Super Smash Quest - Season 12 - System - SSQ 101v4 Psi Version

SSQ 101 V4

This is the manual for Super Smash Quest's system. Use this to make, edit, tweak, or otherwise change your character. This can also be looked up in order to tell the answer to various frequently asked questions.

SSQ 101 V4 Phoenix Contents


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Main Stats

Starting out, you have a variety of stats, as shown below.

NameExplanationCalculated by
LevelAn index of how powerful you are. Ranges 0-400.EXP
EXPExperience; how much experience you have in combat and the campaign's subject.127,500
HPYour health, measured in points. NOT percentage points.(Level*5)+(2.5END)
STRYour physical strength.0-20
ENDYour endurance capabilities.0-20
SPDYour quickness.0-20
MNTYour mental acuity.0-20
TPTime points; dictates how much you can do on your turn. Maximum 8 TP can be had at once.4 + ((Level-50)/50)
ACEvasion ability; a combination of being able to avoid attacks and/or their chances of bouncing off of you. This maxes out at 30.1/2(SPD+END)
Increased Damage (Special Moves)Your strength adds to your special attacks' damages directly. This reflects your overall offensive power.STR
Increased Damage (Normal Moves)Normal attacks get less effect from STR; but they still get some, to their damage.2(STR/5)
To-hit BonusAll attacks' to-hit are benefitted by your MNT, by virtue of more intelligent aiming.MNT/2
Damage BonusAdded to the end result of an attack's damage; only counts once per attack. (Does not stack with multiple hits on the same attack.1/8(STR+MNT)
Movement RateThe amount of space, in units, you may move per TP allocated to moving.SPD/2
Turn Order CheckRolled for turn order during battle.d20+SPD
Trap/Mass AvoidanceUsed to evade traps in the field or attacks which target everybody in battle.1/2(SPD+MNT)
Knockback ResistanceYour capability to absorb knockback; shortens distance you are moved by it.d20+1/20(STR + END)
Skill Ability BonusBonus to all skill checks, based on your mental prowess.1/4(MNT)

Stat Calculation

This system is based on your level. You gain 2 points of stats every 5 levels, and you have four stats, STR, END, SPD, and MNT, which can range from 0-20. Most people start at level 50, giving them 20 points to throw around. Each point in each stat directly effects a huge variety of substats. To make life easier, I made the calculator below. Plug in the stats you want and it'll show you what you get.

Insta-Charsheet Generator

Your Name here

EXP: (Varies; for level 50, 127,500/132,600)
HP: 0/

Stat Points used: /

Increased Damage (Special Moves): +
Increased Damage (Normal Moves): +
To-hit Bonus: +
Movement Rate:
Turn Order Check: d20+
Trap/Mass Avoidance: d20+
Knockback Resistance:
Skill Check Bonus:

Ability Points:
Super Bonuses:
Unique Abilities:

Special Attacks
Attack 1:
Attack 2:
Attack 3:
Attack 4:
Attack 5:

Normal Attacks
Attack 1:
Attack 2:
Attack 3:
Attack 4:



Coins: 50,000
Item Name: X/10

Leveling Up

This process is relatively simple, save for EXP. Besides that, every couple of levels you get certain bonuses. Here's the breakdown.

Level Up Benefits
Stat Points2 every 5 levelsStick directly into your four main stats to improve them. These create some of themore dramatic power increases.
Attack PointsEvery 10 levelsIncreases your attack power. Technically, you get 1 every level, but it's updated every 10.
Ability PointsEvery 2 LevelsGains you another ability, or powers up an existing one.
Super BonusEvery 10 LevelsDoes something super-special!
Unique BonusEvery 50 LevelsEven more... super... special... yeah.

And of course there's EXP. Refer to the chart to see how much EXP you need to level up. You start at level 50. The GM gives you EXP for doing various tasks, like defeating monsters and finishing puzzles. Note that you start out with the total EXP that it takes to get level 50 already, and add on to it as you go along. These numbers are TOTAL Exp needed, rather than how much between the levels.

LevelTotal EXP neededLevelTotal EXP needed LevelTotal EXP neededLevelTotal EXP needed
LevelTotal EXP neededLevelTotal EXP needed LevelTotal EXP neededLevelTotal EXP needed

And for level 200, you need 2,010,000 EXP.


