Super Smash Quest - Season 7 - System - SSQ101v4 May 10th 2006 Eta Build

SSQ 101 V4

This is the manual for Super Smash Quest's system. Use this to make, edit, tweak, or otherwise change your character. This can also be looked up in order to tell the answer to various frequently asked questions.

Main Stats

Starting out, you have a variety of stats, as shown below.

NameExplanationCalculated by
LevelAn index of how powerful you are. Ranges 0-400.EXP
EXPExperience; how much experience you have in combat and the campaign's subject.The GM
HPYour health, measured in points. NOT percentage points.END*10
SPYour smash points, which are used to pull of special moves.MNT * 5
STRYour physical strength.10+(Power points spent)
AGIYour physical agility.10+(Power points spent)
ENDYour physical endurance.10+(Power points spent)
MNTYour mental capabilities.10+(Power points spent)
ACArmor class; dictates difficulty in hitting you.10+Shield+(AGI mod-Armor Penalty)
DRDamage reduction; dictates your ability to absorb damage.END mod+Armor
TPTime points; dictates how much you can do on your turn. Regenerates by 4 every round; maximum 8 TP can be had at once.Your turn
APAbility points; dictates how many abilities you have.Level/2; Also, 5 for Innate Abilities.
ModsCalculated from STR, END, AGI, and MNT.(Stat/2)-5

Joe Charsheet

EXP: 0/(EXP to next level)


Ability Points:

Special Attacks
Attack 1:
Attack 2:
Attack 3:
Attack 4:
Attack 5:

Normal Attacks
Attack 1:
Attack 2:
Attack 3:
Attack 4:

Slot 1:
Slot 2:
Slot 3:
Slot 4:
Slot 5:

Power Levels
5SubhumanA creature with below human abilities in a stat has a penalty to using it and usually isn't very good at it.Goomba
10HumanThis is what the average human can do; it has no bonuses or penalties, and allows the user flexibility.Human
20SuperhumanThose with special abilities or who are above normal humans usually posess this sort of power.Ivan Robotnik Infantry
30SupernaturalThis kind of power is coveted by most and wielded by few. It happens to give the user terrific ability in whatever stat it is in.Ganondorf
40DemigodOnly those with extreme power have stats in this range. They are strong enough to fight entire armies, and do not go down easily.Nova
50GodThe ultimate in power. Anyone with this sort of power is matched only by other Gods, and has the ability to destroy entire worlds.???

You build up your stats using Power Points. At level 0, you start out with 10 in all four main stats (STR, END, AGI, and MNT) and 20 ability points to throw around. Now then, how much does it cost? Well, that's easy too. For stat point ranges 11-19, it costs 1 point to upgrade. So 5 points gets you 15 in a stat. It then increases to two per point 20-29, three per point 30-39, and four per point 40-49. Here's a chart in case you can't visualize this.

Primary Statistics Advancement Cost

Using this, you can calculate your starting stats and increase them as you level up. You get one power point every time you level up, after all. And, since the minimum level is 30, that's a total of around 50 points, even if you're just starting. Questers cannot go above level 200, though; and enemies cannot exceed level 400.

Leveling Up

This process is relatively simple, save for EXP. Besides that, every couple of levels you get certain bonuses. Here's the breakdown.

Level Up Benefits
Power PointsEvery LevelPowering up raw stats. (STR, END, AGI, MNT.)
Move PointsEvery 10 LevelsPowers up a Special Move by one level.
Ability PointsEvery 2 LevelsGains you another ability, or powers up an existing one.
Super BonusEvery 10 LevelsDoes something super-special!

And of course there's EXP. Refer to the chart to see how much EXP you need to level up. You start at level 30. The GM gives you EXP for doing various tasks, like defeating monsters and finishing puzzles. The EXP you get for defeating monsters is usually equal to the amount of damage you did to defeat them, as a group.

