 MP. ¢400
16 Max Mushroom Mmm. . . Perfect healing. . . This mushroom completely restores one ally's HP. ¢1500
17 Megalixir This elixir is mega-rific. Restores the party's HP by 60%. ¢1220
18 Mid Mushroom Who ever knew healing tasted so good? Restores 40% HP to one ally. ¢680
19 Mushroom If a Toad ate a Mushroom would he be a cannibal? Restores 15% HP to one ally. ¢225
20 POW Block Caution! To be used without adult supervision. Damages all ground enemies for 20%. Speed save (DC is 10 + User's Speed Modifier) to avoid damage. ¢540
21 Power Blast A super-energizer. This item increases the party's attack damage by 20% for the rest of the battle. ¢8000
22 Red Essence What would Blue Essence do? Or Green Essence for that matter? Grants the 'Invincible' status effect. ¢3800
23 Rock Candy Since it's too hard to eat you might as well throw it at your enemies! Deals d100 damage to all enemies. Speed save (DC is 10 + User's Speed Modifier) to avoid damage. ¢1000
24 Royal Syrup This syrup is of royal descent! Completely restores an ally's MP. ¢1000
25 Paralyze Bomb This bomb has a 25% chance of paralyzing the enemy party. ¢475
26 Star Egg Ooh. . . This is a powerful egg! This egg deals (Number of Quirks * 5)% damage to all enemies. Speed save (DC is 10 + User's Speed Modifier) to avoid damage. ¢500
Megaman Items
27 Sub Tank This tank starts empty but can hold up to 100% extra HP. Whenever the user pleases he or she may empty the entire tank to restore his or her HP by whatever was in the tank. The Sub Tank cannot be emptied in segments. ¢1200
28 Energy Capsule Comes in round and square capsules! These capsules add 10% HP to the Sub Tank's reserves. ¢200
29 Met Hat The latest fashion trend. This item adds 2 AC and also you can skip your turn so you can hide under the hat, thus protecting you from all attacks. You can't attack until you use another turn to get out from under it, though. Lasts only for one battle. ¢1500
30 Power Charge Super power charging unit thingy activate! This item makes your next attack deal double damage. ¢2000
31 Rush Coil They should have named this the Rush Slinky. Everyone loves Slinkies! While this item gives a +5 bonus to jump checks when used, it must be deployed on a surface before being used. ¢500
32 Rush Search Woof, woof! A replica of Rush helps you search for items or other things providing you with a +5 bonus for searching for something. ¢500
33 Weapon Energy Capsule Nothing like the taste of plasma in the morning. This capsule has been modified so that Casters regain 10 MP if used, or if an Overdrive character uses it he gains one point to his OP Gauge. Any other build gains nothing for using a Weapon Energy Capsule. ¢200
Pokemon Items
34 Calcium Mmmm. . . Calciumy. . . This item temporarily increases your Intelligence by d6 for ten turns. ¢600
35 Carbos Tastes like chicken! Temporarily increases Speed by d6 for ten turns. ¢600
36 Guard Specialization This item can be a double-edged sword. It blocks out all Magic, Melee, Overdrive, and Special attacks for three turns. ¢500
37 HP Up The HP-equivalent of a Flower Tab, this HP Up improves HP by one point. ¢1500
38 Protein Just like spinach only better! This item temporarily increases Strength by d6 for ten turns. ¢1200
39 Rare Candy Rare candy is the best kind of candy! It gives you 50 Experience Points, but if you levelup due to these points you don't get any upgrade points. ¢1000
40 X Accuracy Pokemon tested, Professor Oak approved. All attack rolls have a +5 bonus for 5 rounds. ¢3000
41 X Defend Whatever happened to Y Defend? Or C Defend? This item increases your AC by 3 for five rounds. ¢1200
Zelda Items
42 Bomb Heheheh. . . Boom! Hey, didn't I already say that up above? This explosive bomb deals 30% damage to anyone in its small blast radius. Ranged attack roll (Speed Modifier) to hit. ¢500
43 Blue Potion Tastes like blue gravy! Restores half your max HP and MP. ¢1200