Each Quester has five Special attacks and four Normal attacks. Special attacks are more powerful than any normal attack, and can involve a more diverse set of moves, but are slower. As a result, it is equally valid to attack the enemy with either normal or Special attacks. However one usually should alternate between the two.

First things first. Rather than spend tedious hours surfing through a list and picking abilities, you must make up what your attacks do, and then have Metal make them for you. While there isn't much for you to know about this, here's some useful information anyway.

First, all of your moves have as many points in them as you have levels. Everyone starts at at least level 50, so if you're a newbie or converting from the old way, you're 50 now. Anyway, every time you level up, all of your moves gain a point too. At this point, you may do two things: keep your moves the same and wait, or have Metal add that point's worth to your move. Some moves may be trickier to upgrade this way, and Metal may advise you to wait until you have more. Don't worry, your move will be upgraded once you have enough points.

Second thing, Special moves take 2 TP, and normal ones take 1 TP. Some weird moves may take more or less, but they're the exception to this rule.

That's the easy part. The more difficult part is a variety of small terms he will start throwing around. While this won't reveal how to make your own moves, it will give you a more in-depth description on how the abilities work. Here's a table which describes the more difficult to understand attack powers... it, however, only shows what is considered to be possibly confusing. Several other abilities are not here, on account of either how simple they are, or just to prevent people from making their own attacks.

Improved ReachAttack is not ranged, but has a minor reach capability (hits up to 1 unit in front of you.) This is used for weapon-based or slightly reach-based moves.
Horizontal MovementThe attack forces you to move so far left or right. The reward, though, is that it can hit enemies that far away too.
Charge Type 1This allows you to double the attack's damage by doubling the TP it uses. However, if you aren't protected somehow, it triggers an AoO. If hit, you lose the charge and the chance to attack.
KnockbackThe attack knocks the opponent so many units away from you, depending on how many times it is taken. It is intended to knock enemies into obstacles, other players, or perhaps into the arena wall.
RangeUsed for ranged projectiles; the projectile will fly as many units as are in this ability before dying out somehow.
Barrier Type 1Simple ability; damage in the attack actually is used to block damage. However, energy projectiles pierce it.
Charge Type 2Same as the other charge, only you can attempt to dodge an incoming attack with AC-2 and you may pause the charge, keeping whatever charge you have until you wish to use it.
GrabPick up items and hold onto things; any throw attacks used immediately after this instantly hit.
ThrowRoll a STR check to throw an item, person, or otherwise. It will take (and deal) damage to other people they hit, but will only be moved if they aren't thrown at an obstacle.
Charge Type 3Same as Charge Type 2, only AC-1 when it comes to dodging and anyone who knocks into the charge takes 2 damage.
ReflectorReflects ranged attacks, but disables your ability to dodge. Must be brought up every time you wish to dodge something, and thus, requires TP.
Barrier Type 2A special barrier which lasts three rounds and can be toted around like an item; however once broken, it cannot be used again for at least another round. Also, it still can be pierced by ranged projectiles.
StunAn attack which knocks 1 TP off of the enemy; the enemy can only lose 1 TP a turn. If used 5 times on the same target in the same battle, it loses all effectiveness.
DazeThe attack stupefies or otherwise confuses the enemy to the extent they are unable to think or dodge for a short time immediately after the attack. This gives you about 1-2 TP to attack again without them being able to dodge. However, usage of this more than three times in one battle causes the target of it to shake it off.

Now, as you see, there's a lot to do with reach and range here. Why? You're gonna be keeping track of it. You must move into range of the enemy to hit them with your attacks, REGARDLESS of how accurate they are. If they're ranged, well, whoopee, you can reach at them without getting very close. However, almost nobody has all ranged attacks.

At the start of the battle, both combatants roll a turn order check to see who reacts first. Then the winner attacks first, using their TP, all of it should they choose. After this, well, the next person in order attacks, and so forth; you can save up TP and try to use it against others during their turns if they attack you and your move is a counter move. You can also save it up so that you have more TP next round.

In SSQ Missions, though, things can get strange. First, some solo opponents may be able to continue attacking even while being hit. These are 'recoil-less' enemies, and usually make up unthinking/unfeeling enemies, as well as bosses. Some enemies take hits and continue with their attacking through everyone's turns. Other weird things can occur, too.