LevelTotal EXP neededLevelTotal EXP needed LevelTotal EXP neededLevelTotal EXP needed


Each Quester has five Special attacks and four Normal attacks. Special attacks are more powerful than any normal attack, and can involve a more diverse set of moves, but cost SP, while normal moves are basic but infinitely usable. Also, Special moves take more time to use than, say, normal ones.

Special Moves

These are your bread and butter. The only reason not to use them is when they take up more SP than you can use, or because they'd be wasteful to use. They have a huge amount of variety. The better the move, the higher the SP cost--they can be expanded quite a bit. From Alpha to Omega (1-5) they range. You start out with five moves and gain a point with which to upgrade one of them every 10 levels; however, they must all be upgraded equally; so they msut all be Beta before you can use Gamma, and so on.

Which brings us to our next point. Each move is made out of Move Points (MP), which goes on to make your move a reality. Your move starts out with six (6), and increases 2 for every rank up to Omega. So, the points goes 6, 8, 10, 12, 14. You choose whether your move deals damage or not, and can use a variety of move abilities on your moves.

Now, once you've got these shiny moves in your head, it's time to make the moves. Either you or the GM may make them; when it comes to making them, if you want to make an average attack move, you'll probably wish to use your first 6 points to decide base damage, damage modifier, and accuracy modifier. This consists of picking which stats to do what; you have free reign in this area, though it is suggested you choose sensible stats. For example, a magical punch would have STR base damage, MNT mod damage modifier, and STR mod accuracy modifier. This usually takes up all 6 points; to begin adding fancy things, wait until the next level, OR you can pick to go without some (but not all) the basics for a weird move.

All special moves take 3 TP to use, and require the appropriate SP to use. They are limited by their range, which starts out being able to hit anything within 10 feet (1 TP) of you. Some moves can be put off and used against enemies when they miss; some heal you; some can hit enemies from far away; and others protect you with barriers. All cost MP to make and SP to use. Your special moves are fully upgraded by level 200, the maximum Quester level. All Smashers, being the representation of an average videogame hero, are level 100 and posess all gamma moves.

And if you're in the mood for elements, just look at the chart below. An X means the element on the left column deals super effective damage to the one on the top column; an O means normal damage, a - means 1/2 damage, and an N means no damage. As for Status effects, they work somewhat differently from normal damage. The enemy must roll a save (depending on status effect) against a DC set by your stats (Or, in the case of 'Cure', 10+MNT+[Modifiers of effects on you]), and if they fail, the effect is put on them. For every round, they may try to shake the effect off, using yet a different save; the 'Break' one, which depends upon the effect as well. Even if they can't shake it off, an effect only lasts five rounds. As for positive effects, you must make the save yourself to maintain the effect; this can get quite steep, and if you try to conjure invincibility, it takes almost all your TP to keep it going. And, they cannot go beyond 5 rounds without having to be recast by a special attack.