44 Deku Nut Probably the most common item in Hyrule. When thrown at a group of enemies they must make an Intelligence save (DC 15). Failing paralyzes them. ¢200
45 Deku Stick Useful for using as a torch. You can strike an enemy for 10% damage (20% Fire if on fire), but there is a 75% chance the stick will break. ¢200
46 Green Potion Tastes like. . . Green chicken? Restores half your max MP. ¢600
47 Guardian Acorn Why not a Guardian Walnut? Damage taken is halved for five rounds. ¢2400
48 Lon Lon Milk Yummy! Comes in both regular and chocolate! Restores 5% HP. Two drinks per bottle. ¢200
49 Piece of Power This tiny triangle increases all damage you do by 15% for five rounds. ¢1200
50 Powder Keg This is one big bomb. It requires a Strength of 16 or higher to even use it! It has a one round delay before exploding, damaging everything in its explosive range for 40% damage. Speed save (DC is 15) to avoid damage. ¢700
51 Red Potion Mmmm. . . Tastes like red milk. Restores half your max HP. ¢600
Sonic Items
52 Shovel Claw These sharp claws stay on your hands for ten rounds before disappearing. If used to attack a foe they deal 5 + Strength Modifier damage, and if used to dig or climb you get a +5 bonus to your roll. ¢600
53 Jet Booster This little jetpack-thing will follow you around for ten rounds before running out of fuel and becoming useless. It adds a +5 modifier to all jump checks and lessens damage from falls. ¢600
54 White Gloves Ooh! Comfy! These gloves add 1 to Speed and 2 to punching damage, but not much else. Lasts for one battle. ¢500
55 Ring Shiiiiiiiney. . . Each of these rings restore 1% HP. If you collect 100 of then you can use them to regain one life during a mission. ¢10
56 Treasure Scope Use this to find items! This scope gives you a +5 bonus to search and trap related checks. ¢500
57 Spring This is a rarely seen item. It allows you to bounce over projectiles (1 in d10 chance of missing) and a jump attack hits all nearby enemies. Lasts until hit. ¢550
58 Super Sneakers These sneakers can only be used once. It adds 10 Speed and puts you first in the order lineup and lasts for three rounds. Does nothing outside of battle. ¢3200
Earthbound Items
59 Brain Stone Mmm. . . Brains. Err. . . I mean. . This stone can keep one status effect from affecting you. You decide whether to use it or not when you're affected. ¢600
60 Guts Capsule What kind of guts are these? Goomba Guts? increases Strength by 1 permanently. ¢9600
61 IQ Capsule I are more smartest then you! Increases Intelligence by 1 permanently. ¢9600
62 Rush Promoter Warning! May cause metallic objects to rust. When thrown at a metallic enemy it deals 25% damage to them and reduces their Speed by 4. ¢505
63 Super Plush Bear Aww. . . How cuuuuuuute? Half of the damage you'd normally take is dealt to this bear, which has 100% HP. When at 100%+ it is ripped apart. ¢3000
64 Teddy Bear Not just for children anymore! . . I've got to stop reusing jokes. Half of the damage you'd normally take is dealt to this bear, which has 50% HP. When at 50%+ it is ripped apart. ¢1500
65 Speed Capsule ZOOOOOOOOOOM! This capsule increases your Speed by 1 permanently. ¢9600
WACKO-brand Items
66 Madam Grunty's Official Mario Hat Made with the best materials money can buy! That is, if the best material is moldy fabric. . . Reduces Intelligence by 2, but raises your maximum HP by 10%. ¢100
67 Madam Grunty's Gargoyle Soup Mmm, mmm, good! Err. . . This soup increases your Speed, Strength, and Intelligence by 4, but halves your HP and the EXP you get for the battle you use this soup in. ¢132
68 Madam Grunty's Power Pole Pretend you're some great wizard and save Middle-Nintopia! This cheap weapon deals Strength / 3 damage. ¢504
69 Madam Grunty's Official Powersword Who needs a Master Sword when you have a Powersword? Deals a flat 30% damage, but all moves have a -10 roll modifier. ¢705
70 Madam Grunty's Deadly Cube of Doom Now for sale online with ninety-nine easy payments of ¢9999.99! When thrown at an enemy it Freezes, Poisons, Confuses, and Paralyzes them if it hits. If not. . . Well, you get the status effects! ¢306