This game involves some movement, in SSB:M style. Basically, think of the battlefield as a 10 by 10 square divided into spaces. Now, when a battle starts, the Questers are on square 0, in the middle. Move one step forward, and you're in space 1. Move back one, you're in space -1. This goes out until space 5 and space -5. The enemy is commonly found in space 2.

You may, once per turn, move up to your full movement rate with 1 TP, left or right. People may overlap in one space. In fact, many moves require it to hit. The chart below should help illustrate what I'm saying.

Knockback's intention is to knock people to the edges (5 and -5, respectively), where their AC is reduced by 5 due to being on the edge of the battlefield. This can also be used to knock them into pits, which exist below 0 on the vertical scale. They will also take damage if intentionally thrown at people, or into certain obstacles. Range is able to hit people, regardless of their vertical distance, as long as they are 2 or more horizontal units away. Otherwise, they must have enough range to go straight up and hit them, ignoring their horizontal distance.

Jumping is another movement type, which causes you to gain vertical movement. Normal jumping only allows you to stay up for the duration of your turn. Glide jumping allows you to 'glide' up to (amount of times it is taken) horizontal movement as you go back down. Float jumping allows you to increase your duration in the air, and hover jumping allows you to stay even longer. Finally, flying allows you to stay up for a very long time and stay in the air. However, you must have the range to hit them when you're up there just like you must down on the ground!

But in the average battle, all that will matter is the horizontal location. Keep that in mind, and it should be easy to keep track of.


Weapons help define your character's attack style. Do you focus on hitting far-away enemies? Are you a laser-gun wielding pilot? Is your unit some sort of sword-wielding brigade? You decide. And with the simple weapon creation system, ANYTHING is possible.

It all starts out simply. Metal will ask you a couple questions, then generate a weapon based upon them. You keep that weapon with you; and later on you will have chances to upgrade it (some coins required), replace it (more coins required), or even more expensive, obtain a legendary version of that weapon type (mega coins/adventuring needed). That's about it. They can add to-hit, to damage, to crit range, to the amount of targets you can hit, they can increase healing powers, and also boost skills and abilities. They can do other things, too, and X0 bonuses/uniques can add to them easily.

And it's easy to tell the power of your weapon, too. Weapons add up to 5 of whatever stat they add, occasionally they add extra stats on the side too. 5 is the maximum possible without some sort of extra aid; they are 'Legendary' weapons. 4 is clearly a masterwork piece; 3 is the best model a normal consumer can buy. 2 is average, and 1 is cheap. Extra stuff on the side stacks with this; if for some reason a weapon had 5 in three different things, it is clearly the stuff of legends.

Pricing of weapons is erratic, too. Depending on who you ask, a simple upgrade from +1 damage to +2 can be 100, 1000, 10,000, or even 100,000 coins! So choose wisely.


These powers are what helps separate one Quester from another. They define not only the Quester's innate abilities, but unique ones they learn during their travels. Questers gain one ability point every other level. These deal with mostly out-of-combat situations.

All abilities cost Ability points. Most of them go in the range of 1-10, with 1 being just a semblance of knowledge/some power in that ability, and 10 being the best you can get at the ability. Now, some tiers work differently. Miscellaneous/Attack/Defense ones cost a flat 3 points each, while skill ones, however, just cost 1 Ability Point per level, and can, at most, be made level 10.

There is also the unique ability, which has no real documentation, because it is unique for every person. To start with, you get one unique ability, which Metal assigns. How it works is unique to you. If you desire another, you may pool 25 of your ability points to buy one. You also can buy one every 50 levels instead of Super bonuses; look at the resiquite section, first.

