Super Smash Quest - Season 2 (Late) - System - Laser Guns, Special Items, and other equipment

Various Equipment

Here is the info on how to use each type of equipment


These parts of equipment do various things. The slots hold cubes, which is obvious. They also add Damage Resistance, Elemental Resistance, and restrict movement. The Max DEX is the maximum amount of dex or other stat you may stick to Defense while wearing this armor. The Check Penalty applies to these checks: Run, Move Silently, Jump, Tumble, Climb.


Nobody could explain this better than Nick. As Quoted:


(1 cube: d6+INT mod+(1/2 level) damage. Reflex half DC 10+INT mod+(1/2 level)

(2 cubes: d6 damage for every 2 levels + INT mod. DC is same +1)

(3 cubes: d6 damage for each level + INT mod. DC is same +2)"

Thus, also you add +1 to the DC for each extra cube. Power attack, in my opinion, has two uses: One, attack with a weapon roll instead of having the enemy use a reflex save. 2. Use reflex save, but enemy also takes weapon damage.


Items are simple. They do what the description says. However, you get three of the 15 HP restoring mushrooms for each mission. Oh, and just a quick reminder, all items that are sold get half price back, regardless of whether or not you took great care of the item.


These delightful little items upgrade your look, powers, or ability to hold cubes. Either way, they do as said on their descriptions.


These are slightly more complicated than the usual item. They all add defense, or cube slots, or both. They take up your left hand. However, they can be a cheap and useful upgrade.


These helmets and hats do a little more than keep your forehead cool. They hold cubes, block damage, and block elements. Simple as can be.


These tools help you dish out the damage. Ranged weapons work differently. They can be fired for base firing rate + DEX mod times. Each time you fire it after the first, however, add the recoil penalty for each extra shots.