71 Astral Cube This cube is thrown at an enemy for 10% Soul damage. ¢200
72 Berserk Cube When thrown at an ally, or an enemy, the target's attacks deal x1.5 damage, but their AC is reduced by 5. ¢575
73 Confuse Cube The target of this cube has a 50% chance of being Confused. ¢350
74 Cure Cube Throw healing items at your allies? Yeah. Like that would catch on! Cures 10% HP. ¢200
75 Darkness Cube This cube is thrown at an enemy for 10% Dark damage. ¢200
76 Death Cube Anything this cube hits has a 10% chance of instant death. ¢500
77 Debarrier Cube This strategic cube lowers down most barriers, magical or technological. ¢300
78 Esuna Cube A cube that cures a target of bad status effects. ¢500
79 Fire Cube This cube is thrown at an enemy for 10% Fire damage. ¢200
80 Gravity Cube The target of this cube takes 10% damage. ¢200
81 Haste Cube When thrown at an ally it gives them an extra turn for one round. ¢700
82 HP Absorb Cube This cube absorbs 10% HP from a foe. ¢250
83 Ice Cube This is a good cube. Deals 10% Ice damage. ¢200
84 Weak Cube A weak cube. Deals 5% damage. ¢50
85 Light Cube This cube is thrown at an enemy for 10% Light damage. ¢200
86 Lightning Cube Hurrah for electricity! This cube deals 10% Lightning damage. ¢200
87 Poison Cube No! It is NOT purple Jell-O! 10% damage, 50% chance of Poison. ¢350
88 Paralyze Cube 50% chance of paralyzing the opponent. ¢350
89 Ultima Cube Why not the Giga Cube or something? Deals 20% neutral damage. ¢350
90 Wind Cube This cube is thrown at a foe for 10% Wind damage. ¢200
91 Wood Cube This deals 10% Earth damage. ¢200
Neo-Earth Items
92 Insanity Potion This weird nuclear green potion doubles your to-hit mods but halves your damage... it also makes you attack the enemy with random attacks every d4 rounds. Lasts until battle ends. Freaky! ¢500
93 Molecular Pill Yet another weird item... allows you to walk on top of liquids. It also causes you to occasionally walk through walls... use with caution. ¢600
94 Death Sunglasses When worn, they act as normal sunglasses... but when thrown, they explode, damaging everyone in the battle for 10% damage! ¢350
95 Disco Ball Inferno It's a normal disco ball... but when thrown, it explodes, blinding everyone on the field! ¢450
96 EMP Grenade Disables all electronic devices for one round when used. ¢500
97 Psycho Stone When used, quadruples your attack power, but causes you to attack a randomly chosen target for the entire battle without ending! If they die before the battle ends, you will be attacking their corpse. ¢1337
98 Warp Stone This causes everyone to randomly switch turn order. It can also be used to warp one Quester to a location of choice with a good INT check. (They must know where the location is) ¢100
Whaller Items
99 Dark Crystal This crystal makes dark attacks deal 10% more damage (Ex: An attack that previously deals 150 damage now deals 15 more). Lasts until the end of a battle. ¢300
100 Earth Emerald An emerald enchanted to strengthen earth magic, all earth attacks deal 10% more damage. Lasts until the end of a battle. ¢300
101 Fire Ruby Imbued with the power of fire, all fire attacks deal an extra 10% more damage. Lasts until the end of a battle. ¢300
102 Ice Sapphire This sapphire makes all ice attacks deal 10% more damage. Lasts until the end of a battle. ¢300
103 Holy Diamond A gem commonly seen with clerics. This diamond makes healing effects restore 10% more HP. Lasts until the end of a battle. ¢300
104 Light Moonstone Enchanted with holy might this moonstone makes all light attacks deal 10% more damage. Lasts until the end of a battle. ¢300
105 Lightning Topaz All hail electricity! Err. . This topaz makes all electric attacks do 10% more damage. Lasts until the end of a battle. ¢300
106 Psychic Amethyst This gem makes psychic attacks deal 10% more damage. Lasts until the end of a battle. ¢300