Miscellaneous Abilities
Credit CardUsable when you're in a pinch and need money; three choices for credit cards. First, the Metal Man Express card, which allows you to borrow up to 1000 coins for as long as you want, with 1% interest per year. Next, the Sawyer Savings card, which allows a maximum of 250,000 coins and has a 20% interest; and must be paid back within 5 missions of the first borrowing. Finally is the Warioware Deluxe Card, which you can borrow all you want, but with a nasty 50% interest rate; and you have within 40 missions to pay it back. If you don't, you're in serious trouble. You pick one and are stuck with it after using this; you may use this multiple times to collect all three.
Increased CarryingAllows you to carry up to 12 copies of each item you have instead of 10.
Quick DexReduces time to use dex to 1 TP.
Quick DrawTake weapons out/put them away without using TP.
Quick ItemTakes 1 TP to use an item.
Quick ReviveReappear right after you've died with half TP instead of missing a turn.
Remote ShopperAllows you to buy three different items during a mission, per mission, with an extra 10,000 coin surcharge to the total for remotely buying them.
Super Shopper10% off the purchase price of all items!
Attack Abilities
Aggressive AttackAdd +5 to hit (Cannot exceed +20 total) and +5 to damage; AC is halved until next turn. You cannot use it on more than one attack per turn, and you cannot use it consecuitively with two attacks, even if several turns are between them. You cannot use it two turns in a row either.
Boomerang AttackHalve to-hit on any ranged attack, and use 1 extra TP; in return, if it misses, you can roll again for the 'boomerang' effect.
Counter AttackAllows you to use all your attacks as counters; but they take double the TP to use for that, and if you miss, the enemy hits you AND your attack hits you instead!
Jump AttackAdds a single glide jump to a move of your choice, at the cost of adding an extra TP to using the attack. The move now involves jumping up 1 unit as you move 2 units towards them. Allows otherwise out-of-range attacks to hit further-away enemies.
Sneak AttackAllows you to make not one, but two attacks against an enemy pre-battle, if you get the sneak on them. This, however, uses TP.
Spread AttackAttack as many foes as you want with one attack, but you must divide the to-hit and damage out equally (rounding down) to all of them; furthermore, it eats one extra TP.
Sunder AttackSubtract -5 to an attack's to-hit; if you get a natural 20, the attack automatically kills any non-boss enemy; for boss enemies, it usually does some major damage.
Team AttackOnce per battle, team up with an ally to do a more powerful attack; the details depending on the combo and levels; both people must have this ability to get the boosted damage; otherwise you can do a lesser version on your own.
Defense Abilities
ConcealAttempt to vanish, using d20+1/2MNT. The roll you get becomes your AC for one round; costs 2 TP; also, if you move to attack or are hit, you lose the hide bonus.
DefendIncrease AC by 4; eats 2 TP. Lasts until next round. Cannot attack until next round when this is used. (Best used near end of turn.) Cannot be stacked.
DuplicatesCreate artificial duplicates of yourself; one per use of this skill. They look and mimic you, but only you are real; costs 1 TP per duplicate and 10 HP.
Item SacrificeSacrifices all the items of one type (and all its copies) from your inventory to take a hit for you; be careful. Grenades will explode on both you and your opponent. Takes 1 TP to set up, must be set up before the end of your round, and re-set-up at the end of every round if you wish to keep the 'protection.' 50,000 coins can also be used in a pinch.
Fake DeathPlay 'dead', causing all but a few enemies to cease attacking you for the rest of the battle, assuming you stay still. Some attacks may hit you anyway. If you get up, those enemies will not believe you staying dead until your corpse is gone; so beware.
ParryUse an attack, for double TP, to parry an enemy's; can only be used once per round. If you miss, enemy merely hits you.
Perfect EscapeOnce per mission, escape a battle without rolling a check.
Return PostageUse 2 TP of your turn to guard; if hit, 1/2 of the attack's damage (up to 50 damage) will be returned to the person who hit you. If they miss, though, your guard is knocked off and they (and nearby enemies) get an AoO against you.
Skill Abilities
BluffHelps you make lies seem to be true.
ClimbGet up those tough surfaces.
Computer Use (Type)Computers and similar controls are so widespread that to use them is a mastery; you may choose from control panels, operating systems, programming/hacking, repair, hardware, and finally, identification.
ConcealAids you in hiding in a way that, even when under attack, there's a chance they will miss you. This is usually due to hiding behind something, say, a table. Do a check with this stat, and, depending upon your environment and check, Metal assigns relevant information.
DemolitionsHelps you to defeat enemy doors and buildings... and mecha.
Detect MotiveFind out why people do stuff.
DisguiseYou know more about the uniforms and customs of others. Thus, you can imitate them better.
DiplomacyTalk to people, hopefully getting them to help you.
Escape ArtistHelps you to escape both battles and traps, and prisons.
HideYou use this to hide from... something?
ListenHear stuff from far away. Just stay away from Navi.
Move SilentlyEvade enemy detection.
PilotingThis requires you to choose one of the following: MTA, CAC, Arwing, Wolfen, Capital Ship, Car, Plane, Boat, Space Stations, Hoverdiscs, Egg-o-matics, or possibly 'Other' (ask Metal.) The thing you choose is what you have knowledge of piloting in.
Read ArchaicAllows you to understand ancient languages.
SearchLook for lost objects, like the remote to your TV.
TrapsAllows you to second-guess enemy traps!
TumbleAvoid damage from big falls.