Which Element, if any?
What will your Special Attack do?
Accurate ++2 to-hit1
Add Full Stat to DamageEstablishes the move's base damage. Pick either STR or MNT and add that to damage directly.4
Add modAdds the modifier of STR or MNT to the attack's damage, or you can add either STR, MNT, or AGI mod to accuracy. Can only be added once to damage and once to Accuracy.1
Add RangeMake attack hit things 1 TP more out of range. Must use either AGI or MNT mod to accuracy.1
Align to ElementAligns attack to one element. Can be taken repeatedly.1
ChargeFor each use of this, allows you to use more TP to power up the attack; X*Normal TP (Limited by how many times you take this) deals (X+1)*Normal damage.2
Coin DamageAttack gains (coins)/5,000 to damage; but you lose 5,000 coins per use of the move.2
Damage +Deals 5 more damage.1
FlurryAdds another hit. Cost is (Attack MP)*(Number of hits). You can halve the cost if the number of hits is random.
GrabOn a successful hit, you grab the enemy, lowering their AC by 5 until you let go. Continued opposed STR checks are needed for every time (in-between moves) that you continue holding them. Can also be used to grab inanimate objects!2
Half of a ModuleYou can buy 'half' of one of these modules. Divide cost of the module and effectiveness by 2, round up.
SpellAttack almost always hits; 10 + (same mod used for accuracy) DC which the enemy must beat a check of the same type. Doubles SP usage.4
ThrowAttack hurls the object/enemy, turning their own DR (or size) against them. Enemies may make tumble checks against throws; instantly hits if used after a grab. Deals extra damage based either on DR or size of enemy, and what surface they hit.2
Use WeaponUse a weapon's bonus to hit or to damage, or its special qualities. Can only be taken once per weapon abilities you wish the attack to utilize.2
Advanced Attack Abilities
Ability DmgDamages an enemy's STR, END, MNT, or AGI by 1.4
AmbushCan be used freely to hit AoO targets2
Area Effect +Threatens within 2 TP (circle) 3 TP (cone) 4 TP (Thick beam) 5 TP (Line). Use 'Add Range' to increase these.2
ComboCreates another attack equal in upgrades to this one, which, if you hit with the attack this is added to, you can use the attack created by this upgrade.4
CounterThe attack can be used to counter-attack close-range attacks which miss within the attack's range of you. You must save TP from your previous turn to use this feature of your attack to counter-attack the person who missed you.2
Critical AbilityHalves the cost of an attack ability when bought together; that attack ability only comes into play on a critical hit. Status effects bought this way always hit w/the crit.
Crit Range +Increase Crit range by 12
Defense AttackAttack can counter enemies if they miss (w/TP or AOO)4
Delayed AttackYour attack hits one round later than usual; however, when it does, the enemy must roll an awareness check (d20+MNT mod) vs. (DC 10 + Attack Acc + Amount of times this ability is on the attack) or otherwise lose AGI to AC against the attack.2
DR PiercePierces DR.8
Energy DamageDeals 1/5 of the damage it'd usually do to enemy SP2
Experience StealerWhen used against non-Questers, gain EXP equal to the damage you deal with the attack.4
HP/SP FueledAttack can convert HP or SP (choose one with each use of this upgrade) into raw damage, at the rate of 5 damage for every 20 HP and 5 damage for every 10 SP. Each use of this extends the range of HP or SP used by 20 or 10, respectively.1
Limit BreakAn attack used while in dire straits but is more powerful than most attacks. Can only be used when you have less than 100 HP left, and the damage was inflicted by the enemy. Furthermore, you have to have exhausted at least half of your SP. The attack can only be used in this situation; the other 90% of the time, it cannot be used. The attack, as a result, directly uses your SP to add damage to the attack (each SP = +1 damage) and +(100-Current HP) to hit extra. It also has one of these extra abilities: Hit all, Double Damage, Double Accuracy, Perma-Regen (Lasts for the rest of the battle), or SP regen (Lasts for rest of the battle), each of which are used after the attack. It can only be used once per mission.6
Machinegun +Hits again for 5 over the enemy's evasion (subsequent additions add more possible hits), but -2 to hit or -5 damage per use. 2
RandomRandomizes how the attack comes out. The following possibilities are added on Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Epsilon, and Omega levels appropriately: Dud-Alpha-Beta, Alpha-Beta-Gamma, Beta-Gamma-Epsilon, Gamma-Epsilon-Omega, and finally Epsilon-Omega-Omega+2. This makes for a total of 15 possibilities. Use of this eats up the entire attack; no other upgrades can be used.N/A
Tag TeamUse this with an ally's move which also has tag team; the two attacks will be combined and be benefitted by by the synergy, allowing for higher to-hits and damage than normal, adding an extra 25 to damage for each member in the teamup. However, the SP cost of such a maneuver is (SP of two attacks put together)*2 and it costs all four TP to use. Furthermore, the tag teamers can only do this ability on the turn of the slowest member; thus, they have to wait if they're much faster. Each use of this attack on your attack allows another member; however, each member will also need the extra uses of this. So, each will need 1 use for a two-member attack; 2 uses for a three-member, 3 uses for a four-member, and 4 uses each to go on as far as there are members with 4 uses each. The cost of the move increases accordingly.2
VampiricSaps 1/3 of damage done.4
Barrier Abilities (Require Barrier)
AbsorbRegain 1/2 damage blocked.2
BarrierTransform whatever damage the attack deals into a barrier, which blocks as much damage as the attack would deal. When this is exceeded, it blocks the entire attack that broke it, and then is broken by this.4
ReflectAllows a barrier made with the attack to reflect ranged attacks back at the enemy.2
Healing Abilities (Require Healing)
Attack UpAttacks deal 1.5x damage for the next 3 rounds.8
Defense UpIncreases DR of target by 5.4
HasteMoves the target one up in the battle order for three rounds.4
HealingThe attack heals instead of dealing damage.4
HyperTarget gains 1 more TP per round for three rounds.4
RegenTarget regains (your END) HP per round for 4 rounds.6
ReviveRevive a target; but it costs you (EXP from your previous level to your current one) to use, effectively lowering you by one level.10
SP transferAttack costs 10 more SP, which is then given to the target.2
Stat buffIncrease STR, MNT, AGI, or MNT temporarily by 1. It can also heal stat damage (in which case, the buff is consumed to heal 1 damage to the stat of choice.4
PurifyRemoves curses and unwanted darkness from targets who have good hearts.6