107 Soul Stone Enchanted to increase the power of the soul. This stone increases a soul attack's damage by 10%. Lasts until the end of a battle. ¢300
108 Wind Pearl This pearl makes wind attacks deal 10% more damage. Lasts until the end of a battle. ¢300
Ivan Robotnik Items
109 Robot Spray This spray instantly kills one robot that has less than 300 total HP! ¢3000
110 Miracle Medicine Pop this pill, and you're cured of all status effects and immune to all of them for one battle. ¢6000
111 Four Leaf Clover Use this pretty plant to gain one reroll in the next battle! Can only use one per mission. ¢5000
112 Ultra Glue Throw this at an enemy, and they become unable to move for one round! (Reducing SPD to 0) ¢4500
113 Spiked Shoes These marvelous shoes bestow the ability to walk on walls and +5 to kicking damage for on battle. ¢3333
114 Force Field This force field generator has 20 HP. Ranged attacks go through it. As long as it's active, melee range attacks cannot hit you. ¢5000
115 Tranq Gun It's a gun. Three shots. d20+SPD to hit. You may fire once per action. If it hits the enemy, they're paralyzed. ¢5555
116 Turbo Gum Better than the average gum! For an entire battle, +1 to SPD. ¢7500
117 Duct Tape An all-purpose item! Heal 5% damage, fix a broken weapon, or close ducts! Three uses per roll. ¢6000
118 Door Opener 3000 Tired of locked doors? With this handy-dandy ring, they open! 3 uses. ¢9000
119 Fire Extinguisher This safe item puts out fires or deals 15% ice damage and freezes the opponent on a successful d20+SPD mod attack! 5 uses. Quad damage against fire enemies. ¢6500
120 Item Teleporter ZAP! Move one item to you or to a location away from you in seconds. ¢2500
Atlantean Items
121 Crystal of Power Use this crystal to instantly ace one STR check. ¢500
122 Anti-Theft Rune If somebody tries to rob you, this rune will stop them, then disappear. ¢600
123 Item Magnet This horseshoe-shaped crystal magnet has three uses. It picks up all the unowned items in a room and brings them to you. ¢1000
124 Holographic Bridge Press the red button on this crystal remote, and a holographic bridge will appear across most pits. One use. ¢750
125 Chaos Stone This strange rock gives random status effects to everybody, including your allies! ¢1200
126 Truth Crystal This green crystal, when used in your dex, allows you to always get all the stats on your target. One use. ¢1500
127 Porthole Marker Just draw on any opaque surface, and you've got a porthole to see through, that only you can see! 3 uses. ¢1200
128 Annihilation Stick Hit one non-boss enemy with this to instantly kill it, and get no EXP from it. ¢2000
129 Mystic Licorice After eating this weird, crystal licorice, you'll glow in the dark for the rest of the mission! ¢350
130 Amulet of Silence With this black stone, you can instantly cast 'Sealed' on any foe. One use. ¢2500
131 Fireproof Shirt This classy, one-size-fits-all crystal shirt allows you to venture into extremely hot places! Lasts for one mission. ¢800
132 Invisibility Potion Drink this, become invisible for one round in battle! Enemies will not attack you during this round; +5 to hit on all attacks. ¢2500
133 Trap Disabler This stone disables any traps its thrown into. One use. ¢800
134 Glass Elevator Stick this glass disk on the ground to summon an elevator which goes up 25 feet. ¢2300
135 Crazy Glasses Be careful! These glasses reveal the truth, but distort reality. Once taken off, they disappear. ¢1700
136 Element Detector Throw this dust on the ground to discover what type and what element of enemies you are most likely to find. ¢1000
137 Sphere of Protection This sphere protects you from status effects for three rounds. ¢1500
138 Weapon Warper Instantly disarm one target of your choice, with this weird, pointed crystal wand. ¢2000
139 Philosophy Stone Turns one item, weapon, or badge of your own into gold coins! ¢300
140 Hatpin of Wonder This weird hatpin causes all enemies to attack you. Lasts one mission. ¢500