Time Point Usage

All actions take time; save for AoOs, which are triggered and used up separately. For long, many have asked how much TP various actions take; and they are to be listed here, now.

How much TP does this action take?
Almost anything elseWhen it doubt, use this.2
AbilityWhether it be controlling panels, searching, or hiding, it all takes a similar amount of time.2
Normal MoveA quick jab here or there; good way to use up excess TP.1
MovingMove at a normal pace across the arena.1
EscapingWhen the enemies have the best of you, it's time for an escape artist check.4
Smash Dex ScanRead off stats of your foes, chat to people far away, or just look up information; it occasionally exposes you to the enemy, though, causing AoOs.2
Special MoveBeat up the enemy with one of your main moves.2


When things get really bad, and/or they involve outer space or enemy vehicles, normal combat often isn't the answer. No... these vehicles are. Based off of the vehicles of Star Fox, they're relatively simple.

Any vehicle is only worth the sum of its abilities, and that is what we deal with here. All of the vehicles available can already fly and posess a minimum amount of shielding. They also have (to some degree) boosters, which allow them to speed up, and also affect outer space movement.

First, here is the minimum chassis. You will notice that ships have prices based on ranking; and that is relatively simple. For rank up, the ship costs 10,000 coins. That said, the basic, most simple model will set you back a whopping 60,000 coins. The average fighter is ranked at 13, which makes it an impressive 130,000 coins. For a professional, though, a 15-16 rank fighter is a must. The maximum possible is a whopping 20 rank, but such a fighter is usually difficult to construct, as it would require techniques not commonly employed. Extra charges may apply to anything made over the 13 mark.

That said, the components differ wildly between ranks. So I'll start by listing them off, and their different ranked part possibilities.

Vehicle Components
Main WeaponN/AMachinegunLaserCurveTwinPlasmaZapperAttack Proj.
Lock TypeN/A Single MultiWide 
Bomb+1 rank for each bomb vehicle carries.
Shield Up to 8
Boost Minimum 2; Maximum 4 

This all seems relatively confusing, except that it's based on simple logic. All the places with no words under them indicates you can't get anything for that amount of points in that category. Now, each category works differently, but they all add similar amounts of points to the ranks.

That said, The Main Weapon is arguably the most important; it involves the damage attributes of your machine. This is what you fire against targets you actually encounter close-up. The rolls you make are generally a flat (firing rate) d20+(Accuracy) rolls, for (damage) damage per hit. The occasional skill may aid in accuracy, but once the enemy is in the crosshairs, they've already blundered. The damage is subtracted from the enemy's shields. Should you or the enemy run out of shields, they are shot down.

Main Weapon Statistics
NameFiring RateDamage per HitAccuracy
Attack Proj.1VariesVaries

The attacks are simple. As you go up the scale, power increases, as does firing rate. Accuracy is variable. The only weird one is the Attack Projector, which allows for you to convert your attacks into ship-sized ones. Needless to say, you can't just pick up a high-powered main weapon and expect to succeed; a lack of maneuvering will likely make it hard to use.

For those who need to lock-on for extra accuracy, the lock-on types add the ability to do so--at the cost of some TP.

Lock-on Specifics
NameRangeLock-on TimeTargets
Single1 TP1 TP per Charge1
Multi2 TP1 TP per Charge per TargetAll
Wide5 TPInstant Charge; 1 TP per extra target.All

I almost forgot. The major idea behind lock-on is that, while making the attack nearly unavoidable (only a precise barrel roll or strategic movement can deflect it), it also powers up the attack. For every charge adds together the damage as if you'd fired for each TP used, in addition to making it extremely hard to dodge. However, for each charge, the target gets more chances to attempt to dodge...

Bombs and shields are easy. The Nova Bomb is widely used among all vehicles; each point in there allows you to carry one. They're good for their 'fire and forget' capability; they blast away clouds of weak enemies and wound tough ones. Just avoid using it on fast enemies; they easily dodge. Anything hit by the wrath of a nova bomb loses a chunk of their shield; 3, exactly. Shields are also simple. They take damage for you, and the more, the better. Too much shielding bogs down the movement of any craft, though.