Normal Moves

These moves are the most basic; and consist of quick jabs, smacks, or the occasional electrical zapping punch of doom. They, unlike Special Moves, are pre-set to the usage of 2 move points, but can be chained together rapidly, for they normally cost one time point. This can be upped to two if you need one extra upgrade, but otherwise there is no way to increase their potency. You start with four, and they can be increased in number by certain abilities. They have a relatively limited selection of abilities. You must choose either between magical or physical normal moves; all of them will be magical or physical, depending upon your choice.

What type are your normal attacks?
Magical+MNT modMNT mod
Physical+STR modSTR mod
What will your normal attack do?
Accurate+3 to hit1
Damage ++5 to Damage.1
ElementAlign to an element.1
Flurry +Adds another attack in the series.1
SmashMultiply Damage by (#oftimesTPcostused+1)1
Stun-4 to enemy's AC for next attack.2
WeaponUses a weapon's to-hit bonus, damage bonus, or extra qualities; pick one per use.2


These are your every day, multi-purpose tools of destruction. They can add power to your attacks, be used alone, or just as backup when you run out of SP. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and types, although only a few will actually concern you.

The first thing to learn is their sizes. Three of them there are; small, medium, and large. Small weapons may be weak, but they are easy to dual-wield. Medium weapons are a bit heftier, but leave a hand free for multitasking. And large weapons take up most of your attention; they're so large as to require both hands. Why does this matter? Simple. Weapons, while helpful, require a certain amount of dexterity to wield. They also have a certain range of damage, based on their size. And each size takes a certain amount of TP to use when used alone.

What size is the weapon?
SizeDamage rangeFreedom of MovementTP to useExamples
Small1-3Complete, save for wielding large weapons.1Pocket Knife, Pistol, Magical Amulet
Medium4-6Dual Wielding is difficult; slows down things like climbing.2Sword, Rifle, Magic Wand
Large7-9Unable to use items, dual wield, do things with both hands at once, or even use shields.3Masamune, Bazooka, Magical Staff

These numbers may seem low, but they are the bare minimum. Each weapon in that size category starts out with the average damage (2 for small, 4 for Medium, and 8 for Large), but can be improved by subsequent upgrades and is increased depending upon the overall quality. That is, how it ranks up, from Human to Godly. The base damage it does is multiplied by its quality; that is, a medium sword would deal 5 with human, 10 with superhuman, 15 with supernatural, 20 with demigod, and 25 with god. But the price also increases.