141 Shield of Nyrah This silvery shield projector protects the user from mind-controlling affects as well as illusions for one mission. ¢5500
142 Amnesia Dust This golden dust causes one target of low will to forget the last five minutes of their memory. ¢3700
143 Shell Phone Allows you to 'shop' anywhere in the world. Good for one shopping session. ¢2600
X-Zone Items
144 Deadly Top Spin this top, and it'll fly into the enemy's forehead and drill them for d40 damage! ¢1200
145 Prismatic Spoon Hurl this to the ground to make a portal in/out of the X-zone. ¢1200
146 Throwing Hat Throw this hat at the enemies. They will have to do an INT check--and take 5 damage for every point in their roll! ¢1200
147 The Animator One press of the button on this remote, and common household objects can come to life and help you! Note: Requires nearby household objects. ¢1200
148 Gravy Bucket Mmmm... Gravy! Drink it to become hyper and invincible! (It also cures all status effects) ¢1200
149 Dice of the Damned Throw these dice at the enemy, with a d20+SPD mod. If they hit, the enemy will be unable to gain crit-hits, and get a -10 to all rolls for three rounds. ¢1200
150 Gigantic Eraser Ever done a turn, and hated the result? Just use this eraser to get to re-do your entire turn! (Note: Undoes everything you did from the turn you are re-doing.) ¢1200
Quester-Made Items (10% of each purchase goes to the creator, except when noted)
151 Ice Block It's a block... of ice! d20+SPD mod to throw at enemy. Deals 15% Ice damage, 50% chance of freezing. Creator: Charles ¢200
152 Greylokian Battle 'Brella When opened, it blocks 50% of ranged attacks thrown at you. (d2; get a 1, the ranged attack is blocked) Lasts three rounds. Creator: Cornelius ¢800
153 Bazooze-ka Like to party? Spread the love of kegs everywhere by filling your enemies until they become drunk and confused! d20+STR M+SPD M to fire. Creator: Wolfman ¢1000
154 Fury Materia Doubles the rate the overdrive gauge fills! Handy for Overdrivers. Lasts for one battle. Creator: Kinnin ¢1800
155 Metal Cola This cola has a metallic taste... but it allows you to have an extra action. You do a random attack against a target of choice during this action. Creator: Metal Man ¢400
156 Manual Use this to automatically pass any non-opposed INT check. Three uses. Creator: Tetra ¢800
157 Gem of Contingency +5 bonus to Mortality checks. 1 use. Creator: Aribar. ¢650
158 Eye Laser +5 to hit for an entire battle. Creator: Garrick Fy'arr. ¢3000
159 Gene Resequencer This machine alters your DNA to make you grow to many times your size. You deal d4 times more damage with every attack but your AC is divided by the same number. Creator: Tetra ¢1200
160 Silver Slime One person's bad memories turned into a silvery ooze is another person's weapon, I always say. Pick up a bucket of this slime and chuck it at an unsuspecting enemy with a d20+SPD mod roll to drench them! Neurotoxins from the slime slowly enter the victim's body and infect the brain. The enemy is poisoned and loses 10 INT at the end of their turn. Creator: Charles ¢4500
161 Wonder Drink Like the idea of the Wonder Badge but would rather use those BP for other purposes? If you do, you can take a swig of this drink, which increases your critical range by one for 3 turns. Creator: Digi ¢3000
162 Superball No, this is not a relative of the Pokemon-entrapping kind. This high-velocity bouncy ball is hurled at a target with a d20+(2*SPD mod) roll, hitting for a flat 20% if successful. However, from then, it bounces back at one other random target, which can include the thrower; the GM rolling the same roll as before. If this hits, the second victim takes 10%. Creator: Digi ¢800
163 PEZ Dispenser An item that allows you to carry 5 items for the slot of 1. But you have to use them in the order you put them in there. Shatters into tiny plastic shards after 5th item is used. Creator: Julian ¢1500

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