Then we get to the vital part of things. The Boost. You can do many wonderful things with it; loop-de-loops, u-turns, and the best of all: dodging/barrel rolls. Loop-de-loops cost 1 boost to use; u-turns cost 2. Loop-de-loops are used to escape most fire for 1 TP; however, charge shots chase you. U-turns allow both avoidance of fire and a way to quickly turn around; but it eats 2 TP. Barrel rolling eats up 1 boost per TP it's used; but immediately after you cannot barrel roll for 1 TP. You can also speed up, using 1 boost per TP to double your speed, or brake, using 1 boost per TP to halve it.

Which begs the question of movement. The movement ability of your vehicle is calculated by 14- (Main Weapon Rank + Bomb Rank + Shield Rank - Boost Rank). This means the maximum movement ability is 10, and the minimum 1. Your combination must allow for movement, as otherwise your vehicle is literally too heavy to move. Every movement point is used against enemy fire, as a direct dodge roll: d20+movement rank to casually evade attacks and such. This is also used to turn; the opponent's ability to follow you is determined by their own d20+movement rank vs. your own.

Level Super Bonuses

These bonuses used to be an exclusive thing, only obtained maybe once or twice in a Quester's season-long existance. Upon a new season, they would be reset. However, with the current system, people actually collect large amounts of these. And thus, this was created to help them. For Metal cannot be around quite long enough to answer hordes of questions related to the almost 6-7 of these on average a Quester has. So, instead, one can pick from the list below with minimal interferance from Metal himself. Enjoy. Also, the 'cost' is in Super bonuses, if you didn't get that.

Please note, your idea may not fit into one of these categories. If that is so, please tell Metal; he will make a new one to fit whatever you want, as long as it's reasonable. Also, please tell Metal when you use these. Otherwise he may become lost if you bring it up suddenly in a session.

What is your Super Bonus about?
Bonus MissionDesign your own mission, and Metal can run it for you. Such mission is likely to explore the backstory of your character and include various background-related rewards for everyone rather than just yourself. Though Metal decides a wide variety of things, so keep that in mind.5
Chaos ControlAn ability which allows you to dodge attacks, teleport, stop time, and move objects. This ability sets up a guage for chaos points, which indicates how much chaos energy you have to draw on. It is [10*(Levels in this Ability)]. Dodging attacks costs (Enemy Attack Roll)-(Your AC) Chaos Points; Teleporting costs (Distance in TP)*5, stopping time costs a flat 10 TP per round's worth of time (and is multiplied by the TP size of the area stopped, if it is outside yourself or other objects), and moving objects is (Object modifier)*3. You can only use 10%*(Levels in this ability) of your max Chaos Points per ability used. Each Super bonus adds a level in this ability; also, it can only be taken if Metal approves of it and your character has a reason to have it.1
Energy ControlAnother ability, this one allows control over a single element or type of energy per use. With this, you can attempt to hijack enemy energy attacks which miss you entirely and which you can counter (via EVD check) with a MNT check. If that succeeds, you can hurl the attack back at them. This has many other uses, which appear over time.1
Environment SyncSync with the area you're fighting in, gaining possible bonuses or defects.2
Eye of TruthScan something and find the truth; uses 2 TP. Can be combined with smash dex usage. 1 use per mission per level in this Super bonus thing.1
Eye of EvilHave the ability to provoke evil beings and cause curses to become unbound; does random effects when used. Uses 2 TP.3
Extra AttackGain either an extra special or normal attack.1
FlightAn oft-requested Super bonus. Comes in two flavors; near-infinite 'hovering', which allows one to permanently move around 1 unit off the ground, and up to 3 if they want to move around higher, but they have to always be hovering; the other is powered flight, which allows people to move through the air up to (STR*2) units before running out of stamina for a couple minutes. This movement, however, is similar to that of a plane; no stop-on-a-dime capabilities, usually in only one direction, and at that if you're knocked over, righting yourself is difficult. Finally, some traps may attack you; and it's hard to dodge with powered flight.3
Old-Fashioned LuckyWant a free reroll per mission? Each use of this nets you a free reroll per mission. Note that, occasionally, an enemy or trap can 'jam' your luck. You cannot use more than one at a time, either.1
Money Money Money!Get yourself a try at the super, duper, ultimate slot machine. It's like the normal one except with 10x the payout! One spin per use.1
Ability Power+10 to whatever non-Unique ability this is applied to. Cannot be stacked on the same ability.1
Unique AbilityA unique ability that is custom and is meant especially for you.5


This deals with your items, and your coins. Now, much has changed; the old shortages need not apply, and a good deal of old items are now available. But, to the contrary, there seems to be a shortage of the more powerful items...