As for dual wielding, it is highly dependent of the weapons used and the hand. The weapon in the off hand receives a -10 accuracy penalty if there is a weapon in the normal hand as well and they're both small. One weapon in the off hand alone is always -5 accuracy. If a medium weapon is in the normal hand, then a small weapon in the off hand gets a -15 penalty. If the medium weapon is in the off hand and a small one in the normal hand, -20. If you wield two medium weapons, then there's a -25 penalty to the one in the off hand, and a -5 one to the one in the normal hand. It is impossible to wield anything else when using a single large weapon. This can only be alleviated by the ambidexterity ability, which adds up to +10 to accuracy in the off hand. If fully taken, the ambidexterity ability splits remaining penalties between the two weapons equally. A final note; for every -5 to accuracy on an off-hand weapon there is, -1 to damage dealt with that weapon.

A similar effect goes with weapon types; you can take (under abilities) knowledge of any one weapon type. If you use a weapon you don't have knowledge of, you get a flat -5 penalty to accuracy. This can be negated (and even become up to +5) with the appropriate knowledge. These sorts of things stack with dual wielding penalties. Also, a weapon that is held in both hands (large weapons only) gains twice the damage bonus.

Once you have a type and a size and a quality picked out, you're ready to buy your weapon. However, there is more you can do; a weapon can be enhanced a variety of ways, based upon adding accuracy bonuses. The cost of each level of accuracy bonus is shown below; the various upgrades based on it are below that. The limit is +10; beyond that point, the weapon cannot take any more enchantments. Also, there is a steadily increasing cost for applying the upgrades; first, a 5000 coin flat fee (waived if the enchantments are done at the same time of the weapon's creation) to start. Then, (Enchantment + number) * 1000 coins for each + added on at once. So, to go from +2 to +4 is 12,000 coins on a normal weapon; upgrade prices are multipled based on the quality of the weapon involved, to boot. As is the initial fee.

The weapon can be used with attacks, though that usage is governed by the attack's abilities.

How much does your weapon's base cost?
What quality is the weapon?
QualityPrice/Damage Mod
What type is the weapon?
TypeAcc BonusDamage BonusExtra Bonus
Close-Range+STR modSTR mod1.5x STR mod used with large weapons for damage and to-hit.
Ranged+AGI mod+AGI/10NoneInstant range; hits things up to 3 TP away at start.
Magic+MNT mod+MNT/201/2MNT modSemi-Ranged, hits things 2 TP away. Full MNT mod is used to damage with large weapons.
How much does it cost to upgrade?
What upgrades do you want?
AccuracyAdd +1 to accuracy.+1
AmmunitionRanged weapons only. Weapon has ([10*Damage mod]/Damage) shots; it must be reloaded when it runs out. (Takes 3 TP to reload.)-2
+Base DamageAdd 1 to base damage.+2
Crit Damage +Increase crit damage by one step (X2 to X3, X3 to X4)+4
Crit Range +Increase crit range by 1.+3
DamageAdd 5 to damage (NOT base damage)+1
ElementalAlign damage to an element; costs +1 to align extra damage, +2 to align all damage. Can be stacked for multiple elements.+1/+2
HomingIgnores 2 AC of the enemy.+3
LaserPierce DR; unable to hurt unliving enemies.+4
Less DamageSubtract 1 from base damage.-1
MachinegunDeals another hit for every 5 above enemy AC; however, this has the side effect of -2 to hit or -(5 + level/20) damage per use.+5
Range +Can only be used with MNT or AGI weapons; adds 1 TP to range. TP weapons have a max range of 4 TP.+2
ScopeUsable only on AGI weapons. If you use one TP to aim, you can either add 2 TP to the range of the gun's next shot or +2 to accuracy. Can only be taken once.+1
Status EffectThreatens enemy with a Status effect.+3
UnwieldyBehaves one size bigger, but deals the lower size's damage.-2


These powers are what helps separate one Quester from another. They define not only the Quester's innate abilities, but unique ones they learn during their travels. They gain one ability point every other level, and for Innate Abilities, they start out with 5 points. They can increase the amount of points they have for Innate Abilities by taking Innate penalties; these represent characters who are stronger in certain aspects naturally but, as a result, weaker in other ways. (See: Vampires, Werewolves, Elementals, Higher End Wizards, etc.) Combat abilities, on the other hand, focus on various extra things you can do in battle. There's more to this, of course.