But first, we must deal with the money you start out with. That is, exactly, level * 1000 (50,000, as most characters start at level 50), if you're a new character. If you are a continuing character, you just use whatever money you had. You gain money based on missions; however, sometimes you can roll the slots instead of just collecting your pay. The details are below.

Slot Machine Numbers and Combos

Below are the items themselves. They do a variety of neat effects... but cost coins. Furthermore, you can only have up to ten of each item. You may find items not on this list, too.

What items do you want?
0????Gain a random item from the list below.100,875
1MushroomHeals 10 HP.1,000
2Ivantek Recovery VialHeals 20 HP.5000
3Ultra ShroomHeals 50 HP.10,000
4Phoenix DownRestores 1 life, and fully heals target.50,000
5Full CureGets rid of one status effect.5000
6Air TankGives an hour's worth of air.5000
7Cell PhoneAllows you to call up the store from anywhere and buy up to 5 items.10,000
8C-4Blow up pesky doors with this!50,000
9Wilt ShroomPerfect for chucking at cars on the freeway.10
10Mr. Saturn Iced CoffeeMakes you hyper (+1 TP per round) for the duration of an ENTIRE MISSION. However, makes you speak like a Mr. Saturn for that time, and you have a one in d4 chance of doing nothing but pushing around items on your turn.10,000
11Ivantek GrenadeThrow it to cause a DC 10+AGI Explosion, which deals 25 fire damage to all enemies caught in its 2 unit sphere of destruction.10,000
12Ivantek EMP GrenadeThrow it to cause a DC 10+AGI sphere of EMP to disrupt all electronic devices for a round. Unfortunately, it effects your stuff too!5000
13Metal ColaMakes you hyper for 3 rounds after drinking. May be flammable!5000
14X-Naut Power PotionCauses you to grow to twice your normal size, adding 5 damage to all your attacks... but also decreasing your AC by 5.5000
15Stale Red EssenceProtects you from one attack. Usage of more than one per battle causes you to gain one less TP per turn for the rest of that battle.10,000
16PokeballSummons a pokemon to attack for you. Effect is random. Pokemon vanishes with pokeball after first use.7,000
17Dan Cheese DanishCauses instant confusion to whoever it hits--d2 roll, however, when you take it out. If fail, you are confused instead. Must successfully hit with a throw too.5000
18Ba-zooze-kaA next-generation booze delivery system. Upon hitting the enemy, it renders them flammable and may cause them to slip. It is also likely to cause drivers of motor vehicles to crash.10,000
19Piton GunUsable to scale one vertical climb, assuming the top has something to grapple on. It runs out of powder after one use.5000
20Electroshock PinUseful for shorting out door controls. Also, if you use it on yourself when out of HP, 50% chance of stabilizing at 1 HP, assuming you have not taken more than 50 damage over your max HP. However a second use kills you instantly.13,000
21Ruin MiasmaAn expensive item which gives the user instant magical power. It can double special magical attack damage for three rounds, but usage of more than once every other mission leads to total, complete, unending addiction in which you must have at least one per mission, or your Special magic attack power is halved.100,000
22TrimateFully heals you and removes all status effects. Usage of more than three per mission leads to addiction.100,000
23DestructocubeProfessor Oak's latest invention; a dodecahredral cube which has the damage of a normal cube raised to three powers (1000). It deals 1000 damage in a blinding explosion reminiscent of a sun exploding, but effects all but the furthest away row in the battlefield. It also can be reflected. And, finally, it is insanely expensive.1,000,000
24Iggy Koopa's X-Zone BombOn par with Professor Oak's weapon, Iggy's weapon creates a localized black hole which shreds through people and machines like nobody's business. Being a black hole, however, it only destroys 3/4th their HP and effects the entire battlefield, including the thrower.1,000,000