All abilities cost Ability points. Most of them go in the range of 1-10, with 1 being just a semblance of knowledge/some power in that ability, and 10 being the best you can get at the ability. Now, some tiers work differently. Combat ones can be purchased at certain AP costs and cannot be leveled up; Supernatural ones cost twice as much to upgrade; Innate ones use a fixed set of AP (5); Equipment ones act normally; and Noncombat ones cost half as much, and only go in even tiers 2-10. Furthermore, Supernatural abilities cannot go above a certain rank, depending upon your level. For example, at level 20, you can only go up to rank 1 in any Supernatural abilities you choose. And at 40, rank 2, etc. For every 20 levels you have, you can take up to one rank in a Supernatural ability. Also, for every 20 levels you have, you can have ranks in another Supernatural ability. Thusly, they are highly dependent upon your level, and don't even enter play until level 20.

Innate abilities and disabilities are listed separately, and have a "level" thing, which indicates how many points were spent. Most go from 1-10, though others don't. Disabilities always range from 1-7 in their effect. Disabilities, unlike abilities, are optional challenging things which earn you more points to spend on Innate abilities. They require you to roleplay them, though.

What abilities does your character start out with?
Innate Abilities
AdaptationSurvive in Medium-bad air quality.Toxic air quality.Breathe underwater for 2 hours.Breathe underwater Forever.Live without air for 2 hours.Live without air Forever.Survive Decompression for 3 hours.Survive Decompression forever.Live in acidic/basic environments.Exist ANYWHERE.
Elemental AlignmentHave the abilities of an elemental; switch any elemental attack to the element you are aligned with for 1 SP.Inherent resistances and weaknesses of your element.Switch non-elemental attacks to your element at will.Now surrounded by a field of your element; damages physical attackers for MNT-mod damage if hit.Attack with element for 10 damage to deal MNT damage (DC 10+MNT mod+Level in this ability AGI check, 3 TP)Healed by attacks of the same element.Change attack element to yours for free.Elemental attack from 5 now deals 2MNT damage.1.5x damage bonus to attacks which are your element.Use MNT checks to control enemy attacks of your element.
Ethereal BodyMakes you semi-incorporeal. With a MNT check, DC 10+[10- current level in this ability] you can reach through walls and solid objects.Normal attacks deal 2/3 normal damage to you; magical ones do double.3/4 from physical attacks.1/2 from physical attacks.1/4 from physical attacks.Become totally incorporeal. Normal attacks miss, take 1/4 from elemental physical ones still, and 2x from magical ones.Reach through walls.Go THROUGH walls.Posess objects with corporeal bodies and control them (opposed MNT checks).Travel between nearby realms freely.
MagicalYou are attuned to magic energy; SP now calculated by MNT * 5.5.MNT * 6MNT * 6.5MNT * 7MNT * 7.5.MNT * 8MNT * 8.5MNT * 9MNT * 9.5MNT * 10
NormalConvert your innate ability ability points to normal ability points, usable with the other abilities. For each level in this skill, you gain 1 more normal ability point; you can use innate disabilities to get up to 5 more normal ability points.
Supreme HealthBeing a far healthier person than normal, your HP is calculated by END * 11.END * 12.END * 13.END * 14.END * 15.

And here are the disabilities.

END * 4.
What disabilities does your character have?
Innate Disabilities
SpecializedYou focus on innate abilities only; cannot take Supernatural abilities.Cannot take NonCombat abilities.Cannot use Combat abilities.Cannot use Equipment abilities.
All ThumbsYour "hands" are different, making even normal tasks difficult. To start, you have fewer fingers than normal or stubby fingers, which interfere with certain activities.You have very few fingers.You have no thumb; weapons cost 2x that can be held by you.Pincer-like claws and/or gripping 'tongs.'Shovel-like hands; makes most items useless.Useless stub; can barely manipulate anything.Lack of anything to manipulate objects with; rules out weapons and several types of mobility.
Environmental WeaknessYou are weak against a common environmental features. The presence of them halve your TP recovery.They halve your accuracy/to-hit.Eliminates your DR.Halves your AC.Halves your HP. Anything past this level must be a very common environmental feature.Halves your base stats; reduces TP usable per round to 1.Environmental feature in question is lethal to you.
Lack of CommunicationYou have a hard time communicating... you speak a strange language which is unpronouncable by normal people. They must roll MNT checks to decipher it.Cannot be dictated easily, or cannot be translated correctly.Indecipherable, but others like you can understand it.Imable to make any sentient communication; can make primitive hand gestures.Can only make animal-like noises.Can't even make those noises.A curse prevents anyone from ever communicating to you as well.
Missing Limbs(Cannot be used with "All Thumbs") You happen to be missing various limbs; the reasons for missing them can be almost ANYTHING. Missing a leg, to start.Missing your off-hand's arm.Missing the arm with your main hand.Missing both legs.Missing either a leg and your main arm, or both legs and your off arm.Missing both legs and your main arm.Have absolutely no arm/legs.
UnhealthyYou happen to lack HP, and start with only END * 9 HP.END * 8END * 7.END * 6END * 5.END * 3.END * 2
UnluckyAny time during a mission, one of your rolls can be rerolled by the GM. 1 unlucky reroll.2 unlucky rerolls.346914
UnmagicalYou happen to not care and/or lack magical energy. SP = MNT * 4MNT * 3MNT * 2MNT1/2MNT1/4MNT1/8MNT

And here are combat abilities. These are things you buy once, and they give you various niche abilities which can come handy in combat.

What combat tactics does your character know?
Combat Abilities
InspectorUse 1 TP to check out an enemy's item.1
Quick DexDex the enemy using only 1 TP.2
Quick Item UseItem usage only costs 1 TP.3
Perfect EscapeAble to escape battles instantly.4
QuickdrawTake out and put away weapons without using TP.5
Extra AoOCan attack two enemies for AoOs per round.6
TauntWaste 3 TP in order to get an enemy to attack you.7
Lead FeetMakes it really hard for the enemy to blow you over.8
Jump AttackWith a STR based attack, you may leap upwards and fall unto the enemy, dealing (GM-assigned number)*(normal damage), depending upon a jump roll, which eats an extra TP.9
Environment SyncSync with the area you're fighting in, gaining possible bonuses or defects.10
Eye of TruthScan something and find the truth; uses 10 SP and 1 TP. Can be combined with smash dex usage.11
Description PowerIncrease the power and to-hit and dramatic effect by writing a description of a paragraph's length; GM decides how much this helps. Can only be used once per battle.12
Eye of EvilHave the ability to provoke evil beings and cause curses to become unbound; does random effects when used. Uses 2 TP.13
TimeStopperUse up two turns to power up a time-stopping ability, which costs 50 SP to use. The one attack (Must be a Special Move of Beta level or higher) instantly hits. It cannot crit, though.14
RipostePeople who miss you up-close trigger AoOs.15

And then, equipment abilities. These are taken to show your character can use various weapons, equipment, etc; otherwise they get a -5 for using unfamiliar equipment types. Each point spent in these adds +1 to-hit with weapons, while with armor, the first 5 eliminates a -5 AC penalty with unfamiliar armor; the next 5 then increases the DR you get out of the armor. With vehicles, it is added to the to-hit and piloting checks, both of which are otherwise -5. The same goes for controls, computers, and gadgets. These abilities range from 1-10, like most normal ones.

What equipment is your character familiar with?
Equipment Abilities
Armor TypePick from the three armor types: Light, Medium, and Heavy. Additional ranks in another equipment ability is needed for any cybernetic or extra abilities beyond that of damage reduction.
ComputersIncreases ability with computers; the more you have, the less likely you are to reformat the hard drive. ;)
GadgetsDeals with everything in-between computers, machines, and armor stuff. Usually experimental objects, or possibly magical artifacts.
Magical ControlsAble to use and/or deal with magic-based building controls.
Metaphysical ControlsThe likes of Magitek, godlike buildings and/or machines, and the likes of which you may never see...
PilotingThis requires you to choose one of the following: MTA, CAC, Arwing, Wolfen, Capital Ship, Car, Plane, Boat, Space Stations, Hoverdiscs, Egg-o-matics, or possibly 'Other' (ask Metal.) The thing you choose is what you have knowledge of piloting in.
Special Armor StuffPick a brand of armor, or, specifically, the add-on combination on your armor. This applies to that, allowing you to make use of them at all at 5 points, and increasing your ability with anything above that.
Technological ControlsAble to use and/or deal with technological building controls.
Weapon TypeAbility in a certain weapon type; must be narrowed down to a certain weapon main type (AGI-based, MNT-based, or STR-based) with a certain base damage and certain type of bonus to-hit (the stat part.) This, in layman's terms, means 'a type of weapon', for example, a spear, a machinegun, or perhaps a magical stone.

Then there's non-combat abilities. These are used to make sense of your environment, and behave much like equipment abilities--though there's no -5 penalty to deal with. However, the DCs are higher, as the GM is less likely to want you to find a secret item than to survive using your own weapons.

What can your character do outside of battle?
Noncombat Abilities
SearchLook for lost objects, like the remote to your TV.
DiplomacyTalk to people, hopefully getting them to help you.
HideYou use this to hide from... something?
JumpEXTREMELY useful skill, which aids a variety of things.
TumbleAvoid damage from big falls.
Detect MotiveFind out why people do stuff.
ClimbGet up those tough surfaces.
Read ArchaicAllows you to understand ancient languages.
PsionicsUse this to interface with psionic interfaces.
RunBest used for escaping, or perhaps running to somewhere.
LuckUse this to 'think out' a situation. In reality, the GM directs you around.
KnowledgeKnowledge of... something. Pick something.
ListenHear stuff from far away. Just stay away from Navi.
Move SilentlyEvade enemy detection.
EntymologyUsed to discover the hidden meanings of what people say.
DigUsed for digging, duh.
DemolitionsHelps you to defeat enemy doors and buildings... and mecha.
TrapsAllows you to second-guess enemy traps!
BluffHelps you make lies seem to be true.
X-ZoneAids you in using chaotic energy.
DisguiseYou know more about the uniforms and customs of others. Thus, you can imitate them better.
RoboticsDeal with pesky robot problems a lot easier.

Time Point Usage

All actions take time; save for AoOs, which are triggered and used up separately. For long, many have asked how much TP various actions take; and they are to be listed here, now.

How much TP does this action take?
Almost anything elseWhen it doubt, use this.2
DefendingGet into your defensive stance and prepare for the worse. Adds +4 to AC for each use.2
Limit BreakEats up all your TP. Arr!All
Noncombat AbilityWhether it be jumping, searching, or hiding, it all takes a similar amount of time. Each jump uses 2 TP.2
Normal MoveA quick jab here or there; good way to use up excess TP.1
RunningWhen the enemies have the best of you, it's time for an AGI check.4
Smash Dex ScanRead off stats of your foes, chat to people far away, or just look up information; it occasionally exposes you to the enemy, though, causing AoOs.2
Special MoveBeat up the enemy with one of your main moves.3
Tag-Team AttackTeam up; has to take place on slowest tag-team member's turn.4
Weapon AttackHit enemies with your weapon. Small: 1, Medium: 2, Large: 3.1/2/3